Earlier, the humans and animals had a large gap between them. The animals were animals and the humans were humans. The animals had animalism while Humans had humanity. Humans hated dictatorship. Animals fell into discipline to let leaders lead. Animalism spread and spread the Humanity. Animals needed no religion. Humans needed to trade. And hence […]


Well, hold your hearts. You’re to get to know not only the most precious person of my life, but also the most Precious Girl on the planet on whom each of your “Future” rests as long as you’re on Earth. So precious that the first thing I promised her was Vanity Van. And courtesy her, […]

Why religions are Pantheistic, say for instance Islam, close to giving all due credits of all the every things of the everything to Allah, in effect , “For all quality checks, refer God”, for they knew they’re to fail. But every religion began with a big man, the incarnation, and still bigger but smaller the […]