Chat with Muhammad Ali- I

My soul was roaming somewhere at heights as it bumped into Muhammad Ali. These days I wander anyways a lot, seeking some inspiration, I need tons of them for the while. So just as he was going, I caught up with him, you already know his soul remained around us for a while

Hi … Ali

He turned and then kept walking

Ali uncleee….

He stopped, turned and stared,”Me? And Uncle ?? You know who I’m ?”

Aaahh.. yes sir.. sorry The greatest So you’re going.

No coming.. and he started walking again

Uncle… sorry the greatest… I wanted some help.

He turned back…Who are you? What help?

I’m… Manoranjan..anyways what’s there in name.. just thought I could get some inspiration from you.

Inspiration? What inspiration? Where are you from


I knew and he starts laughing

Sorry.. I didn’t get it. And why are you laughing

Nothing Son,.. as he controlled his laughter.. Only an Indian could ask these stupid questions. And before you ask, I’m very happy that I’m going. I’m going to be healthy and playing again. Indians..hahah

Ya our land is a bit funny. But that is our way of starting conversation. You look far too excited on moving away from here

Shouldn’t I? Was trapped there for so long.. and this disease. Finally moving out. By the way don’t you think this is too far to seek inspiration.

Yes it is.  And then I saw downwards. But it happens, desperate times, desperate measures !

Desperate Indians… That would be make a terrible tribe!!

Desperate .. may be. what is so wrong in that. In my situation anyone would be same. I’ve done no wrong. And what is this thing with India. You’ve been mocking up so much

Meanwhile we see Mathura City SP walking

You appear so touched. You see that brave officer walking uncannily. Looks like he didn’t even have a deserving farewell.. Oh yes, you folks only have deserving funerals

Unfortunately yes. Life is relatively cheaper at our place. But then this would not be the right metric. Take US also. You’re going with two names, and with a nervous disorder. Your own country isn’t very heavenly either.

Hahahah That’s why I’m going. You’re killing my time.

Looks like you got touched now ! You see these humans from here. So many of them engaged into random goals, random activities, all in quest to make their life better. Actualization and getting better takes time. Doesn’t it ?  Does it make a difference from here? Can you distinguish between cities from here ?

That is Delhi, that one below that layer of smoke. You see I can
You see that blue patch there. I guess its New York.

Are you playing smart with me? I’m going home, you realise that

Yes I do, this is why I came here. You’d be the last super hero for the mankind from your age. I wanted some….

Inspiration .. right ?

Aah yes.

I know what that means to Indians. I’ve seen some Bollywood movies.  You won’t be able to take it

India is not all about Bollywood. You see we’re almost launching your satellites as well these days. And Bollywood also don’t copy exactly, and not always.

Yeah that’s because copying also requires skill!

What would you call ‘A Common Man’ or ‘Delivery Man’ or Pearl harbor then ?

Fine! You know what, you Indians talk a little too more. Anyways, tell me what inspiration you want?

Speechless… Inspiration as in Inspiration, ways to get out of the mess I’m in.

You’re already half way here, come with me, you’re already out … and he starts laughing.

No, not this kind, they’ll laugh over me down there.

Wow, I didn’t know I’m with a big man. So you don’t want to become a laughing stock

Well, the tape has gone missing.  10 months it has been.  Tell us what happened next. Help me remember ! For its inspiration from the Greatest, its not coming cheap. The top 5 closest guesses get $100 each.

Inspiration… Is it a good thing? What it is ?