Who the Mahatma was he the Gandhi?

Who was Gandhi? Well, we really don’t know. We didn’t see him, just had always heard. Gandhi true, Gandhi peace, Gandhi non-violence, Gandhi great and Gandhi Mahatma. They said there was only one Gandhi. And the other side of humans, we saw, he was eliminated, in probably what must have been the most sport assassination ever. While we don’t advocate assassinations, we think one is eliminated when the detractors find that as the only way or just too much to bear. And all it boils down to the adversary one is pitted against. They kill for any reason ranging from secrets to sex to power. So we really don’t know. Or should we put our way, he couldn’t be protected by an institution called “Government of India” which protected no human ever. And to have its key founder dead unprotected within six months of inception was only fair. Charity begins at home as they say. Nothing could have been a better testimonial to the fairness to this Great institution than its designated Father getting killed right at the outset. We wonder the subjects still trust the Government of India- the Team. Reserved Netas, reserved minnions. Paid Neta, paid babu. So the Father couldn’t be protected by kids. And we don’t know.

They say he united India. But we see, so did Arvind Kejriwal. Or say if it was all about good spirits, so did, more than 100 times better in measured quantities, Tendulkar. But then again there was also Dravid and was so Dada or Dhoni or Pathan. So we know really not much. All we could see, even if he might have just been Tendulkar alone, he’d to lose always. For India to win, it always required a Srinath, to hold an end a Dada, and to save a Rahul. And if it couldn’t be Tendulkar alone, it just couldn’t have been any Gandhi as well, by any standards. If it couldn’t have been a sportsman in the open , it just couldn’t be a barrister in a silo. If it couldn’t have been the man with tricolor on his head, it couldn’t have been the man without clothes anyways. The Sportsman was at least not a product of the Brits Education Module. So we know, really not. Not as much. Of uniting India, which was yet to be India, of people who were yet bengalis, madrasis, ghatis, of the land yet to get a common market, we couldn’t garner shreds of evidence enough. India had always to be a team game. Neither Tendulkar nor Gandhi was bigger than the game.

So we decided for a test. After all we’re born in the age of Zuckerberg. We decided to go into the age of dumbs into events and sequences as their friends. We’d the edge of timelines. And to be fair, we did so, going into timelines with their own narrations, their own words from themselves and their very own minnions. Same life events, same characters, same updates, same bodies, same institutions, same relationships, all decorated into Facebook timelines. However, there was a major major change, of transparency and brains.

If only Gandhi could have thought of concept time-machine little seriously!

Why Gandhi is Gandhi, for whatever he professed aren’t believed and joked off. And well, they were so, laughable. For whatever he all stood for pair up with one other massive block – Honesty, like a shoe. Of Value (all the adjectives and qualities as much documented) only as long as you’ve the other pair, if you’re honest. So of the other pair, you knew they were worthy, that its Adidas, it breathes, bulletproof, feather lite, 500 Mn, you can’t shrug off a joke, but the other, he doesn’t have. Gandhi can’t run, neither do you know if it was his own. Was an NRI as well.

If Gandhi was what he was, honesty would have been practiced as much as peace, in equal coefficients. And died he once again constrained, stashed, jailed, confined, within his own, the dishonest kids. There couldn’t have been a better way to evaluate his worth than to put him on notes. The same was the Gandhi’s soul. The same is Gandhi- Note- “haath ka mail”  (dirt in hand, without a receipt). Does the same. Dance!

And the reaction to this would be what Gandhi exactly did. Talking in theory, Living in Practicals. While the difference the honesty. And in India, its a News, if someone’s honest, a fairy-tale commodity!

Disclaimer: Just in case adjectives like “the dumbs” ruffle some feathers, we recommend the perception to be taken as relative. We’re from the office of The Sane Observer. In 2017, until when the world has already had all lows possible, from World Wars to routine terror attacks, from hunger to zika, with all disparities still hanging around, we really find no reason to certify the world or its beings and animals intelligent or respect-worthy. The Sane Observer on the contrary despite being from the same world carries flamboyantly without a sin, without a crime.