Who Should have been The Father of India?

Father of a Nation- A figure that you’re going to be known by and ideals to be disseminated each time you grow, each time you require your mistakes be corrected. The referring tower of life principles. The figure that you’re looked down upon as the flag bearer or your pre-meet perception for identity. The answer to the question as to which lineage you carry. In most general cases humans attach the designation of Father to some abstract in order to define that field. So that the tradition follows.
Say you’d be glad that the Father of Science was shifted to Galileo. Applications overshot, Industrial Revolution commenced within a decade. Until you’d Aristotle bearing that, you’d Earth safe. One was Godlier, diversified, undifferentiated while the other a firang baniya, fully commercial. In less than 600 years here you are without sand, without air, without forest, nuke loaded, racing against machines.
Or take Mendel- the Father of Genetics, you figured out Gene editing, but not the Genome pool. Miles out of reach that. Or Babbage for that matter, humans still fear machines. Whosever father was whoever, remained the discipline just the same as the respective father. Check any discipline, you’ll get exactly the same answer. And whichever discipline didn’t have one, say for instance- Politics, none labelled anyone as its Father and you know how orphan is that. You can’t distinguish if that’s orphan or illicit. Think of a field, pull up its father, you’d need nothing more to describe the domain. Invariably.
And generally this label of Fatherhood, is given at a inflection point of a given abstract, just about the point its to come into definition and take shape. If you differentiate Market cap with respect to per capita of humanity, you can well have a “Law of Fatherhood” which could predict when its time to assign a Father to a domain. The link is so inherent.
As humanity has gone until some 2000 years beyond christ, wherever the nomenclature went wrong, that went wrong. Pakistan would be a pristine example. The day one had to party, they ended looting, rioting. “Has ke liya Pakistan, lad ke lenge Hindustan” kept and kept singing its subjects. And you see the result. Despite playing International Sport for his country, ex-cricketer Arshad Khan ploughs Uber for a living, that too as far as Australia. Bullet is more common than a smartphone in that country. The English language that the cricketer must have feared to not win Man of the Matches in order to avoid post match presentations, the poor fellow must be navigating through unknown streets 15 hours a day. Worse, even Jinnah would agree today that receiving passengers in English would still be far far far better than pedalling rickshaw at home in Peshawar. And easier as well!
Wherever there’s future, there’s always a father. And because like begets like, as the father so the future. Fundamentally owes to the need of mentorship and affiliation until an individual shapes up independently. Humans are a weak race in this respect. Huge Brain, long life span, boosted by ability to trade and grade and talk, they all add upto constant incompleteness and inadequacy. Something remains left to achieve. And then there’s this revolving debit-credit of rewards-penalty, you remain incomplete and always short of some affiliation, some direction to set. And there come fathers for the need of benchmarks. And hence also leaving no alternative to Fatherhood. No Father, no Future. You have to have a father, such is the orientation and significance.
And now you know, how important is to identify the right identity, to assign the right legacy. Should there be any error, the results end up disastrous. The higher the stakes, higher the catastrophic impact. As reflected from the state of Earth itself. You’ve lost Sand, you’ve lost air, you’ve lost water, you’ve lost honesty. What exists are mountains of fragile egos and chaos. All clueless. One Shift from Aristotle to Galileo, from being content to application. One shift and Boom.
Something of the same cadre happened with India. The majestic land of Himalayas which was never a country, was always a sub-continent. Historically, a land of rivalries and trade. Sport by culture. Some 70 years ago happened a reboot for this peninsula, a father was assigned. And as speak the results, the future after the Father:
130th – Ease of Doing Business– For the Country of customers less than a cuddle away.
124th- Human Capital Index- The ability to come back in life should things go wrong
118th- Hunger Index– Indians have Death Line- glamorously coined as Poverty line- minimum amount of wealth required to purchase energy to survive a day. Those around or below the line die hungry.
133rd- Global Competitiveness– They all race towards being Practical- which is copying the past- that past which is not the future. And then they crib- Not enough opportunities.
Bear two types of Reservations: a) Reservation Innate (having born with) b) Reservation-in-paid- a place bought clearing the demand supply bids.
Wealth Distribution: Reserved for bearers of Reservation in Paid
And figures beyond these unbearably shameful. Still worse, the above after a good 25 years of magic of a magician who spoke 17 languages.
The results give little room to disagree that India did go horribly wrong with its identification and nomenclature. While what is of notice, conspicuously, the number of times of Gandhi has been killed post his first assassination as he died each time the same way. The demonetisation of 2016 for instance. Jailed, confined, murdered, rendered obsolete, uncared, joked, mocked, sold, oversold, traded, brokered, to the effect to be synonymous with sins. Worse, Gandhi despite awarded fatherhood to every Indian human, the old man lives still amongst his own away from the masses. As does every kid of Gandhi keeping the daddy Gandhi chained, stored, locked. That a father is meant to be kept fluid, that father is to be adhered, that father is to be looked upon, the kids never knew. Or say to be a Gandhi’s kid is as good as being Orphan would not be an exaggeration, taking cues of the results.
That leaves a question, who should have been the apt candidate. The figure who could be the guide with demonstration, the one to have corrective aptitude with vision, without micro-management. Responsible by the day, coach by the night, and a father by the end. A father to inspire with a benchmark to ace. That for India. The land which was never a country, but always continent. A land that however minuscule you shred into, every milimetre square still remains a continent or an open zoo of all types of humans and animals and trees and birds and snakes and sun and water.
You’d not disagree whoever came to India ever, left the same person he came. None. Not even the Steve who had Jobs in his name. No hydrogen collider, No Washington, No Pentagon, No White House, No UN, No Ship, No nuke, No Spacecraft, No DNA, No car, No device, No engine, No medicine ever shaked without an Indian hand. Treachery, deceit, invasion, inspiration, miracles, bravery, chivalry, knowledge, politics, surviving, thriving, electric, mechanical, businesses, crimes, open source, licensed, patents, copyrights, open, closed, socialist, democratic, engineered, non-engineered, you name it, you pull it, all etched in a compact 4Million Square kilometers. A title-The World’s Civilisation’s Lab- you’d not have mind to assign without a shred of doubt. All this land has been a potboiler of all experiments since it has been, a research house of Governance and civilisation, of what all can humans bear.
Father of such a Nation- Who ought to be ? What should have been the conditions?
Elgibility: The father who could be ideal to any human offspring born.
Career: Proven ability to shape destinies
Philosophy: Happy Human Evolution Champion.
So we zeroed on achievements and thus achievers which led to happiness and prosperity post the installation of achievements. From Zero to Mars Orbiter Mission, from Aryabhatta to Visverayya, Jamshed Tata to Shreedharans, Subhash Bose, Homi Bhabha, Saradar Patel, Field Marshall M Cariappa, Ranbindra Nath Tagore and so on, we zeroed on to 3000 biggest contributions to make life happen. And was there also the incumbent Father in the fray. The new eligible father needed to have contributed more than the officially designated one. You would not be surprised the majority of contributors came from South of India. All the notable structural contributions invariably have come off India South of Tropic of Cancer. (Notably, Gandhi hails off the Tropic!) Its a little unfortunate that North India truly stands nowhere against the southern half.
So began the hunt. For the India that was to emerge out in a globalising era, at par with the world, from the shadows of its own indigenous education, trade, socio-economic fabric, cutting through the rut of exploitative administration of Brits, naturally, the father had to be the one having roles with structuring education. The first criteria of being a Father. And then sacrifices, number of people affected, return of impact over generations or a cumulative Impact score. There had to be a person who integrated the brand, the personality to have infused the grit of giving it to the last drop of blood, someone who toiled and soiled inside the mud and rut to clean.
All freedom fighters would give a similar feel on that count. Isn’t it ?
Probably not. If there were all freedom fighters, if there had been a National Identity, won’t there have been a war on the day of freedom, neither had been cases of princely states standing clueless for independent states yet again. So you’d agree there was a small faction of wise and sturdy people knitting an assembly of sundry faiths and identities through a basic wire frame of survival means, through growth engines of education and engineering. The educated bracket working behind scenes to shape the framework of production and survival.
Who was that master sculptor playing it behind the scenes? What exactly did he produce?
Well, let’s get off the suspense. We’d agree the most important asset what kept India going despite the exploitative backgrounds, it must have been India’s Science. Science that seeped in deep to make India and Indians gain the respect across the world. The fundamentals that kept alive a badly designed education. Of all contributions come in two supremely conspicuous contributions, unparalleled by rest of humanity in quality & quantity. Two towers of Engineering and Science. One gave the world its first Wireless Communication apparatus, the other the world’s its most agile Water Management Apparatus. M. Visvesvaraya and Jagdish Chandra Bose.
Notably while, Visvesvaraya kept a watch of India for over 100 years, and in control for a good eighty, Bose was a pioneer at least 60 years ahead of the world handing India its first galmorous, more than world class, par excellence mascot. And there he takes lead over his compatriot. While Bose was a researcher, Visvesvaraya was an executioner, and engineer onsite. Bose could pump more people than physical infrastructure, giving him an upper hand. Bose had students producing students producing inventions and education network as good as an Elite Education Mafia. Say, what has been the PayPal Mafia of late 90s, was there a Physics Mafia of Bose in the 1900s for over 3 decades, turning Kolkata into a virtual Knowledge Capital for the India to be shaped.
Or say the infra that fostered the rise of Ramans and Shreedharans to shape the India of India under Indians. Science and capacities fostered without shackles of patents and copyrights, keeping research and education open source to keep innovations flaring. Without dispute Bose was the father of India’s Science and Education. But for all his exploits and after affects was shaped by someone even godlier quietly away from the limelight, the infra behind the Knowledge Capital. Building channels and networks for the Knowledge Mafia to thrive.
A young Jagdish wanted to be a civil servant just like his father. Early in the 1890s, in the British Raj, along the jungles of Bengal, when being influential and agile enough to exercise control used to  be the benchmark of dreams. Little did he know being a civil servant under a Raj would mean abusing talent and life for no good. When that was corrected by his civil servant father to carve out education and research, to be ruled by self and not by a Raj, to empower the land and not a raj, that too against his own compatriots. A path to build intrinsic strength.
Aptly as he had his name Bhagwan Chandra Bose. The designer of futures of the generations of his kids and generation beyond.