Why do Finance Experts, Corporate VCs burn money on them who Burn?

“VCs are some professionals to clip off wings when their subjects fly too high, while giving them power to make them fly when they can’t.” – The Sane Observer

Back home, there’s some furore in the air. Which has been, since it has been.

The Wilderness of VC money.

It was just around yesterday that India just had it currency symbolised (2010), which is being in nappies to road identity, or say delayed growth. The state was quite backward, however, there were two young boys in a corner fuelling evolutions. The Indian customer who’d all been through his lifetime, a poor buyer was silently getting promoted in direction ‘King-lish’. The small, tiny little Indian consumer had discovered a sight of privileges of “lifestyle-e-customer”. Courtesy some credit card, or say the VC money. And ‘in a day’ got assembled one ‘larger than life’ giant magnet of customers.

No, not customers anymore. Promoted to ‘Users’,  in fact.

The times had begun to change, and so the winds. The Ford that said once, all that car was a car until its black, in which he was also right then, provided the limitations of evolution, today the same, irrespective of pleasure or force has to announce that even Indians have gone demanding. Today it provides the most valuable cars per unit money to this nationality (India) with 6 airbags, as standard.  Such was the shift. And, hence, has been a furore since. For the reason of upgradation of the  Indian Customer. (For girls, it means opening of economy opened everyone exposed to the more competitive world, which in hindi means competition and a forced need to adhere to global benchmarks).

And to top, a bad cousin of the “New User magnet” which also used to be a sprawling unicorn once, off the same make, has been having some torrid time for some while. It was in news for yet another failure, of decisions of steering, which reset the stir again.

In mid 2015, this e-retailer called Snapdeal, used to take over a month for a return should your transaction run into returns/refunds, which also used to be the case on most occasions. The “Returns”. Still worse, ‘Customer Service’ as helpless as the Indians dying in road accidents. At mercy of God.  Despite paying toll to NHAI. Similarly, these inadequately built e-commerces, like OYO, Snapdeal, it used to be so, should you happen to forget your refunds, you might not ever get back. (OYO still  owes me 2000 rupees for more than 2 years!  And Mind you, it didn’t even provide the hotel.)

Naturally, they lost market shares, which anyways had been bought over credit cards. And came the billing cycle. The banks asked back, for recovery. And has been, this furore, bursting into flames again. Some sadistic, some mockery, and rest commentary.

On one side is the envy of ‘Getting’ or ‘not getting’, and on the other,  a serious bucket of Questions embarking back as identity. On one end, lie monumental losses, which could have let many poor nationalities float, or say, the scales that very poor countries like Pakistan seek in foreign aids. On the other, a Huge Monster howling back, “Is manufacturing ‘Non-Performing Assets’ an expertise of India?“. On one end is the buzz and hysteria of the basis, how these starlets on young legs with close to no experience of successes or failures get access to such capitals. The scales that the desi or the natives  had never got access to. And many more other questions.

Do Indians undergo a crash course to ignorance? What is the ratio of counts “performing assets” per “non-performing asset” in India? Or Is losing a deliberate family business here? Banks into losses, companies into losses, PSUs into losses, now even the internet in losses? You’ve to be dumb to make service of communications run in losses. Or is it the other way round,  For in every someone’s loss is also every someone’s gain, is what Indians attack by design? Or, in short, from God’s point of view, on behalf of God, as God’s agent, One big question, “Should Indians be trusted?

I guess, I’m stirring it further! (But generally when I do, I solve problems. So hang On)

So the scale of ratings this time around is of scales of being civilised. It comes from courage, which in turn from being Sport. And all that trickles into like rivers into oceans as the final catchment as a mother of Questions: Are Indians Sport? And is there a furore, of the same, all over.

Furore of the two sides of liberal Capital Supply, mostly off-shores. FDI echoing somewhere, even as India cuts a sorry figure again. There are sounds and scrutiny.

And this time this agent of cutting the sorry figure, the Indian phenomenon, has come at the hands of the blesseds, the “padha-likhas”. The ones from the best of pedigree, The IITs, the pious series of  institutions from India where fear fears to enter, barring only the lions triad of NDA/IMA/IISc.

(Unfortunately, also, India ends there. And all is, that exists, is sand. And Sorry for elongating a little extra as well. The story of ‘Chandrakanta’ is always devoid without ‘Vijaygarh’ and ‘Navgarh’ ! Right?)

And now you know its a furore, and that its a FURORE. Big. Blazing. Hot.

As much a question of identity, as much of stakes in Dollars. A question as much of being Indian as much as the responses back as participants.  And that without a single one being anomaly to this. Not even a terrorist. A terrorist exists because he buys and sells. He exists for he transacts. And so do you. On some days, you stand on Square Supply, on the others on Square Demand.

So. A very special one it is.  This furore. Structure such that, goes his the most, who doesn’t think he’s not even connected. For instance, the sage amongst Gods, our Illiterate Indian Farmer. He flies Bengaluru to Heaven cheaper than Bengaluru to Delhi. Or say the counts of pins falling per farmer, his higher than the number of pins in the bowling alleys, per day. bowling alley

So of this furore, none is an exception, where in only the levels of hysteria varies, over levels. And somewhere, FDI echoing, which illiterate Indians read in newspapers, who know, actually nothing.

Let’s begin the puzzle with the VC side. The hysteria

What’s the game, who are these VCs. Physical and chemical properties of the Furore. And its reactions. Industrial Applications.

In fact it is also amusing to see India and Indians losing at this, or say which used to be core of their trade, almost as identity. Country of Money lenders and the country of Zamindaars it has been? They say they worked like owning Parking lots next to airports even Before Christ, off the land.

The puzzle is about infusion of foreign capital. The native Indians, unable to bear the load.

That to the country of Enterprise,  And Entrepreneurs. To the land  that  was never a country, always a sub-continent.  If you’d an X-ray vision, you could find, say, its a compact Europe. Many different patches of land separated by features geographical and identities fused in one, compact mass. They needed an European Union  after a World War. This one had that since it existed. They traded such that they changed languages, tones, overtones, idioms, phrases or simply codes of expressions, every 10 kms. And not very long ago it used to feed 2/3rds of the world by being 1/3rd the world’s trade centre. Probably, from the engineering point of view, all this land had a malfunction, Aravallis, in the west got stunted in height. Scientifically, it may have been to give monsoon facilities to Pakistan, but practically, it summed up to Shortage of Partnership to Himalayas, like had Tendulkar been short all his life.

And the question is, what happened to this land? How come these folks lost the size of hearts? And while I know, which is a business statement, I’ll not tell you that. Neither an average Indian would have it in him to understand. And certainly not your cup of tea, if you’re not an Entrepreneur. Being a non-Entrepreneur means having small stakes. And hence small brains, small hearts, tiny ambitions.  So this is to tell you a little about the game, just as much as you can understand, as an 94% unemployable average tiny Indian.

Beginning with VCs, again. The Human beings as big as organisations in themselves, or representing organisations. Or say Crocodiles with huge risk appetite.  Institutions who can survive practically endless Hibernation periods, should the conditions be unfavourable. Peaks of Poikilothermy. For best results of their blood, they need Homeothermal Entrepreneurs to show their might. Or in human version, some professionals to clip off wings when their subjects fly too high, while giving them power to make them fly when they can’t.  

No VC said ever to dream less. So they put in as much they believe, in the entrepreneur, and the scope of the subject being invested at. The size of the animal


You’d agree that India is home to 1.35 billions, each spending 1500$ annually whichever way, which is huge. And then let’s show the other way, the 16.2% of the world, accounts for a beggarly 1.2% of the wealth, which means, in 2000 years, Indians have left it all for those who would do, like almost a virgin territory. Sky has limit, the limit of machines produced. But India on the contrary, none or unknown, has its economy in parallel. All a VC needs is a customer magnet


Now to the start ups, you’d agree on paper, they must be a formidable team. Plus dared to start up, away from the tiny mediocrely people with reservations, who live lives on other’s calls. They’re not even humans, those non-entrepreneurs you know, just some unknown consumer to the eco-system. So an entrepreneur from India is always God, one in millions.


Now let’s slowly merge the Internet sector. You see all of them biggies are First movers. Such a first mover that they get or got any name they thought of, the first creation of their vocabulary. Flip+ Kart. Snap+ deal, O+ Yo ! Make + My + Trip, Naukri, Shaadi, Jeevansathi

It only tells us that Entrepreneurship or treating customers like customers are so sparsely utilised in India, that the one who genuinely begins, he’s able to create something.


Sorry. Its under Construction, should you  be able to see this!