Giving Clean-chit to Ambedkar

Until today, I had deemed Ambedkar Bhimrao the doctor, the architect of the constitution of India- illiterate. In my eyes he was all but an over-rated dumb labour- just another lame non-entrepreneur out of billions. And every time I had a brush with the constitution and its derivatives or the law of the land which also happened in plenty being an entrepreneur, I only had abuses for the guy. In my eyes, the only good thing that he’d done that he had chosen complex English. While Hindi was already tougher to understand to the Indians. The law remained largely out of bounds of interpretation, as remain the cases and escalations pending in the queues of Indian Courts whichever have been out of understanding.

So I assumed like any Indian grad that he was, he must have known nothing. I always used to be baffled of the fact that if all he did was copying, then why did the fool need close to three years to pull up a document that is referred as the Andha Kanoon or the Constitution of India.

And no, it’s not that bad customer experience or the bad citizenship at the hands of Indians that I got this bias derived out of. Which for that matter is best explained from the life of Steve Jobs. The guy had come smitten out of inspiration to this nation, specially to the mystic Himalayas. But, “God, if you save me today, I promise I’ll be a good human all my life hereafter”, were the last words before the mental preparation to the decision to return back, only to return back never.

It wasn’t that Jobs was an exception for his skin color. We have been the same to whoever has had a purpose, even from down the grounds. For instance, Dashrath Manjhi- the guy who dismantled a mountain to build a road in 22 years, same to Shyamlal of Chattisgarh who dug a pond in 27 years upon which a whole cluster of villages thrive like an oasis in a desert. We mock as hostile hosts to everyone until one comes with a large benefiting gift. Once the gift is there to splurge on, we might upgrade them to status of God to derive benefits out.

So it wasn’t the hostilities received that gave me the hatred for Ambedkar. The laws and bent of mind of my compatriots around, certainly to an extent, but not the whole. Cages are devices only for birds who don’t know to fly. The case with me was different. My curiosity was why was the Kanoon Andha or the law blind ? Here was the need of normal eyes plus as many CCTVs as possible, plus a scientific measurable probe for fairness equipped with visions beyond the range of human eyes. Which school the guy went who imagined and established law as one blindfolded entity was my worry. What had to be eye + beyond eye + the tech umpire, contrary to the orientation blind, it had to be with visibility in 3D. That as binocular in vision as the geekiest microscope.

Since then, to me Ambedkar was all one illiterate Indian stooge. Same conventional Rata-Chata parroted labour class traditional dull uninspiring ugly useless Bhim at the right place at the right time or the wrong time for that matter. And until today, whenever I’d begin working on anything, or any good work of mine, that begins customarily with cursing Ambedkar. Say, like the Hindus begin something auspicious with a chant Om Shree Ganesh, that for mine used to be cuss beep cuss beep cuss Ambedkar. And to all my failures or suppression at the hands of ill educated unsport hostile compatriots I always blamed this guy, which is also true to a large large and very large extent.

I believe had I been born in Tel- Aviv or California, I’d have been almost close to Edison, and that of the internet age. May be, Elon Musk would have been my Chai-Sutta Guy.

So, with every bad experience, every single use case of encountering any kind of pain, I cursed this guy. And mind you, I’ve taken some extreme bullying all my childhood from an illiterate school from the Socialist Mecca of Bokaro. The SAIL city rots today in tatters, with dark concrete jungles and markets receding each day, even as its natives are found queuing either to hospitals or someone’s door for livelihoods anonymously. You can imagine the volumes of liters of tears would have Ambedkar bled until today, if he were alive. And nowhere do you find a snip of Ambedkar with eyes closed or lit up with a spark. The part of the world that has belief system in a written destiny, could assume me to be the reason, that I don’t let him sleep. So much for my curses.

As I grew old, as I discovered India, which is also way way way more in extent and dimensions than what Nehru himself might have, the hatred grew only stronger, chiefly owing to vagaries of law abuse. In India as we all know, he who has the whip has the bull, so for free justice and the reception around, only to hold up any Work in Progress of the Works of Progresses.

Add to that, he who doesn’t have the bull gets trampled and crushed over by the others’ bulls because you don’t have conflicts here. Here what you have is war, out of envy to caste to creed, sex, age, appearance, language, region, religion or any. Indians are doctors of discrimination and category management if you don’t know. Human Capital Index ranked 124th it has- 123rd worst mileage per unit effort. Everybody doubts, hates and supersedes everybody.

The concept of God might have been devised to instill modesty in Humans, but before that he must have come to control Indians. As reflected in the beauty of the fact that Indian courts are the only industrial premises in the world which have more than half the practitioners as frauds and quacks declared officially. The whole world might have gone machine governed and computer reconciled for transparency, not the Indian law, for the love and incentives of opaqueness.

And again, add to that cumbersome processes of the state, which is tailor made to install obstacles in way of any transaction so as to yield for facility of vaporising in thin air against an appropriate payment. The nation with billions of customers less than a cuddle away is the world’s 100th in the list in Ease of Doing Business, 133rd in Global innovation and amongst the top for the lack of transparency. Thanks to the law of the land, Government gazettes, and of course the unholy Bada Babus- the illegitimate men manning the positions.

Its not an unusual sight for courts to over-run bills and ordinances brought by elected Governments, or for elected governments to amend laws and by-laws illegally in order to extort and harass citizens for ransoms, all for the great ambiguity of law. The abusive amendment of Central Motor Vehicles Act by states like Telangana, Karnataka and many others to extort life time tax for vehicles from other states would be one profound example. A central act can be amended only by President’s assent but rogue state governments could manage that by Governor’s, only to be quashed by respective High Courts, but only after half a decade of civilian activism. Needless to mention the insensitive torture to citizens until then.

If there was a record for abuse per capita for documented books of importance, even the penguins of Antarctica would not disagree it has to be only “The Constitution of India”.

So I’d hated the lawmaker in chief ever since I’d known. And neither did that falsely projected aura of fight against inequality ever awe me like it does to rest of the world. The Criminal Tribes Act of 1871 which had listed nomadic tribes as criminals by birth by the nothing to lose Brits was repealed only in 1959. Ambedkar died clueless well before that. While the Brits turned them criminals who were not, of course forcibly-almost like tattooing on foreheads, Indians made it worse to change it cosmetically in order to play politics. Add to that he also made this fragile fault line of two broad categories- the Forwards and Backwards indelible. Created a well demarcated cartel of alm seeking backwards versus day-light looting forwards to yield for a third world population in the whole by virtue of opposite of Quality Assurance called Reservation.

The Indians now have two kinds of Reservations. Reservation Natural and Reservation-in-paid.

Or in other words public reins of goods and services with them who have the whip to give way for a fixed economy of sleaze. Pitting one group against another for an inevitable fall of both is no achievement, neither wisdom. Add to that again, the dumbo also needed once a separate electorate just as did one another group needed a Pakistan. The vision as an integrated Peninsula, one sub-continent or a common market was perhaps only with JC Bose, Bhagat and Subhash if at all it did (which did). All signature moves of an unworthy non-entrepreneur.

A human with a non-entrepreneurly spirit is as good as a goat.

Fast forward to this date. Here have I been trying to knit a company of my dreams. An institution that the entire humanity has never dreamed of. An internet factory that changes the way humans live. A Sport organisation to let humans evolve happily without a shred of blood, without a hint of fraud and treachery. In the age of machines, our aspiration is to convert mechanized humans to human beings again. The capacity which they’ve lost to centuries of imperialism and inefficient mass manufacturing industrial age. To let the humans of today have a tool of knowledge free of wrongs, to enable right knowledge by reflex. To make continuous quest of knowledge and having a purpose of life an innate lifestyle. And I’ve prospected and separated until date with as many as 62 prospective co-founders including one high heeled Silicone Valley being in the pursuit.

To understand humans and transactions better, this also required traversing up and down through human hierarchies, bargaining gradients, income brackets. A first hand run through professions and cultures and aspirations. Or to be precise tracing path wherever money and orders flow. From the highs of five stars to ruling quarters of law makers to executive desks of bureaucrats be that government or corporate, from cheating NGOs to real value adding societies, from nominally standing statutory bodies like United Nations to malignant slums to geeky labs, from begging anonymously on streets to random sales on trains, from being a CEO to being a paltry labour, it required experimentation with humans on real basis.

To put more light on this, the closest human I resemble to was Devang Mehta- the pace setter of India’s growth story of the 1990s. And our idea of humanity and the world is one with zero artificial deaths- Zero death on account of human origins. Which all it requires is hazard free ambient Governance. If every artificial death is an industrial disaster, arresting the factors of artificial deaths to zero barring the freak accidents. And here am I drafting my Playbooks of which tenets of Governance is the core. Seeking most of my answers as much as possible in biology to keep it as closely knitted to natural ways. Logics and logistics principles from biology, tendencies from anthropology, administration from engineering, directions from entrepreneurship and so on.

Its been more than 17 years experimenting, travelling, compiling and being observant. There would be very few abstracts of humans, humanity and civilization that would be not known to me without use cases. Or perhaps only two things, music and motherhood, which is impossible for me to fathom.

And as I draft my playbooks, I find the closest to have attempted what I’m was Ambedkar. To document stepping stones and basic tenets of common discipline for a broad human mass to be subscribed to. And that in the information age, equipped with internet, internet accounts. Virtual access to almost entire human population on thousands of forums, visibility to millions and billions of reactions and communications. And of course, the Mighty computer with Excel and Word.

A National Constitution as long as India’s for a population as diverse, without Excel and Word must have been the World’s eight wonder or at least ninth after the understanding of Compound Interest.

When we lay organisations, culture, ethos, fundamental principles, working granularity all need to be knit into one cohesive consistent brand for one timeless identity. A broad guiding principle steering macros and micros all converged towards that crafted identity. To illustrate, if I am Ambedkar, my role as the constitutional boss is more to document that essence of soul to draft an identity than to get into micro-management of BAU (Business As Usual) laws. Or in other words, the foremost job to begin with, and almost half the part of the whole job was to select an emblem. An emblem to dissolve into blood before its interpreted and introduced to a new born which guides through entire life without being prompted.

On one hand to ensure constitutional autochthony was a major task negating the shady Government of India Act which was a treacherous anthology of rules to enable reins in hands of unholy influencers – the club of Imperial Natives & Parasitic Brits. On the other it was to knit a clueless ignorant unprepared massive human mass to one identity bound by a common discipline. On one side was hope for brighter future, on the other clutches of hawkish eyes of looters whose only constitution was unsport dominance. All along a parallel landscape of misery, of riots famines conflicts land ownership power restructuring and what not. To reflect the quantum of arbitration involved, there were 7635 amendments tabled for a territory which didn’t know what freedom meant actually, the population which went for wars and riots from all surrounding sides on land the day they had to party. To knit that Start up into a Global Conglomerate of the Future.

More than legal and legislative it was a challenge of approach, the design and branding. To carve templates on which the next change and future build-up was to be based. Its more of engineering than law expertise. And barring Visvesvaraya  India had no other tower of creation to understand its complication who was in his late nineties by then. For a law graduate to play a Tendulkar with a team of mediocres until Dravids and Gangulys join in future along with one odd Kumbles away from limelight on bouncy pitches of post-War expansionist phase against predatory Global behemoths who were still vying for control points along the globe for runways, its inexpressible in words. Which Ambedkar did and delivered.

He could have sided with imperialists, could have made “The Constitution” report to “The Parliament” as happens in the case of British. And we can imagine what a disaster could have that been in the days of social workers like our politicians of today manning parliaments. And there could have been lot of more strange combinations had he been copying from rest of the world. And had he not copy-pasted from around the world, you’d not disagree, the volume of the guiding book would have never gone up. The originals could have been only the directive sketches of the Brand India- The Preamble, Directive Principles, Fundamental duties, emblems and signages. Everything else had to be policies. Had that been slim, we know how much respected it could have been in the hands of kids of erstwhile Zamindaars and demoted Princes of the 1950s.

All of his achievements, I decipher it today when I draft my playbooks, which I find unending. Strings to knit Billions into one direction, one identity, aboard one ship in hope of a future that is to be bright, based on hope. I wonder if I’m doing the same mistake as Ambedkar, which was laying fundamentals on an assumption that everyone boarding the ship in question would be a God and not criminals, but to give it the benefit of optimism and hope, there cannot be other way as well. He was an unparalleled legend indeed.



Animals vs Humans: Start Up Kumar begins the differentiation

Earlier, the humans and animals had a large gap between them. The animals were animals and the humans were humans. The animals had animalism while Humans had humanity. Humans hated dictatorship. Animals fell into discipline to let leaders lead. Animalism spread and spread the Humanity.

Animals needed no religion. Humans needed to trade. And hence an additional requirement to grade.

They marketed purpose of life, ways of life, and so on, got varieties in discrimination orders. The animals on the contrary knew- the purpose of life is to serve the defined biological life span and protect the earth as long as they served life. Needed no religion. Just compassion and selflessness.

So much that they even became dogs and asses. They didn’t mind. They became anything. Cows, buffalloes, vultures and pigs, cocks and lambs, pussies, mares, or just anything, very happily. Joining humans wherever they could. Elephants took to engineering. Even wars and emergencies. Lions learned the circus. Parrots took to talking, pigeons to spying, camels to smuggling, horses to eloping. So much, that even crocodiles took just to copulate mindlessly the day they figured Queen of Elzi needed a crocodile leather bag to orgasm. One fine day, even the fishes joined. They said if the end of life has only two options- small fish being eaten by big fish, or the humans eating fishes- its better to be eaten by humans.

They all friended the humans.

Somebody told the humans they’re humans. That they’re at the top of the ladder, that they had humanity which is different than animalism. And then began a new journey.

A lot happened. Thousands of years just flew by, like they were seconds. And we came to the date until today.

Today, to survive on Earth only five things are needed. Air, Water, Sand, Honesty and Sanity. The first three for shelter, the last two for intra-species, inter-community coordinations. Honesty drives the trust. Sanity Drives the drive thereafter- the motivation to serve life. Today, the first four lost beyond repairs and stocks of the fifth lies half a decade. The spheroid Earth deflates to become a rugby ball with each rotation.

The Flummoxing Case of Gandhi

Subhas Bose has died well. He was undoubtedly a patriot, though misguided. 
-Buddha Gandhi
That settled the character certificate of Subhash Chandra Bose- Misguided. And why won’t he be? Why won’t Subhash be misguided ?
On one end was a monkey-charmer Gandhi who hired an army for Brits and sent in troops without any accountability. On the other was the Engineer Subhash who raised an army out of the same Prisoners of War that Gandhi had sent without any responsibility.
Picking up deserted soldiers and accumulating the sons of the soil who were rendered refugee and orphaned for no fault of their own- was what Subhash doing. Bringing them back with pride and honour for the cause they were put in the ovens of world war thay India had no part in- was where Subhash began- or say cleansing the muck and dung of Gandhi was what Subhash began with. No wonder, why Subhash was misguided!
And boy, how conspicuously does that demonstrate the hostile blood of India!
Remember the same timeline of 1940s.
Out of the uprising the notional independence was close. And for any Nation to be Sovereign the pre-requisite is an independent army. So for the nation which had to be free. The nation that wanted to be free had got to have its standing army- was what the situation. That was the 1940s.
Mind you, it always had to be the same- only that nation can be independent that has an independent army. It’s a simple universal common sense. You’re as independent as your defence. The fact was just that this simple fact that to qualify for an independent country you need an Indian army was not known to Indians. This small little fundamental had never crossed an Indian head until now. Subhash was the first Indian to be vocal about that.
With a plan he asked Gandhi for a call of army. Seeked help to organise an army. And there was Gandhi – like all dumbfucks I’m the peninsula- “Hum kahan se laayein fauj?” The Hostile Sleazeball got at loggerheads with the Futurist Planner. That bald stooge of the Brits was hiring for Brits after all. How could have he?
And the rest as they say is history.
The guy who fished sons to send to gallows like lambs for bakrid is known as the Father to the Nation. And the boy who returned pride for those unsuspecting dumb lambs is kNown as misguided. The holy man who got sex at 13 got the license for Brahmacharya Experiment at 40, went on to become Mahatma and still distributing character certificates.
No wonder the kids of that Gandhi return as Hungriest and the corrupted. Racing for the top slot in women’s safety racing against the likes of Congo, Syria, Afghanistan & Pakistan. Courts sluggiest without sense of justice. And the country with customers less than cuddle away wagging at 100th in Ease of Doing Business for the love of Ease of doing Crimes.
The Gurmeet Ram Rahim of 1940s went on to become the saint of Sabarmati. The Indians didn’t even ask, “Bapu Gandhi, what did you just hire? Is it the Peace Keeping Force even before establishment of United Nations? What’s the purpose, what’s the vision, what’s the goal?” 
And the man with vision, the man with a plan, as usual punished to pains.  Like the Indians do- The hostile illiterates.

Disability – A Broken Thought

Try and observe an ant climbing the wall of your house. You will notice that it will make several attempts before it finally reaches goal. This could actually be an inspiration for people who find hard work a waste of time and effort.

Disabilities do not define what & what not a person is capable of doing. Humans tend to get influenced by their first impression and physical attributes are the first to be noticed.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why the issue of disability has not been given priority in our country. The disabled community has got a raw deal.

Despite the Disability Act being implemented, the system has not been able to come up with ideas that can bring about meaningful changes.  Not denying that there has been a change in the attitude of people over the years but that is not enough.

There are needs to have a proper plan of action to give Persons with Disabilities the opportunities and encouragement to move forward. There are many disability linked issues that need to be addressed such as:


Issue – Education is known to be one of the strongest pillar of any economy, the problem is that no one is bothered to take the initiative & repair the old roots. Even teachers today believe in teaching from the textbook only.

Solution – The teachers should come up with innovative ideas and activities to make the subject more interesting for the students to attend and understand that will stay with them for a longer period of time that is what we call Inclusive Education.

Counselling and Guidance

Issue- As a parent of a newly born baby & that to born with a disability makes the pair confuse and lost. Therefore, they don’t get help or if they do it’s not that what’s needed to be told.

Solution – The counselling should not only focus on motivating the couple but also tell them the hard reality of the cruel world so that if something happens in the future they are well prepared to face and deal with the situation by themselves.


Issue – As the population of our country is growing on a rapid pace it’s a big challenge for the government to generate employment for the people, the situation is even worse if you look at the disability sector because every organization focuses on speed rather than skill or style of the person.

Solution – Organisations should show some guts in hiring a person with disability keeping their primary objective on a side and work on the weaker section of society by giving them the confidence equality in the organization.

Conclusion – Let your weakness be an inspiration for the others to look & learn that life is the pure blend of strength and struggle.


Article by: Ankit Bhardwaj



21st Century Governance for a better world, From a Steve Jobs look alike

I hope I’m not making a Godman out of me. I’m yet to find a girl to elope with. And I’m one of the hardest of Atheists you can find. This is to narrate a very unusual incident beyond my comprehension wherein a Steve Jobs look alike almost whitewashed me apparently with knowledge. I happened to go to this place called Kainchi Dham, supposedly the enlightenment points of Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg, only out of curiosity as to why did Steve Jobs recommend Zuckerberg. I wonder if something of this sort happened to Zuckerberg as well. This was the first time ever in life that I went to a temple on my own. I was mentally disturbed, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy here. I bumped into an Old man in a sequence quite similar to Indian fairy mythological tales. He appeared like a Indian baba version of Steve Jobs, and initially I thought him to be some clown or ‘Behrupiya’ so we got into an altercation. To my surprise he turned out to be a learned man, wisest I’d have ever met. He didn’t vanish after talking, but knew my name. We met in June, and then he called in September. And this is no hallucination. I do all the boys stuffs though! He dreamt of Great India, Great World. He called to dream of Redesigning India, not Rapid Transformation, of Great India, not better India. He said not dreaming high is criminal.

Our reasoning gave me few tenets on governance, and then he asked me to get four things implemented for a greater country, as a token to his lessons. This was way back in June, and probably has a relation with this Income Disclosure Scheme,  having a strange spark in his eyes in the name of 30th September as if to be a deadline for all Tax deposits, sorry Citizen Equity as he called. Yes, he asked me to get Taxes redefined as Equity, not beg for people’s money or taxes (his words). More changes, like to restructure government completely like a business, to remove the concept of opposition, to get a regulator for governance, to give eligibility licenses in politics like you give to doctors, to restructure election processes. I didn’t even understand half the things. I just got one concept- Governance is business, Government is the business party created by people which runs businesses of all public utilities.

Naturally, I let the Oldman go. Who would get into governance and country like abstracts? On September 5th happened something I’m yet to comprehend. May Airtel could check. I got a call from a ‘No Number’, after which the SIM went corrupt, leaving behind two spots on my cell phone, and if you can visualize, you can feel like a signature- Steve Jobs, its sort of imagination. It’s a MOTO G 3, may Motorola also could research over this. The SIM is as shiny as new, but unreadable. I hope Airtel could provide me a replacement in a decade. Coming on to the call, it was to enquire on the status. I was first stunned as to status of what, then by the end he offered me a BMW and a Thar along with a seed fund to write this. He said Thar will be given as soon as this reaches you, BMW and the seed fund on 120 Millionth Tax or the equity receipt. And then the phone went off, an overused one, after which I found an unreadable SIM. If my parents come to know, they would get scared, they’ll make me undergo some “Jhad-phunk” kind of thing. And I’ve seen one of these activities once in my village. They wrap people in layers of Quilts under hot sun on a suspended net, fire from the bottom and then ask funny questions, to which anyone would answer any random thing. And if the person doesn’t know making stories, they start beating.

 Minutes of Meeting with Baba

Since a night’s lecture is enormous, and to be honest writing is still more a toil than listening to good things, I’ll give you some points to remember and majorly the four ideas, which started with a brief understanding of business, and it was over 10 hours lecture, expect it to be long, even if it is MOM. Though it’s all common sense. For the ones who watch movies only on reviews, the four ideas are: a) Get a Governance Regulator- Governance Commission of India b) Redefine Tax as Equity- Ownership and answerability of and from government c) Incentivise being good- Preferential access to utilities like airports, 5 stars and so on, use technology (UID and data from my side as well) d) Get elections based on age- Needs and wisdom levels are different in different stages of man. Realign to true form of democracy, leaders for every age group, Remove opposition to accommodate law makers and administrators. Play Ludo not Chess if you need to play. Everybody needs to get home by the end of the day.

The Beginning: As I said, I got into an altercation, assuming the old man to be some clown or beggar. As I whisked him away saying that I didn’t have any money, he retorted back that it was evident from my face. Then he started giving my biography to me. Before I could dig into how he knew me so well, we drifted into start up stuff, and from there, it usually takes a different turn with me, like point of no return. Probably he knew me too well. We talked for almost the whole night. Interestingly the restaurant’s name was also ‘Blessing Inn’. We began and refurbished concepts of life, start ups, customers, business of businesses and so on. Stuck at countries once, and the games played by humans, then came governance. I hope I write as much accurate as possible.

Fundamentals of business: Business is anything that dishes out utilities required to support life consistently without stop. The final product undergoes some processing, and is sold or exchanged for some good, under some banner or name. That nominal party is to be held accountable for as a whole. In case of geographical territory it’s called a Government, in trade its company and so on. Governance is the sum total of processes that you build to control the path towards objectives and value proposition promised at the beginning. Its Project Management. The processes should always have measuring ways, always denoted by metrics and described by numbers. That is why Mathematics is called language of universe. If you don’t have numbers, mapped to any process, you’re fooling around and you’re illiterate. Masters of functions that process the utilities are employees and those who organise on behalf of these employees are called entrepreneurs or heads or anything. For an entrepreneur governance is the only business while for an employee its skill. Nothing is permanent but for the business, and nobody does a favour to anyone in the chain. Any assumed favour is corruption, which corrodes the functions or governance process, which should be the last thing to come in any form of business. (In sum total he said to treat Governance as a business function, and not to do it as or for favour).

Government and Governance: To define government, it’s the business party created by people coming together, to care about businesses of business what they couldn’t on their own, and to make fair rules to play life as a sport. Augmenting civic infra-structures and rules, regulations and policies. Assuming life is unfair, don’t who said, as if life was a punishment, it’s the business of the quests to drive it to the fairest level. Governance is the business process or project management.

This unraveled a market for law makers and knowledge. But then you didn’t have entrepreneurs. Note that there is no occupation like politics, and to what is called politics is a glamorous name o prisoners’ dilemma to appear important.(the story of importance will come later) The profession is Law making and Management, and to what is called political parties, should be research institutions of laws and policies.

Now you know where the political parties of the world land up, the world’s oldest of parasites, reflected by their names, reproduced out of same words. Ever seen or heard something like Quality Assured Governance Party? Ever saw a political outfit even close to research on laws? All they are marketing houses of opinions, with no identity of their own, then cartels, cartels of importance. Importance to shouts to close life, to call strikes, to burn shops, to snatch livelihoods. Governance is getting 3500 security guards for a year in a city that needs security instead of 76 crore advertisement, efficient advertisement is having 100 security men/km2 . Governance is treating people like customers, not Dalit, not Muslim, not Minority, not trader, not backward, not tribal.

Then he gave a slew of reforms, sharing my favourite four. This is how it goes.

  1. Set a Regulatory authority- Governance Commission of India: A body that frames, maintains, publishes indices and interpretable data on state of affairs, and benchmarks governance. It should quantify governance with relevant metrices, HDI, Gini Coefficient, number of cases pending in courts, number of litigations versus incumbent laws, and so on. A body that sets decorum, gives licenses for practice of law making both at individual levels and institutional levels, a body that fixes accountabilities for any mis-governance. A body that evaluates and benchmarks Quality Assurance in Governance.
    For any market to work fair, there has to be published norms, quality assurance, accountabilities and scope. Indian law making market has none with almost no entry barrier but for one age and citizenship, devoid of any quality checks.
  2. Redefine Tax- It’s always Equity if its democracy: This has a short story, also secret of i-phone.This term which means suffering is the biggest symbol of deceit and single source of all sufferings around. And the word remains the ‘I agree’ to all sufferings, more sufferings and no change. Also the symbol that humans are just another animal who can talk, equally ignorant of the idea of being fair as any animal. So this tax which originated with a lazy and bullish early man over a weaker one, carried forward to monarchies and kingdoms. One day came an employee to account for money to the ruler. Note that he was an employee, encountered this strange source of income without a sale, found it coming off sufferings of inhabitants, so coined it tax. For rulers it didn’t matter, employees knew what their jobs weren’t. As population surged, resources squeezed, rulers broke, emerged numerous micro-kingdoms, thus important people, and then cartels of important people and then finally a new terms to distinguish- Democracy and Republic. Ever since the race for importance continued, so did i-people, i-governments and i-governance (all forms). And one day i-Phone, important phone for important people, from the most important guy. Thus the important price, and hence the i-regret, or just one regret (He went a little bit sober thereafter).
    When you set a business party, it needs capital to begin, thus equity. With equity comes ownership, comes answerability. Then comes care, then comes transparency and but then came black money. You didn’t need transparency, scared you coated it black inside. Tax kept Taxing. Then came the window to evade, then came counters of rebates and favours. Just in case someone ever get to ask, they got a glacier replica called ‘Subsidy’.  No statements, No reports, All gifts. Rigged by design, Supported by ignorance, lived with treachery. Of the i-people, for the i-people, by the i-people.
    Remember for every rupee of black money there’s some loose change in some employee’s pocket. You ignored the government and the government ignored you. Remember they told you at the beginning, “Wealth and Knowledge increase with sharing”. You’d none.
  3. Incentivise doing good, Penalise doing bad: Can you fly if you’re not good enough to keep equity with government? You might, build your own runways, own Air-traffic control or shell out more than other loyal customers. Give that security guy at the airport gate a code to scan, not to read names. This is as simple as that. To make this a habit you can make tons of schemes around revolving debit-credit mechanisms. (This also means, its tough to write long)
  4. Restructure the Electorate (From switchboard to dartboard): Ever seen a business with opposition? No workplace requires opposition, opposition is outside. Businesses have goals, so should Governments of civilized states. Why the need of cartel, why the room for cartelization?  Elect a team. Not select pawns. Let the counter-friction stop by election. You choose wisest people to make laws. Play, win or lose, don’t fix, don’t bet. Counter-control doesn’t need people, it needs mechanisms. Let it remain law making and management.
    When you intend to make laws and policies, and you talk of democracy, the governing pool should resemble the electorate as much as possible, as much granular, arranging for needs and limitations. Not all can be reflected in external abstract as governance. Government is external. ‘Accountable Life-support’ not the life. So you have tiers of governments- central, state, local and so on. Get efficient government, not duplicate governments. Let the profile change with profile of governance. National issues need national people, known by all national means, national or international achievements. Let the national team be a sample of the nation. Let the seven stages of man show. Make the electorate look like a dartboard, not switchboard, and not people racing to own switches.
    (In India’s case, for Central government, divide country into five zones- North, East, North East, South and West, elect 110 MPs from each zone, in age buckets (numbers based on population weightage) Get a 550 mix to be a National Governance Team thereafter, it will resemble population. Align to nature to closest possible to get balanced solutions to real problems, not games. )

The Ending: Well, tired after speaking we dozed off in my car, front seats. I woke up alone, and yes the car was open, unlocked, that means he went like going. I asked the restaurant guy, no body knew of him. May Uttarakhand Police look for him.

Image Credits: Boston University

Of Conflicts, Of Languages, Of the Game of Thrones

TSO lighthouseWe’re to talk about a ship, of the world’s most important one. Carrying over one-sixth the humanity, on duty for thousands of years, this masterpiece, The INS INDIA is a muscle to Earth. Of equipments and features, the lesser said, the better. It was modern even in the ancient days of Before Christ and kept emerging ever since the advent of the age, After Development, throughout the AD.

On its stern lies a massive protection wall of Himalayas allowing for the world’s maximum stowage seen ever, housing 1.35 Billions comfortably along the bridge without a hint of grumble. Staying afloat, at speed highest, launching rockets at will, in style. Refitted last  in 1947, along with a major upgrade in 1991, it is guarded with world’s most spectacular fenders in Ghats to left and right or the East and the West. Pounds every heart irrespective of its distance, as it sets off to sail. Goes into tizzy each of them as it turns and shakes every leg as its engines thump.

So these Ships are different in kinds and  different are their waters. They dart across seas of exchanges, measured in money and sail into Oceans of Opportunities. Are different, their engines. Magnanimous and Gigantic. Structure such that their strokes get hearts pumping. Say the vibrations of INS INDIA pumps 1.35 Billion Human hearts 250 gm each, 78 beats per minute on average. Their vibrations are felt along the circumference of Earth, and collectively (of all these ships), the resultant of vibrations, make the humanity average 72 per minute, per 250 gm heart. Of them, we’re talking of the most sophisticated one. To describe, it extents so much that despite being it the oldest, the crew and the passengers alike, including the rest of experts, are yet to decode and decipher its functioning, even in the age of computers, despite connected with Internet.  None’s sure, even as the ship itself keeps skirting at the speed highest, compared to rest.

To list its specifications, none could ever. And those who did, or could or doing, lie quiet or quite-ned. 1.35 Billion, and counting, nobody ever could estimate its stowage. The Ship itself, turned down nobody. Of freight, how much can it yield, could count none ever, nor did return one disappointed. All they know, its still a mine of space, definition of speed, with stability the signature. That on the eve of cyclone, this is the Ship safest. That the day all they sink, this is the Ship to hop into. And turned it down none ever. And thus, now you know why its the costliest. Bidding for a space, here, stops never.

And yet again, Of such ships, are similarly, one feature more special, the Steering. Like engines, drive, chassis etc, are these different as well. As per the maintenance of Respect Protocols, like in the case of rickshaw puller for a rickshaw, chauffeur for a Mercedes, Pilot addressed to as Captain for Airbus, Steering of these are called ‘Thrones‘. There are differences in cockpits, steering arrangements, handling, operations and so on. And so as well in traffic control in the high seas (of Economies). In them, there’Ship with frigatess not one steering in the ship, instead, there are main Steering, and there are subsidiaries. All networked and synchronised to bundle to come over as a large Steering Mechanism. The process steering remains no more a verb steering, it yields to a full fledged activity: Operations Steering. That so humongous, that the humanity went short to describe which is when began then the culture of using one word to many words. Operations Steering got a full fledged, dedicated word into the vocabulary : Governance. The structure is entirely different. Along with main steering, subsidiaries, are there are also detachable, retractable, synchronisable, co-ordinate-able, and many more components. Like in the case of, say, Mega- Ships. They don’t venture alone and the main vessel is led, fed, escorted, steered, maintained, planned, stationed, guided by associate auxiliaries like frigates, pilots, destroyers and so on (like in the figure above).  The INS India boasts of a total 35 auxiliaries, extending over a floating area of 40 Lakh Km squares (4 million SqKm). Of Depth none knows ever. And we’re to talk of this Steering, of The Game of Thrones, of The INS INDIA.

…To be Continued


The damage from Communism!

Hammer & Sickle. Ever seen red associated with them?

Yes. These happen sometimes of which the occasions are called accidents and damage is the only outcome. Normal people respond to them beginning with first aid, to end in corrective and preventive actions in future, while the couple of hammer and sickle, every time else churns out green. Food and Productivity.

But someone, don’t want to know whom, he saw red, excited and rolled out a tribe.

As per human records, the tribe accounts for maximum artificial deaths until date, if mortality data were to be reconciled to appropriate death centres. According to my research as Start Up Kumar, the toll should be nearly 1.2 Billion unique individual deaths since 1850, the moment after that illiterate Marx gave the call “Labours of the world, Unite”. Unique individual means, a human lasting enough to bear a name. Should the figures vary, may it owe to wrong definitions. The final figure however sums up to more than Hitler or even larger than that of the brigades of Mia Khalifas in green encompassing the moon have. (And once again a wrong color coding!)

Both the tribes, the Gangs of Green and the Gangs of  Red, they’ve a similar functioning. Of Fatwas. Or  arbitrarily issued diktats. Someone important from the tribe issues the moment he feels which becomes binding, often to become a subject of violence.

The Red one somewhere recently issued a diktat to unfollow God, to practice Atheism, by force. Though I don’t know how that happens overnight, but what I know as humans, you can either subscribe to God or Science. There’s no third way, neither the way to not choose one. Unfortunately your life isn’t that short, you’re a human!

However, there are people who deviate. By numbers, I see them mostly going to Green or Red or Jails. They come in the world with reservations. Wherein a Reservation is a fixed assumption on anything but facts, thrown down the throats from importants (the ones who issue fatwas or diktats) for the cattles of subscribers to live through.

Cattles have an issue. They move in herds, and they need well spread shepherds all along to direct. And we’re talking of the wrong ones, of Sleazy Shepherds.

These people have a characteristic issue. They prey on to unfortunates to carry out their livelihood and gang up only amongst similars. For instance, in India we’ve Dalits & Muslims. Should you leave them in an open sea of humans, they’d still cling to corners, until they find another Dalit/Muslim to gel with. Should the number proliferate in due course, will come an accumulation crying foul for outcasting and hence segregation of a dedicated zone for themselves. However, open free mingling, competing, cooperating and identifying as humans naturally, this wasn’t shoved off their education or God or the importants. And one word that comes from me to describe these tribes, is corrosive. That their first identification of themselves, is not human, not citizen, but a wronged tribe, often of exploited. They prey on insecurities and give a calls to build caliphates of their own territories. And all they do, is to disorder, the herds.

So we’re talking of corrosive tribes, of one single handedly responsible for pulling human evolution in the direction left of the Right, where in Right is the direction right or correct, or where tomorrow is better than today. We’re talking of the damage, not in loss of blood, but in loss of lives.

Let’s see who they are.
Name: Communists

Bio: Cartel Labour to Cartel Capital
Work: Creating Unions to cease hammer & sickle to manufacture productivity.

Revenue: Opaque commissions out of negotiations post productivity break.

Origins: With the advent of mass manufacturing, was slowly emerging an edge that humans had never seen. The Economies of Scale. More outcome per unit effort. But they were humans, tiny, naive, and still to traverse through lanes of wisdom. They didn’t know, small humans with small hearts and small stakes operate in Cartels, which are created to make a group formidable, with some order & driven from a certain top. At the top is the one who founds the Cartel. And in process the importance shifts from individuals in accumulation and individual demands, to importance of select few, in turn to be sold as disguised for the interest of the group. Its something like those who choose to accumulate in group leaving their individual cause suddenly become unknown, and is known the one who began the order. (For example, for the cause of Indian integration, as projected, its all that who did was Gandhi, not the people aggregating to take blows, it all goes to Gandhi always. Similar in the case of Communism, where in the community aggregating was of labours, men of small stakes with just as much of liabilities limited to physical bodies till the interval supplied to enterprises on rent).


It began with a psycho called Karl Marx who in the age of nascence of Industrial Revolution. “Labours of the world, unite” he gave a call. When the industrial revolution had made over a century, with leaps in mass-production every other day. Equal for processes, people and capital. Each had an opportunity to collaborate, disrupt and to evolve. There was opportunity all around. Say like the Internet of today. Every one connected, all you need is to create right connection to close on bottlenecks to open gateways of productivity.


But as internet, the eco-system of connectivity, it also offers you to create millions of pages, like “Beef Janta Party”, “I support Kanhaiya Kumar”, “Do not like this page or you’ll die of laughter” and so on. The next day you can post a poll for Prime Ministers of 2019, which can comprise of Arvind Kejriwal in Rodent-best like portrait with a smile, a Rahul Gandhi, dumb Mamta & Modi. Naturally, boosting it up for Modi. Thus boiling down upto individual competencies.

Similarly, this treacherous Marx created an opportunity for labour unions, or a basket of followers to deal & negotiate with the Cartel capital. Not many know the same Marx was a relative of Philips founder, surviving on begged money. So he created a Cartel, thus an opportunity of self-importance in order to reap benefits of accumulating benefits. There was another option, that to tell the labours, that it was them who had the expertise, it was them who made it run, that they’re also as much of competition as Capital itself.
“For you know the trade, Labours of the world, compete, innovate. Labours of the world Start Up”, the same had as much opportunity. “Bring in better, richer solutions, to draw capital. Disrupt, Evolve, Work” (Which they’d in India, indigenously- The Co-operatives. Since Ages)
But then it was Marx. A man of sleaze, a man of red, a man of impotence, a thug of man. He said, build a Cartel, I’ll negotiate for you. I’ll give you my minions, who will have other minions. Feed them as you eat, stop and intimidate other men of higher stakes, so as to I bring the booty. Booty for you? Hell, no labours, you’re labours. I’ll give you holidays. You know I’m well read, I can write. I could have told you on customer experience, organisational structures, bottlenecks, processes, but then it will make you a CEO. So no, stay labour, work, and stop when I say so. Build unrest, kill people, kill as by-products in proxy for best results, while I negotiate on your behalf. And hey, don’t worry of the negotiations, you’re a labour, meant to be laborious. Just stop when I say.
Came in Red. Came in Blood. Came in Negotiations. Came in customs. Say in Kolkata, there’s one Esplanade Cross, blocked for parades 8 hours a day. The more the coffins wrapped in black, the more adorned is the parade. And similar the ones, the world round. Murders this Cartel account the highest, since 1850s.
Until communism, the world had two sides: The Supply Side, The Demand Side. With communism came a third, The Important. Until then people were Greats or Normals. The  Greats gave gifts, like cars, phones, electricity, bulb, and so on, while the Normals, they worked, slept, made merries when they could and died. Democracy used to be For the people, From the People. And tax, just one: of Security. And everyone contributed. The trade of Brokership was still to be found. There were however, transaction platforms, which evolved as exchange terminals in the modern world, with advancement in communications technology. But with Communism, came in Gods, Importants and The Cattles. Democracy became Of the people, For the people, By the people. People went people, and became prominent the prepositions, the intermediary of no utilities. Not even cosmetics. So much that, as long as lie with someone or to someone, prepositions hardly matter, or probably both being the same in the case of lying.
And these cartels, when they lose it all on account of Natural choice, comes in the forced one, like this imposition, of giving up it on God. You know why? For God might tend to be fair, but at the core, they know they’re not. With information, data and expressions getting democratised, should the importance, fear and twisted beliefs die down because of reach, the trade would die out.
If the humans knew, each of them are born CEOs , and that humans eventually train them into slaves, communism or any reservation, they wouldn’t have existed.
The only silver lining the humans had, was that there was some God, who’d told, “Strongest is the man who stands alone”
Else the world would have never seen evolution, nor would have been seeds of Inspiration
May you figure out how much the advent of Communism cost us all. The intermediaries of nothing. Ah.. wait, the intermediaries of Hammer & sickle when its red, spewing out.

Why Idolising Steve Jobs is attaining Nirvana

I wonder if I’d have the maturity yet to talk of Steve. But if I could have, my way, I’d have had Steve Jobs in Ayodhya. The World’s largest International Religion Centre fitted inside a mighty globe with tech savvy offices to each religion and Steve in Centre. With campus spanning the whole city and housekeeping licensed to Alphabet (Google). They, the religious vendors and labors could manage their subscriptions, escalations, corrective actions, preventive actions, ethics, properties, human ratios or simply BAU, from there, the world’s Religion Capital. And In-life God Services run around Steve. From the respective religions to the respective disciples. I’ll tell you, I’d add a little more from my side as well: hand them over with UID, one each for their subscribers, which is one tracking system tatoo-able on spinal cords right at birth, created exactly for the same. For religions and not countries. To provide In-life God services. All those gamuts of services that you remember God for. And for its me creating the Campus, I’d give it name and a Super-religion tag – Sportism, where religions converge, The Steve’s Centre of Sanity.

And I’m sure even Ram lalla would have loved the same, or thus Ram of 2017 should look like. Or still further, Ram would’ve been very much the same. Or I wonder if I’m looking for some affiliation for some reason. So I’ll cut the story short, Steve was the incarnation of Ram. Those who differ, may they come back with Ram defined in numbers. As far as I know, the best horse in the ongoing Ashwamedha is Steve’s. Only Ram had that kind of horse, as unstoppable and as much Apple of the eye. So I’m not even creating art, I’m preaching. Ashwamedha Premier League used to be some horse race in the ages of Gods which we Indians used it as substitute to weapons in order to decelerate Armament Races. Steve was Ram and an Alumnus of Kainchi, Nainital. And as I said, I wonder if I’d have the maturity to handle the character of Steve, specially when he’s not around. I wonder how do  they do, those who do. That for a guy who had Jobs in his name. Perhaps, because he couldn’t reach the last beggar. But so couldn’t Ram. (Rams pull beggars, not beg to beggars- to be onboard.) The last he could, is to put it as outrightly as in name, the most important pillar that the beggars need, what he did. Ram post industrial revolution, how should have he been? I wonder if it was Gandhi’s curse for him to have born in the US in order to escape a name like Ram Gandhi or Jobs Gandhi. Ram of 2017 must have been so, Ram Jobs. (Playing reservation-reservation, when did seats got reserved, the Indians couldn’t even figure!)

So this is on an uninformed piece doing rounds from a media conglomerate from Quartz age which found some un-entrepreneurial traits in the Ram of my generation. And also this is not a kind of its first, or a single one time odd sledging. There has been this ruckus of rubbish nonsensical negative sale of sensational stories for quite long. From and around innumerous caterpillars and hippos, the super-slows, those who need five-seven states of metamorphosis per day to catch up with time, if at all they were to do so. Those who probably didn’t even attend high school properly, and live on eyes and ears of others. Its natural for their brains to perceive and function differently. Add to that the organised distortion in supply chain of stories in the US of A, who almost flirted with advancement as exotic as AI for choice, this elections. (To which the people said, “Hey, we’ve our own AI to choose”). So, of that lot, the organised facilities of distorted stories, apparently an AI powered media conglomerate from the Quartz age recently warned of the Important Man, no more around in human form who manufactures i-men just with a mere chant of his name: not to idolise the i-Guy, not to ride the i-bus and that the Valley (the Silicon one; there’s only one in the world to be known so. There had been only one other Kashmir which is history) is paying for it, that the i-disciples are perishing soon, one by one, for they worship i-God or the i-Guy

I wonder what’s the death rate, and who, whoever looks upto Steve, who goes finding negatives and who found what. But then there’s a sample already, which I couldn’t decipher. All that I could, figured he didn’t know Steve. And that all Steve uprooted (In India we rarely achieve, we uproot- which could be anything, ranging from some part of your own body to Proxima Centauri, just anything- which defines the scale), so beginning again, all that Steve uprooted- (is) tagged and mapped to the name- Steve Jobs- and known already. Futile to duplicate the same, although there’s one issue with that  there as well. That its too few in quantity and quality- all that is listed. For life has more than one dimensions. Something to see, some to understand, and the rest to agree. (The Understanding Zone & Agree point or all that beyond to be seen, is technically a slope called Bargaining-Gradient). So to list all that Jobs uprooted, you need to be Jobs himself to the least. For instance, the above idea to Ayodhya, you see. To argue on Steve, you need to have seen all, 360 in 3D and axis, right on the the Core (of Earth).

Steve isn’t just 500 Billions (by-products in-fact), Steve is Idea, which in turn a very strange commodity.  Valued, consumed, processed, sold and bought, all in segments. It works the same way that a cow beyond the Lutyens can’t distinguish between edibles and non-edibles or between food or plastic. It eats anything that’s wrapped with apparent food or may be so helplessly tired of uncivilised littering. While the cows in uber dairies, who eat as exotic as those, say out of reach of a typical $1500 Indian, don’t even sniff at any edible if not offered properly with etiquettes, like they know what to eat, and what not. Now in the modern world, I guess they’ve moved even humans to the same category. They’re eating plastic in eggs I heard, those cows out of Lutyen’s! So this piece is to nudge the world on the i-exploits beyond the listed, or all that the dumb world of tiny mortals can’t decipher what they can’t see and yet to list. And what and who was Steve Jobs. And along with that, filtering out the plastic that’s being mixed with eggs. May you know what is plastic and what is food, or just be the cow. (The Indians are 99% Cows. The rest 1% pay taxes.)

I wished if the world asked ever, why the Mac or i-phone or the i-pods or just any i-thing, why are they so as they are. To nail two problems. So they were machines to make even the dumbest of humans use other machines, that as easy as some extension of their bodies. To teach even the Americans to use computers. And second to connect the other intermediaries, the businesses. To ease those lives whoever preferred to not exploit men, whoever needed machines, whoever needed productivity. From ease of efforts to the luxury of data,  whatever whoever seeks.Beauty, reliability, quality, they came as by-products. Ram, as I said.

And I wonder, if I’d be able to complete should I go on to list. And given the audience of 99% cows, would it even matter? Or I wonder how to convey. Its so much, that it’s been more than 30 that I’ve been around, listing exploits and SOPs, full time dedicatedly. So let me cut it short and show some byproducts. Today I find myself being copied and followed by competitors as small as World Bank and United Nations together, even as I continue to do the same (listing i-exploits) unproductively. I find myself being read in over 50 countries (excluding India obviously) even for wryly hung portal to dry, that from the hinterlands of Jharkhand, the world’s sleaze capital after Sounmalia, Padtharkistan, Kaungo, and Chicfghanistan. I find myself natural at ideation-to-solve and also most of the times 5000 years in advance always, just by listing Jobs. Ayodhya has only one solution now, you see! And I’m sure I’d be merging the whole world into one, making them go Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam in Plug n Play, sooner than I think.

So these are the smallest of all i-exploits to have happened ever: the ability of ideation and the vision in determination. And this happens to a boy whose grandfather was fooled in dowry on amount received over confusion of shape and size of coins (between 3 and 20 paisa), to a boy whose uncles pull hand-pulled rickshaws in Kolkatas even today, to a boy who began life selling lambs and vegetables in village markets, today selling content on the internet, competing World Bank to build knowledge bank, all of that when you follow Jobs. I wish I could give a certificate to those who list the unlisted i-exploits.

I think this is what should be Nirvana. I guess. It happened by Idolising Steve Jobs.