Why Idolising Steve Jobs is attaining Nirvana

I wonder if I’d have the maturity yet to talk of Steve. But if I could have, my way, I’d have had Steve Jobs in Ayodhya. The World’s largest International Religion Centre fitted inside a mighty globe with tech savvy offices to each religion and Steve in Centre. With campus spanning the whole city and housekeeping licensed to Alphabet (Google). They, the religious vendors and labors could manage their subscriptions, escalations, corrective actions, preventive actions, ethics, properties, human ratios or simply BAU, from there, the world’s Religion Capital. And In-life God Services run around Steve. From the respective religions to the respective disciples. I’ll tell you, I’d add a little more from my side as well: hand them over with UID, one each for their subscribers, which is one tracking system tatoo-able on spinal cords right at birth, created exactly for the same. For religions and not countries. To provide In-life God services. All those gamuts of services that you remember God for. And for its me creating the Campus, I’d give it name and a Super-religion tag – Sportism, where religions converge, The Steve’s Centre of Sanity.

And I’m sure even Ram lalla would have loved the same, or thus Ram of 2017 should look like. Or still further, Ram would’ve been very much the same. Or I wonder if I’m looking for some affiliation for some reason. So I’ll cut the story short, Steve was the incarnation of Ram. Those who differ, may they come back with Ram defined in numbers. As far as I know, the best horse in the ongoing Ashwamedha is Steve’s. Only Ram had that kind of horse, as unstoppable and as much Apple of the eye. So I’m not even creating art, I’m preaching. Ashwamedha Premier League used to be some horse race in the ages of Gods which we Indians used it as substitute to weapons in order to decelerate Armament Races. Steve was Ram and an Alumnus of Kainchi, Nainital. And as I said, I wonder if I’d have the maturity to handle the character of Steve, specially when he’s not around. I wonder how do  they do, those who do. That for a guy who had Jobs in his name. Perhaps, because he couldn’t reach the last beggar. But so couldn’t Ram. (Rams pull beggars, not beg to beggars- to be onboard.) The last he could, is to put it as outrightly as in name, the most important pillar that the beggars need, what he did. Ram post industrial revolution, how should have he been? I wonder if it was Gandhi’s curse for him to have born in the US in order to escape a name like Ram Gandhi or Jobs Gandhi. Ram of 2017 must have been so, Ram Jobs. (Playing reservation-reservation, when did seats got reserved, the Indians couldn’t even figure!)

So this is on an uninformed piece doing rounds from a media conglomerate from Quartz age which found some un-entrepreneurial traits in the Ram of my generation. And also this is not a kind of its first, or a single one time odd sledging. There has been this ruckus of rubbish nonsensical negative sale of sensational stories for quite long. From and around innumerous caterpillars and hippos, the super-slows, those who need five-seven states of metamorphosis per day to catch up with time, if at all they were to do so. Those who probably didn’t even attend high school properly, and live on eyes and ears of others. Its natural for their brains to perceive and function differently. Add to that the organised distortion in supply chain of stories in the US of A, who almost flirted with advancement as exotic as AI for choice, this elections. (To which the people said, “Hey, we’ve our own AI to choose”). So, of that lot, the organised facilities of distorted stories, apparently an AI powered media conglomerate from the Quartz age recently warned of the Important Man, no more around in human form who manufactures i-men just with a mere chant of his name: not to idolise the i-Guy, not to ride the i-bus and that the Valley (the Silicon one; there’s only one in the world to be known so. There had been only one other Kashmir which is history) is paying for it, that the i-disciples are perishing soon, one by one, for they worship i-God or the i-Guy

I wonder what’s the death rate, and who, whoever looks upto Steve, who goes finding negatives and who found what. But then there’s a sample already, which I couldn’t decipher. All that I could, figured he didn’t know Steve. And that all Steve uprooted (In India we rarely achieve, we uproot- which could be anything, ranging from some part of your own body to Proxima Centauri, just anything- which defines the scale), so beginning again, all that Steve uprooted- (is) tagged and mapped to the name- Steve Jobs- and known already. Futile to duplicate the same, although there’s one issue with that  there as well. That its too few in quantity and quality- all that is listed. For life has more than one dimensions. Something to see, some to understand, and the rest to agree. (The Understanding Zone & Agree point or all that beyond to be seen, is technically a slope called Bargaining-Gradient). So to list all that Jobs uprooted, you need to be Jobs himself to the least. For instance, the above idea to Ayodhya, you see. To argue on Steve, you need to have seen all, 360 in 3D and axis, right on the the Core (of Earth).

Steve isn’t just 500 Billions (by-products in-fact), Steve is Idea, which in turn a very strange commodity.  Valued, consumed, processed, sold and bought, all in segments. It works the same way that a cow beyond the Lutyens can’t distinguish between edibles and non-edibles or between food or plastic. It eats anything that’s wrapped with apparent food or may be so helplessly tired of uncivilised littering. While the cows in uber dairies, who eat as exotic as those, say out of reach of a typical $1500 Indian, don’t even sniff at any edible if not offered properly with etiquettes, like they know what to eat, and what not. Now in the modern world, I guess they’ve moved even humans to the same category. They’re eating plastic in eggs I heard, those cows out of Lutyen’s! So this piece is to nudge the world on the i-exploits beyond the listed, or all that the dumb world of tiny mortals can’t decipher what they can’t see and yet to list. And what and who was Steve Jobs. And along with that, filtering out the plastic that’s being mixed with eggs. May you know what is plastic and what is food, or just be the cow. (The Indians are 99% Cows. The rest 1% pay taxes.)

I wished if the world asked ever, why the Mac or i-phone or the i-pods or just any i-thing, why are they so as they are. To nail two problems. So they were machines to make even the dumbest of humans use other machines, that as easy as some extension of their bodies. To teach even the Americans to use computers. And second to connect the other intermediaries, the businesses. To ease those lives whoever preferred to not exploit men, whoever needed machines, whoever needed productivity. From ease of efforts to the luxury of data,  whatever whoever seeks.Beauty, reliability, quality, they came as by-products. Ram, as I said.

And I wonder, if I’d be able to complete should I go on to list. And given the audience of 99% cows, would it even matter? Or I wonder how to convey. Its so much, that it’s been more than 30 that I’ve been around, listing exploits and SOPs, full time dedicatedly. So let me cut it short and show some byproducts. Today I find myself being copied and followed by competitors as small as World Bank and United Nations together, even as I continue to do the same (listing i-exploits) unproductively. I find myself being read in over 50 countries (excluding India obviously) even for wryly hung portal to dry, that from the hinterlands of Jharkhand, the world’s sleaze capital after Sounmalia, Padtharkistan, Kaungo, and Chicfghanistan. I find myself natural at ideation-to-solve and also most of the times 5000 years in advance always, just by listing Jobs. Ayodhya has only one solution now, you see! And I’m sure I’d be merging the whole world into one, making them go Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam in Plug n Play, sooner than I think.

So these are the smallest of all i-exploits to have happened ever: the ability of ideation and the vision in determination. And this happens to a boy whose grandfather was fooled in dowry on amount received over confusion of shape and size of coins (between 3 and 20 paisa), to a boy whose uncles pull hand-pulled rickshaws in Kolkatas even today, to a boy who began life selling lambs and vegetables in village markets, today selling content on the internet, competing World Bank to build knowledge bank, all of that when you follow Jobs. I wish I could give a certificate to those who list the unlisted i-exploits.

I think this is what should be Nirvana. I guess. It happened by Idolising Steve Jobs.