An open letter to Snobs from a 5th grader

It’s extremely ridiculous to see some jackasses , large in number though, who constantly judge, demean and also befriend people on the basis of the amount of money they earn and on their academic qualification and consider themselves superior to others for these reasons, for whom the so called social ‘standard’ and ‘class’ is defined by ones bank balance and the highest academic degree. This is nothing but a sign of frustration and insecurity , where by demeaning and judging others, the person feels better about oneself. Well, I just have one thing to say to these extremely unhealthy lot, i feel sorry for u. Any amount of academic qualification or money does not guarantee a person to be a good human being, ur sense of superiority is nothing but an outcome of insecurity lurking behind…Truly wise and knowledgeable people worthy of respect can never demean others ,nor they have time enough in their daily schedule to judge and shame others on some non-sensical basis…

To all these morons, sorry but however hard u try to console urself, YOU dear don’t have a class nor do u have dignity.


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