In the name of Cricket’s Entrepreneur The Jumbo Chalisa : Birthday Tributes to every Hero Unsung

“There are two kinds of Gods. Ones you go to and the Others you should have gone to. And that’s when you contracted Sin, if you did. Else you were born Sin-free.”

-The Sane Observer

Life has two dimensions. The Evils and the Goods. And the Evils are easier to execute. We all have encountered that. Or to be more correct both of these modes- the Evil or Good- are just two mutually exclusive routes of life of which, at any given moment, only one can be taken, while the summation of instants or life gives into one final eventuality- Death. Once born, you only die. And which is where came the differentiation. The Evils were the verbs that lead to death for reasons man made or artificial whereas The Goods developed as the set of verbs which drove deaths Natural. In fact, early on, there were only Goods and deaths Natural, until the humans discovered a tool called “Barter”. Beyond which, as true to human instincts, happened the first dispute followed by many disputes. Escalated the first dispute and was born the first Evil, and multiplied. After few thousand murders, first currency was born. Came in standards and units, and thus evolution and multiplication in types and numbers of cases, on both sides- the Goods and the Evils. The Indians labelled it ‘Kaliyuga’ or the currency era, the moment currency was born and lot happened since. A lot changed. A lot lot.

By 2017 the number of ways of Evils outnumber the Goods by astronomical margins, for not all evils kill instantaneously. And today they have millions of options to choose from, whether to die short of Oxygen in a hospital or getting mowed down under a truck, or under the burden of expensive Cancer drugs, or an express detour to heavens via sewers, in the days of “Same Day Deliveries” or else leaving it to lucky concerts should you be destined to a musical finish. Millions of Stephen Paddocks manufactured on industrial lines to be close enough to have dedicated pipelines of death. Ironically the maximum loss came to Indians themselves, the geeky firsts to discover cash. What began with disputes, turned commercial, then hyper-commercial simply because there were bundles of currencies at stake and agents to exchange.

If there was a dashboard of artificial deaths, from terror to food adulteration to road accidents to debt-suicides to industrial disasters to what not, they would spread into 396 broad categories of regular occupations. And if you could trust me in capacity of Start Up Kumar, riding on the back of a sensible research over Mortality and Evolution, for the case of India, over 96.23% of Indians don’t die but cut short of life manually. Or in short close to 97% land up on side evil, even as per capita deduction of life-expectancy stands in excess of 12 years. 8.3 years per capita, of which goes to immediate family, chiefly Parents, and reminder 2 each split between peer pressure and Indo-Pak boundary, wherein the corruption overhead is accounted in the Family category. And as it turned out, over the years, the Evils got broadly branched into “Paid” and “Unpaid” and in turn, splitting to 98.6% on the paid side. On the other 1.4% split, lie the unpaid evils comprising of passion crimes or absolute human ignorance largely unanswered. And to put things in perspective from territories where Governance stands for level grounds and equal human treatment to all humans, like in Japan, Singapore, Israel, Scandinavia, France, Switzerland and so on, where evils are purely a function of human evolution with very less room for paid evils, say, climate change- yes they have, but no arrangement of Maoist insurgency, expectancy in those countries per capita exists in excess of 82 years, invariably. The same for US, where probability of being on the unjust evil side, there’s not enough data but drags down to 78.4, as demonstrated by a similar drop in age expectancy for China at 75.

You could well conclude the missing cues: The degree of freedom for Paid Evils. And from them, what and how they cut short lives. And from that, the network of Evils meshed with Mortality and Goods. Neither Capitalism nor Communism, but existence of payment gradient matching with equal desperation. And as you dive deep into the weave of Evils and Goods, you’d find its the most intense battle of any set of rivals of any eco-system to have existed. As deeply ingrained as energy itself, and as live as time. Two Routes to the Root of the results you land up. One driving life, one cutting short. Add to that Evils are easy and carry incentives in liquid, instant and as good as cash. Very few go for the side Good.

So the effect:

Say, since 1880s, majority of the Indians have been queuing up at others’ doors to build someone else’s dreams for cash. For there was a service paid and a boss to supervise, they could have Jalianwala Bagh one day. And for they’re paid, you’ve facilities until the limit of suicide bombers. And as results demonstrate, in lands which skew towards high bargaining gradients between the two sides, life expectancy drops, for there’s not enough incentive to do good. They chase Evils.

And this is about

You’d not disagree, to care to draw from the pool of incentives to do Good, to not give in to Evils, to not be a promoter of death artificial by conscious efforts, it takes it to be a God without exaggeration. While humans give in to mode Evil at the slightest prick, these are the dynamics of Evils and Goods for which we’ve in the world, heroes of two kinds- The Sung and The Unsung. And this is going to be about a God Unsung. Of someone who’d also be the most Sin-less human alive. The second greatest Sporting icon, second only to The Greatest Muhammad Ali. And yes, I’d support that with valid reasons, purely technical. So hold on to the gear change. Of Evils and Goods, it would be an endless debate with no conclusion, lest you intend to eradicate the evils, until when Gods will continue to exist and needed.

So from here on, its going all about The Jumbo Anil Kumble, the Greatest Sporting legend alive, who lived only to live great, on the side Good by conscious efforts. And apologies for the massive build up. It was only to portray the magnanimity of the star, his height relative to humanity. Until now you saw how great is it to not be Evil, now you would see how great is he on the side Good, while dismantling evils had been his profession, since he was born. Which is so much, so huge, that Anil despite being a super-achiever from India, he has a first marriage with a divorcee woman with a child. Add to that the spice of Indian Middle Class origins. That’s higher than changing yourself from Cassius Marcellus to Muhammad Ali in the US, I’d tell you.

And that’s where the tie between the two breaks. While Muhammad Ali went to heavens with two names, Anil has been until now lucky to do with just one name. Else both were those who knew how to achieve all the possible maximum high that their respective staple professions permitted, and also executed them. So this is going to be a Jumbo Chalisa, dedicated to all the heroes unsung.

Chalisas are Indian ways of celebrating Goodness beyond Greatness.