The Flummoxing Case of Gandhi

Subhas Bose has died well. He was undoubtedly a patriot, though misguided. 
-Buddha Gandhi
That settled the character certificate of Subhash Chandra Bose- Misguided. And why won’t he be? Why won’t Subhash be misguided ?
On one end was a monkey-charmer Gandhi who hired an army for Brits and sent in troops without any accountability. On the other was the Engineer Subhash who raised an army out of the same Prisoners of War that Gandhi had sent without any responsibility.
Picking up deserted soldiers and accumulating the sons of the soil who were rendered refugee and orphaned for no fault of their own- was what Subhash doing. Bringing them back with pride and honour for the cause they were put in the ovens of world war thay India had no part in- was where Subhash began- or say cleansing the muck and dung of Gandhi was what Subhash began with. No wonder, why Subhash was misguided!
And boy, how conspicuously does that demonstrate the hostile blood of India!
Remember the same timeline of 1940s.
Out of the uprising the notional independence was close. And for any Nation to be Sovereign the pre-requisite is an independent army. So for the nation which had to be free. The nation that wanted to be free had got to have its standing army- was what the situation. That was the 1940s.
Mind you, it always had to be the same- only that nation can be independent that has an independent army. It’s a simple universal common sense. You’re as independent as your defence. The fact was just that this simple fact that to qualify for an independent country you need an Indian army was not known to Indians. This small little fundamental had never crossed an Indian head until now. Subhash was the first Indian to be vocal about that.
With a plan he asked Gandhi for a call of army. Seeked help to organise an army. And there was Gandhi – like all dumbfucks I’m the peninsula- “Hum kahan se laayein fauj?” The Hostile Sleazeball got at loggerheads with the Futurist Planner. That bald stooge of the Brits was hiring for Brits after all. How could have he?
And the rest as they say is history.
The guy who fished sons to send to gallows like lambs for bakrid is known as the Father to the Nation. And the boy who returned pride for those unsuspecting dumb lambs is kNown as misguided. The holy man who got sex at 13 got the license for Brahmacharya Experiment at 40, went on to become Mahatma and still distributing character certificates.
No wonder the kids of that Gandhi return as Hungriest and the corrupted. Racing for the top slot in women’s safety racing against the likes of Congo, Syria, Afghanistan & Pakistan. Courts sluggiest without sense of justice. And the country with customers less than cuddle away wagging at 100th in Ease of Doing Business for the love of Ease of doing Crimes.
The Gurmeet Ram Rahim of 1940s went on to become the saint of Sabarmati. The Indians didn’t even ask, “Bapu Gandhi, what did you just hire? Is it the Peace Keeping Force even before establishment of United Nations? What’s the purpose, what’s the vision, what’s the goal?” 
And the man with vision, the man with a plan, as usual punished to pains.  Like the Indians do- The hostile illiterates.

Why Neta Subhash never Showed Up?

Only two people have had control over Earth. One is God. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose the other one- The Bossy Bose from India.

Start Up Kumar

Apparently, from the tone set by the quote,  you might begin with a notion that this is going to be a patronising song to the Indian Nationalism and this miraculous Indian Nationalist. But it is not. For the man who was unstoppable, non-intercept-able, undecipherable despite an army behind him,  for the man who has already been the center of attention for close to 100 years and still remains so, that man is already way above patronisation.

Subhash was a man with plans. Always. And also unstoppable. He was one who did what he wanted to. To not let him do what he thought, it simply never happened. A Design geek who knew, “Design is not the way it looks, Design is the way it works”. A man of design who was far too ahead of contemporaries by design.

To reflect, what’s most notable and the element that defines him was his army that he built. The guy knew to qualify for a Sovereign Nation you need a Sovereign Army. Called it Indian National Army. And look at the design. Two different names in two different languages. “Azaad Hind Fauj” in Hindi and “Indian National Army” in English. Hindi was the language of masses, and hence nomenclature adapted to give a call of urgency, while for the purpose of international recall, and the fact that an army is a perpetual organisation and not a temporary event, which will also continue to exist in future, the name reflecting eternal sovereignty.

What a pity that the dumb Indians handicapped of brains and education are still to fathom such a Design masterpiece. Never did they ask that ill-bred malicious bigot Mohandas Gandhi the question meant to be asked.

Why did Gandhi come back to India? He came in 1915-  only one year earlier to commencement of World War-I , when the pre-events of War had been going on, Why ? In just one year an unknown lawyer went on to become a Rockstar celebrity of credibility and voice, that in an era when even newspapers were not common and neither was there internet. How ?
Such a massive recruitment- how did Gandhi become so larger than life in one year only ? And what was Gandhi hiring ? Was that a United Nations Peace Keeping force even before United Nations was born ? What was the purpose ? What plans of the Prisoners of Wars from the army hired ? Under what principle were the sons of India exposed to a war in which they had no stakes to ? In the name of Love ? The love for Enemy ?

And here was a guy who was once a CEO (CEO of Kolkata Municipal Corporation; and not a Mayor). He began aggregating Prisoners of War who were sons of natives that Gandhi had left in lurch without accountabilities. That from where? Africa, from where Indians really had no business to be in a War of their own.

Perhaps, in the world there is no better marvel of Design Thinking than the works of Subhash. No wonder that tag of “Führer” came from none other than Hitler himself, no wonder even the world’s most tyrant military leader couldn’t help falling in love with admiration for the mesmerizing Indian. And no wonder, nobody ever could turn an eye on the only Hindu marriage in the Nazi Germany.

May you take a note on hostility and double standard of Indians.

“Indian National Army because to qualify for sovereign nation you need a sovereign army”, Subhash presented.

“This doesn’t align with our principles of Non-Violence”, said Gandhi.

“Where do I get a force of this stature. It takes money”, said Nehru.

“What about the army that you’re hiring Gandhi? “, nobody questioned back.  Perhaps because the parents were getting some paltry salaries against sending their sons on war. The Indians were getting “Government Jobs” perhaps.

And what an end. The moment news flashed of Subhash dying, “Subhash Bose has died well. He was an undisputed patriot, though misguided”, dished out a character certificate that Gandhi who himself had no character of his own.

That Gandhi who used to sleep with naked women to test whether the male penis gets excited if there’s a female flesh in vicinity. As if there were no important work to do, no fire in country, no problems to be solved. And the fact that this Gandhi was a guy who got licensed sex right at puberty since the age of 13, he had luxuries to test spirit of Brahmacharya in mid 50s, nobody ever questioned, and here was this guy giving a character certificate to the guy who rehabilitated the souls left in lurch by the former. That Gandhi who was no better than Gurmeet Ram Rahim of 1990s. Same concept of glamorous ghetto called “Ashram” , same swarm of women aggregating for sex with a coveted guy, same isolated kingdom for the trade of power and influence. What a pity!

While Indians live pretty much the same even today, swarming around centers of alms compromising on all their integrity the little that they have, they still run after Gandhi, and Gandhi still constrained in ghettoes of his own brethren, never ever did Gandhi bearing Indian Rupees empower any masses, the larger the question has remained, why didn’t Subhash show up? Or Didn’t he ? Did he or Didn’t he ? Did he die in real sense ? What all transcribed after the so widely believed death of the Hero ?

If you connect the dots of Human ways and achievements, degree of evolution, tendencies and activities,  professions, transactions and occupations, life expectancy and mortality- all tabulated against time- the world can be split into many kinds of distinct boundaries. For instance BC/AD on religious dimensions, AM/PM on clock dimensions, Stone Age/Machine Age/Data Age on machine friendliness dimension. Similarly,  on Human Behaviour – the humans have one distinct boundary: Before Subhash/ After Subhash (BS/AS). And the Splitting point was one Oaten Moment which was a moment on the clock when one British Prof named Oaten got powdered by Subhash in a Classroom. The prof refused to lodge a police complaint for unexpected reasons only to take vow to be a nice dutiful professor only. And the world changed right after. 

If you watch closely you’d find there have been certain jerks who have scripted the humans’ directions tuned to their will. Say, Benjamin Franklin. He wanted to device a way to keep dollars flying. Flew a kite and changed the way the humans tread forever. Invented Electricity. The dollar still flies. And more recently than all of the them, there was Steve Jobs who installed a mother controlling device into normal daily individual lives, 100 years before they will have satellite machines in daily human lives. He wanted to eliminate all disorders from human transactions, which could have been only possible by machines. Brought personal computing into individual lives. And changed the way humans live thereafter, forever.  And similarly to all the shift humans have underwent- we owe to some selected Brain Heads- people who absolutely changed the script of humans ever after. Subhash Bose has been one of them very prominently for the last 100 years

Why wouldn’t it have been so! After all, the mastermind of the whole plot was none other than the Lord of Communications- Jagdish Chandra Bose himself.  Little did the world know the first human to script wireless communications who’d never patent a thing had actually plans to own the whole world itself. Little did the world know why every protege of JC Bose was a professor first and then something else as the mainstream vocation. Little did the world know what the Bose clan had planned and what did they execute in collective.

The humanity is in a certain direction today, at a particular stand point. For instance, the human population is 7 billions today- a number that they would never have imagined 200 years back. Today, every human hand has a magic box handheld which functions as remote control to life, and there has been no World War for over 73 years. Cancer has got a vaccine in- principle and teenagers get born as problem solving entrepreneurs, such are these days that humanity has turned around differently. For the first time in human history the grumpy ugly old citizens have got de-prioritized over fresher younger blooming talent- almost as a policy. The Big Bose (JC Bose) followed by his deputy (SC Bose) had a role to play in each of these. And that more thrilling than any thriller you would have ever come across.

The most spectacular result of that seen in BREXIT and the systemic decline of London’s growth. London by their own admissions is slotted to grow as sluggishly as 0.75 % – 1.3% in the next decade. Today, London is holding competitions to seek radical ideas to revitalize its economy, aloof of a fundamental fact that macro aspects like economies are a subject of  Succession Planning, subject of design. The Crown which went about splitting continents and drawing borders across the world today ending up in drawing its own borders in the end, splitting finally for a miserable isolation. And what a well designed systemic decline for the British it has been! Falling to same bait that they once rode on – Business Process Outsourcing. And the two Boses the masterminds of that. 

May you have a glance over that, how it progressed.

UK was an economy which found 80% of economy from services. Which means you don’t manufacture tangibles, you only process and package, and your business is Business Process. So, what if you outsource the process of business process ? You get left with nothing. Right ? Your business is somebody else’s business ? And how do you do it ? Is it executed by introducing one use case, and make the rest of humans ape the same of the models ? Is that exactly what has happened with the UK? And where the bulk of the posting of those processes ?

Is it to India?  And all those territories which the Brits split someday in the past- The Common Wealth?  Is it true that the net trade numbers are exactly in same proportions as opportunity costs siphoned off the erstwhile economies?

Simulate the numbers of The Commonwealth in a Time Value of Money scale, you’d find the UK declining at the same pace as those of commonwealth clubs rising.

And when you plot this transition against value chains, reconciling by action items and accountable people, all trails would lead to one man. Or in better words, for all things the world is clueless after 1925, substitute that element of cluelessness by Subhash Chandra Bose. You’ll find one man has systematically driven the world through the World War and afterwards: The Showman of Earth. You’ll find, until 1890s, the humans used to have a man- The man who knew too much. Then came a man on January 23, 1897. The man who Applied too much. That was Subhash. 

The Riddle of Internet of Things

We’re not Flipkarts, We’re not Googles not Yahoos not Amazons not Facebooks not LinkedIns not The Sane Observers.

What we are simply Customer Magnets.

And then Backward Integrations to our whims. We manage last mile Key Acounts of our clients, who’s the user.

Economies of Scales of the Last Miles.

The world doesn’t understand this. I don’t know why.

Then in the world then happened some illiterate humans, those specially abled varieties, those who see through ears and speak by eyes. Like some of those samples bred over the India’s Education Stables. They bump into you wasting time in arguments. And conflicts.

They’ll ask you, “Okay fine, You do rocket sciences. Tell me what is the Business Model”. And you lose it.

Go tell these fools, in Businesses they have is not Model. What exists are Business Processes. Driven by Purposes.

Tell them, once I’ve last mile delivery, I can toy with you the way I want. Why you see so many internet company in losses because I can prove you how much losses I make. So I eat you up in Taxes, because your taxes are irrational. I’ve last mile. I’m God. If not God, at least the agent of God. I’ve last mile.

Don’t doubt Internet Companies. Doubt your Ignorance.

Every Success in the Internet of Things is a Win of the Good over Evil.

Disability – A Broken Thought

Try and observe an ant climbing the wall of your house. You will notice that it will make several attempts before it finally reaches goal. This could actually be an inspiration for people who find hard work a waste of time and effort.

Disabilities do not define what & what not a person is capable of doing. Humans tend to get influenced by their first impression and physical attributes are the first to be noticed.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why the issue of disability has not been given priority in our country. The disabled community has got a raw deal.

Despite the Disability Act being implemented, the system has not been able to come up with ideas that can bring about meaningful changes.  Not denying that there has been a change in the attitude of people over the years but that is not enough.

There are needs to have a proper plan of action to give Persons with Disabilities the opportunities and encouragement to move forward. There are many disability linked issues that need to be addressed such as:


Issue – Education is known to be one of the strongest pillar of any economy, the problem is that no one is bothered to take the initiative & repair the old roots. Even teachers today believe in teaching from the textbook only.

Solution – The teachers should come up with innovative ideas and activities to make the subject more interesting for the students to attend and understand that will stay with them for a longer period of time that is what we call Inclusive Education.

Counselling and Guidance

Issue- As a parent of a newly born baby & that to born with a disability makes the pair confuse and lost. Therefore, they don’t get help or if they do it’s not that what’s needed to be told.

Solution – The counselling should not only focus on motivating the couple but also tell them the hard reality of the cruel world so that if something happens in the future they are well prepared to face and deal with the situation by themselves.


Issue – As the population of our country is growing on a rapid pace it’s a big challenge for the government to generate employment for the people, the situation is even worse if you look at the disability sector because every organization focuses on speed rather than skill or style of the person.

Solution – Organisations should show some guts in hiring a person with disability keeping their primary objective on a side and work on the weaker section of society by giving them the confidence equality in the organization.

Conclusion – Let your weakness be an inspiration for the others to look & learn that life is the pure blend of strength and struggle.


Article by: Ankit Bhardwaj



India’s Own Madame Curie and The Zero Number Four

Well, hold your hearts.

You’re to get to know not only the most precious person of my life, but also the most Precious Girl on the planet on whom each of your “Future” rests as long as you’re on Earth. So precious that the first thing I promised her was Vanity Van. And courtesy her, you the humans are getting a Solution as good as a Zero. Zero number four in the service to the Humanity. This owes to one dentist from Bangalore. And you’re being introduced India’s own Madam Curie.

So to know her, you’ll have to know the device Zero and some Zero Sciences, and then of course a little bit of me! And you might have to graze over long description. Hold for that. Madam Curie are we talking about. Bound to be intelligent and sci-fi. That Madam Curie behind the Zero number four!

And more than a Love Story its a Breaking News.

Let’s begin

What is a Zero?

A device to count?

Yes, that it was. But what beyond that? Pause for a minute and think reverse.

You have today a similar “Zero Problem” where the entire world is stuck at and all clueless. In 2018, the whole world is stuck at one pain point just like thousands of years back they were stuck at 9. A problem that everyone has but the answer none has.

Today the world is sitting at the top of mountains of Debts wherein Global Debt is 2.5 times the Global GDP. A whooping 67 million of refugees globally just alongside war-zones, which means one in every thousand human is a refugee. This alongside only those battle field where battles are being fought live as we read this. Total near refugee kind of lives, absolutely homeless and on pity of Gods to survive every day- the count exceeds 2.5 Billions. And 70% of the world is off board, beyond bounds of the bus Economy. Because 80% of the world’s money is with the top 5% of the population and money jumps around the hands of top 30% only.

Money supply gets very very scanty beyond the top 30%, scarcer than water droplets. And humans don’t trade those who don’t have money as you all know. So 70% of the world left to rot and die till malnourishment kills them automatically.

Same was the problem before Zero as well. More than 70% of the population in disparity in desperation. Because none has an answer how to go beyond 9, because none could count.

Let me extrapolate how grave this problem of Global Debt is. What a debt of 2.5 times the GDP means?

As long as debts are not settled, you’ll have conflicts. Why money doesn’t move beyond one-third, because no amount of money is good enough. You always debts to repay. And Debts can be paid only by profits.

Assume that no transaction of the world is loss making, all yield to profits, say 15%. And they all go to serve debts without any leakage. You’ll find to serve just the existing mountain of debts is at least 16 times the debt servicing capacity from the most optimistic stand possible. Factually its more than 50 times. Which is not sustainable. You can only go for a war, acquire countries and lands and resources, sell and then serve the debts. Which the world is doing as reflected in number of wars and in the count of refugees. And then you realise that war is actually more expensive than the debts itself, hence multiplying the problem. Which is going on continuously since the World War.

Nobody has a clue to deal with this.

To survive, only 5 things are needed. 1) Air 2) Water 3) Sand 4) Honesty 5) Sanity. First three for shelter, thereafter Honesty drives the trust and Sanity drives the drive. First four exhausted beyond repairs, as you see from whales to crows to elephants to kangaroos to cows, everyone dying each day. The stock of fifth lies half a decade, until machines have not penetrated into lives and thus onto work floors.

Nobody has a clue again. The whole world stuck at one point!

Same as the world before Zero. Right?

Everybody in wars over exchanges. Humans not knowing to count, hence no ways to trade. Only the influential once could afford luxuries. Else all stealing and quarrelling. You would have 500 sheeps, hundreds of sacks of grains, but can’t sell because you can’t account because you can’t count. Things working on understanding, which gives only disputes and hence fights every other day. War of Egos and conflicts of ignorance.

Somebody amidst the chaos rolled a small wheel into numbers, to get the steer the process of counting. Came in place value system automatically and they could count anything, as much they could. Humans steered away from the war of disputes. (And now you know why the shape is Zero is Round. Zero was the world’s first steering wheel!)

To sum up Zero is a device to steer the world away from the problem it is stuck at. The mother Steering Wheel.

You need a similar Zero today. Some device to bail you out from the sequence of wars. And such occasions have happened only three times in the past.

The first was Zero itself. Second was Currency when you couldn’t resolve the dispute of Barters. The third came in again, from wars itself like all zeroes, but not very long ago. This was when we couldn’t identify whose body is whose, whether our side or the enemy side or which enemy side. On the borders of India and Pakistan. We needed to have visibility on dead bodies at a granularity as unique as the DNA strands itself. Came in Aadhar- The UID. The device through which you could have human reconciliation at human levels, on every unique human basis. The Zero number three.

(Its a pity that Indians don’t know how magical is this Aadhar. Say, when you were born, you were born with a placenta- which outsourced your headache of getting supplies of food and waste to your mother. Your job was only to grow and evolve. But after you were born, your placenta was cut off. You’d love to have the same arrangement in the practical world as well, where in you need not bother for your supplies while you’re bothered about only growth, so that you could grow freely. If you there was placenta, it will need a serial id to have a pipeline for your supplies. Isn’t it? That is the UID number. A very eligible Zero that you’re not aware of )

Fast forward to 2018

You’re staring at a time bomb to blow. Air. Water. Sand. Debts. And nobody has a clue. Entire world stuck.

In fact the fireworks have begun already. All around. You’ve likes of Syria, Gaaza, Israel by the Mediterranean, Zimbabwes and Congos and the Sahara by Africa, Venezuelas & Cubas erupting like volcanoes in Latin America, Mexico & Canada in the North America, European Union disintegrating, that beginning right with none other than the big BREXIT. Terror attacks even in the love lands of France, lands like Philippines in the far East, of the muslim world, lesser said the better. You’re already in the thicks and thins of action. A Point from where only a Zero can save you.

The problem because you still don’t know to count. They have still not learnt to count humans and money. They still don’t know what the device is money.

Money is not money making more money. What it is Money empowering more many, many humans as many as many humans possible. A networking device to have all on board the bus Economy- every human on the same page of Human Evolution. A networking device that induces Midas touch. Midas touch of Empowerment. That is Money”, says this Madam Curie.

Which you humans are yet to decipher.

And the same was Zero. When only few influentials could reap the benefits of economy, a device to empower everyone who were bereft of the power. Zero the person gave in, immediately he said “Vasudhaiv Kutmbakam”. The World is one family. You forgot and invented problems, to come back to square one. You need a new Zero again!

A new device to have all on board. What would be the device exactly? What nature?

If you rake in brains, you’ll find there’s only one purpose an animal has. To live your defined biological span without doing harm to the Earth. You have one rider. You can take other life as long as its food. That’s the only one way to not have conflicts. But things go haywire as you turn human. You want to outsource many of your chores to others to your pleasure. And you can talk more. You’ve more length of time. In such an adaptation, you’ll conclude there’s only one purpose of human life, and the only good way to live human life:Being Edison . That is every human hand manufactures some utility useful to other human hand. Should you get better you build instruments that plug disasters that happen in the dark.

In the long run, survives he who is the fittest. And the fittest is he who has utility. To be fit, everybody will have to be an Edison. Your hands manufacture utility of use to other human- the only condition that fits the bill to survive. And the problem statement of today’s Zero- “How to turn Everyone Edison ?

And here the result: The Sane Observer – The world’s first Knowledge Network. An internet eco-system which transactifies your mental wealth where in Transactifying is mobilising a property of yours into tradeable, like the banks do to your monetary properties. By virtue of various instruments from saving accounts to n number of deposits, demat accounts, stocks & funds and so on. Similarly instruments that converts your mental and intellectual properties into executable wealth.

But its not so simple. Had it been everyone else had been a Madam Curie!

Let’s see what she has in store for you. Take a little deeper dive.

The world is changing. Meat has been produced in labs, and can eyes be scanned by AI as the key diagnosis point. The old is gone, rendered obsolete and irrelevant. And we know the brutal pace. News of Bloodbath is a norm. Enterprises lose billions in a day and are there days opposite of festivals, days of gloom and dooms. Days of Restructurings and Disruptions, Layoffs and Wind ups. Hundreds of thousands of jobs shaved off per day per quarter as the world transitions from Fossils to Data. Beyond the naked eyes where was darkness yesterday is now today there Data. And where is Data is there a machine controlling controls. Is Data the new Oil- the new medium of life. The new lubricant of transactions and the new fuel of economies (The Data).

Today its not only the man who’s getting out of jobs. The meat produced in labs will render many goats and cows out of employment as well.

As the old evaporates to give in to the new order, as machines learn being human powered on power of being machines at learning and pitched against humans who are only humans at learning, has this transition thrown up a gradient of utilities. Professions of the old are being set for extinction, one by one including the essential, non-substitute-able professions as godly as Doctors and Teachers and Engineers. And hence for the rest of humanity as well.

Has spun off a massive epidemic of being clueless and hopeless. More catastrophic in territories of less preparedness like Asia, Africa, South Asia and the rest of the world in direction towards making of Venezuela of 2018 -per kilometer square of human habitation. Has begun a bloodbath per km square as the new Epidemic. Bloodbath is the New Epidemic.

What’s the cure? What’s the antidote ?

To keep pace with the world. To stay relevant. To keep adding new capacities. To know the right. To know right by reflex. The more we dig, we’d realise constant skilling and re-skilling is the final answer. Evolution on daily basis. Growth per day. That not in the dark. For you can’t compete machines, the need now is to be Human again. From being machines of the old order to being the Humans to the machines of the new– The Cure.

Hence the Knowledge Network. A network of Knowledge Accounts. Give your Knowledge an account number as good as your savings account. And in future machines as good as Executive Assistants like a CEO.

Every man was born a CEO until trained to be Gatekeeper”, states this Madam Curie.

Imagine a day wherein you could have Madame Tussauds type replica of yours at home, which is also intelligent, who hears to you, who takes down your orders, does the hard work of knowing the world and telling you about the world, who talks to you in physical space more like the inner voice of yours but more than the inner voice of yours.

Your inner voice can be your life-coach. Right? The one you desperately need but you don’t have. This is the machine that this Madame Curie needed and is being built.

In the third worlds of poor america where they’re dealing with dumb Alexas and Siris and Google Assistants, here in the land of Zero, a new Zero steering you out from the swamp of Bloodbath. Giving you the tool to monetise your mental wealth, on the path to give you a machine which is as good as a childhood friend till you live. A reliable friend to fall back to.

Thanks to Madame Curie!

PS: The Sane Observer– the name is dedicated to this Madame Curie.
SanE= San + Edison (Her name begins with San)

Zuckerberg- The Humble Steve Jobs- The reason why facebook didn’t work ?

Facebook was the power to the masses to live like celebrities. Pity the world, they couldn’t handle it.

Steve Jobs- The Steve who had Jobs in his name- was the guy who demonstrated to the world that computer was nothing but a simple machine to distribute and transmit knowledge and creativity. A power which the masses never had. A power which was restricted to world’s kings until then if at all it existed. The world really didn’t know until then what would a personal computer would be doing in individuals’ lives and what’s the use of knowledge processing in the lives of modest mortal commoners.

And luckily, the Silicon Valley the nurturing bed of this sector of human evolution also had Knowledge capitals like Harvards and Stanfords at its disposal where small timers needed education and hence the need of processing distribution of the same. Like an Apple keeps the doctor away if had once a a day, the computers took off as golden eggs in nests where nutrition was knowledge.

And as computers took off, along with them came in other derivatives of the personal computer, and thus more power in individual lives. Say like i-pods with its inbuilt eco-system, it curbed the music and creativity industry of “Piracy“. Or the Appstore of the i-phone worked out for a forum where professions merged, where every industry, every human trade, every human discipline could have a shop in this tiny pandora’s box called the mobile- powering the commoners with the power of computing for productivity. The commoners could have stalls within eyesight of the buyers- irrespective of their power to own shops at a prime location. Everyone who needed jobs, did get their jobs easier aligned along this derivative of computing. Did get every human a new realty to converge towards.

The Steve who had Jobs in his name as he was. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that he realigned the world’s transactions on a Thalamus called Personal Computers.

Well- that’s what Entrepreneurs do. They realign incumbent transactions of the world to give powers to the commoners that they never had. They realign the worlds professions to newer and better realty spaces where the commoners could converge for ease and sportier bread and butter. And as an Entrepreneur you play “God of livelihoods“. You rule and lay transaction terminals on which lie millions of lives.

The moment Entrepreneurship steps down from being God, begins a downfall – that of being unfair. Only to be amplified to small small complacences, giving way to unsaid power hierarchies to let frauds and unsport variables sprout up. The Business which begins as a Sport of keeping promises or the sport which says – “I’ll do” becomes unsport. That then becomes a part of crime world. From “I’ll do” it deviates to “I didn’t”. Or for more politically correct ones the stance changes to become “not our responsibility”. And so on.

Entrepreneur=God of Livelihoods. A step down, it’s a downfall

And that’s exactly what happened with Facebook. An internet portal that had given the power to the commoners to voice out and to live like celebrities. A power that the commoners never had until facebook.

It was not very long ago that the trend of hundreds of thousands of custom made jewelries handicrafts eateries bursting into the scene with stunning orders and fame every other day. Mid 2011s to refer should you seek veracity. And in The third worlds like Asia-Pacific, Middle East, pockets of Africa and lines of Mediterranean, where having a shop at visual was to be the norm for prosperity, there were tales of tail-spinning turn arounds. Even the Housewives of India could gather courage to employ their much hated mother-in-laws. For the first time in India you had the grumpy mom-in-laws doing something productive than to not play in-house politics.

There was a certain rage of empowerment. And it was a legitimate disruption. And so its executor- Mark the Zuckerberg was a legitimate God of Livelihood. Even though he might have been a chor or thief as the world likes to believe in terms of idea.  Transactions of the world did get a new friction less medium.

There would be millions if not billions the clueless innovators who had no access to promotions and eye-balls who suddenly turned heroes apart from upgrading themselves to micro-entrepreneurs because of facebook. The extent of benefits of this change of getting a vehicle of attention can be reflected in contrast against the days of hoarding of attention in Outdoor Media sector of India. As much as 83% of Indian bill-boards are occupied by political big-shots of the demography. More than three-fourths permanently hoarded by political parties to convey greetings on latest festivals or who the local hooligan is. Never ever the Start Ups could muster budget enough to have a voice of productivity to the hijacked vehicles of attention. The same with advent of facebook had got in their hands their own publish button- that almost free of costs. Reaching customers on their personal space. What 40,000 a month bill-board could not return in a month, gave that in 400 a month- with better transfer of communication.

Am I wrong to describe an Entrepreneur a God of Livelihoods ? Even Now?

And that was Zuck-The Mark Zuckerberg, quite legit.

He had brains enough to make humans converge to a focal point and make life different. Those who could convert social identity or internet visibility to money, they did. Zuckie got them that power. A lot many of Indians are today literate just for the sake to write on to facebook, else by 1996 they were still humming “Padhna Likhna Sikho”.  Such was the power of Facebook, making humans machine friendly, making humans apply communications.

But he Lost it. From the point where, the easiest is to do is doing nothing at the least. In simpler words, to lose an internet network like facebook, crushing way beyond a threshold of 500 million plus Daily Active Users, it takes just as much brains as much to get less than 50% marks in Indian Schools. A subject of disastrous pity in both conditions.

 “Entrepreneurship is all about Delayed Gratification”, hundred times have been you told Its all about holding on the ground till you make useful utilities. And you make useful utilities only. Facebook got killed there. In a quest to invent instant gratification or early gratification, collapsed the whole mountain- the mountain which was the Himalayas of Big Data.

This guy turned Visionless in between. Lost the plot. Or perhaps slept post the IPO.  From the roads to being Steve Jobs, he turned the ways of Bill Gates. Steve was the CEO who made the richest company while Bill was the CEO who made the richest man. One was the Steve who had Jobs in his name, another was the Bill who had Gates in his name. Two different people, entirely different ways and perhaps best described by their names itself.

What Jobs and Gates were to computer hardware, was Zuckerberg to internet accounts- the second generation of computing- of internet accounts or cloud whatever you call.

From Gates you escape, from Jobs you empower. Gates takes it to masses, without caring about piracy or impersonation to get everybody using, so that it becomes omnipresent and liquidates it from Business customers. Gates doesn’t work on innovation and manufacturing new utilities, but instead on distribution. Jobs on the contrary works on creating utilities and knitting eco-systems like more computing per sector. He lets distribution be taken care of by innovation. Together Jobs & Gates form a phenomenon called “Couple of Human Evolution” or two parallel forces in opposite direction to generate a torque to race the wheel.

Here was a Zuckerberg beginning as a Steve Jobs turning Bill Gates mid-way. And what a pity, neither did have a torque generating peer at the other end. Nearest was Twitter, which in itself has had no utility other than a feeder of trivia for small fishes of media. I don’t know why does twitter have analytics, they should have trivia counters instead. Like 7 Billion trivia aired per day, which dipped to 5 rumours per person per day in last quarter. So poor Zuck didn’t have a peer the kind that Jobs had. Beginning from being Jobs to his sector, he himself becomes Bill Gates.

The result: This innovation of communication called Facebook, which was a social identity internet account has, today, now, reduced to a dastardly cheap version of Netflix.

As I write, I’m scared for him if he has been in depression for a very long time. Or is the guy permanently disabled to think. Which kind of school he went to. Who were his teachers or was he a first bencher or last bencher. A web of trivia surround me as I think of Zuckie.

Its always wrong to be the hare in the race of hare and the turtle. Every body knows that, still like everyone he chose to be Hare instead. Went wrong the hare and forgot the route map.

And as you see the result. The Gem of Utility, which gave power of communications, which turned every human a writer, the machine that enabled publish button on every human mind, got reduced to a cheap netflix on one end and on the other A factory of internet that produces a very very lethal pollutant: Fake News or Information Pollution.

One email-id all it takes. One email if- one Fake account- and then billions of fake accounts. Virtual Population Explosion. Its like adding more people to your earth, who don’t even exist.

Such a cheap library its has become, this facebook. Say, for instance, in India I’ve found even Mallus humming “Tora Chheda mein Lafeda jab jaayega” , one Hot Bhojpuri Song.

A very deep tragedy when you give power of communications to any one. An outright hazard when a “Publish Button” is handed to anyone. And that is facebook today.

Had Zuck retained the path of Steve, he had a chance to turn the portal into an exchange terminal of trade and humans. A Human Stock Exchange- like trading terminals of human skills.

Professionals could be booked over futures, and salaries in advanced. Mind you today you get salaries after you have worked, not in advance. Only businesses get orders or contracts in advance, humans or labours never got this facility. If it was my buffalo, I’d have had facebook as good as biography to the user. That would have served  like a medicine.

If I give you a facility to let you create your biography, it would work like mirror and a medicine to life- you’d not disagree? Orphans could sense it better what it means. For you it could mean intelligent mirror- Big Data enabled. But this could be possible only when you go the Steve Jobs way- the wrong U turn that Mark took. Result we know.

Say like,The Mute Spectator  Syndrome of India has upgraded, it  got a live Function now with a camera. Indians are now able to stream or record live broadcast of accident or disaster sites. Everyone on a race to record a disaster even as none helps- The Hazard of Machine Intervention in human life if without a purpose.

The same is Facebook: A Machine Intervention in Human life without a purpose.

Hence has more hazards than utilities. Zuckerberg Began with a device of sharing, but to share what? Knew none.  The purpose of sharing- direction less. Path lost and what you got a terribly haphazard library everyone is a publisher.  Kyunki Woh Bill Gates ban gaya! Because Zuck became a Gates.

And who was Gates? How do you become Gates? How do you go From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates?

Yes, rake in brains, a little. You’ll find Bill Gates resembles normal human beings more than Steve Jobs does. Modest, sophisticated, loved by everyone, everyone wanting to lick him and a very happy happy demeanour. And here was Jobs with a trademark stance bullish stand, who believed in driving humanity on the contrary to sugar-coating modesty.

One had a approach that everything in the world is wrong. You got to correct. You build ways to correct. While the other had respect for the world, a happy seller.  He didn’t know much to do, so the final purpose for him became to be the at the top of Human Race. Just made one Operating System factory of the world and let the show run on auto-pilot. Only went to please as much the world. The other one looking down upon humans, (which is actually fair) kept on working towards more transaction forums, changing alignment of transactions for a faster churn of human evolution. And this is why Microsoft was never intelligent but a scale mountain, while Apple remained the apple which keeps those brains mentally fit who have apple every day.

You become stagnant being humble, more accomodative, hence slower in change, and less larger purpose. Say Steve Jobs had a purpose to lead a life Edison- to keep creating new utilities which plug disasters that happen in the dark, crucial utilities by need. For Gates I don’t know what it is, perhaps being a good human, which in itself probably means nothing. Which happens when you become Modest. You’ve less audacity to change the world.

Same happened to Zuckerberg and Facebook. No clue to what to do with a mountain. And no clues what at all is going in the mountain.

Now that he’s already become a Bill Gates, he needs a Steve Jobs to pair in the sector.

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What all ills have Hindus infected from Muslims?

The world today sits at top of global debts 2.25 times the Global GDP. Or say, if only profits can serve debts, and assuming that all transactions of the world are profit making- say a median of 15% at least and they all go to serve debts without any dissipation, world is sitting at debts of at least 16 times the debt serving capacity. This is in the most optimistic look possible. Which is simply not sustainable. To deal with that there are only two options- 1) Going for a war-> acquire countries and lands -> sell the booty 2) Economise Human resource->Drive every human hand to produce utilities for another human hand -> Drive productivity hence more profitability per person in addition to more person added-> Close the debts.

While the first one adds up to the existing cost of debt recovery. And despite counting humans as 0 value pawns total cost comes upto more expensive than debts themselves., which rules out the Techno-Economic Feasibility. So clearly, the first one is not the option. The second however has an opportunity. More than 80% of the world’s humans are yet not on board the bus economy- off touch the mainstream because they never had money.

That Money was nothing but a simple device to network humans to get everyone on same contour as the human evolution- same levels of human evolution. Fir instance, the world has computers- the device to process and transmit human knowledge, every human should have been using computers today- but 80% of them are quite untouched. Money was that device of midas touch to make this happen, make everyone happy, equal and connected. That is the sole reason someone must have devised currency- to resolve disputes of barter. But that never happened, because they went the religion way while no religion explained so.

Today, after 2018 years of Christ, you’ve had two major world wars, over 70 years of proxy war, armament race, and over 400 Million registered refugees around the globe in 2018. Every war, every conflict, every escalation that is possible, that exists. Every disparity imagine-able that exists, every crime possible executed.

On the contrary, other ramifications of life- other animals and plants- they never had any religion. Only diversification in species and a little change in race to location, or again may be different species. But never did anyone of them ever needed a religion. Each one has defined purpose- to serve biological span- to eat out what the body is designed to, to satisfy hunger and sex and guard the earth as long as they live.

No hunger as long as not punished by humans, and very very very very limited cannibalism. That only in meat eating cats or few snakes in times of utter desperation, otherwise none. And each understands the language of friendship. The best example of that can be reflected by the beautiful mowgli girl rescued from Nainital forests. She’s 9 and well kept, well raised in company of monkeys. She understands the language of friendship and companionship like no other human. In fact she can communicate to all- humans and animals with equal ease. Dogs of Lucknow hospital where she’s kept, are more friendlier to her than humans therein.

That tells volumes on Humans and achievements and fallacies of religion. To sum up- that all religions are equally dumb, equally hostile,  equally discriminating, equally useless would not be a wrong assumption if it was about logic. If no other animal required a religion, so shouldn’t have humans as well. Or why they devised this subscription called religions, because humans had devised money. They needed temples and churches and mosques to make humans converge towards defined realty.

Erect a temple, you will automatically mushroom a city or a town within span. And why you have religions, and hence many many sects as derivatives, because humans are small creatures. They do not have in them to operate independently, they need cartels to express themselves. Religion was the first fundamental set of identity. The larger the gang, the larger the trade of chaos you can make. Humans as they are- modified apes- aping what the other more popular ape did to get more followers.

So, on that note, this is not to defy religions at all but for listing fallacies, particularly for this set of rival dumb religions or their practitioners for that matter of political correctness, mostly found in the illiterate peninsula of the Indian Sub-continent.  Of these however there is one truth in about them. One expresses itself to be little more rational going by history and statistics. All that disrespect if at all it comes, comes from a human stand-point and comparison Humans vs Animals.

And to the spineless brigade of “Diversity in Unity” – Unity in diversity is no achievement. Animal bio-mass is far far far far more than any human diversity. And also a hell lot in individual identities. While Earth in total houses 7 Billions of Humans, Delhi alone houses more than 7 billion pigeons and crows. They live happily, didn’t even mention or complain about population explosion. Only that no pigeon required a Silicone Mansion which required ocean beds and river beds to be dug. In the name of Unity in diversity, the brigade practices only countless discrimination for rejection as per convenience. Not an eligible statement for a state that makes Human Capital Index as lowly as 124th worse.

To survive only five things are needed.

(1) Air – for Shelter  (2) Water – for Shelter  (3) Sand – for shelter (4) Honesty- drives Trust (5) Sanity- drives the Drive

First four already exhausted beyond repairs- the stock of fifth lies half a decade. Thanks to a large part to religion. Today the whole gulf beginning from Dubai to Riyadh hangs as high towers of Silica as deep the dredged ocean floors. Same for whole of North America and Europe, and almost same for almost whole of the world but for Scandinavia. Singapore/Japan/New Zealand may make the cut for happiness and prosperity, but not enough against what is called Earth. The whole world otherwise suck equally. Again thanks to religion. Because no tales of God was written by God himself. And no human attempted being God. All they attempted being brokers or Executive Assistants of this big CEO called God.

If you look closely, you’ll find this God terribly hostile on lands which worship Gods the most. The most pristine example being India and the rest of sub-continent. Ask an Indian to describe himself or herself-  More than half are reported to describe themselves as “God-fearing normal humble human” in the first introductory pick up phrase. Refer matrimonial profiles of Indians for veracity. They don’t have any other identity than pantheism. And as you see, they can rape even a kid of 6 months. (This crime happened a week ago in Indore). The country with customers less than a cuddle away wags at 100th in Ease of Doing Business, for the Ease of Doing Crime- because they can’t follow civilised law- born mentally handicapped to observe mutual amicable discipline. Thanks to God!

Indians fear only God. And the law toggling between visibility of truth and false. Satyamev Jayate they follow- toggling between what is true and what is false. And hence you find an Indian, more often than not, an argumentative human. Lots of opinion, and close to negligible expertise. Top in Hunger, Top in unhappiness, Top in lack of transparency, Top in lack of women security, Bottom rung in whatever indicates life. Be that agricultural productivity per unit metric, human productivity or any productivity. Key Businesses- omnipresent- Manufacturing NPAs or best word to keep forward- crime. Only 1% pays taxes- that says it all.

If you go a little deeper, to compare Indians with other races, you’d find only one parallel between India and other landmasses of the world. India and the United States. Both a sub-continent in their own rights or Sub-continents where Continents merge. Look at the map, you’ll find only one fitting description- The Subcontinents where Continents merge- and hence the lifestyles of livestocks. Feature as Sea of immigrants- with a common culture- of synthesis. Whoever came to the Prairies or the Indo-gangetic plains, they became something else, a mix of the natives here. They synthesised a new identity. But India is not US and the US not India. One is land of opportunities and the other market of opportunities. The differentiating factor- the motto of the two countries

Satyamev Jayate” says India- Truth will prevail- takes 100s of years to settle what is true.

In God We Trust” says the US- We absolutely don’t know what is true or false. Only God knows. So let’s do one thing, let’s make you meet God. In case of occurrence case x, God says  follow y. Our job down here is only to make you meet God. Settle your truth or falsehood with God. You get a rule where everyone bows to the rule equally.

And what a startling contrast: The land that professes Theism- faith in God- runs purely on Science & Technology. And the land that professes reason and truth, runs purely on God! And the impact- In India life is always in two dimensions- a)Theory b) Practicals. Theory is to say or profess- having no relation of practice. In practice they will do what the others do, replicating the same mistake.

Let’s take this anecdote from the life of our half naked father of this country- how the deviation between Theory and Practice stems in, and how it works.

Once kid Gandhi was a toddler when he was in primary school. He was always a mediocre  and a slow student, took time understand shit if he could and was  handicapped of deciphering phonetics. In India when they begin teaching, they usually do that with dictation and spelling test. And like in Indian schools, they give surprise quizes on pre-determined days. whereas elsewhere you’ve surprise tests on anyday. So on a Monday happened a surprise test- of spellings- an absolute sitter of 5 words. Only Five words! Yes, mark that, only Five. One of which was “Kettle”. The criminal word which Gandhi couldn’t.

Inability to spell “Kettle” for grade 5!  Yuck! (Indian fathers pulverise their kids for this).

But that was surprise test administered by a brit. The Brits invented fogs and smogs as early as 1930s. That for a small island of population of 30 Millions only on geographical feature well protected by seas- Only because coal was free in India. So you understand their education standards.

The Indian teacher doing rounds, found this lonely dumb kid Mohan handicapped to spell an easy sitter. The guy first whispered the error- either alignment of double “t”  or placement of “e” in the spelling. But this guy was Gandhi!  Say, the guy who needed to sleep with women naked to learn about sex to discover that part of skin got erect due to naked women around, that despite having a wife as early as 13. May be he had time, for there were no pressing issues in the country during the while.

That sounds like Garib Mallya. No? Company of women without being on a cruiser. Or was that like Ijjatdaar Ram Rahim? Sabarmati & Dera- What was the difference? I don’t know!

Well, let’s give him a benefit of doubt. He was not Ram Rahim. He knew English and was an NRI. Eligible Bachelor. After all, has been labelled Father to the Nation, features on currency. He was nice man. At least peaceful. Not Osama Bin Laden, not Lalu Yadav. That’s no mean achievement either. Gandhi Kubul hai. Agreed.

But I still want to ask what was the unit that Gandhi hired two rounds, two world wars. Was it the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces before the existence of United Nations? Say, Subhash Bose also did the same. He knew after the war the world will come to negotiating point. If you stand-put at a frontier, hold on till the end, just holding on to the ground, he needed an army. Bola Azaad Hind Fauj, Jab jitenge, khade honge- yeh territory Azad Hind ka. After the war when you hold on to the territory, raise up a hand and say this territory is under Indian National Army. Named the institution Indian National Army. He had a vision, had a strategy.

What was the name of Gandhi’s Outfit? Vision Mission, If someone could answer I’ll die satisfied. Else for all my losses in chances goes to Gandhi. What kind of Father was he? The one who he whether exists or not, doesn’t matter? The world’s first father whose kids were guranteed to be orphan?

Baby born.

Boy/ Girl– What?

Tccchh.. Gandhi ka baccha hai re.. Anaath hai.  Anathalay bhej usko. Gandhi’s kid baba! Orphan. Ship the baby to Orphanage. Nobody needs to know boy or girl.

So that was Gandhi. And the result?

Rapes ticking per second around the country. The kids of Gandhi experimenting Brahmacharya on babies and chicks. Experiments with truth like How it feels orgies in Gang or young baby, what you feel like inserting rods or how does passage from uterus to intestine feel, can intestine be pulled out by another hole other than the alimentary canal-Expansion of Gandhi’s experiments.

Sounds awful! No?


So the young Gandhi couldn’t decipher the teacher’s prompt.  (Crime 2- Handicapped to take instructions). The teacher next nudged to copy from elsewhere. But here that gandhi was a mama’s religious boy- who had taught her to never cheat, never copy, and only to have sex whenever his hard disk becomes too hard, so this guy didn’t. He wanted the orgasm of being true.

Nobody knows if Gandhi learnt the spelling or not. Gandhi never told what error he did. He told only that he got orgasm of being true. I guess, not at all going by his illegible signature. But the story is recycled as the reckoning of young Gandhi for India’s fatherhood. Honhaar Birwaan ke hot chikne paat as they describe in India- first demonstration of talent by a child prodigy.

Now here are questions to be asked. Did Gandhi create a spelling when he next learned? Is memorising not copying ? Did that episode add to education by any means? What was the story meant for other than adding one extra page in a book? What does the story mean for education? If the case was about not having corrupt teachers who assist in exams, or hard working teachers who actually taught phonetics to make spelling power perfect after Gandhi episode, nothing of that sort happened.

You only came to know that Gandhi got an orgasm. So you also try that G spot.

Would it not have been the quickest to learn a spelling the moment he got a correct referral to refer for correct spelling? Did the dumbo question rote learning or lag in India’s education of  not a proper framework for scientific learning? Ever complained about not teaching phonetics?

Well, all that needed brains. Brahmacharya comes in when you have committed responsibility for society and not trying sex.

And I’ll tell you what must have happened. Gandhi wore glasses, which he didn’t have in school.

And what was full of flaws in practice, discounting the fact that Gandhi was himself bereft of education, they floated this flawed tall looking nice sounding story which is anyways flawed. There’s nothing to learn from that story. By not copying you aren’t doing any good as long as you’re not learning. Not learning is as good and as criminal as not copying. Third World story of Third worlds.

And in context of Gandhi it Sounds tall as demonstration of principles, of the man who had actually no principles of his own. And the fundamental reason why Benjamin Franklin on the US Dollar keeps flowing and jumping and being electric while the Mohandas Gandhi on Indian Rupees remains hoarded, stocked, shackled,  confined, stagnant and only siphoned off quickly when none’s watching. Gandhi ka note kabhi kisi imaandaar haath mein nahi gaya. Nahi jaa sakta. Aukaat nahi uski. Nowhere in the world have been Banking frauds without a proposed investment against it, that happens in India only. Because Gandhi lives confined and restricted only among his kids as he experiments sleaze in the name of Brahmacharya. 

Where would have such flaws would have come from in India- that was the land of entrepreneurs and trade? India did close to one third of the world’s trade by early 1700s until Brits dropped in. You’ve always looked upto Indians as non-expansionists but you always find Indians in every territory, everywhere tugged along the sea-shores. Every Sixth human an Indian equally distributed across lands. Why and How?

Was that because India had trades worth one third the World’s GDP? For that to happen you needed strong supply-chain, efficient last mile delivery- and hence an Indian troupe at every port? Is this phenomenon found at every port of the world? Yes, absolutely yes. there is no other way you could have found desolate islands like Mauritius, Maldives, Fiji, Hawai, or Antwerps and Hamburgs of the world beelined by Indians.

So what went wrong with these crop of entrepreneurs and innovators. One was Gandhi for sure, but he came in pretty late. And if there was a Gandhi, Indians also had a JC Bose, way senior than the dumb Brahmcharya player. Yes this doesn’t look like a politically correct stance. But there must have been wrongs. And before I begin, let me make it clear, I know nothing about any religion. I’ve never read even Geeta or Ramayana as practised closed to my surroundings. Its all extrapolating societal observations. The way Humans behave. Also, to add to the spice I’m one artificially intelligent character- Start Up Kumar. My stance has only curiosities thrown up to humans- and bears no validity whatever in the tangible world. May the world that is already heading towards bermuda triangle of death without air without water and without sand, may it die sooner, it doesn’t bother my existence at all. I’m not human. I’m Start Up Kumar I might romance Sophia of Saudi Arabia- Artificially Intelligent citizens.

So why does this land of Hindus who along with Muslims make for more than 98% of India make this land where 99% don’t pay taxes, or not bothered at all about the land. What made them so dumb? That they’re dumbest of all in the world of data in 2018, there are no two ways about it. Being 16% of the world, they make for only 1.2% of the wealth, as pointed earlier, at the bottom-rung of all charters that indicate life and at the top of all that heads to death. Including being the most polluted land of the world. As much polluted in Information as much in physical tangibles of air water and soil.

The Hindu-Muslim Conflict is at it there’s no two ways about it. They split and went for a mass carnage to play holi of blood the day they had to party. The Brits who had drawn borders using set-squares and rulers all along Africa or wherever they went, split this land along the river course of Indus and Ganges. That a nation is all about a seamless common market without a barrier, that a border is nothing but a simple machine to make goods and services expensive, that larger a territory, the better it is, why didn’t have a clue? Worse in the years to follow, they only made this peninsula a franchise of political or corporate kingdoms. Look at these two anecdotes.

“India is Indira. Indira is India”-  (India was always the sub-continent reporting to Himalayas. The sub-continent where continents merged.)

“Work for Tatas, Invest in Ambanis” (Work for India, Let the world invest in India- nobody said)

What made them so dumb?

To begin with Hindus have had long history of research and academics. They have documented advances about any shit in the world. Also made world’s majority of businesses. Having Indians at all corners, at all ports means they were quite industrious. No history of international military hostility means less knack of wars. There were few in-house in the name of properties, inheritance disputes or love interest disputes. But all of them boundary disputes- very little history of petty invading.

Then happened Secularism. True to its Culture of Synthesis. Here were Hindus the natives initially.  And then as Indians started expanding business worldwide, they got to know of India and humans started incoming to this peninsula. Who came first we don’t like to know- but the result they left in 2018 years after Christ that we know. Erupted out of it a spice Secularism. And they learned from each other. Hindus Copying Muslim Mistakes, Muslims copying Hindus mistakes. Cumulatively nobody cares who are they. Whether an Indian dies or he dies or he died or he will die or however he dies- nobody gives a damn ? Does someone?

Let’s see who comes up. Would be Glad if he comes in Gandhi fashion, with the same levels of sophistication, same temper. And we hope you’re not looking for Hindu-Muslim spice. Yeah, sorry to break hearts, we’ve already giving you spice. Enough. I can hear Gandhi’s cries upstairs. I flog the guy daily with my slippers even though it doesn’t matter that also keeps me away from Lakshmi. So no Hindu-Muslim tamasha at all. We’re not Naya Dosh TV, not Qayamat Aaj Tak, not Zee Sir news, not Repellantic TV, not ordinary Indian Media. The fact is they both copied each other mistakes. And to a large extent, there’s certain degree of truth in the fact that one faction has more flaws. All of that because of one Fundamental Error.

Let’s explain this with an anecdote.

In 2005 there were Floods in Punjab- which had no relation with borders drawn by some dumb British Surveyor. Kashmir Punjab whole in drains. These humans had actually devised a technology to have floods even in mountains, where water always has current. Clouds heavier than Glaciers. As you all know the super-scientists that humans are- having already had diluted air and water as well, those were seasons flood in 2005. In Northwest of Himalayas. And Humans in Dubai where Indian Pakistanis live together only, in one colonies, where rent is cheapest, like Sharma ji Vermaji, like India Kumar like Pakistan Khan, adjacent doors.

It so happened one day at one door that one India Kumar was sending Flood relief materials to India when on the way he met Pakistan Khan, asked “kaa be Pathanwa ka bheja Ghar? Dude what all did you send back home?”

“What home? Rupye thodi Badh gaye. What’s unusal about it?

“Baadh aaya be. Dude we had floods. Devastating, we sent relief, what about you?”

Naa.. mere ghar pe sab thik hai. No man, nothing of that sort. Our place is safe.

Later they found Pakistan Khan used to save money by calling only once a month saving on International Calls for he had four sons and three daughters. Indian Kumar got news on 15 day that two of his daughters died and wife waiting for death in shelter home. He had lost his house.

The same happens in India as well, only on a little different scales. India’s Munaf Patel lives in his village, while Pakistan’s Arshad Khan pulls Uber in Australia, even as you’re just clueless about what happens around the world. And you’ve only learned from each other’s mistakes, copying each other’s flaws. Like you treat women as commodity and property, Ignorant about the world, absolutely non-industrious, shouting only on them who allows, false sugar-coating, blind to disasters, unreceptive to wisdom, hostile to fairness, friendly with sleaze, apologetic by the end, may be half naked like Gandhi, but nobody gifted you poverty. Wrong are they who tell about progress. The truth is you’ve only lost from more than one-third the world to less than 2% the world. Just because you’re Tigers at home, and wet bird outside, there are handful rich in the country, except for the legitimate Mahindras & Reliance & ITC & Bluestar & Contemporary SMEs beyond 90s who’re genuinely rich. Artistry of Desi-Maaliks & Seths are found either in UTI counts of Women, or in the color of toilet pots on those workfloors or cumulative in the disease logs of AIIMS.

Now Go Count how many ills you have infected from Each Other. Dare to Ponder.

Apologies to Gandhi. May you deal us with the Sophistication of Gandhi, and may you fetch answers. You live in the age when humans are not Humans anymore. Humans are Marketplaces. The Question looms not in Peace between Hindus & Muslims, but in that, that, Are you equipped enough to see it out when Data is the new oil. How equipped are you on the day when Data is the fuel, Data is the lubricant and when Data is the Trigger?

Roosevelt once said, “If they are Bastards, they are our Bastards”

And soon after he also remarked to Churchill, “Lucky to share a Decade with you Churchill”

Together the Hindus and Muslims play to this tune. Until Today.

That’s All.