Of Despair, Of Pity, Of the Neo-Indian Creativity, Of the Criminal Indian Media

The Bollywood made them dumb with the advent of VCRs, as did the TV with Cables, and the same they’re doing it now with the internet. Getting them dumber, insensitive and spineless, altogether. Disqualifying for the eligibility to live, almost as early as birth, without human rights. We know you would have liked to disagree with this fact but unfortunately, there’s little room to even disagree to disagree. Should you do, we recommend a relook to the cover pic again. One graze at it should send you where we intend to.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that India did manage to reach from 1.5% of Global Trade at 1947 to nearly 2% (including the parallel Black route) today, as it traversed its journey from the days of erecting border pillars to Mars, from the days of “Telegrams for babus only” to Whatsapp for all, from oxen to man-ploughed fields. That in media went from rumours to fake news as we graduated as a civilization. Things did move forward in every field that could be imagined. The shifts have not been just in forms of  advancements, but also in ages, reflexes, habits, preferences, behaviors, application, all. However, one particular field remained an exception, degenerating hour by hour and didn’t achieve any forward push. Rotting faster than potatoes, fouler than a dead body, or systemic hazardous decline by whichever standards, the sector of Story Telling. Beginning from Education to News and Entertainment, the content ingested by mind, the entire communications arrangement. What changed were the devices, not the substrate.

We’re talking of Indigenous literature and its derivatives. Every content, every video, every text, every audio, every visual, you’d not disagree is a derivative of literature.

One prime example would be of the Daily Soaps. And of the affects, you won’t disagree, the knowledge earned from them, mixed with free time, are used in our times by the Great-in-laws of India for ‘Politics’ and mental games on Facebook or Whatsapp. So this to Flag that: the degeneration in commercial creativity.

And the shameful part of the Indian creativity is reflected in their biggest of stars. Amitabh Bachchan, all his life, all he could play was of the wronged small timers or routine helpless cops. Of his own, on his own, the biggest he could rise was Don, a kingpin of wrongs. Once in his life he did have a chance to play a Teacher (Deshpremi) and next he ever could play a CEO, was only in 2002. That too, of a dumb family business or a glamorous version of sleazy ‘Desi Seths’ referred to as ‘Bada Maaliks’. No wonder he had to fail after the mid-range sabbatical when being too aged for a mainstream hero and old to don a helpless father. ABCL fall, it had to be natural. To run a business, you need to know business, had to be out of way for a dumb Bollywood professional at empty stardom and easy money. I guess the world doesn’t have a dumber Super-star ever. And no wonder, the same dumb celeb is found to be associated with Panama Stash. Nothing else could be expected of an insecure third world, dumb old man capable of nothing. And that, that ‘Angry Young Man’ was product of Indian National Congress, well it has no two ways about it. I guess even Amitabh would find little to disagree with the same. 

And hey, take a pause. Just in case you thought, India was growing, sluggish and short of stories, sorry, you’re terribly wrong. Almost all Nobel and Noble Prizes for India came in before Amitabh. There was one Visverayya who ensured all irrigation arrangements for the subcontinent for the next 200 years in early 1900s itself. There were Bhabha, Tagore, Tata, E-Shreedharan, our very own Kalam rising and sweating it all to give us the ride wherever we are, even as these sleazy bunch of Artists and the so-called Art-Capital or Content Capital supplied sleaze. And all that, for a reason, for they were well fed. Good content means research, development, sweat, hard work. Plus Intellect as well. For them things worked even by getting every sister character raped, or the girlfriend waving some cleavage.

And you know the cost? Should you like to estimate in Rupees, effect per capita or the damage in deceleration the negative of growth, or permanence of recession. Well, 93% of those who manage to go to school come out unemployable. And this has been happening since 2011. Before that it used to be 91% . In fact India ever saw an employment wave, was a decade, The Decade of Devang Mehta, 1991-2001. Aided by Tendulkar however as well. Devang was the back-end engineer.

None of you had been Indians until Tendulkar put a Flag on his helmet. Never before, had the tri-color fluttered with joy before. It functioned only to wrap soldiers until then, in tears. Tendulkar was the steering of the structure. As Indians you were still Bengalis, Ghatis, Jats, Gujjar, Patidars, Gujjus, Mallus and so on. Even the Tam-Brahms met India only thereafter. Team India, India Inc!, Incredible India, all are brand new. Right? ₹, even this came as early as 2010. While rest of us played Dalit-Muslim, it was Devang & Amitabh operating the other end. No, not this dumb bollyfucker we just talked about. Amitabh Kant, currently CEO, Niti Aayog.

No Labrador ever cared for Indians until 1991. $ 128 Million US was the box-office Software Export in 1991. And India was yet to be branded for being India itself. 2001 ended with $ 6.5 Billion, of the same Box-Office Software. And if there was no year 2000, Ghanta would have ever the world known of India. The Y2K Chaos, remember! And Ghanta means, something that is impossible even after Mission Impossible. It was only for that year, that we have Rajiv Gandhi Sundar Pichai and Mahatma Gandhi Satya Nadella. No, its not that Sundar Pichai, wouldn’t have existed, but he wouldn’t have been Rajiv Gandhi Sundar Pichai and hence, also not the CEO of Google. They wouldn’t have trusted an Indian to run a centre of excellence as Google, nor would been Indira Gandhi Indira Nooyi. Even she was raised to CFO PepsiCo only in 2001.

Until then India was Indira and Gandhi was India. And that India was so dumb, so useless, so spineless, so clueless, so characterless, they chuckled like, “Work for Tatas, Invest in Ambanis”

“Work for India, Invest for India. Invest India into the world”, they are yet to manage the balls. Requires vision and I was talking of eyes.

And that’s the damage the bad content, did and does.  Or say, For you knew Amitabh Bacchan, you don’t of Amitabh Kant. In the land of Gandhi, you were fed with Angry Young Man. Worse, you loved it! And to that add Qayamat Aaj Tak (sabse tej), Naya Dosh TV (NDTV) and those 897 number one TV channels in their respective fields. NDTV, just a while ago, used to number one “Election TV” which then was airing bottlenecks of demonetisation sponsored by PayTM.

(Just in case you’re new to India or alien to Hindi, those with prefix in italics are some disastrously dumb news channels of India, which works like acid bottles in hand with surgeon on an operation table, instead of iodine. And the surgeon doesn’t know the difference. Not because somebody sneaked in to swipe bottles or the content, but for he’s on the Operation Table, for he was paid for it. This surgeon comes in at 1/10,000 the cost the right one, while all the hospital is concerned with filming cases. And for India has cattles in plenty, already, it doesn’t even matter. You get people to die for in proxy. And such hospitals keep on running!)

And you know what’s more distressing? The country that has customers less than a cuddle away, ranks 132nd in Ease of Doing Business. While Honesty has already become a fairy tale commodity. Every single display of that, if it happens becomes a News, always. They use it as memories. And now the next in this list to get is Water. This the Indians are yet to know. That the affect of bad content. The result of honesty erosion into the food to enter the mind.

The internet had been a silverlining, having had luxury to have been shaped under the watchful eyes of Devang himself, and that’s the reason we could have Make My Trip and Flipkarts and Zomatoes, Swiggies and TVF. Until the sleaze fishes of the likes of Illiterate Times of India coming on to pollute the pond. With the advent of likes of AkkarBakkar, ScoopWhoop, Being Indian, PopXo, Logical Indian, Bhak Sala, News minute…. Well, feel pity. Terribly pity! I wish the Indian creators could get the fact when Irrfan (Khan) says “Yeh Hollywood? Woh kitni teji se aa Raha hai aapko pata bhi nahi. Jab pata chalega, pata nahi hoga aap ke paas” (Irrfan Khan is one the best actors India ever produced in the last 1800 years around, who has been warning the creative sector, that the internet world, the contemporary content sectors, they’re moving with speed and force such that the day Indians would require to address the storm, they would have long lost their own addresses itself)

It’s shameful for Indian literature, and pity to creativity.

But hey, I wonder of the impression that I’m giving you of India. Hang around and turn back. There’s also a catch. As demonstrated, India has never lacked stories, neither inspiration nor genuine work. It has never been all about Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. For Every Mohandas Gandhi, there has been a Mohandas Pai, for every Indira Gandhi, there’s been an Indira Nooyi,  for every Rajat Sharma there was always Rajat Gupta, for every dumb Government of India engineer, there’s always been a Shreedharan, for every Arnab Goswami, there’s also Harsha Bhogle. And for every emerging Kanhaiya Kumar, there’s also an emerging Start Up Kumar. 

The goods are always lesser known. For there had been Brits recently. For diversity is what India is known. And that’s our range. We built the world’s most scalable Identification Module, the UID. Right? That’s our Zero number two. Last time we showed you how to count. On this occasion we’re demonstrating reconciliation, the step next to count. And India, still remains the same. Accommodating to all!

A Man is Known by Company he keeps. Beyond that He is the man of whom he knows of. (Which spreads by Media)

-The Sane Observer