Magic things about Poverty: Reflections to Humanity (I)

“Its not Poverty, its technically the availability of degree of options to choose from. Its never Poverty, its always the Bargaining Gradient.  Poverty is keeping humans away from evolution. Poverty is in Owning Human Evolution.”

-The Sane Observer

They say poverty has fangs, brutal ones. And often lethal.

Shahrukh Khan, one of the richest actors on the planet from India proclaims he is what he is, for his fear of poverty as the sole driver. And then there’s the Government of India, a global behemoth at loggerheads with poverty for the last 82 years since inception. It defines poverty by a threshold called Poverty Line which in actual works up as a ‘Death Line’. It hovers between one-third and half a dollar per day, subject to rural or urban and some bit more of rocket sciences varying upon various demographics and geographies. In expressions however, it comes round as the minimum amount of wealth required to buy nutrition or bundles of ATPs (the energy molecules of body) just enough to support survival for a day or The Death Line (for a respective PIN-code). And also do similar the other dumb but prominent bodies, like the illiterate United Nations, the helpless World Bank, many treacherous governments like sundry Zimbabwes, Venezuelas, Brazils, Panamas, the Null Korea, the slew of ‘geeky’ global consultants, those KPMGs and PwCs. Little did they know, what exist are income bands, and not a line. Little did they know, the last line imaginary which served some purpose was the Date Line, and not a Death Line close to a Poverty line.

The world has had only a handful of praiseworthy systems for that matter. The US, Japan, Israel, Singapore, the modern Germany, little bit of France and some bit of Scandinavia, most of which they started after the war, after the major reset.

And as a result, until now you’ve had all wars that could have been possible. Many millions more in addition those so-called escalations, dished red hot on the platter on sale beyond the range of possibilities for there always had to be ceasefires to be negotiated. Deaths and violence bought and sold over exchange terminals for someone had extra weapons, while others had men to die. Or going by histories as documented by humans themselves, I’d not be wrong to say for the humans until the batches of 1500 to 1800s, the chief occupation was trading and testing weapons. They bartered dead bodies and learnt trading only by counting dead bodies. The first currency must have been a human carcass.

Or in plane simple words I’d not be wrong to believe that humans have been chronically dumb. Because of which you were late for Industrial Revolution which stands for transition from weapons to instruments, from war to life, from blood to consumer utilities. The evolution got delayed and what happened after 1800s, could have had happened until 5th Century BC.

Say, Jesus could have come on a BMW for it wouldn’t have been the dumbness of Humans. And if it were Jamnagar in place of Jerusalem, may be, who knows, also with an ‘Aadhar‘ Card! Provided, had you not decelerated evolution.

Well, mind you, there’s little room to disagree, and still lesser for excuses. For, if not anyone else, India had given it already more than all that it required, the raw materials. They’d crafted more languages than the number of people, to the extent like a range of languages per capita. No Indian ever born spoke just one mother tongue, not even in Jungles, not even Mowgli, the jungle kid. Add to that the gift of the universal language- the Mathematics, beyond which the matters are always about necessity. You invent, produce, manufacture and possess what you want, or the process evolution.

I believe the Indians would have coded different languages only to exchange and trade. And when the first flood of languages would have happened, the new ones in the markets would have hit only to market codified secrets meaning better business. You’d not disagree manufacturing languages must stand pro-evolution and a better time pass than war or blood.  And hence you’d not disagree, what I said, must hold true. That, there was every chance for Jesus to have come in a BMW, which you humans missed to offer, for there were not the humans who decelerated evolution.

And so, you’d also find it hard to disagree that as humans you’re animals who make even God go small. That to the extent of being ashamed. You’d not disagree if there exists God, he must not have any face or an iota of answer to answer back every time a Whale dies. Or  say, for practical considerations, you could wonder of the embarrassment he must have had facing that black-buck of Salman Khan case. You would not disagree that as humans you make even God beg for apologies to every non-human organism he produces. You’d also not disagree that all those snakes, dogs, monkeys, cows, pigs, crows, sparrows, they’ve all already stopped believing and valuing God, because of you humans, who have achieved nothing. Not even after the Industrial Revolution.

And as a dumb human still today, over 2000 years After Christ, each of you, come round for identity, whosoever you are, but for one Elon Musk. At large, you still trade wars, India-Pakistan an example. A war sold in exchange of one grand party on the occasion of the access to steering controls of the world’s most important Money Traffic Corridor. I really really wonder how on Earth did they manage that, murders on a party date, who were the fools. Anyways, so, you’d not disagree that as humans you are not just dumb, but also clueless, illiterate, impotent and ineligible to don Earth. All crimes, all mischiefs, all mistakes, every bit of them which could have been possible, and all disparities imaginable, achieved one by one. All boxes ticked in the list of last things to dos. And irrespective of agreement to any of the above you’d not deny that you’re speeding high on the highway destruction.

Ozone, Water, Honesty, and even Sand, gone already, almost. Lions and tigers roaming around your homes. Actually, you’d be dumber not to agree and acknowledge. Little do you know, is there also one sweet little Breaking News. That the present thing being consumed in process to get exhausted is Humanity itself queued up next in line only to Ozone, water, honesty and sand.

As reports last came in, in India they film when they die. They die on roads waiting for aid which kill faster and more comprehensibly at strike rates better than AIDS itself, say,  like one person per day every 67 kms on NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) premises, the National Highways. They film people set fire on roads, they film rioteers rioting, they wait to film people waiting for death until death. (May be, for courts don’t hang them till death, people filming culprits to death) On one occasion we’d heard there was one robotic slave in India’s Jharkhand’s Ranchi’s top hospital, serving a patient food on the floor. Intriguingly the Jharkhandi patient even had it, one bout, giving yet another opportunity to film as usual. On another occasion an Odia labour was pictured carrying corpse of his mate on shoulders, while there are wannabe Khalifas somewhere in the middle east still broadcasting live, almost, the most innovative ways of man-slaughters.

More recently to add to the list a brave kid of Gurgaon succumbed to ignorance of Indians in a school, though not before escalating the crime out in the open. India’s son indeed though he was.  Girls have been found raped and molested by teachers in schools and universities across length and breadths of India, every other day.  There’s been a report of half a century in as many hours dying for the lack of a commodity as basic as Oxygen in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh. Well, the same for around the world as well. Refugee Population has remained in excess of 20 Millions per year since 1985 consistently for the world, which clocked 66 millions in 2016, even if the United Nations reports halfway correct.

If a Refugee was a guy running for cover against approaching death, and if there was a live dashboard of Artificial Mortality… Well, somethings are better not to imagine. That, humanity is the present thing being consumed to get exhausted sounds less scarier than live status report if there had been. And that would be kind of reasonably uniform spread across the world. That is almost the same number of artificial deaths per 1000 humans. There’s little need to single someone out. However, if the sect does have a color, the one dying more often, the color of unproductivity. And Green is no Green anymore. Receding to Red, each day.

I wonder if they’d have killed the poet Kabir today, had he existed.

So, moving ahead, beyond colors of humanity, if there was a humanity index to qualify as human which is being harmless to ecology, and wherein ecology is harmed by killing any pre-existing life including humans, you’d agree that you’d all fail. And you’d not disagree that while being human is no big deal, the big deal is in being God. And if not God, pretty much within achievable range would be being human enough. But on the contrary you must have been convinced by now, that you’ve been even lesser human the tiny little human that you were meant to be. Say to book humanity for a lifetime, we’re able manage it live, as you read, in just about 1500 words. You’d also not disagree probably none would have answers to this for the next 1500 years, given the pace. Plotting Mortality against factors of artificial deaths or researching the market death, I don’t see an ambient number of population of humans surviving that long. I believe the last drop of humanity is to be linked with petrol. For, for electricity it will be the survival of only the electrics, I see its just about a day, for it to be ‘Game Over’ for the humanity, within range, within sight. In consumption towards exhaustion, the humanity. So this is not about humanity.

Or say, if there was still something short to sum, it would be a form of animalism on Earth which takes just 1700 words to write an obituary for each of them for a population 7 billion strong, the humanity. So this is not about it. And we’re mid way.

We’re to explore a very exciting entity which also comes over as the vocabulary’s most expensive word- Poverty: The most glitzy Star product of the “Humanity in Practice”. If words had commissions, Poverty would be the richest, you’d not disagree yet yet yet again, for the next 7 generations. For instance, the net value of Poverty for India since 1947 to job “Poverty alleviation” staggers upto 14 Trillion dollars, or say 4 years of holidays, for each of them a billion strong nation, roughly around 4 years of GDP of India of 2017. Still worse, that’s about declared. “Will” forms the 2nd most expensive word, until “Entrepreneurship” burst up in the scene after Devang Mehta around “Y2K“. And yes, for this is from a kid of 90s, you can trust of the veracity on face value. We’re to exfoliate Poverty. And this is about Magic Things of Poverty.

Let’s take a short break until.