To Gurmehar- The Engineering of Nationalita 2017- (The Teaser)


Congratulations. On the recent fame. An exciting thing to have at 20. A JIT (just in time) component in future manufacturing, specially for those ‘Make it Large’ kinds. Or the unfair most advantage you could dream of. For instance, all by yourself, today, should you wish, you could start a marketing-advertising company with reach over a million unique individuals on Day 0. Humans, because they trade and grade, they’ve this ‘making luck happen’ point which come round as T-junctions embedded in their life-package. Every human life has that, invariably. Winners make it count while beggars lose, but they have it all. And this that you just had, which by now has become ‘recent’ was yours. Perhaps the most major one, irrespective of your own evaluation. Your first interaction with world, one on one, a luxury that only Entrepreneurs have- to deal with population one on one. So you’ve run yourself into some achievement. Gurmehar who until just a while back was some precious beautiful girl, is now also important. And now a brand with market penetration. She’s gone into the history. That recorded digitally.

In 3050, some 1000s of years post 2021 when they teach kids the science, scope, reliability and veracity of history, they’ll talk about digital records as evidences in addition to archaeological, literary, pictorial, mortal remains, and so on. And when they do that, they’ll know  Gurmehar existed, as they talk of Delhi then. And somewhere, deep into clouds or cyber-fossils, out of excavations around the film city around Noida, and or those innumerous data centres,  will they find evidences. And then they’ll be explaining how Indians perished, listing who their invaders were.

India- The Neo-medieval history – NCERT  Revised Edition 3050 

Descending over a massive multi-pronged war by the beginning of first century ST, India kept on enduring continuous a war effectively  by virtue of armoured encounters in small packs. They came in  two formats (i) terrorism sourced along or outside the international borders, and (ii) naxalism motivated deep inside. Into the second decade (18ST), even as they liberalised, that is being forced to liquidate the stake in controls of the (not so) democratically elected governments, owing to obvious incompetency, they kept on taking bullet hits across the porous borders. However, as they evaded guns outside, did they some hard work in beds. Over decades that paid off. They’d customers every nook and corner, customer on the left, customer on the right, customer less than a cuddle away, customer everywhere. From scooters to soda, from floppies to reels, they guzzled it all. Not to miss the human competition to outdo each other. Into the the third decade (20 ST onwards), they started getting some eyeballs, courtesy IIT and cricket. But also came round hijackings, from planes to positions. They released Azhars and Lalus, Tytlers and Telgis. Massacred in trains and markets, Delhi and Mumbai, Chambal and Jharkhand, Dantewada and Tinsukia. Gangrened. Still huddled, yet again. And the sperms rallied around. Came in “Team India“, “India Inc.“, came the rupee symbol ₹. With highs, came also the lows in tandem. Died Dewang, died Batra, died UnniKrishnan. Died justice, died education, died the sundry entrepreneur. What didn’t die unfortunately never, their trust in God and importance of Babus. Fast forward somewhere into the 4th decade, came a firebrand, dynamic, state of the art, articulate, knowledgeable and the savior with a genuine smile, the hero, Kenahaiya Kumar the great. The messiah to black blind rules and anarchy. Talked of freedom he, when neither were Indians allowed to speak, nor to earn. They had universal reservations (SC/ST/EBC/OBC), they’d reservations in paid (VYAPAM/ CBSE leak, UPSC leak, IIT leak, CAT leak, Coalgate….gat)e. No they weren’t gates, express corridors in fact, of the Babus, the selected rodents to scavenge papers. They drained. But they pushed, yet again! Rained billions, moonwalked Flipkarts, drove Olas, fed Zomatoes, delivered Swiggies. Joined a rockstar. He flew a lot. But came back Uri, came again Una. There was Malda, there was Dadri. And then there was Kashmir. Up above, with mountains. That built pressure. Came a cyclone, not Katrina, not typhoon, not Rita. Nationalita it was.

Page 2|Current Affairs|Competition Success Review |August 3044

From cyber-fossils excavated, near the historical crime city of Noida, famous for early morning-robberies then, Google has pulled up hugest data mountains ever through its Data Sensing Cloud Pyrolator Engine. The engine equipped of future generation semantics claims to pull, assort and collate all used form of vocabulary in any medium aligned to respective contexts.  It works like some text magnet, which has pulled up two huge mountains under context ‘Freedom’ and ‘Poverty’. While the data processing is still under process, they’ve already processed 32000 and 156794 Bn TKUs (text keeping units) under respective heads. “If all text printed and piled, it would dwarf Himalayas by more than 18 times, just the freedom part. Good” enough to print a new mountain Freedomalayas”, said  Atyant Sundar, CEO Google. The extrication process has also revealed more intricate details on freedom struggles during the first century ST which as believed by many triggered the gradual collapse of the great Indian democracy.

Now, Some  Straight Stories

So, a long imaginary blabber I guess. May it remain so. Tragedies should be  better off as fiction. But that doesn’t avert tragedies. Right? It just leaves you ignorant. And, ‘Ignorance’ should be a modest word for Indians. I think ‘Treachery’ suits them better. One can’t remain ignorant, impoverished, illiterate and yet emerging for 1500 years in a row. From Mahmud of Ghazni to East India Company to Unilever to Pepsi to Amazon, we’ve been emerging. Ironically while no invader died poor, Indians- the 16% of the world or every 6th confirmed Prega News, clubbed together make for world class beggars at 1.2% the Global wealth. And as they say, charity begins at home, the top 1%, the reserved and preserved sperms reserve 58% of the Indian pie. Even as beggars keep on begging on trivial substrates like Jat/Muslim/Women for other customised reservations. So Gurmehar, this is India.