Q: What is The Sane Observer ?
A: A Smart Living Suite. A lifestyle product that lets us the humans program our lives.

Q: What is Smart Living ?
A: A life that is doubly sure, error-free, informed, aware, planned and harmless. Aware by design and Harmless to ecology by character. A contemporary life at pace with ambient humanity in practice.

Q: Why do I need a Smart Living for myself ?
A: For we humans have lived chaotic until. Air, Water, Sand, Soil, and inter-personal honesty already lost, the last to be lost is Sanity. With machines replacing humans for economic productivity, old alignments changing rapidly, we’re racing towards heavy conflicts per capita for survival. We need an aware and well programmed lifestyle for our own good. Plus in the coming age continuous improvement, learning each day is a real need to survive.

Q: How does The Sane Observer make that happen ?
A: The Sane Observer is a machine intervention that Observes, Reports and Talks to a user to his most aware level. To have a smart aware life, the pre-requisite is to have a continuous conversation with one’s “inner voice”. At The Sane Observer our quest is to develop that by assembling big data and an eco-system of markets and utilities. The utility is slated to have three major components.
i) A Knowledge Account- An inquisitive life log with detailed user profiling.
ii) A media feed- Intelligent, fact-full researched content feed with less noise and more substance.
iii) The Sanosphere- A curated market-place of user centric utilities wherein a user can trade and monetise what he produces or consumes.

The knowledge account in conjunction with media feed will make up for an agent as good as a life-coach who understands a user like a childhood friend to stand by as able an ally. While the marketplace will enable to trade with the world at ease and assurance with purity and peace. If an individual human life has two components- (a) Individual existence and (b) Industrial relations, we bring harmony between the two for life.

Q: How more can The Sane Observer help me?
A: Good content laced with intriguing anecdotes and curious questions makes one intelligent. With Writing aids and marketplace, this works as additional avenue for earning from intellectual properties. Media-Making, film-making gets a disruptive alignment for anyone could tell and sell stories at whichever level- which in turn can be reproduced to commercial ventures enriching any stake-holder. This would also be world’s first platform to pay for reading or consuming or time spent which could be redeemed in real markets. And similarly as many benefits as utilities and features are added.

Q: At what stage is The Sane Observer ?
A: Presently only as a literature station with puzzling contents even as we’re working for a first stable product release. We’re a nascent Start up from India which is difficult landscape to manufacture innovations for the land that has customer less than a cuddle away.

Q: How do I use The Sane Observer for the time being ?
A: Subscribe. Refer a friend. Read. Write your own. Get Indulged. Register as a contributor. Write in your experiences, happiness and escalations with the world.

Q: What has been Achievements until ?
A: We got featured in the top 400 (in the top 0.01%) of Smart Fifty- The biggest Start up hunt of India by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. We’ve spanned over 64 countries across continents with a healthy readership.