Bihar: The Non-entrepreneur’s Paradise

I could see guns getting pulled just by the title, so the shield ‘Albeit’. Hope it sets the tone, but not softer either. To be honest, I certainly wanted to annihilate the land that killed my aspirations, and continues to kill many, for its illiteracy by choice. But as you see, passing a judgement over a land would be world’s most leisurely and equally unproductive job, which never served any purpose. Had it ever, there would not have been a Pakistan. That means Gyan or Opinion has no value, in the end everyone uses their own brains. So there’s nothing or lot lesser scandalous about this but for the title. I’m in fact finding a polite way of leaving people red faced and force them accept mistakes. The problem with India is, its just too cultured, acknowledging mistakes, issues makes you big or small, the baat or focus comes on importance. And then even God salutes us Indians. In fact I make him seek permission before interruption. So hold on Bihar! This story is exclusively for you.

Off late, I’ve undergone some massive pulverisation, thanks to my motherland. The Great Indian Grind, I call it. And now in complete awe of the poor people of India, for the way they carry out their lives. You might judge, but a lot prefer to live poor, by choice, just to live or live happy. And you never know, there might be some purpose. Its just another lifestyle, nothing to do with ambition. Also ambition means no compromise, ambition with compromise doesn’t exist, its called doped ambition, and an industrial application, only as long as the luxury lasts. And they call it disruption. So, they have run 70 years of poor’s or poor Government. Never did someone ever give a credit, so they don’t even know begging. And this is about a colossal monk from this side of the population.

So, the poor people of India, telling you what none said ever.  You’re all awesome. You’re the best poor set ever, of all poors and the best tribe across the world. Blessed with nerves of steel,  you are Rahul Dravids in real life. Letting things go, come what may the cravings. Yes or No, on merits. You foot your own bill, or die. You never hoard, always flow, let flow. Never do you use ever your importance, never an obstacle. Carrying the least hurting coefficient in the world’s civilisation, enhancing carrying capacity, always enabling. They called you poor, but not fair. For your fairness, you even made the word ‘Poor’ go respectable. May poverty hurt you in daily affairs, little more uncomfortable always, but away from malice. Honest for a reason. That’s some kind of richness, just not monetised. Say being Pujara, but no colored clothes, but still cricket.

Hang on, there’s much commercial value as well. You can very much start teaching, coaching on how to live poor, how to save, of hacks, of hows and whens. It looks endless, and you know, you can just sell anything in India, even your own e-learning ware. All you just need is little eagerness to sell, and there are just too many kinds of fools to not to be fooled. I see tons of apps here. In fact India can save upto 0.5 GDP as well, like an accepted universal fact. May even the glamourous people can use the word ‘Austere’. So they even live poor in style, even the word oozes glamour.  Aus-tere- Sounds such a lovely name for a company! So honest! Employees know in advance, so do customers. By the way did someone notice, those who lived Austere, they called them poor, and as they went poor, there came a word! What should have been Greedy-Austere, or even Rich-Austere, they made it Rich-Poor. May be the guy bringing culture blanket got a single-bed one. Well, I’m to tell of a man who enriched ‘Austere’, who lives Austere like authority. And the poor people of India, rise to a new word. Austere. And to all those needing revolutions, here’s a way. This way Kanhaiya Kumar. Youth Icon!

As I said, he’s someone who defined Austerity, such that it ever had to find a symbol, the first one has to be Anand Kumar, and just too sufficient to look for another. So someone who has already defined a word, must be colossal. Well, indeed he is, one in a world, not lakhs, not crores, not millions, not billions, one in the world. An empire in himself. Just in case you tend to develop cynical feeling, or what we call in India,  going Bhaktish, he is a regular feature in the top 20 rated, listed and acclaimed teachers of the world, A professional Mathematician Globally certified. So this is going to be a long story, and annihilating, meant to hurt sentiments, and if possible manufacturing some shame. This will be about the shameful treatment that India does to its soldiers and entrepreneurs, the only class that works, for everybody around has the luxury. Of being ignorant and illiterate at the same time. This is about social impact on Gods of India, of the cost that these world wealths bear, just for their passions. I’ll try to end up putting the most epic rant ever, keeping it fun. Stay connected.

Alas! Bihar, you can’t even hold one gift, not even one.