Electrifying Knowledge into Currency

Until we came in the world was already in shambles. Global Debts 2.5 times the Global GDP. Every hundredth of human a refugee. Countries strapped off cash, Nations putting Citizenships for Sale. From Far West in Canada to Far East in New Zealand, as many as 68 countries offering citizenship/residency against investment. Leaping to the age of Capital Drain after the age of Brain Drain. Every crime imagineable, committed. Every disparity possible, witnessed. Every damage define-able, done. The Quest was To Rescue. To Script Turnaround and To Change the way Humans live.

Of the disastrous cannibalism until now, the root cause is money. Money that was device invented to settle disputes, humans lost the touch the device it was. That money is not money making more money. What it is money empowering the more many, many humans as many. A networking device to have all on board the bus Economy- every human on the same page of the Human Evolution. A networking device that induces Midas Touch- the Midas touch of prosperity- That was money. But they knew none, what was Money. And hence the unsustainable alignment of humans and human transactions.

We Seek to Resolve the case of Money. Converting Knowledge into Currency.