PMSP: Public Mortality Stabilisation Programme-Program The World needs

In the Long Run everyone’s dead“- Some Economist 

“In the short, you either die or made to die. Life happens as you escape the ‘made to die’ points.”- The Sane Observer

Imagine if you could Kill Barkha Dutt with Induced Depression or a Lalu Yadav by ‘Shaktimaan’ Rays or say, your car had a device – crash reporter – integrated with Hospitals, police stations, insurances, triggering SOS corrective actions instantly. Every life-saving disaster management agency on stand by. Number of people, type of crash, location, death per pin-code, violence per pin-code, legal escalations per pin-code, all recorded. Queued for Corrective Actions and Reviewed for Preventive Actions. And had there been a Governance Commission of India or of any State/Government, to research, review and publish, had been a live dashboard. Had the National Population Register (which is one typical dumb Government of India entity) had a real log of life, given it has UID now, wherein citizens could mark their attendance and life properties every day to indicate the state of being alive, healthy or otherwise, on work, off work, good morning time and average good morning time, grievance with the state, difficulties of life, had there been a Citizen ERP.

Well, the first effect would have had, for everyone had to use machines, everyone had to input and maintain data, and that, it was one for themselves, you’d have had everyone literate, enough to use computers, by default. Genetically.  Sending off ‘Right to Education‘ to obsolete with the population leaping onto age of digital literacy all of them, the day next.  And the Governments of the world would have not been the same Governments ever. Not have been Citizenships, citizenship anymore. The Governments would have had undergone metamorphosis to yield into contemporary Service Providers, and Citizenships to ‘Residentship Loyalty’ cards. Countries racing to subscribe residents, residents threatening countries to change service providers. Visas available in prepaid and postpaid, BREMBRACE instead of BREXIT and the Indian Farmer scanning into ERPs. Instead of Suicides, would have been Tendulkars in Farms, runs in metric tonnes. And the world a small village. A clean one.

And one more, the most important! For Census, they’d not have required primary school teachers being sent away to fill illiterate questionnaires, which could have been done on a google doc, and thus millions saved. Systems Integrated with machines or making process online things also make things fall into continuous drive as a process, Indians need be told and may they know. The Biggest advantage the humanity or Indians have had, instead of useless commissions, market research, enquiries, had you had Live Dashboards, Strategy & Games.


So you’d agree, we’ve reached 2017, however not in 2017 exactly. Some dumb ancestors slowed the evolution. To estimate, say, we live in 1960, a decade and half after the war. By 2017, the humanity should have developed the ability to have born Retired. After birth, you’d been an Arjun.  Should you’ve been Tendulkar, you’d have gone to play cricket or you always had  a luxury to roam around with a girl, as a back up, as occupation, mediocre mainstream. While girls could have been happily feminists. Artificial Intelligence would have been developed by 70s, and ‘machines per capita‘ would have been the metric by now, instead the Gini Coefficient. And also not have been the race of Slaves Naturals vs Slaves Artificial. Not the Race Arms versus Bullets, but the race of Security versus Security Guaranteed, and Security Tax instead of Income Tax. It would and should, always have been Slaves Artificial vs Slaves Artificials.

And will you you agree on that, that there was always a room, by which you could have always been born retired. That the only work out would have been the gym. The rest all brain monitored and gesture controlled, provided the age old ancestors and Tata-tistic forefathers had worked like E Shreedharan and not Amitabh Panama Bacchan. That, the ancestors have always been directed wrong. That they never knew things to manage. Or in the other words, what you have all to do is majorly clean the trash that the ancestors spilled, pulling back your evolution.  You fall victim to bad system, for no fault of your own. You waste your energy to survive, only to pay your doctor for pills, until life is cut short, artificially, by accident or design. Say, Arshad Khan must not have had a role to play having been born into Pakistan, neither did he do wrong his childhood. He represented his country in a international sport, toughest to get into that country, only to pull an Uber as far as Australia for survival in the older days, and that provided he survived. He could have picked guns as well. Arshad ploughs uber for his father was Jinnah.

And  there was inertia, there were the opposing forces, of humanity and evolution. Some stopped, some decelerated, some pushed deadlines, and many took backward. The way did Jinnah, single handedly taking the Sub-continent back from Party days to unlimited Bereavement in a flash, only to siphon out blood for the next three decades. Were created a Terroristan and a Rejectistan, wherein you did nothing or a force of pulling back only for there was an ancestor. To the top, for Indians, it was the father himself the Gandhi playing the decelerator. They opposed the evolution, for they were the ancestors.

Such have the effect these Ancestors.

You’d agree we still have from the same samples, same traditions, same path being followed still, decelerating the evolution. For instance NIA just found a shootout calendar off Hurriyat. Calendars of triggers Pulling Munaf Patels of India to Arshad Khan-ism of Pakistan. All for your ancestors were slow, many sleazy, many many worth killable, many martyred to treachery, and peak samples cut short, as and when required.

These ancestors typically arrange for their own Kids getting retired early, pulling out juices off placenta of others, and that mostly to keep their own kids in control, or for they’re double sure of their own realities. Should you be poor, for your ancestors handed over your controls to the handlers then. For they failed to evolve, they result into your EMIs. They deflated your evolution, your early retirement. All for they could, and all that they couldn’t.

I wish I could hold Tata, Manmohan & Shreedharan, in one line to help me reconcile, what they received, the package India as a 30 year old and what happened until they lived, and submit an itemised report before me of all the decelerating points. (I’m sure only Shreedharan will have answers). I wish the trio could handover the handover point from cumulative generations to the present batch of 30s, if they could.

“Should they not, Discovery of India 2.0, is already being readied! I wish, they could see to it as a genuine threat, of Co-operation or Competition.” – The Sane Observer

Four years on, we’d be stepping into World of 2021. The World Cup of Evolution.

I am one 90s kid having brought up writing long essays on ‘India of dreams, India of 2021’.  That golden jubilee of Indian Independence of 1997 had come in our times, the times when Tendulkar created an India that never existed. I was told we’re to win this world cup of 2021, the one of Evolution. And of those essays, I see world going unbearably slower than my imaginations. (But also, in my world, every human is born a CEO. He has assistants, artificial in state poor, humans in state rich. And nobody dies on count artificial. Not a cup of tea of humanity, I guess)

So you’d agree, Mortality should have been regulated, and monitored. Those who should have died, should have been killed, by which I mean quarantined. And those who drove, should have been reared like princes, just by prayers or Voice Control! Had it been, there would have been a control over de-evolution, which happens to be the only objective of Governance. You’d agree that there should have been an ERP of Deaths or Life, whichever way they could have. You’d agree that life has two ways: i) Life elongators and ii) Life Cutters.

Life elongators are acts and factors or vectors to enhance life, Life-cutters on the contrary are the vectors cutting them short, the bad accidents.

The objectives of all the range of leaderships of the world should have been and should be always, to reduce the Artificial Life Cutters to Zero, for the Life Elongators to show up without distortion. May be some communities might not have remained on that count but they would have been only those with artificial reservations. We could have referred to them as Martyrs, equal martyrs. And terrorists killed before having born, be it of state womb or stage whitewashing, or stage training, whichever. A soul would have had a trail and a future, only for the life to end in a death Natural. The death natural to set lives new and evolved. And lives serviced with Asset Management Services, each.

TSO Quote1



But it is not so. Could have been had the Deaths been accounted. Could have been if the ancestors  had brains. Could have been if they knew individual life cycles are a thing to be traced, that they were assets and required asset management. And to make it worse, you’d Brits in the world. A brit is a human born slave to a crown. And you know the type of crown? You’ve a Country-Club or a bloc called The CommonWealth in its name which  itself doesn’t know of decorums to conduct in Country-Clubs.

But that had to happen, the crown that sketched borders the world around with rulers and set squares, in the end had to draw its own when all went over.

And for them, humans were always surplus. Deaths were not accounted.

Once somewhere the United States needed partially. SSN (Social Security Number), the result. However they did as well take as late as 1935. Humanity has been slow.

And So now you’d have to agree that ancestors, of the world and around the world, in totality, have they all been in all, is ancestral and ancient and obsolete, or in direction opposite to ‘Good Evolution‘ having no relation with how the world order at present. All for the reason of failure to acknowledge, that unit Life-cycles are meant to be traced, serviced with services Human Asset Management. Should you encounter a Life-cutter, you eliminate the cause and the infected. And of the life elongators, you replicate and mass produce, the life elongators.

For instance, for India, I’d subject Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav to a philosophy radio in Blaring English. Within 72 hours, I can have him dead, without being cruel. Or would have a Devang Mehta Residentship Program for late teenagers, only to tune grads into a Devang Routine. He solved Y2K for you all, if you remember. Until him TCS was known by Tata himself. Indians will have agriculture gesture controlled in 15 years, should it happen that way. (And I believe it will happen)

And now you’ve agreed I guess, you needed a true reflection of what kills and what doesn’t. What extends what cuts. That you ought to have a Program to regulate Life Elongators and disinfect Life-Cutters. A program to eliminate bad ancestorism, to promote good ancestorism, to stabilise good deaths against bad deaths, wherein bad deaths are all deaths artificial, by eliminating accidents unpleasant, irrespective of planned or otherwise. A program with an objective to plug Artificial deaths to Zero.

TSO Quote2Let it be called PMSP: Public Mortality Stabilisation Programme!

Disclaimer: This is one new genre in Literature to have been created. Applicative Fiction. Visions and Opinions are the author’s own, good enough to be replicated worldwide.


Why Idolising Steve Jobs is attaining Nirvana

I wonder if I’d have the maturity yet to talk of Steve. But if I could have, my way, I’d have had Steve Jobs in Ayodhya. The World’s largest International Religion Centre fitted inside a mighty globe with tech savvy offices to each religion and Steve in Centre. With campus spanning the whole city and housekeeping licensed to Alphabet (Google). They, the religious vendors and labors could manage their subscriptions, escalations, corrective actions, preventive actions, ethics, properties, human ratios or simply BAU, from there, the world’s Religion Capital. And In-life God Services run around Steve. From the respective religions to the respective disciples. I’ll tell you, I’d add a little more from my side as well: hand them over with UID, one each for their subscribers, which is one tracking system tatoo-able on spinal cords right at birth, created exactly for the same. For religions and not countries. To provide In-life God services. All those gamuts of services that you remember God for. And for its me creating the Campus, I’d give it name and a Super-religion tag – Sportism, where religions converge, The Steve’s Centre of Sanity.

And I’m sure even Ram lalla would have loved the same, or thus Ram of 2017 should look like. Or still further, Ram would’ve been very much the same. Or I wonder if I’m looking for some affiliation for some reason. So I’ll cut the story short, Steve was the incarnation of Ram. Those who differ, may they come back with Ram defined in numbers. As far as I know, the best horse in the ongoing Ashwamedha is Steve’s. Only Ram had that kind of horse, as unstoppable and as much Apple of the eye. So I’m not even creating art, I’m preaching. Ashwamedha Premier League used to be some horse race in the ages of Gods which we Indians used it as substitute to weapons in order to decelerate Armament Races. Steve was Ram and an Alumnus of Kainchi, Nainital. And as I said, I wonder if I’d have the maturity to handle the character of Steve, specially when he’s not around. I wonder how do  they do, those who do. That for a guy who had Jobs in his name. Perhaps, because he couldn’t reach the last beggar. But so couldn’t Ram. (Rams pull beggars, not beg to beggars- to be onboard.) The last he could, is to put it as outrightly as in name, the most important pillar that the beggars need, what he did. Ram post industrial revolution, how should have he been? I wonder if it was Gandhi’s curse for him to have born in the US in order to escape a name like Ram Gandhi or Jobs Gandhi. Ram of 2017 must have been so, Ram Jobs. (Playing reservation-reservation, when did seats got reserved, the Indians couldn’t even figure!)

So this is on an uninformed piece doing rounds from a media conglomerate from Quartz age which found some un-entrepreneurial traits in the Ram of my generation. And also this is not a kind of its first, or a single one time odd sledging. There has been this ruckus of rubbish nonsensical negative sale of sensational stories for quite long. From and around innumerous caterpillars and hippos, the super-slows, those who need five-seven states of metamorphosis per day to catch up with time, if at all they were to do so. Those who probably didn’t even attend high school properly, and live on eyes and ears of others. Its natural for their brains to perceive and function differently. Add to that the organised distortion in supply chain of stories in the US of A, who almost flirted with advancement as exotic as AI for choice, this elections. (To which the people said, “Hey, we’ve our own AI to choose”). So, of that lot, the organised facilities of distorted stories, apparently an AI powered media conglomerate from the Quartz age recently warned of the Important Man, no more around in human form who manufactures i-men just with a mere chant of his name: not to idolise the i-Guy, not to ride the i-bus and that the Valley (the Silicon one; there’s only one in the world to be known so. There had been only one other Kashmir which is history) is paying for it, that the i-disciples are perishing soon, one by one, for they worship i-God or the i-Guy

I wonder what’s the death rate, and who, whoever looks upto Steve, who goes finding negatives and who found what. But then there’s a sample already, which I couldn’t decipher. All that I could, figured he didn’t know Steve. And that all Steve uprooted (In India we rarely achieve, we uproot- which could be anything, ranging from some part of your own body to Proxima Centauri, just anything- which defines the scale), so beginning again, all that Steve uprooted- (is) tagged and mapped to the name- Steve Jobs- and known already. Futile to duplicate the same, although there’s one issue with that  there as well. That its too few in quantity and quality- all that is listed. For life has more than one dimensions. Something to see, some to understand, and the rest to agree. (The Understanding Zone & Agree point or all that beyond to be seen, is technically a slope called Bargaining-Gradient). So to list all that Jobs uprooted, you need to be Jobs himself to the least. For instance, the above idea to Ayodhya, you see. To argue on Steve, you need to have seen all, 360 in 3D and axis, right on the the Core (of Earth).

Steve isn’t just 500 Billions (by-products in-fact), Steve is Idea, which in turn a very strange commodity.  Valued, consumed, processed, sold and bought, all in segments. It works the same way that a cow beyond the Lutyens can’t distinguish between edibles and non-edibles or between food or plastic. It eats anything that’s wrapped with apparent food or may be so helplessly tired of uncivilised littering. While the cows in uber dairies, who eat as exotic as those, say out of reach of a typical $1500 Indian, don’t even sniff at any edible if not offered properly with etiquettes, like they know what to eat, and what not. Now in the modern world, I guess they’ve moved even humans to the same category. They’re eating plastic in eggs I heard, those cows out of Lutyen’s! So this piece is to nudge the world on the i-exploits beyond the listed, or all that the dumb world of tiny mortals can’t decipher what they can’t see and yet to list. And what and who was Steve Jobs. And along with that, filtering out the plastic that’s being mixed with eggs. May you know what is plastic and what is food, or just be the cow. (The Indians are 99% Cows. The rest 1% pay taxes.)

I wished if the world asked ever, why the Mac or i-phone or the i-pods or just any i-thing, why are they so as they are. To nail two problems. So they were machines to make even the dumbest of humans use other machines, that as easy as some extension of their bodies. To teach even the Americans to use computers. And second to connect the other intermediaries, the businesses. To ease those lives whoever preferred to not exploit men, whoever needed machines, whoever needed productivity. From ease of efforts to the luxury of data,  whatever whoever seeks.Beauty, reliability, quality, they came as by-products. Ram, as I said.

And I wonder, if I’d be able to complete should I go on to list. And given the audience of 99% cows, would it even matter? Or I wonder how to convey. Its so much, that it’s been more than 30 that I’ve been around, listing exploits and SOPs, full time dedicatedly. So let me cut it short and show some byproducts. Today I find myself being copied and followed by competitors as small as World Bank and United Nations together, even as I continue to do the same (listing i-exploits) unproductively. I find myself being read in over 50 countries (excluding India obviously) even for wryly hung portal to dry, that from the hinterlands of Jharkhand, the world’s sleaze capital after Sounmalia, Padtharkistan, Kaungo, and Chicfghanistan. I find myself natural at ideation-to-solve and also most of the times 5000 years in advance always, just by listing Jobs. Ayodhya has only one solution now, you see! And I’m sure I’d be merging the whole world into one, making them go Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam in Plug n Play, sooner than I think.

So these are the smallest of all i-exploits to have happened ever: the ability of ideation and the vision in determination. And this happens to a boy whose grandfather was fooled in dowry on amount received over confusion of shape and size of coins (between 3 and 20 paisa), to a boy whose uncles pull hand-pulled rickshaws in Kolkatas even today, to a boy who began life selling lambs and vegetables in village markets, today selling content on the internet, competing World Bank to build knowledge bank, all of that when you follow Jobs. I wish I could give a certificate to those who list the unlisted i-exploits.

I think this is what should be Nirvana. I guess. It happened by Idolising Steve Jobs.

To Gurmehar- The Engineering of Nationalita 2017- (The Teaser)


Congratulations. On the recent fame. An exciting thing to have at 20. A JIT (just in time) component in future manufacturing, specially for those ‘Make it Large’ kinds. Or the unfair most advantage you could dream of. For instance, all by yourself, today, should you wish, you could start a marketing-advertising company with reach over a million unique individuals on Day 0. Humans, because they trade and grade, they’ve this ‘making luck happen’ point which come round as T-junctions embedded in their life-package. Every human life has that, invariably. Winners make it count while beggars lose, but they have it all. And this that you just had, which by now has become ‘recent’ was yours. Perhaps the most major one, irrespective of your own evaluation. Your first interaction with world, one on one, a luxury that only Entrepreneurs have- to deal with population one on one. So you’ve run yourself into some achievement. Gurmehar who until just a while back was some precious beautiful girl, is now also important. And now a brand with market penetration. She’s gone into the history. That recorded digitally.

In 3050, some 1000s of years post 2021 when they teach kids the science, scope, reliability and veracity of history, they’ll talk about digital records as evidences in addition to archaeological, literary, pictorial, mortal remains, and so on. And when they do that, they’ll know  Gurmehar existed, as they talk of Delhi then. And somewhere, deep into clouds or cyber-fossils, out of excavations around the film city around Noida, and or those innumerous data centres,  will they find evidences. And then they’ll be explaining how Indians perished, listing who their invaders were.

India- The Neo-medieval history – NCERT  Revised Edition 3050 

Descending over a massive multi-pronged war by the beginning of first century ST, India kept on enduring continuous a war effectively  by virtue of armoured encounters in small packs. They came in  two formats (i) terrorism sourced along or outside the international borders, and (ii) naxalism motivated deep inside. Into the second decade (18ST), even as they liberalised, that is being forced to liquidate the stake in controls of the (not so) democratically elected governments, owing to obvious incompetency, they kept on taking bullet hits across the porous borders. However, as they evaded guns outside, did they some hard work in beds. Over decades that paid off. They’d customers every nook and corner, customer on the left, customer on the right, customer less than a cuddle away, customer everywhere. From scooters to soda, from floppies to reels, they guzzled it all. Not to miss the human competition to outdo each other. Into the the third decade (20 ST onwards), they started getting some eyeballs, courtesy IIT and cricket. But also came round hijackings, from planes to positions. They released Azhars and Lalus, Tytlers and Telgis. Massacred in trains and markets, Delhi and Mumbai, Chambal and Jharkhand, Dantewada and Tinsukia. Gangrened. Still huddled, yet again. And the sperms rallied around. Came in “Team India“, “India Inc.“, came the rupee symbol ₹. With highs, came also the lows in tandem. Died Dewang, died Batra, died UnniKrishnan. Died justice, died education, died the sundry entrepreneur. What didn’t die unfortunately never, their trust in God and importance of Babus. Fast forward somewhere into the 4th decade, came a firebrand, dynamic, state of the art, articulate, knowledgeable and the savior with a genuine smile, the hero, Kenahaiya Kumar the great. The messiah to black blind rules and anarchy. Talked of freedom he, when neither were Indians allowed to speak, nor to earn. They had universal reservations (SC/ST/EBC/OBC), they’d reservations in paid (VYAPAM/ CBSE leak, UPSC leak, IIT leak, CAT leak, Coalgate….gat)e. No they weren’t gates, express corridors in fact, of the Babus, the selected rodents to scavenge papers. They drained. But they pushed, yet again! Rained billions, moonwalked Flipkarts, drove Olas, fed Zomatoes, delivered Swiggies. Joined a rockstar. He flew a lot. But came back Uri, came again Una. There was Malda, there was Dadri. And then there was Kashmir. Up above, with mountains. That built pressure. Came a cyclone, not Katrina, not typhoon, not Rita. Nationalita it was.

Page 2|Current Affairs|Competition Success Review |August 3044

From cyber-fossils excavated, near the historical crime city of Noida, famous for early morning-robberies then, Google has pulled up hugest data mountains ever through its Data Sensing Cloud Pyrolator Engine. The engine equipped of future generation semantics claims to pull, assort and collate all used form of vocabulary in any medium aligned to respective contexts.  It works like some text magnet, which has pulled up two huge mountains under context ‘Freedom’ and ‘Poverty’. While the data processing is still under process, they’ve already processed 32000 and 156794 Bn TKUs (text keeping units) under respective heads. “If all text printed and piled, it would dwarf Himalayas by more than 18 times, just the freedom part. Good” enough to print a new mountain Freedomalayas”, said  Atyant Sundar, CEO Google. The extrication process has also revealed more intricate details on freedom struggles during the first century ST which as believed by many triggered the gradual collapse of the great Indian democracy.

Now, Some  Straight Stories

So, a long imaginary blabber I guess. May it remain so. Tragedies should be  better off as fiction. But that doesn’t avert tragedies. Right? It just leaves you ignorant. And, ‘Ignorance’ should be a modest word for Indians. I think ‘Treachery’ suits them better. One can’t remain ignorant, impoverished, illiterate and yet emerging for 1500 years in a row. From Mahmud of Ghazni to East India Company to Unilever to Pepsi to Amazon, we’ve been emerging. Ironically while no invader died poor, Indians- the 16% of the world or every 6th confirmed Prega News, clubbed together make for world class beggars at 1.2% the Global wealth. And as they say, charity begins at home, the top 1%, the reserved and preserved sperms reserve 58% of the Indian pie. Even as beggars keep on begging on trivial substrates like Jat/Muslim/Women for other customised reservations. So Gurmehar, this is India.