When the land of Entrepreneurs met Naukars and Invaders

They say, India was never India until the Brits united it formally. They say, it used to sundry kingdoms all at fight with one another, forever. They say India didn’t have an existence. But I’ll tell you, all they were, dumb & wrong.

It was never a country, what it was a Continent. More so, before the age of telephone. A massive tract of land more than 40 Lakh square kilometres nurtured & protected by sea & Himalayas. Economy more than half the world. And sounds so musical, to have aired throughout. Such that, Europeans fascinated with goodies hunted through seas for centuries to discover the Land. By sea or through mountains, they tried it all. And somewhere, this tribe of illiterate wannabe Khalifas, being near. That tribe is still in filtering through up there in mountains. And was America still aloof in the seas, so as Australia, China separated off a wall, Japan yet into reckoning, Russia must have been into ice.

However, the land that it was, the land of enterprises, the land of entrepreneurs and production. The sound had to fly. Be it Vascos or Columbus. The enterprises had to draw human will. They came they explored, they traded. And cheaters, of course, they knew more about cheating in the days of originals. Came in the skill of counterfeiting, a new to India, the land of Himalayas. Grew competition. After all the land of entrepreneurs & enterprises it was. Of the competition, the Global trade did plummet, albeit in percentages, not absolute. Global trade was still around 30% till the time East India Company dropped in.

There were kings, there were kingdoms, but so were domestic trades, distributed throughout. There were kings and there were communities. Communities independent of kingdoms, spread uniformly. Behaviors, lifestyle, culture more or less the same. Say distribution of FMCGs of today, item the same, but costs different through the states. Local body taxes a little different here & there tuned to kingdoms. For governance it was always the Panchayati system. For protection, security the kings. After all, cars, trucks & telephones were yet to be manufactured.

Intra-exchange in the land, within kingdoms, did they exist? Yes that’s how you had language territories. That so coded, that for instance, traders, Marwari is the same even today, be it Kashmir or Karnataka or Kanyakumari. Standardisation, they had back then, throughout the extent.

Of Kingdoms. They fought? Which was the last battle before Mia Khalifas or Greeks or the rest came in? In the time of Ashoka? And how were they fought? Average frequency? How many jails or war-prisoners did the Indians have indigenously? All they’d was festivals. Right? And temples. Centres of Economy, events and landmarks. Production, Marketing & distribution. The land of entrepreneurs as I said.

Continuous fights? If only the dumbs knew of competition then back before formal companies came to existence. Of languages & codes if they knew. How would have they got time to wage wars delved in creating & developing languages for purpose. Competition with Cooperation. Panchayat + Kingdoms.

So I’ll tell you what happened with India. It was the land of entrepreneurs. Then came Khalifas. Illiterates but with human bodies. Being entrepreneurs, the godliness they had, they hired, security. Now, these naukars, as they’re, humans of small stakes. All naukars who’ve bosses to report, they’re all still even today. Naukars have little to do with customers. Small heart and still smaller the eyes. What would a naukar do. Steal! Came in packets of sleaze. Now in the age of No CCTVs with massive tracts of empty land. So the stories of Ghaznis & Mahmuds that you hear.

Of histories & historians? So we read that of NCERT in bulk. Global we seldom do. Or in simple words, history propagated by cheap Government of India employees? Almost 68% of Government of India employees, (personal survey crafted out of sundry matrimonials) they live unemployed, bad graduates of bad colleges under 2 LPAs. Why? For they fail to impart workmanship to their kids. And the Same the secret of degenerative PSUs. Or say, the gang, that began with blank sheet in 1947, in 2017, are struggling to have jobs for themselves. Well, to expand, you need to have a mind of entrepreneur. Naukars don’t have it. Naukars all they’re born, to salute. While NCERT had been busy saluting Gandhi. And of Brits, the whole tribe itself was offshore employees of a dumb crown, since East India Company.

However there was one thing that the naukars couldn’t wring out. That the naukars couldn’t sniff, being ignorant. So India is known for its key peculiarity: The Culture of Synthesis. That is whatever came to India, didn’t go out the same. All of them got indianised. They all got assimilated, turned down this land none. And emerged distinct, with more shine. Be it food, or language, people or cloth, mughlayee or hindustani, Akbar or Annie, trouser or pajama. This assimilation wouldn’t have existed had it not been the land of entrepreneurs. Adoption with open mind, the culture of adding to existing. This the naukars couldn’t pick.

Sad to see the same country reduced to being land of naukars, degrading day by day. Little did they know of entrepreneurship, the cliche “Work for Tatas, Invest in Ambanis” would have been “Work for India, Invest for yourself. Make the world Invest in you, Make the world Invest in India”

PS: There’s a difference of sky and ground between a Naukar & a Professional