Of Conflicts, Of Languages, Of the Game of Thrones

TSO lighthouseWe’re to talk about a ship, of the world’s most important one. Carrying over one-sixth the humanity, on duty for thousands of years, this masterpiece, The INS INDIA is a muscle to Earth. Of equipments and features, the lesser said, the better. It was modern even in the ancient days of Before Christ and kept emerging ever since the advent of the age, After Development, throughout the AD.

On its stern lies a massive protection wall of Himalayas allowing for the world’s maximum stowage seen ever, housing 1.35 Billions comfortably along the bridge without a hint of grumble. Staying afloat, at speed highest, launching rockets at will, in style. Refitted last  in 1947, along with a major upgrade in 1991, it is guarded with world’s most spectacular fenders in Ghats to left and right or the East and the West. Pounds every heart irrespective of its distance, as it sets off to sail. Goes into tizzy each of them as it turns and shakes every leg as its engines thump.

So these Ships are different in kinds and  different are their waters. They dart across seas of exchanges, measured in money and sail into Oceans of Opportunities. Are different, their engines. Magnanimous and Gigantic. Structure such that their strokes get hearts pumping. Say the vibrations of INS INDIA pumps 1.35 Billion Human hearts 250 gm each, 78 beats per minute on average. Their vibrations are felt along the circumference of Earth, and collectively (of all these ships), the resultant of vibrations, make the humanity average 72 per minute, per 250 gm heart. Of them, we’re talking of the most sophisticated one. To describe, it extents so much that despite being it the oldest, the crew and the passengers alike, including the rest of experts, are yet to decode and decipher its functioning, even in the age of computers, despite connected with Internet.  None’s sure, even as the ship itself keeps skirting at the speed highest, compared to rest.

To list its specifications, none could ever. And those who did, or could or doing, lie quiet or quite-ned. 1.35 Billion, and counting, nobody ever could estimate its stowage. The Ship itself, turned down nobody. Of freight, how much can it yield, could count none ever, nor did return one disappointed. All they know, its still a mine of space, definition of speed, with stability the signature. That on the eve of cyclone, this is the Ship safest. That the day all they sink, this is the Ship to hop into. And turned it down none ever. And thus, now you know why its the costliest. Bidding for a space, here, stops never.

And yet again, Of such ships, are similarly, one feature more special, the Steering. Like engines, drive, chassis etc, are these different as well. As per the maintenance of Respect Protocols, like in the case of rickshaw puller for a rickshaw, chauffeur for a Mercedes, Pilot addressed to as Captain for Airbus, Steering of these are called ‘Thrones‘. There are differences in cockpits, steering arrangements, handling, operations and so on. And so as well in traffic control in the high seas (of Economies). In them, there’Ship with frigatess not one steering in the ship, instead, there are main Steering, and there are subsidiaries. All networked and synchronised to bundle to come over as a large Steering Mechanism. The process steering remains no more a verb steering, it yields to a full fledged activity: Operations Steering. That so humongous, that the humanity went short to describe which is when began then the culture of using one word to many words. Operations Steering got a full fledged, dedicated word into the vocabulary : Governance. The structure is entirely different. Along with main steering, subsidiaries, are there are also detachable, retractable, synchronisable, co-ordinate-able, and many more components. Like in the case of, say, Mega- Ships. They don’t venture alone and the main vessel is led, fed, escorted, steered, maintained, planned, stationed, guided by associate auxiliaries like frigates, pilots, destroyers and so on (like in the figure above).  The INS India boasts of a total 35 auxiliaries, extending over a floating area of 40 Lakh Km squares (4 million SqKm). Of Depth none knows ever. And we’re to talk of this Steering, of The Game of Thrones, of The INS INDIA.

…To be Continued