This is close to our heart. Or if allowed to confess and wear it on our sleeves, the first thing to put forth would be the sense of belonging to this land under the guard of Himalayas, for its evolutionary culture and of its solutes. We’d love to share a popular anecdote to project what we mean.

For instance, in India, on birthdays and similar life-centred auspicious occasions, for the first wish to be universally conveyed, they say “Live for 1000 years”. What they mean is none’s permanent, they know, but encourage to create a masterpiece in service of humanity, potent and agile to stay for ages. And similarly wisdom could be found dissolved in almost anything native to accumulate into one word called heritage: the sum total of inheritance.

We find it pitiful to see the natives of land as progressive as this one, being decimated from state ‘creators of heritage’ to state ‘accumulators of myopia’. From creating masterpieces of thousand years, they’ve taken to manually descend into the age of unfair accumulation of wealth for the next thousand generations for each of their lineage.

 Having advantage of being a content stakeholder, we’re also making a veiled attack on corruption, or the practice of usurping price for self consumption and keeping it reserve for next 500 generations to come. We seek to undo this shift, to revert back to the age of masterpiece manufacturing. And we’re beginning with literature and information.

We aspire to be a group “Made for India”. And until we mature from phase start up to sector experts, we might get short on executive contributions. Until then, we’d be working upon fortifying literary capabilities, inducing powers to dreams, and the foremost to ‘Make India Read’. Post a threshold growth, we’d love to enhance indigenous research and knowledge production as long as we exist. We pledge 10% of the annual profits to NDA & IMA & IIT equally.

But more than material and resource channelization, we believe and strive for thought restructuring. Of Intellectual boost and Dream Modelling. Of Culture of specifics and technicalities. For instance, India of our dreams that in a short run we dream of:

Credit Rating: AAA+ (S&P)| Ease of Doing Business: Rank 1 | Global Competitiveness Rank: 32| Human Capital Index: Rank 29 | Sleep Per Capita: 6.2 hours | HDI: 0.75 | Gini Coefficient: 28 |To shift Politics to Research of Laws

Wishing you all a Happy Reading | The Sane Observer |joys@thesaneobserver.com