Why UID for Cows is the Smartest Human move ever

In India, if you’re aware, we’ve the world’s smartest and sophisticated ID-programme. Aadhar or UID (Unique Identification), we call it. But for its scales and capacities and utilities, its a magic device. It gives you a number which turns you a God should you wish to be. And recently, its Union Government mooted for assigning the same on Cows. Cow- the controversial animal, that it is, and that amongst a dumb population as India, they’re having a roll. Let’s see how we could teach these dumb Indians, Governance, Science and UID.
UID for Cows would be the best India innovation Indians have done ever in eternity. Scientifically- akin to assigning tracking IDs to food molecules- right at the outset into the food chain, that. You know which molecule you’re to eat. Is it going in adulterated or the bonds those atoms form. Where the adulteration, what the adulteration. Soil change Climate change or the Human changed, which one, where. The cow which may not have been mother, turning her into now, for certain. All of it by just putting a UID. UID- Zero number two after Zero itself from India.
UID is serial IDs to souls, if I’m not wrong. Indians? Yes, it is. Just that you don’t know. By UID- you can count. The last time you gave them zero to help them count. While counting made them go mechanical and dumber, for the humans. Small people – tiny human- the animal or notches higher to apes, that they are, 2 world wars and around 8.9 million known others- the wars or lethal escalations they’ve had, in 2000 years. All that because they could count enough, just because of that bloody zero. Humans, they think they did uproot something being human but on the other hand, without realising for one zero, and they couldn’t make it 2000 even, the years. I don’t know how old is the earth, but 2000 I know is tiny. I feel I would do that much alone! But then even from normal, modest, poor low affair human standards 2000 is low, considering you managed ozone hole without a comet hitting you.
Can someone predict when Jupiter can’t skid off it’s course? Any law ?
So 2000 years is low. Even from poor standards, or even from human ones. And all for they could count. Where the game happened. When Aryabhatta came dumb. Copyright he didn’t have. “Hey here  0. Vasudhaiv Kutumbamakam. 0. You can count!” See how sexy is this, attach a place value, with this curve, count how many Kgs Onions you produced. Problem sorted. You can count now, all those extra. Easy. Isn’t it ? 0. Zero, here. Count on. Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.” He added again.  I don’t know what he did thereafter. Probably, he was a Brahmin, must have been treacherous by birth, as they say. I don’t know if he reared a cow, or if a PETA supporter or any relationship with the animal as well. 0 Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam he said, the last heard.
Cow-Rakshaks, Brahmins, Indians, may you settle your own identities woes. May you hold your hearts as well. I’m going to tell you where the game happened. That’s going to tell how dumb you’ve been. And Brahmins or Indians, whichever way it strikes you, it’s not meant to strike the pleasant way either. So whichever off the Brahmins or Indians is greater, let me give it on face, it was Aryabhatt who was Aryabhatt, nobody knows where his sperms went. It isn’t certainly in this set not in the present 1.7 Billion. None of you have the claims of inheritance rights. And neither the fool kept it a family business. Had he, Apple wala i-0 it would have been. Phone the humans would have still made.
I don’t know if it’s the greatness is to be attributed to Origins of India or not, had I been Aryabhatt, I’d have rather had started a counting business. Facilities where people would queue up to be stamped, to reconcile, and certification to numberings. All these standards and metrics, would have been my company’s.
Fast forward to 1990s.
Humans they were. Invasion, rapes, wars, slavery, world wars, cars, condoms, all they had already had. Human race just went here & there, a little more dispare or unequal. But they developed fairly well over the millenniums. Planes, missile, 5 stars, cars, escorts, all those they’d invented and discovered. And in the meanwhile the Peninsula South of Himalayas had trifurcated by then. I don’t know what about greatness of India, or Indians but I know if you’ve Khalifas & Brits around, what happened was bound to happen, and it happened. Neither it was Ram nor Rahim, marking a dog shaped territorial boundary. That happened in 1947 and since then Khalifas have reached Syria. They send lovely whatsapp videos. And you’d be surprised to know, the whole world, including death, they still converge into Varanasi. So by 1991, the dog shaped Khalifa Rodents, they thought they got advanced. Though they didn’t know, they were born rodent or simians at best. Scavenging along the ground, that’s all they knew.
1991 onwards, through mountains, the Khalifas started sending Rodents to get killed. And this is where the Game happened after it had already happened. The Area, the need, not the instant, not the geography, not the religion, not the ethnicity. The need was human. The need was reconciliation, the need was the step next to count.
The need was Governance. Zero was to count. To Count was to govern. To Govern, you’re to reconcile. You could count your way to reconcile, but to govern you’d to part. To govern your way in, to reconcile you had to. To reconcile, but what? How?
Serial numbers – Tracking id. One common standard hook, it needed. And Indians, hold your breath, you $1500 human bodies, it’s going to tell you the size of yours, of your brains and souls, your values and class. It’s just accidentally, courtesy your huge numbers, the kind of need, for which I really thank Pakistan, the Khalifa Rodents to press the need, the UID- happened.
The need was to reconcile humans, at human levels. For Governance and sanity. In US they needed it by 1930s, elsewhere little later. The schedules were tight & busy at war rooms. Zero, was found & recognised by whom who needed to count, to count more than 9. The same way, to reconcile was needed to to those who needed to govern. And the guy who came up with the idea, wasn’t Aryabhatt. I feel team work or some employee it must have been. Nobody knows the name who came with the idea, to have serial numbers to humans. And Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam the guy didn’t know perhaps. Neither did Nilekani even. So hold on for the VK concept. UID- is – Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam Plug and Play. A device which can turn you God. So let me make you understand the game.
For it wasn’t 5 th Century AD, this time nobody was to tell you hey, this is the key to Governance. And 0 is in itself too big, to tell you the next need. For this zero was a need a level higher- of Governance. And nobody was to tell you , ” hey we found a solution, see, zero number 2, SAN, one number to create dashboards. An awesome tool for Governance man”. There was some first guy, who used, then whether they aped, they copied, didn’t matter. They who needed, they made it their own. Some standard Governance id
Indians/Pakistanis they just needed voter cards. PAN separate, and all shit different. Governance they needed never. So they built their own, they lived, as per the need. And for it wasn’t Aryabhatt, it neither got public like public, the relevance, the need the effect. Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, it requires intellect, it’s a class. Not a Human’s cup of tea. It requires a billion to recall your name everyday to get that clarity.
But after you start finding Rodents similar to yourself,but different in origin, specially for things as crucial as life & death, the Indians needed an ID finally by force or by Vajpayee don’t know. In India even if it’s by force, they need 10 years and a Modi or a Vajpayee to decide, to react, that too reluctantly. So the Indians needed, a Governance id, the one with a capacity to solve for uniqueness and the size as well. And for its India- The Peninsula of South of Himalayas, for it the barrier or boundaries and territories never mattered. All it had to have the ability to distinguish or a Governance Resolution at a billion level. Only biometrics had to be the answer. And for 50 years of IIT to have been reared, something had to come out of it. So off the need came UID- Aadhaar.
By Aadhar, you place a tracking ID to a soul or the item so widely available, and then count and reconcile. And that’s how Governance they’d have defined, should they knew anything else but to mug all that American Defining societies put.
Governance- The business of making laws bound to all uniformly.
If IIT- Powai could have taught marketing better, it would have been known Universal Identification, and by the time it was being developed, had it been Modi for Manmohan, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam Plug and Play would have come in 2004. Also if United Nations if at all it worked, the way it proclaims, if they had brains, a UID should have been the first thing they should have required. Provided they came into existence on the back of war. I wonder what do they do and how?
The world could have been better off only with S&P
So UID is that magic device that links back you to earth. Turning you God, should you have Godly instincts, to rule and govern an eco-system. While they all have a similar device to the size they thought, India’s the best, most intelligent, for the scales. And for the units of Global population and India’s has always to be in same units same- that is Billions, it’s the most comprehensive. And Should they attach country-codes to a UID, One world One family they could think of. And One common dashboard for humanity they could have with visibility at individual levels. Neither would they require names, nor passports. Just a number, and they could know who’s the terrorist, and who the Saint. Who needs what, who does what.
Let’s see how it works and how it makes smart to give that to cows.
At high school, if you ever went and studied, and knew what you studied, in biology, you died cells or of instruments if you read, say MRI scans radio-died molecules. As in you put in your spy in cells, or introduce a identifier vehicle to deduce trails. By UID, you do the same for populations. Once you administer each of them in a population with number, you’ve individual trails. Now it’s all about how and to what levels you trace, of how much you know. Better your ERP, the more informed you’re, and thus decisions.
Now let’s see the machine the cow is. Cow, is the link from Ground to your stomachs and food. The cow grazes. The cow eats, the cow processes. The cow has health, the cow lives grounded. With milk, beyond milk, with UID to the bovine, you add a point of visibility into the food chain. Which soil, what adulterants, what food, which cow ill, what change in food, which region, all whats and hows, you control all. You know all. And dairy industry, rural penetration, geo-surviellance, climate, digital literacy, reach per rural human body all could be beneficiaries, until you dumb humans could fight it out. Off privacies you could experiment over the cow. While she could play the mother for governance, for food, for your experiments. All.
And off humans, Indians, I wonder you figured the game. This time they invented Zero number two, they didn’t tell you, you didn’t know. But they had it all. And now that you’ve one, you don’t know on your own. Probably waiting for the queen to approve. While talks about privacy the civilisation hooked to porn, be it commoner on the railway platform or the lawmaker in the parliament or assemblies, the civilisation yet to cover itself 70 year still after the semi-nude father, dying on streets and fields, the human bodies on rent, the $1500 humans, or are they?