India-Pakistan: The Patriotism Doppleganger (Uncensored)

I’d first laughed on this term “Patriot Pakistani” when I saw it on Quora, some 2-3 years back. Like what it meant, from where? How could one be so, how are they born and how they exist? And of their IQs. The moment I hear of Pakistan, what strikes me that one fool gave a call, and they rushed. Getting embroiled in blood smacking on a party eve, that too on the day of riddance from psychotic Brits. The idea of India meant accession to a ‘Common market’. Economies of Scale. 

And then there was the whole passage, that in Pakistani English! They make more sense when read right to left. That way you  take only words, not sentences.

So, (Patriot + Pride) Pakistan, its technically wrong to express so. And blasphemous to put in one line.  I hope you’d agree to that without dispute.

No? How can I say so? Springing Hatred? Unfair am I? Well, I’m Start Up Kumar. The bhalai or sanity is it in to quietly agree, without a trace of argument.

So, this incident dates back to those times when a Rahul Baba equivalent had just shot into fame in Pakistan, some Bilawal Bhutto.

In the sub-continent, we’ve a very socialist structure of distribution of Talents into the population if you’re aware, with a well designed and organised distribution. Talents for the territory are sourced from choicest ingredients and cultured into special sperm sacs, to bring the expression into one super human. And in turn that produce is entrusted to radiate Talents to the rest of mortal population as they move about. And for wherever they can’t go, we put posters and hoardings around. For instance, in India, we’ve 73% of Outdoor billboards dedicatedly reserved to these Talent Evangelists, who in turn you find greeting and radiating the same around the highways and streets. You simply stand beneath those posters, and chant hymns like “Om Rahulaay Namah” with arms spread under the sun, you get reloaded, like a Talent recharge. The more, the better the results.

No Start Up can afford an outdoor communication, unless a billion dollar funding, for those reserved hoardings, so precious are these sperms. And along with talent, these sperms also radiate Patriotism, which was all nearly all time high post some buff on Kashmir. And patriotism, the nasty word, the epicentre of turbulence around, yes, the same noise, that latest AAA+ certificate of humanity in the market, of which you get to know every other day a stampede for, the majority of that is sourced from there.

Actually Patriotism reads contribution, a thing of constant demand. And that nobody else does. In crunchy situations, to keep float billions, someone need need to rise, and  only few do that, like Rajiv Gandhi of India. Say, he developed a C++ vaccination, which is sprayed in the air, and were born Indian programmers naturally. And that’s how Rajiv Gandhi Sundar Pichai reached Google and so did Mahatma Gandhi Satya Nadella. Essentially, at large, its something like, its only them who contribute – The ‘talent radiators’. And then who contribute, Patriotism lies in higher density around them.

Off late, with the advent of social media and personal screens getting into lives, this intercept to senses, eyes ears and fingers plus brains clubbed together as expressions, has been raising furores, more than ever. So much that,  it today actually carries the 3rd highest Networth in vocabulary after Poverty, Entrepreneurship, followed by Terrorism. Say, Poverty in India has had Turnover of over 11.7 Trillion dollars since 1947, equivalent to close to 4 years of GDP or say free holidays, provided all expense in the name of poverty given back to each of us. And similarly, words have their own values and aukats or energy in stored form. Poverty globally stands at the peak, towering as the most expensive word equalling in sum value of Recessions in cumulative. Entrepreneurship, a close second, abused to heart’s content beyond which comes in Patriotism.

Patriotism initially was equal only to market cap of Armanent Race, but then as it grew developed a second sub-variant to split independently as the third most expensive word: Terrorism. By virtue of which both happen to be derivatives of the same family, the same business filling up for each other. Executed in the world as supremacy of Importants over the Cattle. Say for the love of country, no head ever died, nor did any state head of high stakes in a terror violence. And clubbed together, they kill more than any other disease, labelled as ‘Martyrs’ of two sides. And that stays high statistically, wherever there is Islam coupled with high density of people or technically consumer markets. For instance India-Pakistan together make for over 2 Billion individuals subscribing for consumption package.

So we’re to talk of the world’s most sophisticated trade. Of the trade of control of trades!

…To be continued