Is Dhoni the new Nayan Mongia?

The world cup is days away. Its in England. And the men in blue are far from settled. Batting line up far from systemically crystallized. Middle order so arranged that by fall of wicket number 5, far away from the grounds, even on paper, it gets difficult to find traces of formal batting. And by fall of two, specially if it includes Virat Kohli, it pretty much projects memories of the 90s. Old cricket fans often get reminiscence of Ajay Jadeja or Robin Singh or the combo of Yuvraj and Dravid, leaving behind a lack of sense of assurance when things are not going well.

The thrill of scripting come backs has been evidently off the radar for quite a long time.

Except for the top three- which is very fixed- the whole set of batting gives a glimpse of unstable variable tail with little certainty. And then the main stem of finishing profile, of that of holding the innings, of manoeuvering small anchoring of breezy pace, like those duties looked after by Suresh Raina, also finishing role like those of Dhoni’s himself, those romantic virtues of cricket, specially out of one dayers, that’s missing. And add to this agony of a batting culture country in a run hungry nation. Cricket is not all the same anymore.

It used to be  a game of brains and intellect. Of passions and purity. And character.

No other game ever has been subject to test of Character and Endurance Certificate as Cricket. Not to miss 8 Hours of machine loaded single advertising realty, which is like single long magnet of customers. No game ever produced as much commerce. And may I tell you another greatness of this game. They say the game’s greatest – Sachin Tendulkar- he was God. He is indeed. Not the God of cricket but the God who made Indians need Electricity . That is Cricket. It has been a game which has also produced real authentic Gods.

In the world, if you needed a model code of Conduct and Integrity and Life and Lifestyle, or should you be seeking answer to the question as to how humans should live, should you quest for an ideal replica for humanity in practice, or say, the way 1 kg is the mass of platinum-iridium alloy kept in SI Units’ museum in Paris, what would be the same for one unit of Humanity, let me break this piece of beauty. The day you’ll define the SI unit of Humanity in Practice, in the end the last standard you’ll conclude to like to keep an alloy of Kumble-Dravid. And like Coulomb (SI unit of Electric Charge), the SI Unit of Human Conduct will be Kumble (after Anil Kumble). This came from Cricket. That because of the virtue of Cricket. Thanks to intricacies of the game.

Additionally, its also a better lifestyle game than Golf, and way more of handling of passion than Basketball. (On a personal note, I feel, cricket never gots its due appreciation, because it was invented by Brits, who have historically been opposite of Sport conduct). But if there was an evaluation for completeness of a sport, measuring for social or fitness or  awareness or strategy or management or just any human attribute at subject of test, this game would come right at the top. Even by the count of ATPs used in a game, if that were an indicator, even then, it must be cricket. Its a beautiful game indeed.

And what has been Jeff Bezos to Retail, or Steve Jobs to computing, in very tangible  likelihoods, you’re going to have an Anil Kumble to Machine Intelligence and Education. What was Steve Jobs to Personal Computing, An Anil Kumble to Education, I can bet my life over such a prediction. The phenomenon because of cricket. And also the conviction in this belief – because of Cricket. That is cricket.

A game of Science and human conduct. And of lots of brains. An intense game which inspires engineering. And a game which has had huge impact on affairs of the world. Its a very beautiful game.

I wonder why I’m so overselling this game. Perhaps may be, because I also see that if everybody played cricket, nobody ever would have had Skin-cancer. Humans would have come to know about holes in ozone the very day they happened. The Humans would also have never had invented Acid Rains. Neither would have ever been Soil Erosion if they played cricket, if everybody played cricket, if it was a cult.  Genuinely beautiful. As beautiful as impactful.

Which is no more as beautiful. As it used to be.

But India happens to be one of the best in the trade. In 170 odd days from now on is to happen its Men’s World Cup, which is reasonably fierce.  And like usual, known for handicapped management, Indians, have screwed it again. By poor management. By poor succession planning. A pristine case of how Indians lose. Signature display of  Indians’ affinity to Mediocrity. Indians are a laid-back bunch of humans who aspire of mediocrity and hunt for superiority in that inferiority of mediocrity. How do they pull off this phenomenon so widely, this case is live demonstration of that. Its as much a subject of cricketing nuances as much of trade and life in practice.

Let me take you to this by design.

That, India and Indians are averse to transparent meritocracy is no new secret. Their father was Gandhi, that alone determined the DNA from the onset. Almost invariably, in every field and every institution, top stakeholders are always rigged, people functions which is supposed to maintain human succession planning in institutions and organisations, Indians have universal reservations of unfair practices. Handicapped of  transparency, as elsewhere, so in cricket, the lead of National Selecting panel (MSK Prasad) himself has neither performed much at the international level, nor has had any other history of team building or leading credentials. In short he has never been a public father who has nurtured National Kids or Institutional Kids  for that matter. He’s there simply because he’s there. Not many other supporting the reasons why at all should he be there. Not even moral reasons, forget the technical. But he’s still there.

Same with the hierarchy upwards and on wards. Until the ownership of BCCI. Whether BCCI is about India, or is it a private body of cricketing fans ? Or is it an sporting asset belonging to a Sovereign Nation? What is cricket about or what is BCCI about? Who owns the BCCI ?  Whom does BCCI report to ? And How does it integrate to Sovereign Identity to Republic of India? Nobody knows. Administration has had a democractic orientation, while has the reporting  been historically swinging between Political heavy weights and Political Heavy weights. So it never became an institution. So never did it have consistency. So the game!

I think the only good thing that happened on a cricket field, was Sachin Tendulkar affixing the tricolor on his helmet on his own. I think the idea was pitched by Devang Mehta (there was one Y2K Hero of the world who restructured India in the 90s who also died mysteriously in 2001) .

Luckily, for Indians, that became the day the Indians started needing the need of electricity. And Tendulkar kept the promise quite handsomely until the December of 2011. Just in a span of decade, Tamilians became Indians, Bengalis became Indians, Ghatis became Indians, Tribals became Indians, North East became Indians, Telugu became Indian, Bihari became Indian, Punjabi became Indian. So much so that even Muslims became Indians, albeit on some days-  who on most of the rest of live like Muslims.  (We mean – if you ask a Man what is he?  On 90% of occasions, he’d answer he’s a human.  Ask the same to a Muslim, what is he ? In most of the cases the answer will be He’s a Muslim. I’ve met only five who said he’s a human. One went to IIT Kanpur & one led DRDO of them) This might be phenomenon, perhaps because he needs to pray 5 times a day, but even these kind of Muslims, the least educated of human tribes as a mathematical number, even these became Indians. Universal Identity, Universal Account Number, Universal GPS, Universal Bitcoin, Universal Facebook, Universal Google, Universal Amazon, Universal Bharat Pay, Universal Solar, they all became a phenomenon. So much so that, even Hindustan Lever had to drop Hindustan to come properly as Unilever. This would never have been a possibility in India.

Let me show Indians have lived. How they talk and how they live.

India is Indira, Indira is India. Somebody said.

India is the peninsula south to Himalayas, nobody said. India is the Sub-continent south to Himalayas, India is the subcontinent where continents merged, India is the sub-continent reporting to Himalayas where continents merge, nobody said.

Work for Tatas, Invest with Ambanis. Somebody said.

Work for India, Invest in Indians, Invest in future Dhirubhais, Let the world invest the future into India. Nobody said.

Today, India has a brand as Incredible India. India is today one of the five largest defense budgets, and back to the position of lighthouse to World’s maritime, 75% of World’s freight logistics happens under the watch of you know whom! You have Chennai holding loose ends between Dubai and Bangkok.

So much so for the universal identification for a piece of cloth- a logo- the tricolor. The game spiralled into a glue to stick staggered mix of humans, but never could build an institution. The asset became a commodity. And hence now the commodity subject to what commodities undergo- Volatility and Crest and Troughs. It never could become an institution.

And a what a funny thing. The case went to Supreme Courts as well. But as the fact is that they’re Indians. Handicapped of building institutions, they couldn’t even articulate constitutional ownership nor a ready reckoner for Institutional Building. So its disintegrating.

And in a span of 170 days is the World Cup. Where Indians have designed the way how to lose out a all equipped resource pool, only for the lack of institution building propensities, for the lack of the skills of governance.  And once again no lessons learned even from the most recent churn of the 90s.

A team game of 11 players, of 11 different roles, India has only 6 properly filled roles. For the rest five, a subject to disorder, leading to an appearance that a 11 player team stands for only three. Only three full time players, 8 part time, clueless and mission less.

After Tendulkar, after Ganguly, after Dravid, after Yuvraj, after Dhoni himself, the slots should have been succeeded by institutionalized development. And what a luck that they always had Sehwags, Gambhirs, Rainas, Rahanes, Uthappas, Badanis to fill in to rotate capibilities. Today, Kohli alone looks a one handed substitute of Dravid-Yuvraj, a Tendulkar at the top in Rohit Sharma, and no Raina, no Dhoni (despite having Dhoni himself), no Ganguly, no Sehwag, and many more the nos.

And in this cobweb of illiterate governance, in the centre is Dhoni himself, who’s also himself a very  very skillful thinker of the game. After Ajay Jadeja, a Yuvraj, Ganguly had to rear, and he reared, but after Yuvraj whom ? Dhoni did nothing. Kohli for filling in for Tendulkar, then what about Yuvraj and Dravid? What about the computer engineer of the team, what about Kumbles and Srinaths who’d steer the game with the pace of technical world to keep it contemporary? And what about Gangulys who’d stand for protecting integrity in a vulnerable world ? Nobody ever had answers.

The after effects as you get to see. You’ve Sreesanths and Pandyas and Vijay (in affair with colleague’s wife) and Rahuls coming out in quick succession.

Its painful to see this game in such deep misery. And there’s no way its to return back to its interim golden glory, which in itself was also very fluctuating. When it was intellectually a beauty, it never aced the summit of pinnacle, and when it did, until then the soul was lost already. Thanks to shoddy management all round the corners. An asset of identity symbol ransacked to become a commodity.

And to historical imbalance, roles not matured, absence of succession planning, Dhoni himself has relegated himself as Nayan Mongia of the past. Very Useful, Very Indispensable, but not of use for certain success. Beyond his own best, and too beyond to glue all. By the fag end of 2015, he should have been in the shoes of Tendulkar in terms of dressing room presence. Neither a Kumble shunted of for being visionary and excellent at the same time.

Of the Cricket World Cup, in most likelihoods, it should be England winning the 2019 Edition. United Kingdom is in shambles, slotted to grow less than 1.5% over the next decade, pulverized with uncertainties of BREXIT, they’ve nothing to bind the nation, nothing to stick to rally around for a common identity, hence no common goal, all mired into terror as well, they’d desperately need one. And the coincidence that all other cricketing teams of the world have in general gone on decline to match the maximum capacities of England, I don’t think there’s better evidence of the game of Cricket being fixed. If a commodity called “Geo-politics” exists, this must be one of them, I feel. We can connect the dots.

But the pain remains. The Game of Cricket is not all the romance and intellect it used to be. And not at all the scientific temper that it stands for. And Dhoni the new Nayan Mongia. Useful but not good enough.


  • -A disheartened Cricket Fan



In the name of Cricket’s Entrepreneur The Jumbo Chalisa : Birthday Tributes to every Hero Unsung

“There are two kinds of Gods. Ones you go to and the Others you should have gone to. And that’s when you contracted Sin, if you did. Else you were born Sin-free.”

-The Sane Observer

Life has two dimensions. The Evils and the Goods. And the Evils are easier to execute. We all have encountered that. Or to be more correct both of these modes- the Evil or Good- are just two mutually exclusive routes of life of which, at any given moment, only one can be taken, while the summation of instants or life gives into one final eventuality- Death. Once born, you only die. And which is where came the differentiation. The Evils were the verbs that lead to death for reasons man made or artificial whereas The Goods developed as the set of verbs which drove deaths Natural. In fact, early on, there were only Goods and deaths Natural, until the humans discovered a tool called “Barter”. Beyond which, as true to human instincts, happened the first dispute followed by many disputes. Escalated the first dispute and was born the first Evil, and multiplied. After few thousand murders, first currency was born. Came in standards and units, and thus evolution and multiplication in types and numbers of cases, on both sides- the Goods and the Evils. The Indians labelled it ‘Kaliyuga’ or the currency era, the moment currency was born and lot happened since. A lot changed. A lot lot.

By 2017 the number of ways of Evils outnumber the Goods by astronomical margins, for not all evils kill instantaneously. And today they have millions of options to choose from, whether to die short of Oxygen in a hospital or getting mowed down under a truck, or under the burden of expensive Cancer drugs, or an express detour to heavens via sewers, in the days of “Same Day Deliveries” or else leaving it to lucky concerts should you be destined to a musical finish. Millions of Stephen Paddocks manufactured on industrial lines to be close enough to have dedicated pipelines of death. Ironically the maximum loss came to Indians themselves, the geeky firsts to discover cash. What began with disputes, turned commercial, then hyper-commercial simply because there were bundles of currencies at stake and agents to exchange.

If there was a dashboard of artificial deaths, from terror to food adulteration to road accidents to debt-suicides to industrial disasters to what not, they would spread into 396 broad categories of regular occupations. And if you could trust me in capacity of Start Up Kumar, riding on the back of a sensible research over Mortality and Evolution, for the case of India, over 96.23% of Indians don’t die but cut short of life manually. Or in short close to 97% land up on side evil, even as per capita deduction of life-expectancy stands in excess of 12 years. 8.3 years per capita, of which goes to immediate family, chiefly Parents, and reminder 2 each split between peer pressure and Indo-Pak boundary, wherein the corruption overhead is accounted in the Family category. And as it turned out, over the years, the Evils got broadly branched into “Paid” and “Unpaid” and in turn, splitting to 98.6% on the paid side. On the other 1.4% split, lie the unpaid evils comprising of passion crimes or absolute human ignorance largely unanswered. And to put things in perspective from territories where Governance stands for level grounds and equal human treatment to all humans, like in Japan, Singapore, Israel, Scandinavia, France, Switzerland and so on, where evils are purely a function of human evolution with very less room for paid evils, say, climate change- yes they have, but no arrangement of Maoist insurgency, expectancy in those countries per capita exists in excess of 82 years, invariably. The same for US, where probability of being on the unjust evil side, there’s not enough data but drags down to 78.4, as demonstrated by a similar drop in age expectancy for China at 75.

You could well conclude the missing cues: The degree of freedom for Paid Evils. And from them, what and how they cut short lives. And from that, the network of Evils meshed with Mortality and Goods. Neither Capitalism nor Communism, but existence of payment gradient matching with equal desperation. And as you dive deep into the weave of Evils and Goods, you’d find its the most intense battle of any set of rivals of any eco-system to have existed. As deeply ingrained as energy itself, and as live as time. Two Routes to the Root of the results you land up. One driving life, one cutting short. Add to that Evils are easy and carry incentives in liquid, instant and as good as cash. Very few go for the side Good.

So the effect:

Say, since 1880s, majority of the Indians have been queuing up at others’ doors to build someone else’s dreams for cash. For there was a service paid and a boss to supervise, they could have Jalianwala Bagh one day. And for they’re paid, you’ve facilities until the limit of suicide bombers. And as results demonstrate, in lands which skew towards high bargaining gradients between the two sides, life expectancy drops, for there’s not enough incentive to do good. They chase Evils.

And this is about

You’d not disagree, to care to draw from the pool of incentives to do Good, to not give in to Evils, to not be a promoter of death artificial by conscious efforts, it takes it to be a God without exaggeration. While humans give in to mode Evil at the slightest prick, these are the dynamics of Evils and Goods for which we’ve in the world, heroes of two kinds- The Sung and The Unsung. And this is going to be about a God Unsung. Of someone who’d also be the most Sin-less human alive. The second greatest Sporting icon, second only to The Greatest Muhammad Ali. And yes, I’d support that with valid reasons, purely technical. So hold on to the gear change. Of Evils and Goods, it would be an endless debate with no conclusion, lest you intend to eradicate the evils, until when Gods will continue to exist and needed.

So from here on, its going all about The Jumbo Anil Kumble, the Greatest Sporting legend alive, who lived only to live great, on the side Good by conscious efforts. And apologies for the massive build up. It was only to portray the magnanimity of the star, his height relative to humanity. Until now you saw how great is it to not be Evil, now you would see how great is he on the side Good, while dismantling evils had been his profession, since he was born. Which is so much, so huge, that Anil despite being a super-achiever from India, he has a first marriage with a divorcee woman with a child. Add to that the spice of Indian Middle Class origins. That’s higher than changing yourself from Cassius Marcellus to Muhammad Ali in the US, I’d tell you.

And that’s where the tie between the two breaks. While Muhammad Ali went to heavens with two names, Anil has been until now lucky to do with just one name. Else both were those who knew how to achieve all the possible maximum high that their respective staple professions permitted, and also executed them. So this is going to be a Jumbo Chalisa, dedicated to all the heroes unsung.

Chalisas are Indian ways of celebrating Goodness beyond Greatness.


Ravindra Jadeja: The Sir of Giving up?


Ravindra Jadeja is a bowling machine who wears an India T-shirt often. A strange human being with a capacity to probably take unending physical toils. Say, if there was a race of keeping awake in the hot sun, by all likelihoods, he would stand favourite of standing first of the entire humanity of the whole 7 Billions. Plays cricket for India at the top level at the global ranks. And perhaps also, the first Indian to mark the debut in “The Curious Case of X” series of literature/articles around one. The maiden one came over in 2010, and he has been garnering more than one biannually since, summing up to at least one each for a media piece each to have existed. Google yields 18000 of them. Fame is not new to him. Virat knows him for faking while Dhoni for being a Sir, or a piece of caffeine to the team, and us the cricket fans as some dolphin around a cricket ground tossing up and down. We know him for energy. But last night, happened a crime. Of which Jadeja also did not commit the first time. “Losing premeditatedly” is the crime, or “Not trying to win or overcome till death”. It reads being unsport, a process that yields into a structured, well defined art called “Giving up“, making a human aspire and embrace mediocrity by habit, in turn which matures as nature at large in the humanity. And as ever, there’s outrage.

Of the crime, yes, the same obvious one, India can’t lose to Pakistan. Not to the people who chose to kill on the eve of a Grand Celebration. And that not when the escalations stay heightened, like a responsibility. One loss in sector 1 pushing wedge to sector 2, in this age, losses do affect positions, elsewhere. A loss is a loss. We saw an Army mocking through sports elsewhere, for the country whose ex International Sportsman ploughs an Uber as far away as Australia. We mean Arshad Khan of Pakistan. So it matters in a connected world. And we look with a certain pity to those who spoilt the Peninsula under guard of Himalayas. Probably like Tendulkar, it too needed a partner Aravallis equal in height, to have the tri-color fluttering to keep to the winning side by default. Some fools gave a call, and they rallied. So it matters to lose somewhere. And annihilating to give up, up there.

So, because of the immediacy of the event this may head towards individual shaming, given the heat and passions shared. But this is with no attempt to malign individual identities. That the same being Ravindra Jadeja, has risen up from the bottomest of lines, to represent India at the top, his ride has been meteoric and inspiring. No discredit to that, and no individual shaming. In fact we believe in public shaming whenever we do, which we do often. That we do at levels of humanity, for our users come in bulk and across the globe. On occasions that we go after individuals, we present use cases of peaks of the trait under scrutiny, to hint at the group at large, in batches of humanity, independent of nationalities. Of the individuals, we acknowledge them as a human variant, with all eligibility to human rights. World’s first “hate the sin, not the sinner entity”, we’re The Sane Observer. And we’re after a crime, “Giving up”.


At The Sane Observer, we look upto humans differently, say like Cars. Manufactured to different needs, segments, budgets, utilities, geographies, from different factories. Collectively expressing up as markets, but individually expressed as models. Say Vxi & Lxi, wherein the Vxi comes over as the expensive model, the one with airbags reading for security. A variant with a natural gift to rear natural slaves naturally. And they rear  “Happy Slaves”. While every car is a car and no car a lesser car, in lesser developed markets, the lesser expensive ones are projected to be more prudent, hence more in demand and more glorified. They project to be of strong ability to drive secure to deploy the belief and practice of being more pragmatic to own the cheaper model pushing the demand to lesser side of the higher model. Thereafter, the cheaper owners more often than not resort to cheap intoxication to run into disasters. Consequently the cars die more in number there. While they don’t maintain insurances for the long run, abhorrence to security, leaves fewer owners in case of accidents. But the cars die as a whole. Say, India competes Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo & Somalia for the top 5 in women’s safety or the Vxi. And as a result they express as a poorer market with more sub-standard cars. The Benzs & BMWs continue to live, expand while the M800s, they give way to Kwids. Marutis, they may live as less than 10% or as legacies if good in histories, but with a definite road life. While Ambassadors, result into shutters down with no takers, heavy debts and empty hues & cries.

And these cars, individually to make a car, to have an identity of one unique model, get finished out of assemblage of different units: Body, Engine, Electricals, Upholsteries and so on. Of which the core part is the engine, the spirit. Broadly classifiable into two ranges based on fuel or the drive: i) The Internal Combustion ( petrol/diesel/ ATF or the fossil fueled) ii) The External Combustion (Electric powered). One with lots of harms, other with no apparent harm, until advanced research. Same with humans, from that level of build, marks the expression and future in the market: i) Sport and ii) Unsport. The Sport is the electric propelled here. And this build determines value & demand of the car pre-emptively before rolling around. So this is around the primary build from the levels as high as Sport and Unsport, the levels where Vxi or the Lxi doesn’t matter. To be unsport is as criminal as to be the fossil fueled car in 2017 with massive Ozone holes and unreliable climate. And if Ravindra Jadeja is the “Sir” of Unsports, or the trait ‘Giving Up’?

Being Sport is playing to the rules predetermined and published before the commencement of a game (or event or a goal) with all grit and spirits with an aim to stay on the winning side. Neither is the option is to give mid way once committed, even if a defeat is imminent, nor is to change rules or cry foul. You play until the finish with one goal, to be able to touch the victory line. Should you lose, you accept the defeat along with all its ancillary losses only to come better prepared for another game. Never do you give up or blame. You choose path not the destination. And should you be playing for a team, you play for the team. And if I were to hunt for a ‘Sir’ in the culture of Sportism, one of the peaks would be our own Yuvraj Singh (again a cricketer from India). Anything else is being Unsport. Sport brings in excellence, turn arounds, on occasions miracles. While the unsport reads for unreliability, offensive stance, cheating or mediocrity at best.

So while we go through Jadeja, which we’d try to go as mildly as possible, given the track records of us Indians, having defacing a national team innumerably in the past, we want to underline the process to Unsport. And also Jadeja is not the lone guy to practice the ritual, or by statistics, it could go down to the 96% of the population. For instance, only 1% of the Indians pay taxes, while the rest remaining unsport to produce receipts. Mediocrity they follow as ritual, while they look at excellence with heightened eyebrows. And should they bear a Pakistan coefficient in life, they also seek proofs. Thereby also making difficult or discouraging for a sport to practice being sport. And we Indians profess this crime of embracing mediocrity more than religion. Of which the results described in any of the performing indices, be it of business or happiness or hunger or corruption or just any index to exist.

Let’s see what Jadeja did.

He equipped a run out for a team already down almost to point of no return. On the other end was a newbie with a firing cylinder all ablaze to flirt with an improbable miracle. With plenty of time around to knit a miracle, the only thing sport possible could have been to hang around and, or to facilitate the performer let him finish as long as possible. But he had it the other way. Achieving the last desired outcome. Was it first? Well, the game was more tilted than controllable before the pair came. May it have been a loss in sane senses of a high pressure occasion.

A bowling machine with super agile body he comes around. That he deserves a position at the top to represent the side, there’s little doubt. And has been mostly into the thick and thins of the playing eleven for a good 8 years, close to a decade. While exemplary memorable moments have been rare, not enough to flash at the outset, on the contrary, of instances not trying to win or to not convert for reasons whichsoever, comes more prominently. Let’s pick top 3.

  1. India vs Australia (Nov 5, 2009), Hyderabad. Australia putting up 350 on the board to be chased, India managed to middle order collapse to chase a herculean total. But was there the Master in second birth beyond injuries and far more tempered, closing it up almost single handedly, with half the target all by himself. But then as India has had it, one Tendulkar was never enough, as he miscued for the 1st time in the innings at 175, there was all but 19 to victory line of 3 overs. On the other end was this not so new Jadeja, that with a fair bit of steadying, 23 off 17 already by the stage. He mastered his own run out, off the occasion
  2. India vs Australia (Jan 20, 2016), Canberra. Almost a repeat but for middle over collapse. Aussies piled up a 348, with a 349 to chase. Post a not so early wicket of Rohit Sharma, rallied Kohli and Dhawan with hundreds each. Happened a mild collapse with the fall of partnership, to be followed with Dhoni and Gurkeerat a newbie, came in Jadeja in the 40th over with 71 to get off the last 11. Absolutely gettable for an 7 year permanent. He finished with 24 not out with the innings winding up by last over 17 short of the win. Reminded of the Manoj Prabhakar of early nineties like to have prepared for a loss.
  3. India Vs Pakistan (June 19, 2017), Oval. Well, the memories are fresh!

Is he the Sir of ‘Giving up’ ? Being Sir, is being a peak in some domain.