Nationalism: Design and Excuses

Nationalism. Every time a human hears this word, certain sense of reverence spirals down every spine. A fundamental module of identity that it is. However, is quite a bit of subjective entity. 

What bird is it ? 
If you get to define, distill all the ways of world, the way animals or plants or all living beings operate, you’ll conclude its about the belonging to where you serve your life. Of relevance of what you have for home. Bearing the same significance as your residency, permanent address or origins or wherever in which proportions you spend life. What begins with adherence of laws, to conditions of living extrapolates to the privileges and ease of life that you get back from the affiliation. The root source of the affiliation that you get and carry for your own existence. That makes it either instantaneous affiliation of territorial existence or the passport that you carry. All for a simple reason, for you’re on Earth. Like in Rome, you’re required to as Romans do, on Earth, you ought to do as Humans do as long as you’re human. Even for animals, the span for life and the end use of their dead bodies depend a lot on the Nationalism of nation they’re born into. And that is it, the loyalty and the degree of belonging you bear to the political geographical territory. 

Why at all does it element exist? Nature didn’t differentiate then why the humans.
Well, is that so ? Why at all then do we have different races, different body structure, differently abled ranging from physical to mental faculties to skin color ? Is that natural differentiation ? Or is that adaptation to the conditions around ? And then you find, its a mix of all. That its a massive Earth, soil, sunshine, water, air, temperature, humidity, climate, all are different and every part of earth requires customised care. Whether the care to Earth or from the Earth, both are subject of natural habitat. And that is how inherit a common culture, a common territory, with a common goal to maintain its sanctity. 

As a living entity you won’t have any second qualms that you’ve just one role on Earth. To look after the security of Earth as long as you serve your life. There’s no other purpose of life, neither can you do beyond. Because you’ll die one day, all you’ve the option left is to serve the biological span. And the best way of doing that is keeping up the sanctity that you inherited. And also, anything not matching up the best is back tracking. Not doing the best you can is always degrading. So harming the integrity of Earth must be a bad way of life. The concept of Nation is an enabler to this function. It demarcates the zone of liabilities. And thus the Nationalism. A reminder of the duty of care of the territory you extract life out of. 

Is it a Necessity ? Or a Forced Commodity ?
And the answer lies, that it’s a subject of force just as much as is the safety and security of life an imperation. Which also covers the aspect that how much do you know about your territory. The scientific structure of it. The material equilibrium, the composition structure, the relation with Earth. Function of the will and dedication to future. And yes necessary to have a constant maintenance affair. This is why we’ve governments. And the sense of adherence to it the Nationalism. All in all, a function of will of responsibility to future. Or a better way to look at it would be, that it is not a necessity only in a condition that you’re selfish. And you can’t be selfish because you never get your life on your own. You only have a choice of your own conduct, and when you get selfish, you also get isolated. Which makes a facet that the sense of Nationalism is the safest and best way to practice life. Very mandatory, as long as you want it safe and happy. 

Simply because its a Nation, and human processes and transactions are not adiabatic, and only a sustained life in a territory can know the territory, Nationalism is a life maintaining practice. An elementary need to maintain life. 

Now of the practice of it. The Hues and Cries regarding the same. 

Standing in respect for a national Flag. And like all physical laws, it goes the same way. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, in the opposite direction of the binaries involved. As you love your Flag, it loves you back as much. As you are in collective, you get back in collective.

Say, Singaporeans commit to their flag the max, 24×7, despite just about a port, only a marine logistics touch point, they have the world ‘s most powerful passport.

India has this rank of 78. Mediocre. Because Indians say, “Stand for yourself first, then comes the nation”. They’re practical. And then they’re a diverse mix. Some say we stand for it when everyone else is watching, we do not disrespect, some say that idea is imposed. Nationalism is not a thing of public display, we all love it and its not required to be proven in open. And then there are other lots as well. Like a particular faction says, we now only to one, our God. We can not bow to anything else. In all the excuses of not being treated with contempt about the lack of priority to the flag.

Indians, as the population that they’re. They aspire for Mediocrity. And hunt for superiority in that inferiority. And as a natural result, they make for a country of customers less than a cuddle away wag at 100th in Ease of Doing Business for the love of Ease of Doing Crimes. And the human capital index amongst the lowest. Life the hardest, the happiness the lowest. 

And that tells you the law of flag. And the law of nationalism. And why the need of Nationalism. To have the god to stand by you by the care and awareness of your god on earth, your flag.