Lady-blow: The fall ride of Mohammad Shami

10 days ago, here was  a young man protecting his lesser known wife from online abuse.

Though he played cricket at the international levels for his country,  he was from the shadows of Amroha from the backward households of Muslims. Away from education, away from civilisation those worlds generally mean what is equal negative opposite of Elites. Trashy, coarse, unsophisticated and literacy just as limited to sign if at all it exists. India’s education is anyways to gods. And this was the North of India which by all measures and indices is best known for illiteracy.  Or to illustrate better and softer the difference between literacy of North India and South India would be just as much between ambient status of Flipkart and Snapdeal.

So here was this human: a male + India + Muslim + uneducated + North India. On 99.99999% occasions if life survives until 25, the range of limits of such a human ranges between two posts- from being criminal to being a measly paid government staff- from being one kind of inferior human to another kind of mediocre human. Opposite of Elites as we said. These crop of humans are spotted doing anything for survival. Typically if life peaks for them, the peak is mediocrity and is meshed with hourly intercepts of sleaze and unpleasantness to spin into an unhappy timeline.

Off that, this guy was a rising star.  Went on to play International Sport.

With internationals, came in money, came in fame, came in sophisticated phones and cars. Life zipped at one leap from sun dried black and white, to electronic colors in high definitions.  From bank account opened with great difficulties to shiny chirpy Internet Accounts. And 10 days ago, here he was protecting his shiny trophy wife from millions of illiterate conservatives. Were there millions of Miyajis recommending to keep the Biwiji covered, and were there millions smirking that the fool couldn’t handle his wife. For the fame was new, here was he propagating from whatever civilisation he learnt with world tours and elite Indian Cricket dressing room- the tenets of harmonious humanity. Was just 10 days ago, was he demonstrating “India Shining”.

Slow rewind to 10 hours ago. The shiny fast bowling star is booked with charges of all that usually hardcore criminals are. And Biwiji leaking the new News every 10 minutes. That Biwiji who was a mere cheer leader who could neither speak English or Hindi, now printing and exposing screenshots off androids and iOS and many internet accounts every 10 minutes. This Biwiji was merely lifted out of poverty and animosity to high ends of South Kolkata Heights who turned sour in a flash, ruining every stride the bowler would have taken to reach the state of bowling 8300 international deliveries. The bowler, just 28 lies now decorated with life-threatening allegations to come clean- just hours after a winning streak of a satisfying tour. And on the other side lies Biwiji being protected from privy eyes vying for the yields off over 4000 kms run off  international cricket fields (without running or supporting the runs of course, like all unworthy ineligible Indian women do)

What a way life behaves! And what a fall ! All for a marriage!

Shami, a peak international sportsman at his peak will most most probably now never be back to cricket pitch ever. Keeping success rates of men of nasty wedlock cases in India, its practically impossible for a little educated cricketer being able to exit if at all he does without being broken. He must not return as mentally fit that the rigours of fast bowling and the game of cricket demands even if he does. While the mild fame will have no relevance in the intelligent age of internet, there would be little left for livelihoods by the time Indian Courts pronounce judgements. For a little educated cricketer, the run ups would limit to home, courts and police stations.

While nobody knows what would be true from inside, but tumultuous turns every 10 minutes points to one certain thing- of relationships between the young Indians. Volumes on the priorities, expectations, lifestyles, mindsets, backgrounds between the young men and women. And then the association with the law and society.

On one end was a young man, less educated needing to have a beautiful wife to flash to adorn the international stage, on the other was a less educated abandoned biwiji struggling to make ends meet through random stage appearances. One needed some public grace, one needed riddance from daily haggling over duration of an event and money. Eyes met, Needs met, they married. Sans verification, Sans planning, Sans understanding, Sans love.

The practical land of India that it is, with its women being more practical than their men. Never would you find an Indian woman doing the same thing what would she advise her daughter in a similar condition, nor would you find a man doing that to son. Marriages here are more often than not, purely commercial deals. And worse, if a woman is in any relationship other than her first. In the early days that used to be between parents, now today between the boys and girls straightaway, only as much the change.

As aptly demonstrated by the case of the couple. Allegations of rape and murder years after the year of little fame. A man at his peak of his glittering Indian career scanning court papers and a woman knowing little more than some human names, just a little to scramble fingers over phones, who’d have squatted little than bed and other physiological needs seeking equality and mileage  over years of runs around international sporting nests.

May those Indians in race of marriages take a cue!