The story of BHU: A Walk through Sleaze gates of Lanka and Post-Molestation Processes in India


“Knowledge imparts immortality” 

 –BHU (Banaras Hindu University)

Well that’s the motto of this great university in spotlight which has been in existence for a good 100 years. While nobody knows really how many immortals it produced but today its a hub of sex, sleaze, exploitation, casteism, corruption, nepotism, and of course a manufacturing facility of dumb asses that Indian universities produce. Which is reflected in the fact that despite having 45 Central Universities, 87% of India’s labour force works informally under $120 a month. The productivity of this sleazy institution is reflected in the fate of the holy Ganga which is forced to queue up in the sold sluggish courts of India in person today despite having a BHU right in the middle of the course of the holy river over 100 years. Or to be more correct, a university that mortifies even the elements as immortal as snow-fed Ganga.

A month ago there was an escalation wherein a 21 year old student of this so called university was molested on campus by a good boy high on libido. Most likely the boy who must have been an offspring of a resident professor had inserted his hands into the blouse of the girl. And I wonder if as a habituated Indian you find this normal to read on, but it happens to be one of most traumatising event for a girl with disastrous fallouts, given the way India exists and Indians function. The same that happened to this girl in the latest gaffe had happened to my sister in January 2015. The culprit was a professor, who’d sent for assigning some assignment. Today I lie bankrupt, in depression, fired from job, buried under loans, serving notices just short of imprisonment, battling insolvency or perhaps also waiting for death for once I’d decided to take on fight with sleazy band of Indians and the Indian system which turned out more casteist than a legal war. All for having born into this country inhabited by illiterates.

This country gives you expense centres that you don’t plan of, only to bleed through thousand cuts till you survive. From the blood of which run the homes of team Government of India- the employees and their keepers. Which in turn gets re-introduced into the population in form of insensitivity, stress, rejection and of course corruption, for its an eco-system better known as economy, for its connected.

My heart goes out for the aggrieved girl out there ringed up in the victim zone for no fault of her own, only to bear a bad hysteria for life to follow. I know how each and every coming moment would be hitting her. Having set up 82 start ups one after other, 83rd on way, having been almost married to failures, having been a native to maoist by lanes of Jharkhand, I’ve not endured a harsher circumstance than the process cycle and the value chain of combined hostilities of police, court and society, always hand in gloves with criminals. You must have heard of victim-shaming from the illiterate VC and various quarters of university including women. Little are you aware, each one of them is battle hardened criminal almost by birth.

Many of you would not know of hows and whats of Indian set up Or how technical is to report a crime or the agony of running into relations with Government of India, specially with the dumb ambiguous Indian penal codes into the hands of hostile naukar class illiterate officials of the Great Indian Judiciary and Police. And add to that the spice of sleaze of the illiterate Uttar Pradesh.

The little girl who was just out of comforts of home to learn to stand and take on the world will now for the umpteenth time in court narrate the ordeal better than a film script, should she need to emerge victorious and clean. This after she has already undergone the trauma of molestation. From what happened to the hows, the angle of advance, the top or the bottom, by face or behind, by waist or the breast, by fingers or the whole palm, if fingers, which which spots, which angle, what attire, what ornament, what undergarment, which make, which color, did the perpetrator kiss, or he lifted, from where did the advance begin, how long did it last, what she did next, all knitted in timelines timed to a stopwatch.

Should she miss on one detail, that would be exploited by the police and the judge to eat cash from the counter-parties.

Add to this, the whole drama is to unfold within the realms of scandalous East of India. She has to fight her case in Varanasi. To put things in perspective, if I were to showcase the most prominent and identifying form of the Bhojpuri brethren from the Purvanchal (the UP East/Bihar), I’d recommend a search on youtube “hot Bhojpuri Songs”. Say, “Tora cheda mein lafeda jab jaayega” or “ Upar ke lebe ki niche ke” for the best identity of the region and people in reflection. While you’d find lyrics putting down even the fieriest XXX porn to shame, the same are heard blaring at full blow, from auto rickshaws to shops, throughout the nooks and corners of the belt. This is a part of the world where they relish hearing sexual ordeals and passing lewd comments to pass time and network. And as they do so, the little girl only by 20s would be subjected to recite at least 100,000 times the same tape of humiliation by counts until she wins.

Still worse, neither is she the first or the last to undergo the misfortune. It happened to my sister, this sister and every sister who dares and dreams to leave confines of homes to make an identity.

After I was forced to deep-dive into the menace, I found this was as good as hereditary disease of the personnels of the university which also happens to be more or less a family business. The professor in my sister’s case was history sheeter having had tasted skins in in thousands if not tens of thousands over the years including lady colleagues, students, lady non-teaching staff ranging from assistants to librarians to cleaners and sweepers, all alike. And after I reported, there were more than 20 to testify before police, they who had lived muted for years. The rogue professor was installed at the university by virtue of the last VC who was a relative of his. He’d been earlier fired from another central university for the same.

In fact no regular staff of the BHU in the last thirty years came on merit or a scheduled opening but by cash, where in no means 0 by all verified means. 90% of the university stands as family business in some way or the other. And so for the sex-crimes. The perpetrators, the abusers, the criminals, they’re all sons of the soil, born, raised, fed and protected within the walls of campus, mostly sons of resident professors and officials, or the fathers themselves. And all for a simple reason, just outside the gate is a Police Station which shares Cash-cow relationship with the permanent inhabitants inside.

I went bankrupt just ensuring security of my sister as long as she stayed, which was over a period 18 months. In India which translates into buying all the anti-social elements in the eco-system. After all, my sister happened to be a Yadav in the illiterate bastion of Brahmins and Rajputs of Uttar Pradesh. And more than that with the guts to report a crime. While Peace of mind only happens to be after sales freebie for a relationship with the fucking Indian Judiciary. Designed by illiterates for the reserved, whose claws act only over those who lack resources to buy it. As Rahat Indori puts it, “Jo Jurm karte hain, woh itne bure nahi hote. Yeh adalat saja na dekar unko bigaad deti hai”. (Those who do crimes are not that bad, its the court spoiling them by not punishing them).

In fact, letting the BHU go for a while, having run into this illiterate Indian Judiciary which I like to abuse every time it comes near to my sensory range, despite being a Godly entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur or God of livelihoods we’re not meant to lose our heads or exchange profanities. But for the sake of the freaking Indian Judiciary I’ll tell you, this whole fucking business of law establishment of India, which is inherently illiterate by character and origins, it doesn’t lack in strengths of judges as they quote. Its only that they have not found yet the right match of families the power would get distributed into, which in turn could upset cash minting machinery. There would have been machines and Artificial Intelligence in use for judicial processes by now which also is the most appropriate appropriate field of application for AI. The process of going through lengthy texts, comprehending crucial points, examining words and descriptions against law without an influenced bias. And given the degree of lack of education, in the country, FIRs should have been a machine generated document knitted in templates for respective genres of crime with options of voice and video narrations. But then transparency would close the shops of sleaze.

You’d have often heard of the dumb Indian courts notorious for centuries of trial periods, wherein only the non-guilty poors bereft of cash to influence judicial agents serve the time behind bars, mostly as under-trials. Little does the world know, its not for the lack of judges, not for the lack of evidences, but for there’s a Indian judge to be paid and a Bar-council paper with stamps to be bought for every hearing which maintains the supply chain of criminals and crime associated value services right from the entrance gates of ineligible courts to illiterate judges of the failed Indian Judiciary. The faking Indian Judiciary is the only industrial premise in the world where more than 50% of practitioners are touts on fake degrees, quintessentially agents of the judges.

If there were ways of eradicating sins from the world, shooting down judges of Indian courts in line one by one in cold blood, would bear the highest ratings on productivity coefficient.

And, over to BHU again.

I admit that this is going a little long but I’ll keep it as informative, technical and free from personal pains, which is already out as well. Personally as I said, I’ve already endured insolvency, both financial and mental. The best part is Indians are spineless and insensitive crop to desert you at chaos leaving with only two choices, either to shed the will to live or go actualised. After all, the land of naukars and paid labours it is. If Pakistan is a terroristan, India, the other split of the British colony, turned all but a porridge of Reservationistan, Rejectistan and Impotentistan to cumulatively yield into Tensionistan as a whole. Which actually holds true for both the nations, which occurs solely by Non-entrepreneur DNA. You might not disagree they didn’t put India as a name but an acronym for Insensitive Nation of Debauchery in Asia, best reflected in the ease of doing business for the nation which has a customer less than a cuddle away.

And all of these hold true only to mature into ever-growing evil, for Indians go into universities like BHU. Which are not universities, but licensed shops of expensive papers called degrees. Had they been universities, the best stand up comedians, the best speakers, the best story tellers, had always been the professors. Specially Indian ones, having had opportunities of dealing most diverse categories of humans.

As legends put it, for BHU, its founder had begged land and resources from the very many “Lords” of India to lay an institute of credibility, a farm of intellect and a factory of science. As put by Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar himself, the father of Indian Scientific facilities, in the handcrafted anthem for this university, he dreamt of it as Knowledge Capital on the Banks of Ganga. The founding fathers had known, the last immortal of global cadre from the soil of Ganges was produced more than 1500 years back. Little did they know the hands it was to land into. It turned out they did manage land and buildings in their capacities but not the culture. And in 2017, the Asia’s largest residential university, sadly, unfortunately, as it turns out, couldn’t even manage to turn out as the world’s largest consumer of stationaries. The wheels stopped somewhere and by 2017, lies the Knowledge Capital in shambles. Has turned out A Sleaze Capital instead.