The Order of India

What Makes them Masters of Disasters

This is going to be test of India’s Sovereignty, this corona season, I tell you.
And like UPI, like Aadhar, like Space Missions, India’s to pass with flying colors, this also I tell you.

Like the Olympics lead into World Wars and then military centric inventions in humans in times to follow, this civic-centric pandemic will lead into Future ways of Trade Works.
India has the bestest format of Tech Stacks. Say, for instance, why India is having lesser lethality in Corona, because an average citizen pays 80 Rs on his health of his own pockets. For the 20% that Government foots, its only of regulatory nature, limited to which company’s drug will a citizen buy.

The government just regulates. Whether that they do after gulping money, or politics, or whichever way, the thing is they just regulate. They do nothing. Gift of which you get minimum government, maximum governance. (You’d always see, government departments invariable short of people, not in hundreds, but thousands). You do have biased governments, biased, indifferent non-existent governments, but never a government of very deep controls/responsibilities. In fact, absolutely people driven. Minimum till the extent of Sovereignty. And when comes the question of sovereignty, then millions rain in, the best of them, whose lives have been of being filtered out.
It doesn’t take timelines to change positions in this order. All that’s needed is a Switch of Will. Will power on, action items roll in. Usually the best for a given degree of severity of situations.

Very few people know how this calculated order of life works out. Even I don’t have all of answers, but I can tell you one thing. This is the land of Subhas Chandra Bose. (Thankfully also overlapped by Jagdish Chandra Bose)

When the population of world, believed, and asserted, that his native was a colony, he just didn’t take the word. He just never believed that his nation was slave country. “To Qualify for a Sovereign Country, you need a Sovereign Army, hence the Indian National Army in English, because it will be a property of eternity and international operations, and Azad Hind Fauj in hindi, for immediate Call to Action”. Just instituted it when sons of his soil were hired to fight for a war where they’d no role. And that from where? That by rehabilitating those rendered orphan as Prisoners of War, those who were hired to fight a war with no reason of their own, an artificially made human pandemic of deaths of bullets.

So, every time the world comes to the tunnels of universals deaths, it comes to halt with India. An order, such that when the world starts dying, when the earth gets into war with humans for human elimination, the most survivors will always be from India. And to lead the survival from twilight to dawn, it always comes down to India to be the torch bearer.
This Corona will lead to an Universe of Work ERPs. A technology Stack, at least 10 times larger than Android (in 2 years). The UID (Aadhar) followed by UPI, were the primers. Health Monitoring Per UID from this corona (for some reason I’m building this myself!), and a lot of Advanced Governance features to get the world in order.

Proud of the way the Government has optimised their resources. And I tell you, again, you’d like to thank Modi to be at helm, that government knows which of its resource is where, and what are its resources, the fact the government knows the other parts of government, this has come after a long hiatus, and its only because Modi is at helm. Anyone else, would not have been able to achieve this, the knowledge of government and also to get it in it a hydraulic control.

Very heart warming to see India to not let down the Boses. They would be happy wherever they would be there. Till the darkness, wait for The Happy Human Evolution Company to drop in. The Magic of Boses are to unfurl again.