The Flummoxing Case of Gandhi

Subhas Bose has died well. He was undoubtedly a patriot, though misguided

Mohan das Gandhi

That settled the character certificate of Subhash Chandra Bose- Misguided.

To Qualify for a Sovereign Nation, you need Sovereign Protection Army. Since, it will be a National Property of eternal significance, “Indian National Army” in English, for the case of international lingo, whereas, “Azaad Hind Fauj” in hindi, to send the immediate cause. Logical Design Thinking was his logic. 

In a land where they aspire for mediocrity and hunt for superiority in that inferiority of mediocrity, he happened to be a man talking reason.

So, as the character certificate says, “Undoubtedly a patriot, but misguided”. The man painted misguided for being the odd man out, went a way such that the world till date has no answers.

While it doesn’t take a lot of imaginations how the humans have operated in the world until these years, doesn’t need a lot of judgement on conduct of our ancestors, it does tell a lot on human behavior.

To a population stack- which for the sake of government employment- had no issues with executing a law enforcement task of the likes of Jallianwala Bagh of the summers of 1919, this man Subhas Bose was trying to convey a purposeful geeky frame of reasoning like the design of INA. You can well imagine what the situation would be like on Practical Grounds. Some mutated kind of irony. Isn’t it?

Let me reassure you, from that the first thought that will hit you will be that it could have been only Gandhi as spirit father to this nation of 1 billions, who had a mantra as inexplicable as “Request for Truth”, Satyagraha, which we commonly know as. And thus from that, the reason of bias for trivia over deficiency of purposeful engineering oriented Design Thinking. A lifestyle which results into a life ordered as ‘Satyamev Jayate Conditions Apply‘ for the nation which has a motto as ‘Satyamev Jayate‘.

India can well said to be the country which has customers less than a cuddle away, a sub-continent where continents merge, a light house to more than 75% of World’s Material Movement on the seas. But its passport is 78th to desire for, mileage for blood, or output availed per unit of blood, or what is human capital index in technical terms, which stands for ability of talent to nurture itself, indicating of freedom to come back to life should things go wrong, it ranks worse than 120 different sovereign nations. For the country which is mother to 1/6th of humanity. 16% of World Population standing for a beggarly 1.2% of Global Wealth, as a bunch of people who live, “Tigers at home” and “Wet cats an inch beyond the territory”. A population which also as much hate being generalised as much they will do the same. A population stack which have very little bargaining power in the world despite being blessed with most of the resources.

As evidently, we don’t really need to comment on the lifestyle that Gandhism has got them to. conversely, from the cumulative actions, little wonders who their flag bearing spirit father was. You can well paint, the opportunity they have lost to the trivial orientation of the lifestyle.

Let’s show you how murky it is. (On ideological scales). From a design thinking prism.

They were the times when the world was at war. A persistent age where all they had were wars. And human movements of logistics of wars. A company had taken over (the peninsula that was always the light house to world’s maritime corridor). Followed by the company, came in the guardians of company. The company went on to hinder the native interests, because the branding and last mile connection of the native produce was in the hands of the company and its guardians.

For over 100s of years the native were on conquest to evict the occupiers, but in vain.

Somewhere in 1915 when the world was gearing for a World War II, walked down a famed furore from a land which was a colony to British (which itself got its freedom in 1994, some 3 years after the real freedom of India in 1991). This chronic colonialist affiliation speaks of resume better for this man who as we all know as Mohandas Gandhi.

1915, the famed Gandhi landed in India, 1916, the World War I began.

It was an age which had no social media, no internet, not so easy mail, and very limited mass communications which could not afford to be hostile to existing administration. In that lesser connected age, a star walked into from Johannesburg, everybody knew, the day after. (How, you might well like to question!)

And the next thing we know today is that in less than one year, this man became a man a key stakeholder who would go on to hire army for British for the war. A man who in less than one year would go on to become a voice whom the native population will hear to.

He said, “Request for Truth”.

“And also stand for the enemy when he needs you”.

“Lay your life with love and non-violence in the field where the metric of performance is successful violence”, he said. To which the masses adhered.

“What will happen to those who die or those who fall to become Prisoners of War?”, none asked. Nor someone questioned for their human rights.

For the need of monthly salary, or for the cause of enemy, for the advocacy of man of Satyagraha, millions of sons of soil went to a war with which the soil had no association with, except for a new love for enemy invoked by a man who had freedom to experiment truths of Brahmacharya.

By the while the first world war had to finish by 3/4th, Indians in house were executing Jallianwala Baghs. With guardian of non-violence at helm.