High Time that India gets definitions right

I’m putting this thought up on backdrop of a major activist violence, the recent one in Mathura. And I hope this is not looked upon as one. Why I’m bothered is someone I think I can call him a friend is a newly commissioned IPS officer posted very close to Mathura. I’m an erstwhile entrepreneur, so I’ve very few friends, lots of contacts though! He got his eye injured countering liquor mafia a day before. As he told it was just a clash. An IPS officer getting injured must not just be a clash. No manager ever went to spot until there was a pain point. It must be deterring enough for his to let a manager get down all by himself to inspire in order to lead.

In Mathura it was a Police Action on High Court Orders, over some activists (3000 strong on a patch of land). 14 killed including an SP and a SHO. ACTIVISTS clashed with automated weapons and hand grenades, that’s still activism. The leader of the activists also has security officer, guns were fired from tree tops, taking positions. With the hang of the world that I have I think it should be called ‘Professionalism’. Ironically the name of the group is Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi .

It certainly has to be a ‘Satyagrah’ for a 3000 mass camped up for 2 years. In an ever evolving world ‘Kranti’ or Revolution, revolutionaries’ requirement of automated weapons, grenades can be understood, its rightful. Meanwhile there’s a good news as well. For these policemen who had to adhere to court order, against the revolution has been appropriately rewarded. The secular CM who helped secularism flag fly high with 45 L to Dadri victim, has helped law enforcement flag as well with a generous 20 Lakhs. I hope that’s in INR and not collected from the hard working revolutionaries.

Well, as you see this is not new, nothing much to be worried of. And even if it is worrisome, this can’t be corrected in a flash. What I believe why we’re not able to get a Corrective Action, Preventive Action because we don’t have the correct data. The definitions are not correct, hence incorrect linkages in the system, hence wrong strategy, hence wrong actions, hence wrong results.

For instance let’s see how we could help this case if we define properly.

  • 3000 humans at one place: It’s a team
  • Dharna: it’s a peaceful sitting and some chants
  • Prolonged Activity – like 2 years: That’s Occupation/Profession
  • Automated Weapons/ Grenades: Ammunition
  • Activism: It’s a campaign, not operation

If you combine all, that makes this so called encroachment should be defined as a camp of professional people equipped with war handling infrastructure with a goal of some operation.

Had the state government really bothered about adherence to High Court’s order, the corrective action should have been an Operation and not a drive. There would have been a label- Operation XXXX. I wonder if anyone remembers a name of a failed operation. Doesn’t exist, and if it does, it would be so only some soldier aware of it. If we knew we must not have been safe. And now we know why Army is broadly more revered than police forces. With police the definition comes from a regulated bunch- Governments

So you see the magic of definitions. Similarly if we could define our things correctly, our corrective actions and preventive actions would get right without fail. Let’s see how does most selling commodities fare with definitions, with their expressions in Indian perspective.

Sl. No. Existing Term Correct term Definition/Example
1 Outrage Moral Policing Compulsive urge to preach something that we don’t follow ourselves.
Example: AIB roast of Tendulkar-Lata. Generations fed with non-veg jokes on Mahatma Gandhi, neighbour’s daughter and wife, teacher, sometimes on friends upset over a spoof.
2 Secularism Vote-banking Process of accumulating electoral credit. In India voting is full time job. Those who vote only vote. So the process is to incubate a voting community that multiplies at a compounding rate and only votes.
Example: Dadri incident-Minority safety risk, whereas Malda, Hazaribagh riots: minor clash
3 Arranged Marriage Human retail Has different ramifications participating entities.  Meanwhile there’s a lack in number of girls and educated girls in market.
Example: most sisters’ marriage
4 Activism Random Joblessness Any occupation that doesn’t have a name or not classified legally with a requirement of widespread marketing.
Example: Google Activism and activists. Its random
5 Reservation Inheritable government Role Positioning ‘Apna Aadmi’ in governance business for as long as possible.
For masses: access to free refugee allowance
6 Nationalism Army property- confidential As this is army property, cannot be explored. Can be used as gunpowder by civilians
Example: During IA-814 Hijack in 1999, there was just one father who said Nation’s interest comes before my son. “Release Hafeez” read every placard made during hijacked duration.
7 Development Cess-able area Anything that you wished things to be like. Usually like God, our Governments listens at times.
Example: Education Cess- Sarva Siksha Abhiyan
Swacch Bharat cess- National Cleanliness Talks
Krishi Kalyan Cess- Usurping price discovery mechanism of food commodities
8 Government Business of businesses that no one cares about, but still required As said it’s a business for all that you can’t buy or not worried about. You pay taxes.
Because its about businesses you don’t care about, the business gets it human resource from the human pool that none cares about.
Talent Hunts in those businesses fetch Kanhaiyaa Kumars and Tejawi Yadavs


As you can see defining things correctly aligned to one’s goal solves half the problem, at least sets the corrective actions. I hope this exercise continues. Happy Defining !