The Secret of Pantheism, the Concept of God

Why religions are Pantheistic, say for instance Islam, close to giving all due credits of all the every things of the everything to Allah, in effect , “For all quality checks, refer God”, for they knew they’re to fail. But every religion began with a big man, the incarnation, and still bigger but smaller the team downstairs, the propagators. There had to be someone to take the responsibilities, of massacres, of deceit, of sleaze, despite such a team. Say If I met Vishnu, he’d have no face absolutely against me if I were to review Operations India. Did Not Meet expectations, ready to be fired, he’d have known quiet inside.

So they knew, they were to fail, despite with gigantic teams of the likes Muhmmad Lions or Krishna Kings, or Jesus Rockets or Sing Elven or just any. Of failures, there had to be someone to take responsibilities. For instance you kill 2, get born a rookie Dawood bhai. Of the two dead, was the accountability unaccounted, there had to be someone the proxy, someone to be called in into the Post Match presentation. Came in then the concept of Captains known as God in as many languages.

And for the failures, where to blame, began the practice of chants. And those who fail more, chant more. Now you may rate the religions based on frequency, if at all, you’re to race which is better. Death per capita the metric.

What the humans didn’t know, in Sport nobody is bigger than the Game. And then they wrote volumes. Cometh the Religions. Un-sport the humans. Chants he the most, the guy un-sport most.


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