Applying World’s Data for World’s Safety

When machines marry humans they produce kids. The first is Money. And thereafter a lot many. A lot lot many, viz. Automation, Productivity, Independence, Accidents, Debris, Treachery, Behavioral Change, Lifestyle change, Genomic Change, and you name it! Extremely polygamous- this marriage- produces babies that are far beyond count. So much that  you need Big Data just to know introductions about them. And then, even Big Data is not enough. The most inevitable and the most critical – of all marriages that happen on Earth- is this marriage of humans with machines.

When animals mate animals, they breed babies. Animal Babies. Male animal baby, female animal baby. The same when Machines marry Humans, they breed Transactions: Happiness and Disasters. Productivity, automation, accidents, products, by-products, scrap, trash, irrespective of the output, they end up all being happiness or disasters.

Animal babies making more animal babies makes not much change in the texture of Earth, except for some increase in livestock headcounts. But, this marriage, on the contrary- of Machines with Humans- the babies bring about hoards of changes which alter the very integrity – of not just of the Earth –  but the whole universe by very composition and physical build. And like sons and daughters, they come with a thumb rule- Happiness of humans might not mean happiness for the rest of Earth, but disasters certainly mean disasters for all. Such critical is this marriage

In 2018, the World’s a disastrously dangerous place to live. On one end the Spheroid Earth collapses towards becoming a Rugby ball with each rotation, on the other, lies an unsolvable cobweb of debts near the airs of humans. Global debts at 2.5 times the World’s GDP, and one in every hundredth human- a Refugee. With almost an Orphanic Life by 2018, the humans have gone cannibals. Entire earth is at Risk. Thanks to wrong understanding of Money.

Start Up Kumar

The marriage that brings alignment and standardization in inter-human operations, turn nasty when not institutionalized. Humans being polygamous, reckless, short-sighted, not well-read, not knowledgeable, not fair, not sport, full of greed, arrogance and ignorance, laced with all human errors, when marry machines illegitimately without institutionalization, produce disasters. What begins with competition inter-Human ends up in conflicts intra-Earth.

The disastrous side of this phenomenon has just one cure: Sport Eco-systems.
Floors and forums that provide devices of equal opportunities to all to board the bus Economy. For instance, the first such floor was Computing. Byte became the SI unit of information, Personal Computers became the trucks of knowledge, creativity and expertise. And happened no World War thereafter. The second was Cloud Computing. Came in a pod followed by the Smartphone, which was smart only because it had an Appstore. Piracy suddenly became a thing of past, Creativity got a new house, was born true competition and the world happily rescued off the Recession to normalcy like a limping drunkard the next day. That despite heavy, live-armament races and still heavier trade wars.

Before the advent of personal computing, or for that matter, including the advent of computing  as a whole in entirety as well-  until the coming of computers- the humans in entire human history never had one phase wherein they didn’t have a World War every 25 years till the August of 1945. If a world war is a war with minimum 10 Million victims per incidence, the Humans used to have a World war at least once in every thirty years. So much that even the names used to be amusing – like – The Thirty Years War, Hundred Years’ War, War of the Roses and so on. Armed Wars used to be the World Cups then. Someone realised this. Organised the first Olympics in a bid to change the trend, assuming a world cup of games to be better than Wars. 25 Years later, they still had it. This time they were forced to call it out officially- World War- I. 20 years of Preparation after the first Olympics, once more, a World War – II again.

Neither Aristotle nor Buddha, neither Edison nor Einstein, neither Shakespeare nor Gandhi could ever change the plot. The Wars were alignment of human life. They fiddled with libraries, universities, Churches, religions, mercantile auctions, influencers, and leaders.  But all in vain.

War remained an alignment for humans. Armed intrusions and invasions remained transactions.

Then, one sunny day, rolled in personal computing. The wars vanished. Conflicts that remained as residues, remained limited to under-scaled Military Bullying. That,  invariably, between a Computing Giant and a Computing Minnow since the day of sale of first personal computer. Far and very far away from full-fledged World Wars.

That’s called Institutionalization. Putting Human Transactions on a platter on a pedestal where human professions meet other professions, transmit expertise, solve disputes to manufacture productivity. Marriage of Machines with humans with market linkage, in layman terms which is Institutionalization  of Human Transactions.

There are not too many ways to do this, as has been the story until now. Hundreds of thousands of years, only computing could do the job. The key is to have least information asymmetry and stable transaction forums. Apparatuses that negate dispute germination. Forums that assimilate future crystallization. Transaction terminals where past can meet the future.

The most tangible way to achieve this is intense innervation of computing into human verbs. In this age, beyond 2018, when friction is removed by data, when engines are torqued by data, when data is the new oil, a lot lot more computing innervation will be required. And every human will need to observe marriage with machines as a sacred institution, way more religiously than marriages with humans.

In this age, the humans are humans no more. They’re Marketplaces.  We aspire to be the hovercraft taking them to those marketplaces- The humans’ best friends in the age of Data. A Technology Giant to lead the humans around. The World’s Single Knowledge Carrier, in the shorter run, what Apple Computers were to Personal Computing in the 70s, we’ll be to Cloud Computing in the 2020s.

We believe, on the Earth, for humans, there’s just one way out to survival. The Survival of The Fittest. Survival happens when every human hands manufactures a utility useful to the other human hand. When Every human is an Edison. We manufacture that Midas touch of Edisonism. The Happy Human Evolution Company. Driving Human Evolution. Since 2016. The Evangelists of Progress.