Aadhar: The Placenta to Citizen. (Magic Hacks to Governance with UID)

Aadhar- The Placenta

I see fumes of opinions airing around as the honorable Supreme Court goes trying the India’s most contested Right- Of Privacy. A new Right into the Pipeline. Of the grade until where its fair to scrutinise citizens. The limit to spy and judge, or the cap to Voyeurism. And thus the limit to stories. It actually sums up to giving shape, scales and a stand to Governance. And stands next on the pivot as after effect, the UID, which stands for adding digits to all that, which in turn, for standing subject to engineering, and thus to Performance Measurement.

As the clocks tick, so do many hearts. After all, the land of Bada Babus that India is, with Gods and Cattles on either sides. For instance, a Lalu Yadav would certainly need privacy so as to the ones on footpaths pass off nights comfortably in isolation. The bada babus ensure, either the cattles stray in order on the road or should the one on footpath die, he remains under the covers, under the soil.

The UID disrupts that arrangement. The Zero number two, that it is, a numbering system for the Placenta that living beings are all born with, the serial number to the medium that gave us idle time, outsourcing the verb care to survival over to mothers. While you had the luxury to sleep your way to growth and evolution in peace. 

If you happen to be an asset to the world, we ideally put an asset number to it, for the purpose of Asset Management, should you desire the service of maintenance. Stock Taking. Or Should you wish to build a placenta  artificial for your citizens, in case your might allows, which you should, as an ideal Government. To it, Aadhar is the serial number. The step next to have the opportunity to have placenta beyond the mother, the Tracking id to the Soul- every time a living being is born- to link the asset with Earth. (Provided you care yourself as an asset.) It could be called “God Governance”, as generation next to “Good Governance”, the one with arrangement for placenta to a citizen. (And on Pivot is Stock Taking-The Privacy.)

Well, I don’t  know how that sounds like, in literature, but as Start Up Kumar, I sense something like 5,400 Billions USD a year, for the market of India in present value on that account. And yes, Oh, Please, hold on your small disbelieving hearts. Its just, $4000 USD only, per capita. Still worse, its not that it doesn’t exist today but that you just don’t know. Of which is the game. 

You might still tend to disbelieve the figures.

Well, you also disbelieved that you were born a CEO, only to be trained a gatekeeper. Had they told you, being a CEO, you’d have asked of supplies to your placenta. And before you could have figured out on your own, they’d already got you by heart as religion, “Kya le ke aaye the, Kya le ke jaayenge“. (You brought nothing, nothing will you take, shut off that greed). What they didn’t, “Apna Placenta le ke aaye the, apna le ke jaayenge” (That you came up on your own placenta, and the salvage value would you leave or take. Its not of greed, but the subject of reconciliation).  

For, had they told you, say, you could have asked Amitabh Bachhan as to what the India he received as 30 when he took over, and what he left at the point where you took over, as the next batch of 30. You’d have taken over a paper based handover, stamped with time and particulars, reconciled. In case of India, I’m sure even Amitabh would choose to die than to answer for he was also in the train that stole your feeds to your placenta, which is The train Parallel. (Parallel governments, economies and people)

And why Amitabh Panama Bacchan could, because of the lack of asset number. For your own placenta is not reconciled, someone else can, of which the base value in cumulative, in July 2017 should be 5400 Billions USD a year. That is value of the annual feed to your placenta at base model of human for India should be 4000$ per capita, of which you don’t know, for it goes into the placenta parallel, for it doesn’t have an asset number which is Aadhar, of which is Supreme Court is to take call upon, on which there are opinions, airing around. 

I see the who’s whos of India and the world opinionating the cause. Some sprinkling fear, many suspicions, and the rest their ignorance. But what they didn’t is that Aadhar, the Zero number two is a hack to Governance, just like what Zero was to count. The device that United Nations had to begin with as a problem statement.

They’d begun after War, with objectives of human reconciliations at human levels. Right?

Well, such hacks require skill, brains, and a problem statement closed for solutions (from all sides). And whenever they’re no exits, the only one to you look upto is India! So they (UN) waited for India to develop the solution, while the Indians in turn (waited) for Pakistan to annihilate and amplify the problem statement. To the extent, similar to the puzzle of what to do beyond 9, when they were learning to count. This time, the problem was  of excess men. Of what to do beyond the process to “Count”, the problem of distinguishing extra dead bodies and reconciling the Non-State Men (of which side).

Last time when the humans stuck, all they could, was count in batches. 1, 2, 3… 9, 9*1, 9*2, 9*3, or four batches of 9 and so on. 9*1=9, 9*2=? They couldn’t dare to use equality (=). And a little further, few steps ahead, there was 9*9. Came a phrase, “Many Many” But couldn’t solve. Began a custom. Every time a language was created, the first words to open the vocabulary has been “Many Many” since, in remembrance to the solution. Somebody had used brains. Actually he’d just seen a screw. He knew the problem statement was about to drive down the count to churn the numbers up. Placed 0,  a symbol to motion, 360 degrees. Came in Place Value, Came in Equality, Came in Decimals, Came in binary, Came in computers. (Whenever India solves, it doesn’t solve, it opens floodgates, of Opportunities)

Fast forward, 2000s, Came in Artificial Slaves. Artificial slaves with Artificial Intelligence, racing the Natural ones. Sans politics, Sans exhaust, Sans error, With precautions. (From the same, from algorithms to count). Millions getting replaced day by day off the livelihoods, racing for learning against machines which operate (as) ‘Machines at Learning’. “Honesty” off the vocabulary already, but for in some fairy tales, “Water” next on the list to vanish, racing again with man himself.

All in all, the problems of excess men.

On one end, while the world remains clueless of this problem of excesses, or of ways to approach, surviving through recessions, here had been India, dealing with excesses. Flocking in from all sides, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Coromandel, Malabar, Munnar, Mumbai, Facebook, Orkut, Whatsapp, alive,  dead, waiting to be dead, or from wherever they could. In whichever state. The problem was to what to do post the step “Count“.

Reconcile was the answer.

But again, came how. It wasn’t of 1.35 Billions humans to be counted. It was of distinguishing between billions of sources. It was to distinguish 1.35 Billions and counting and distinguishing amongst surrounding 3 billions. (While for the world on the other end was the question- What of the excesses?)

The answer was one.

Going straight to roots, to the levels a living being is born with: The Placenta. To create an identity link, as unique as a single Placenta. Once you decode the Placenta, you could have the luxury of fitting in as many umbilical chords to it, or of regulating feeds in or out, even as you know the parents responsible of the placenta.

Was Born UID, the Aadhar (2004). Reconciling Humanity at Human levels (Since 2010). [The Problem borned in 1999- Kargil]

Little had the world known, its step ‘Reconcile‘, post step ‘Count‘, hadn’t it been Race Artificial vs Race Natural, not machine vs humans, not labour vs capital. Instead “More machines Per Capita“. Zero Number two, did I say? Yes, this time we’re teaching the world Reconciliation. And in the age of Artificial Intelligence, the preparedness of handing over Artificial Placentas, beyond mothers, beyond Gods. Last time it was a hack to Count, this time hack to Governance, of hacks to Evolution. 

Due Credits: Pakistan. Thanks for 70 years of war.

Hacks To Governance

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We’ll abolish Income Tax. We’ll Change exams. We’ll change Education. We’ll Change Census. We’ll have daily attendance, We’ll have Fast Courts, We’ll bring Customer Care to Policing. We’ll have Free Universal Basic Income Scheme with Revolving Debit-Credit. We’ll have world bowing to us. We’ll have world’s first Placenta Services.

-The Sane Observer

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