Cow Terrorism? No, Communications Terrorism. Courtesy OLTIs

Back home, in India, there’s been a furore off late. Just before this Amarnath Yatra attack took prominence. Of Cow Terrorism. The Amarnath attack happened just around when the Terror leaders of Asia-Pacific lapsed into ITC Ratings (International Terror Caliphate) in rankings to this new entrant.

SlideSounding like rabid cows at mayhem, it was Discovered by our illiterate lawmakers and the criminal media back home. The same ones found watching porn or sleeping at best in legislatures while the media @ ₹⁠⁠⁠⁠ 0.05 a word which manage finding talents in someone as illiterate as a 9th Fail son of Politician who happens to be a discard even by life, this one, as reported is a new version of the Life-extraction vehicle. Or, say, the latest model of Terrorism, Terrorism CTR, just revealed at the Fear Expo 2017. 

Terrorism, the business of fear.

So, this term is instead of the cows which can talk and express. Just as they manage to find talents in Tejrengaswi Yadaavs, drop outs of mainstream life, by force as quoted. There exist sleazy media retailers and pieces of the likes of one ‘The  Reserved Illiterate Times of India’ (wherein ‘R’ and ‘I’ are silent), run by unemployable warts, who for INR 10 extra, go around digging for talents in a high school discard. ‘Politically Astute‘ did find that daily once in a 1000 word verbatim, for a guy who can’t decipher difference between similar sounding words in his mother tongue.

And similarly, hence, also exists a majority segment in the population: Obligatory Literate but Technically Illiterate (OLTI) or the faction bred on contents and stories described as above. Around this time, these OLTIs are waking up to a new form of death, triggering a new series of escalations and noise bundled under Cow Terrorism.

However, there isn’t an iota of change in the Mortality Rate in general for this territory South of Himalayas.

There are murmurs of deaths. No, there are also deaths, in actuals, on grounds. But nothing new or surprising. Along with every other routine death, died some random ₹

 All that is new is the advent of terms, recycled from dumb texts with dubious reporting. Say, in the same quoted daily which is more known for soft porn and skimpy color pictures in its local supplementaries in times of general peace, and for scary scars during chaos, read days back of 97% hike in cow related deaths under Modi Government, as if they reconcile every artificial death in the territory periodically, or if they maintain a Human Life Reconciliation dashboard.  (Which in turn with UID should have been a reality, if only the nation’s National Population Register wasn’t dumb and Government Of India Employees not illicit)

And dished out are new terms like Cow Vigilantes, Cow Terrorism, Intolerance a couple years ago and so on. Essentially, retailing of Artificial Deaths with variations in Category Management, referred to as ‘Terrorism’ or the Business of Fear.

Let’s see how they’re executed. The agents, the processes and the right definitions.

Artificial Death: Casualties on account of human activities, characterised by elimination of lesser important humans for the sake of more important ones. For instance, those poors enormous in numbers travelling in 2nd class railway compartments or those stuck in traffic snarls. (Not to mention, with tools like Google maps, planning death whether in a high population or population free isolated zones have gone easier. One gets a live data where the population is updated per second)

Category Management: A holy custom of discrimination before getting into a transaction on basis of business goals, more popularly known as “Divide and Rule” under which pre-tested sleaze is exchanged over the counter for a well disguised hatred (under the table). The subjected population acts as if they’re to made hate each other on gun-point to yield into conflict or series of conflicts only to pocket illegitimate gains while none is looking around. It works over primary physical law of that of conservation. Someone’s loss is someone’s gain. The more importants deal, negotiate & reconcile before and after execution of events, the lesser OLTIs `

The OTLIs are not blessed with power of creation. For instance, the great OTLIs of peninsula of India managed a mass massacre on an eve of Grandest Party ever: The Independence of 1947, and that from the dumbest tribe to have donned the Earth ever. That they killed for usurping else’s properties, irrespective of positions, they don’t have the balls to acknowledge. While the OTLIs pass it off as results of un-negotiable calls of three important illiterates, the who’s whos got chairs and relative importance on lines of a business goal- Two Nation theory.


OLTIthey do die artificially in significant numbers, but that has been normal for ages. For instance the same gang also managed mass massacres on an eve of party, the Independence. And when given a chance they crib “Divide and Rule” as excuse as if they’re made to hate each other on gun-point, even as they trade under the table.

I wish Himalayas, like Tendulkar had another partner in Aravallis, equal in height and might. So this is about India’s misfortune, of arm-twisted literacy per capita, of mis-quoted frenzies, further amplified and fueled by a criminal tribe equipped with cameras and access to internet: The Indian Media, as described above. They’re club of dumb  illiterates who generally never managed 50% through the high school of the world’s sleaziest education module.

In India, you get into media, law or hotel management after you don’t manage a 50% in Junior college, while your parents still will you to educate further. Also, probably more than half of them tend to be North Indians, a tribe apparently born handicapped of genuine work and human understanding. Say in North India, they even manage to harbour a culture to pay 10x the times of annual CTCs for menial jobs of Government India as bribes, which inherently pay in loose change. For example VYAPAM. Technically unviable but practiced on industrial scales, as a dedicated industry. The gap of unviability are plugged through holy rituals of dowries and bribery. A club of reserved population born with a boss or owner, this obligatory literate but technically illiterate, the brigade manage hilarious outcomes.

For instance, a Government of India employee with 90% confidence tends to be illicit. He’s non-competitive by birth, thus relying on reservation. And they’ve Reservation Universal, Reservation-in-Paid. And all they expertise in talking and wasting time.

So we’re talking of mentally deprived club with little literacy expressed in human forms as slaves. The furore of theirs, the obligatory literate but technically illiterate, the brigade of unproductive segment of Indian population or the club of offsprings born with owners or bosses. They’ve been close to 1.89 Billion unique individuals since 1947 from this lot, of which emerged just one Human. E-Shreedharan, India’s metro man. And the level of literacy of this lot can be reflected in the frequency of recall rate of this great man per capita. One hero of a 1.89 Billion in 70 years, still unknown. Such club idolises Rahul baba. This is of such a furore

The furore has caught frenzy ever since a hardworking PM who talks generally technical, unlike the Illiterate Indian, has taken to the fore. And talk of terrorism they, who also hosted an eventful rape saga of Nirbhaya. Talk of terrorism, who dare not to have balls to cover a corpse, talk they of terrorism who record on phones, a man dying, a bus falling, or be it lynching in process. And cry hoarse, they who watch porn on public wi-fis. At a Patna railway station, they once found 95% surfing porn! Its almost such that, by the moment climax reaches, someone wakes these illiterate offsprings of illiterates up to a new death cause. While being illiterate, non-competitive, rendered useless and unemployable comes in a noise

Like as if these dumb bunches have an exhaustive list of death factors handy each. And that fuelled by criminal Indian media as described above. The media graduates which never could achieve a 50% through their schools dish out percentages and figures, like “9

And that’s not alone, these illiterate Indians also elect representatives to govern them. The elected do that in their assemblies and legislatures. And to add to that there’s also a selected lot. Crammed robots on sleazy history and dumb coursewares: The Great Indian Babu, or the government slave. He cannot be fired. And he sucks money. These warts have a little more special about them, whatever he says, he dictates it as a law. These are such kind of warts


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