The Changing World and the Pace


The world is changing. Meat has been produced in labs, and can eyes be scanned by AI as the key diagnosis point. The old is gone, rendered obsolete and irrelevant. And we know the brutal pace. News of Bloodbath is a norm. Enterprises lose billions in a day and are there days opposite of festivals, days of gloom and dooms. Days of Restructurings and Disruptions, Layoffs and Wind ups. Hundreds of thousands of jobs shaved off per day per quarter as the world transitions from Fossils to Data. Beyond the naked eyes where was darkness yesterday is now today there Data. And where is Data is there a machine controlling controls. Is Data the new Oil- the new medium of life. The new lubricant of transactions and the new fuel of economies (The Data).

The Epidemic and the Cure


As the old evaporates to give in to the new order, as machines learn being human powered on power of being machines at learning and pitched against humans who are only humans at learning, has this transition thrown up a gradient of utilities. Professions of the old are being set for extinction, one by one including the essential, non-substitute-able professions as godly as Doctors and Teachers and Engineers. And hence for the rest of humanity as well.

Has spun off a massive epidemic of being clueless and hopeless. More catastrophic in territories of less preparedness like Asia, Africa, South Asia and the rest of the world in direction towards making of Venezuela of 2018 -per kilometer square of human habitation. Has begun a bloodbath per km square as the new Epidemic. Bloodbath is the New Epidemic.

What’s the cure? What’s the antidote ?

To keep pace with the world. To stay relevant. To keep adding new capacities. To know the right. To know right by reflex. The more we dig, we’d realise constant skilling and re-skilling is the final answer. Evolution on daily basis. Growth per day. That not in the dark. For you can’t compete machines, the need now is to be Human again. From being machines of the old order to being the Humans to the machines of the new– The Cure.

Reinventing Human Evolution- The Nature’s WayPlacenta Scheme

When was the last time we grew the fastest? When did we get better and mightier every coming second ? Was it during our birth ?

What was the arrangement ?  Was there one device we were hooked to for supplies and ingredients. A Placenta which outsourced the responsibility of supplies to our mothers or God while we grew happily? And then the fully loaded, fully functional, immensely capable happy human child in each case- every time fully equipped- To be the father of the man or the mothers to the humanity of the future for that matter. One point Supply for you to grow sans the loads, One smart access to grow without care. One Tap to Outsource Woes.

At The Sane Observer we strive to knit just that. For the world outside the mother’s womb, the supply to survive and grow is Knowledge, we provide you a Knowledge Account. A knowledge account that brings in all supplies, all infra, content, simulators, repositories and all the latest at one place. A Knowledge Account to bank and recycle our mental wealth just as we do to money. Opening up new frontiers to a life that is more equipped. A smart life that is doubly sure, error-free, informed, aware, planned and harmless. A Smart Living Suite in the making.