Cauvery Row- The MBA side

Prologue: This is to put an MBAtic picture to Cauvery row, just looking through a MBA prism, miles away from any activism or revolution. Without getting into solutions, we might just attempt to revenge to that FedEx’s MBA ad. MBA do know things, albeit sometimes!

The Case 

Cauvery is a founder, a superlative CEO of a water logistics business with over 50 Mn loyal customer base. The business is about sourcing water from different geographical regions, say upper course, aggregating down stream from various dealers or tributaries, delivering last mile to customers and then returning the undelivered or unused inventory to the sea, the return centre of Almighty Water Systems (AWS), which is a subsidiary or Almighty Group of Companies.

So Cauvery Water Co. is a 3rd party water carrier to AWS, now at loggerheads with the Almighty Group which also had some stakes in Cauvery according to the last fiscal report. Off late Cauvery has not been returning water to AWS properly causing reconciliation issues. A complete full stop in the recent times without notice escalated it more. It has been summoned by AWS for irregularities in returns along with a show-cause notice from Water Council of Universe (WCU), as to why it’s river state shouldn’t get derecognised. WCU is a regulatory body that keeps a tab on water cycle affairs, where in Kalam heads Hydrogen-Oxygen reaction facility.

At the same time there happened a drama upstairs. Somebody needled Ambedkar at a TT match, probably Steve Jobs. “Hey, built this device for you, let’s you copy any text just by the name of title, AI powered, you just need to think wearing a headgear and copies the excerpts from any source, as much you want, translates as well. i-Copy”

Ambedkar: What will I use for?

Jobs: Copying…errrr Writing constitutions, more constitutions. You can supply constitutions. And burst into laughter.

Something happened thereafter.

“There you see your guys, they just passed a rule saying we want to ignore Supreme Court, we be allowed to. ” Jibed Jobs. “Rules to not follow rules. Do you have crash course  to get dumb, or are you so naturally… Ambi?”

Poor Ambedkar, that he was, left red faced.

“Not the first time. These Indians. Once there was a similar thing I’d heard, on some road tax. The same province. Karnataka is that.. No? They have some sort of Life Time Tax on motor vehicles, under a terribly ambiguous set up. Its something like a central act, but optional for states to amend, but with the nod of President. And the swines that they were, did it with Governors assent. Elected Governments passing illegal laws! Can you imagine?”