In this fast-paced life, we have forgotten to work on our physical body and in turn have made it susceptible to diseases.

Are viruses so powerful? Or our immunity is weak?

There are multitude of articles authored by myriad researchers ranging from some claiming the current coronavirus to be a virus of natural origin and few suggesting it to be synthetic or a Bioweapon from P4 Wuhan laboratory. Nothing is clear and conclusive though. So, I leave the former question as it falls in the medical arena for medicos and researchers to answer. Coming to the latter question, our immunity is our biggest weapon if it is kept in its best functional form. We would be better version of ourselves at all functional levels from personal to professional life if the players of immune system are kept sharpened. The advantage of keeping the arsenal of immune weapon healthy translates into enhanced productivity at home and in office. So why should we wait for a disease to hit us and then start the probe for supplements to boost it. Should not we be doing it like a routine job? Amidst the lockdown I have realized that the old saying “Prevention is better than cure” was given birth for some good reason. So, in this article I present a few researched information in a crisp manner to keep the human body healthy.

The most important thing that I have discovered from reading articles is that Vitamin C should be taken every day in some form. The minimum amount which should be consumed turns out to be 0.2 gm. This quantity is enough to ward-off a host of infections. How do we take this Vitamin C? What’s more better? Tossing a Vitamin C chewable tablet or obtaining it in its natural form? That’s a personal choice but my understanding and conscience says obtaining this 0.2 gm of Vitamin C from natural source like aamla, mango, orange, lemon, tomato etc. will be more beneficial.

This is because the micro-environment of bio-molecules in this case Vitamin C is very important. When one takes Vitamin C tablet it is like ingesting only Vitamin C along with excipients of the tablet which doesn’ t exert any health benefit while Vitamin C from natural sources is accompanied with plethora of other bio-actives present in its micro-environments. Vitamin C with these bio actives are proven to be better absorbed by the body, a cherry on the cake.

Another powerful herb that I chanced upon is called Tinospora cordifolia scientifically. In Hindi dialect, this is popularly known as Giloy. Amrita is its Sanskrit name which means ‘the root of immortality ’. Initially unaware of this magical herb, I had never seen it around although use to pass across it daily. A quick conversation with friends and family helped me affirm its presence everywhere. It’s a climber and can be seen hanging from branches of tree like a thin pale-yellow wire when juvenile or thick woody hanging stem like structure when adult. We are just so ignorant of our diverse legacy!

So, how do we ingest this herb? Although the plant is miniature factory of medicinal molecules, its stem apparently has maximum power and hence in ancient times people made a decoction of it and consumed it. Following our ancient practice, we too can incorporate this in our daily routine either as a morning or night decoction and be assured of a good health in the long run.

Amongst many other herbs, one more herb worth mentioning owing to its easy availability and ease of use is Ocimum sanctum commonly known as Tulsi or mother tulsi. It has been said that the plant produces a positive aura of more than 3 meters. This would mean that by simply planting a Tulsi plant in our house a good positive aura can be created and enjoyed.

How can we incorporate this in our daily life apart from just being in its aura?

The best and healthy way I have discovered to incorporate Tulsi in our daily routine is to consume it as a tea. Routine tea that millions devour daily does more harm than good. There are many interesting articles to read on this and can form a separate topic of discussion. So, minus the tea powder and put in at least 9 medium sized Tulsi leaves in 2 cups of water, in this dump all the good spices we are blessed with like a pinch of black pepper, clove, ginger and cardamom powder. Reducing the volume to half by boiling on medium to low flame ensures a good extraction of bioactives from the herbs. Enjoy the remaining one cup of Tulsi decoction with milk and jaggery. One can also fortify this by adding a pinch of Giloy stem powder. This powerful decoction will do wonders starting from removing toxins from the body to rejuvenating the internal organs.

How many of us have really pondered on why a few percentages of people are recovering from the current and new COVID-19 disease?

They are not in receipt of any medicines as there are no medications and vaccines currently available. It’s only their immunity that is helping them to recover. Even for minor flu antibiotics generally prescribed by doctors and consumed by patients is a lethal exercise. It’s just that we see it from a different perspective altogether. Unless required keep antibiotics at bay and develop and maintain the immune system. Our problem is, we expect magic to happen, but we forget simple yet powerful timeless durable sayings like “Patience is bitter, but it bears sweet fruit”. So, if one follows the time testified formula patiently for at least 3-6 months they are bound to experience and reap the beneficial effects. Daily decoction shots throughout the day amidst normal food will not only protect us against the prevailing infectious diseases but will also strengthen the body to fight outbreaks like COVID-19. Further, internal strengthening can be done through breathing exercises and yoga .

Keeping a good immunity as a prime job will help us to be our best on daily front.