Blast from the past: What makes bureaucrats (IAS,IPS,IRS,IFS) rich?

Let’s see who the IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS or let’s say IXS are

If you’re aware of Indian ways, to call them the only literate human resource in the entire government set up or the captain of any government team that you interact with if you have to, would be no exaggeration.

Who and what is government?

Government is that party you created to look after the business of businesses that you didn’t want to care about. Security, Internal and external, Civic Infrastructure, Rules of living and businesses, your branding and marketing in the external world.

Assuming that we began poor, and we had only Government after God, which we still assume, we said we’ll give maximum things to government to control, which anyways had to be guided by government. So we created another god. The government. And we always knew that God will never be available to us all the time, so we asked our government to put someone who is always present, agreeing to pay from our pockets. We Got IXS.

Now let’s see who these IXS are. Factoring in all the laws and regulations, government has 30% of the declared trade volume held with it at any given moment, to let carry the transaction. So the government has 1trilion dollars with it to all the time annually, being managed by these IXS. Assuming 30000 IXS, one IXS executes 660 crores of declared trade every year. Even if you factor in exact figures, there would fluctuation of 5–10 crores, 600+ crore to be on the safer side Each IXS executing 600 crores. That is being one Anand Mahindra.

That is one IXS. Anand Mahindra might well fail, might well default, might not trade 600 crores but IXS will. He’s never out of business.

Let’s look at who Anand Mahindra is. He’s selling 60% tractors in US since ages, he’s 1/10 of all automobiles in the world, He’s slowly selling fruits and vegetables, he’s building rockets and tanks, he’s doing more than God does for you.

Blame it on the system or our ignorance or whatever, you’ve at your disposal who these IXS are or who should they be, or are they what they’re hyped to be or are they having fun without work or .. There could be endless list. Essentially we choose 1000 Anand Mahindras every year, Do they stand up to that or is the design completely flawed, it’s upto you to figure out.

1 IXS=1 Anand Mahindra. Contrast that with the productivity Only 1 E-Shreedharan in 70 years from the government system.

This should tell you why IXS are rich, how are they rich or how poor are they. And should an IXS read this, please feel happy to be ashamed, hang in shame. You love being important but clueless while delivering. You’re simply those incompetent corporate discards cashing in for the so called constitutional importance.

In 70 years you couldn’t figure out ways to count the transactions happening. Is there any point where government ceases not to exercise or not to take money, starting from toll tax to any ridiculous levy. You manage to fail only when giving back. And you call yourselves IAS, attach Indian and Service.

Imagine an Anand Mahindra allowed to lose all that Mahindra group sold, year after year. That about the declared trade. This is how an IXS is rich