Tell Rahul Gandhi Anything Unorganised is Crime

Our Gandhi scion is back with a scathing series. “Demonetisation killed all unorganised businesses”, said the Bhai Saab as he rekindled the flame, who has been running Gareebon ki Government, the Government of India since 1965 after Shastri. And as we know all, it has already rebooted thrice in 70 years. Like in chess, a game gets over the momemt Queen gets killed, beginning from Daddy Gandhi at the inception to Princess Gandhi mid-way to Grand Prince Gandhi on the fag end who were also formally, on the designation Queen for the institution. And as a result Gandhi from the state being more than father with a share of more than 100% in Government of India, through 2/3 rds the GoI, today sits reduced to 1/545 the GOI. Hence has a blame game begun between the sides. Last major furore over the last big move of Demonetisation. And in trial are the Businesses Unorganised.

This is to judge what’s correct. How Unorganised are Businesses? To find what’s the correct stand. All with reason. While its true that the sectors pointed to are dying, but why? We’ll see what’s killing. And we the team of The Sane Observer, led by Start Up Kumar, represent the sector Businesses, not very organised at the moment and at distance closer to death than life. We’ll analyse death with depth with respect to processes. We’ll talk Indian Evolution vs Human Evolution, and thereby getting into the skin of Businesses. And for with businesses come always Governance, will come Governance.

We’d be going around via route technical and methodical, testing different hypothesis to reach conclusions, like those MBAs do. They look into things through a special prism called PESTLE, to give verdicts which is done by screwing  arguments through a maze of walls as Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal/logical and Environmental. Which also generally provides with right conclusions if done properly. We’ll be doing something similar. As we rotate the prism, it will throw up a kaleidoscopic burst of scenes in motion to guide us to conclusion. And apart from all that it is, it is also a story of Evolution. So, count not the words. This is one Story of Evolution beyond Darwin.

Let’s begin with a look on Government of India: the Entity.

It was brought into introduction in 1935, by Government of India act as the Political/International/Regulatory owner of the peninsula of the South of Himalayas, the world’s densest Monetary Corridoor.  The territory had the importance as the crucial most light house to the world’s sensitive most Maritime Lane, in essence, say for the triangle of Bangkok, Dubai and Somalia, the world needs to have a Chennai to hold in secure always. Else the world would go Chinese vs Non-Chinese, only to end into Communism vs Capitalism. Between the South China Sea and the Pacific through the Hambantotas of the world, India works up as The Buffer House or The House of Reconciliation. Government of India holds for the formal accountable authority of that, under the new structure of the world, in the age of VISA-passport, WTO and all.

And hang on, this is not a new arrangement. Or to put the other way,  now you should know the reason why Indians have always been wise. Why the Tamilian Brahmins have been the geekiest or why the Meenakshi temple is at Madurai, a little far from Chennai or why so many massive temples in South India. And, of the productivity and profits, and stakes of the arrangemensts, it used to be reflected best as late as until the British colonisation, when  it used to sum up for one third the Global Trade Volume.

Prior to British advent the territory all it was, was it, Every time a Subcontinent, known by rivers and features. Borderless, Seamless, license-raj free, Visa free until 300 years at least prior to the existence of United Nations or the World Trade Organisation or even the tiny breaking European Union. The land and inhabitants knew that Borders are all but devices of making goods and services expensive. The trades and businesses were so engineered to provide the cheapest last mile delivery of Goods and Services, so as to draw maximum efficiency per unit currency, per transaction. Mastered to the extent to have it as specialised as customs and castes.  After developing the first lantern, had they not stopped, going by customs’ pace with evolution, The World’s largest Deep Cleaning Services would have been of the “Doms” of India, completely automated. And probably so for Waste Engineering.

Then one fine day Britishers came. After which, with the beginning of Doctrine of Lapse, to the Act of Government of India, 1935, the administration evolved. Simultaneously also changed dynamics in the world order. Went through two major Wars until the US once dropped two Chocolate Bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, coupled with many mini-bullets along the way. Went the humans to deafening silence even as were Allah, Jesus, Ram, Krishna, and the rest all fired, and sent for PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) under Buddha. Born were slew of control towers of the likes UNO, WTO, World Bank in quick successions and forcing the Brits to retract. The Government of India took over with Sovereignty and came into democratic form after the first General Elections of 1952.

And you see the turn Human Evolution took. Exists a Club of Nations called The Common Wealth in submission to crown, the one which couldn’t survive in a club of countries on its own. In the name of the crown, which didn’t know itself the decorum of Club of Countries. In India as they say that as “Gulam Gulam Mausere Bhai” as in Slaves Slaves make cousin brothers.

So, as put in the beginning, the GOI took reins over the importance and relevance of India formally, in the capacity of Chennai to secure the ends of Bangkok, Dubai and Somalia, even as providing assistance to little brothers of Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia to Afghanistan. For you need a rock solid defense service pack in the region to let life happen. From Himalayas to Pacific through the Indian Ocean, almost a third of the Date line’s extent. Has lied that Stake authoritatively with Government of India, since, into hands of the team Government of India since one day very long back. And that as demonstrated has been amazingly fair to everyone, just by maintaining a right level of Mediocrity. It protected them who protected them, paying them who paid them, in proportions. After all, Stakes of One third the Global trade it has been. From few hundreds of years for India, it has been the outsiders, beginning from the employees of East India Company to the containers of Pepsi and McDonald’s, and Googles and Amazons. Paid back to them who paid back.

Even as effectively the Indians lost the race by themselves sabotaged by themselves, in the environments wherein no Google, no Amazon, no Pepsi, no DNA, no computer, no atom moved ever until there was a hand Indian. The Indians lost in India, in the race Evolution, despite a 1/3rd the stake perennial on the vector  Evolution.

Ironically you’d also find India had even that technology to have World’s first Peace Keeping Forces, even before United Nations came into existence. That’s what Gandhi hired for the World War,  Right? So they lost it as close as that. The natives had the sense of Governance, but not the ruler. Gandhi didn’t know what he was hiring.

Had Gandhi known what he was hiring, Neta Shubhash wouldn’t have to be reduced to India, and wouldn’t have those chocolate bombs dropped ever over Japan. Would have been units of massive peace keeping forces on two fronts, Left and Right, and would have been Negotiations. Wouldn’t have been NATO, would have been IATO, the Indo-Atlantic Treaty Organisation working towards Optimum most Security beginning From Alaska to Trivandrum, from Trivandrum to Perth. Had been No Pakistan, No Bangladesh, and had turned the world Solar by 80s. Wouldn’t have been any Gulf Escalation, would Dubai have Got Burj Khalifa in 1991 and Saudi Arabia getting the artificial citizen on 01/01/2000 as memorial to ace Y2K. And would have been Tokyo and New York less polluted. Would have been Singapore a weekend joint for Indians. And for those who eloped for Love, would have been Tel-Aviv the hideout. And had been India, always a sub-continent. Would have been the Human Evolution Fast and Fluid.

You as a citizen pay it back by choosing to live, choosing to consume, choosing to buy, choosing to multiply, all here. In Delhi’s Air, or by the Bellandur Flames in Bangalore, or into the BMC’s jurisdiction at Mumbai Terminal. You choose to stay despite the knowledge that its the land which will pay the 123rd worst mileage per unit effort, when begins a vicious cycle, just at the moment as you choose, as we talk about 2017, landing back to the moment present on the timelines of Evolution.

Which is about this furore is. Of the vicious cycle of conflicts because of incumbent conflicts, over the mother conflict- of Conflicts of Interests, of conflicts of short run and long run, finally getting reduced to at the ground levels in micro as the basic conflict:  who paid, with how much. Begins Trust being at loggerheads with Mis-trust, carrying though one unit of Divide vs Rule vs many Divides vs Rules vs many units of Divide and Rule to end up into a wide range of varieties of Rules, to finally give into an assortments of Divides, like a world’s hypermart of divides.

You know what happens next!

Yes, exactly about what the furore is all about, where the matter phasej. Creates Flipkart, Sachin Bansal, runs Flipkart Tiger Global. Dies Bokaro, Rises Shanghai. In comes hunger, In comes stress, In comes Kasab, In comes Government of India: Unity in Diversity snugs in Government of India, silently, when none’s watching.

Therafter you live for life expectancy of 68 on average, 14 short of all great lands which developed along the same time frame as you, under $1500 per capita, 87% of the workforce works under sectors informal as labours off roll, under $120 a month. Passport 80th worst, ill branded, less paid. Inside India you’ve the top 1% of the population DJ-ing the 58% the wealth or the potential stored for Opportunities and on another end, a Parle-G with tea serving for breakfasts followed by a kg of rice if available, to end with Tharra Desi (country liquor) to finally dissipate into violence domestic for 800 millions almost . The luckiest ones however, craft dreams of fire in the city Traffic, as we land to the instant present of 2017, in the ages After Indian Demonetisation of 2016, descending to the day India pipping the US in count of smartphones.

Smartphones workout as Handhelds in the hands of customers, as devices to bring economies of scales in transactions. That pivotal tool to align the world into JIT (Just in Time) of transactions and businesses and crimes. Sending off the days of storage, forecasting and Sales to obsolete to transit into the days of Make to Order and Communications. From the days of Shaky Sales to Make on Order. But as you see, there have been people, communities, nationalities, or volumes of mobs of different scales to play decelerators to the Evolution. Today they’re striving for a salvage of old positions, without evolving, while ignorant as they’ve been always by blood. Someone told them, from the Days of “Shaky Sales” in the days of smartphones, they could eye for the days of “Fishy Sales”. And is the conflict, the furore, which we’re to judge. And you know of the stakes, of the control to world’s catchment of customers, of One-third the World Trade. So is the Noise and the Chaos.

We’re to go find, the roots and stems, body and sternums. Keep the belts fastened, we’re to shift gears.

We’re to run through the trial of biggest of conflicts: of maintenance of the process of conflicts, of the triggers to the vicious cycles. Of orientation of world, of the split of Karma, of buckets of verbs, of distinction between Businesses and Crimes. That by taking the model use case of  Indian Conflicts of Conflicts of Interests Post Demonetisation. And somewhere through that, as a hobby, to tell Gandhi what is Unorganised.

To not lose in the maze of turns, mind the colors of fonts.

The Conflict: The  Government of India processed Demonetisation.

The Accusation: The Unorganised businesses are dying

Stakeholders: a) You, the 78th worst passport holder and  88 times less paid per hour to a US counterpart. 14 short in life expectancy against the Global elites. b) Start Up Kumar: The Unregistered Entrepreneur c) Rahul Gandhi: 1/545 the Government of India, d) the Government of India e) Global citizen paying less for goods for the stability in the Pacific, with a goal to drive Happy Human Evolution. 

And we begin with a top down approach.  Killing Problems by weightage of Constraints, one by one, bit by bit. May get a tad longer, but you know whom its addressed to!

With 99% Cash back into the banks, we assume demonetisation didn’t harm anyone adversely but for those who died in the queues. Designating them as Martyrs of System for calculation convenience. Say on the note of deaths, we’ve a range of uncontrolled deaths from Pradyuman’s at School to Dr Deepak Amarpurkar of Mumbai swept down the gutters, to Bhopal Gas tragedies to Train Accidents to attacks of 26/11 including hundreds of Dantewadas and Uri ambush. From honest civil services officers to Farmers, every one, but with little control. Government of India never really had control over Mortality right from the onset of Daddy Gandhi, though it did manage a fair pace with human evolution, pushing it from 45 to 68 since independence. We used to have more riots per capita per day or in British Raj than the GOI-Raj. To take note is the fact Demonetisation killed none in human. A mini-conclusion for the time being.

Next we go to the structure of Businesses, the entities speculated to die beyond the humans- the livelihoods, or as under inverted commas, those “Unorganised Businesses”.

Are Businesses Unorganised? If yes, which part and why? What makes Businesses Unorganised and the factors? And finally what a unorganised business means. Who are the Unorganised Businesses?

Going by technicalities on legal papers, according to National Commission for Enterprises the Unorganised Sector, are unincorporated private enterprises owned by individuals or households engaged in the sale or production of goods and services operated on a proprietary or partnership basis and with less than ten total workers. Out of the 458 million persons employed in India, 87 percent or over 400 million work in the unorganised sector, generating 50.6 percent of the country’s GDP of the 458 million persons employed in India. (And to deduce you’d say 50% of the GDP stands unorganised, under the gun)

Add a food for thought to take a small pause: Can 50% of your GDP be Unorganised. It includes farming. And from the political and factual corner, Has the GDP retracted by half? Who’s the one who’s dying? And will you find the vicious cycle exfoliating and myths bursting.

If you take a deep dive, to scroll through floors and ceilings and beyond, you’d find no business ever, as long as it was a business, was never any of them Unorganised. You’d find they were not vendors, not hawkers, not service providers, not a “Rediwala”, not a “Thelawala, not a Warren Buffet, not Elon Musk, not Larry Page, not Jobs, not Sachin Bansal, not Bikanerwala, not Google, not Citi, not HDFC, not Airtel, not Edission, not Bezos, not Toyota, but all they were, “Gods of Livelihoods” as drivers of evolution.

And as you scan and scavenge the depths shallower, you’d find, no business, no transaction executed ever without a string of processes. That businesses ran on a fundamental of identity, or brands, from that ferrywala to your favourite Kulfiwala to the handcart of vegetables to any streetfoods kart to your favourite i-Phone. Those who have not much of a name plate, you recognise them by face, or by place of standing. You’ll find while standing at place is discipline, dishing out your favourites, customised to taste, budget, need, even monetary condition was a result of processes, recipes, and conscious continuous improvements. So mastered, to make into list of your rank charts of go to guys in your logs, for a particular feature.

As you go down to anatomy, you’ll find, those processes were not just processes but a specialised domain of their own, to go on to give rise to billions of occupations to finish into career options to their levels highest. You’d find they were not processes, but value chains, so engineered to churn unit merchandise at a definite scale. From human resource, to Finance, to Operations to Marketing to Sales and After Sales, they stood for responsibilities. From that roadside hawker to that so called arrogant drop-out Steve Jobs, the guys stood until their products’ lives. Could there be an iota of dis-order for a business to turn business ? Ask that beginning from your nearest food-joint or just any vendor, ranging from a hawker with handcart to Google with brains on hire, you’d find they were all but ‘Effort wala Stand’ built on the back of well structured organisation called Discipline.

He, whom you called or business unorganised, you’d find was the cheapest last mile delivery you could afford. You’d find them you classified to be unorganised, have been delivering till the top of Mount of Everest since thousands of years without ERPs. The Mumbai Dabbawala, a pristine example.

Businesses, they ran on Names, each of them. How could they be Unorganised? And just when you scratch the crust little deeper, you’d find the secret. They were not Unorganised, but all they were Unregulated, for a reason, to yield for other side of organisation of businesses unregulated. Say for instance, “Hafta” of the Police which stands for a daily levy on the stores, stalls, shops or counters on roads in respective jurisdictions informally as informal protection against informal hooligans/ informal security threats or That unregulated hiring of  Gandhi for the informal Peace keeping Forces. You’d find the Un-organisation or the disorder was in Governance, and not in businesses. You’d find there was disorder in regulating and validating businesses, that under a different set up Organised in order to create a consistent supply of informal supply of funds and influence. 

Mark that India has just about 50% of GDP under informal/unorganised sector. That the GOI paid them who paid them, that in proportions. (You need to apply brains here to understand the structure. Every single thing is by design and we’ve hit 3000 words!)








The story of BHU: A Walk through Sleaze gates of Lanka and Post-Molestation Processes in India


“Knowledge imparts immortality” 

 –BHU (Banaras Hindu University)

Well that’s the motto of this great university in spotlight which has been in existence for a good 100 years. While nobody knows really how many immortals it produced but today its a hub of sex, sleaze, exploitation, casteism, corruption, nepotism, and of course a manufacturing facility of dumb asses that Indian universities produce. Which is reflected in the fact that despite having 45 Central Universities, 87% of India’s labour force works informally under $120 a month. The productivity of this sleazy institution is reflected in the fate of the holy Ganga which is forced to queue up in the sold sluggish courts of India in person today despite having a BHU right in the middle of the course of the holy river over 100 years. Or to be more correct, a university that mortifies even the elements as immortal as snow-fed Ganga.

A month ago there was an escalation wherein a 21 year old student of this so called university was molested on campus by a good boy high on libido. Most likely the boy who must have been an offspring of a resident professor had inserted his hands into the blouse of the girl. And I wonder if as a habituated Indian you find this normal to read on, but it happens to be one of most traumatising event for a girl with disastrous fallouts, given the way India exists and Indians function. The same that happened to this girl in the latest gaffe had happened to my sister in January 2015. The culprit was a professor, who’d sent for assigning some assignment. Today I lie bankrupt, in depression, fired from job, buried under loans, serving notices just short of imprisonment, battling insolvency or perhaps also waiting for death for once I’d decided to take on fight with sleazy band of Indians and the Indian system which turned out more casteist than a legal war. All for having born into this country inhabited by illiterates.

This country gives you expense centres that you don’t plan of, only to bleed through thousand cuts till you survive. From the blood of which run the homes of team Government of India- the employees and their keepers. Which in turn gets re-introduced into the population in form of insensitivity, stress, rejection and of course corruption, for its an eco-system better known as economy, for its connected.

My heart goes out for the aggrieved girl out there ringed up in the victim zone for no fault of her own, only to bear a bad hysteria for life to follow. I know how each and every coming moment would be hitting her. Having set up 82 start ups one after other, 83rd on way, having been almost married to failures, having been a native to maoist by lanes of Jharkhand, I’ve not endured a harsher circumstance than the process cycle and the value chain of combined hostilities of police, court and society, always hand in gloves with criminals. You must have heard of victim-shaming from the illiterate VC and various quarters of university including women. Little are you aware, each one of them is battle hardened criminal almost by birth.

Many of you would not know of hows and whats of Indian set up Or how technical is to report a crime or the agony of running into relations with Government of India, specially with the dumb ambiguous Indian penal codes into the hands of hostile naukar class illiterate officials of the Great Indian Judiciary and Police. And add to that the spice of sleaze of the illiterate Uttar Pradesh.

The little girl who was just out of comforts of home to learn to stand and take on the world will now for the umpteenth time in court narrate the ordeal better than a film script, should she need to emerge victorious and clean. This after she has already undergone the trauma of molestation. From what happened to the hows, the angle of advance, the top or the bottom, by face or behind, by waist or the breast, by fingers or the whole palm, if fingers, which which spots, which angle, what attire, what ornament, what undergarment, which make, which color, did the perpetrator kiss, or he lifted, from where did the advance begin, how long did it last, what she did next, all knitted in timelines timed to a stopwatch.

Should she miss on one detail, that would be exploited by the police and the judge to eat cash from the counter-parties.

Add to this, the whole drama is to unfold within the realms of scandalous East of India. She has to fight her case in Varanasi. To put things in perspective, if I were to showcase the most prominent and identifying form of the Bhojpuri brethren from the Purvanchal (the UP East/Bihar), I’d recommend a search on youtube “hot Bhojpuri Songs”. Say, “Tora cheda mein lafeda jab jaayega” or “ Upar ke lebe ki niche ke” for the best identity of the region and people in reflection. While you’d find lyrics putting down even the fieriest XXX porn to shame, the same are heard blaring at full blow, from auto rickshaws to shops, throughout the nooks and corners of the belt. This is a part of the world where they relish hearing sexual ordeals and passing lewd comments to pass time and network. And as they do so, the little girl only by 20s would be subjected to recite at least 100,000 times the same tape of humiliation by counts until she wins.

Still worse, neither is she the first or the last to undergo the misfortune. It happened to my sister, this sister and every sister who dares and dreams to leave confines of homes to make an identity.

After I was forced to deep-dive into the menace, I found this was as good as hereditary disease of the personnels of the university which also happens to be more or less a family business. The professor in my sister’s case was history sheeter having had tasted skins in in thousands if not tens of thousands over the years including lady colleagues, students, lady non-teaching staff ranging from assistants to librarians to cleaners and sweepers, all alike. And after I reported, there were more than 20 to testify before police, they who had lived muted for years. The rogue professor was installed at the university by virtue of the last VC who was a relative of his. He’d been earlier fired from another central university for the same.

In fact no regular staff of the BHU in the last thirty years came on merit or a scheduled opening but by cash, where in no means 0 by all verified means. 90% of the university stands as family business in some way or the other. And so for the sex-crimes. The perpetrators, the abusers, the criminals, they’re all sons of the soil, born, raised, fed and protected within the walls of campus, mostly sons of resident professors and officials, or the fathers themselves. And all for a simple reason, just outside the gate is a Police Station which shares Cash-cow relationship with the permanent inhabitants inside.

I went bankrupt just ensuring security of my sister as long as she stayed, which was over a period 18 months. In India which translates into buying all the anti-social elements in the eco-system. After all, my sister happened to be a Yadav in the illiterate bastion of Brahmins and Rajputs of Uttar Pradesh. And more than that with the guts to report a crime. While Peace of mind only happens to be after sales freebie for a relationship with the fucking Indian Judiciary. Designed by illiterates for the reserved, whose claws act only over those who lack resources to buy it. As Rahat Indori puts it, “Jo Jurm karte hain, woh itne bure nahi hote. Yeh adalat saja na dekar unko bigaad deti hai”. (Those who do crimes are not that bad, its the court spoiling them by not punishing them).

In fact, letting the BHU go for a while, having run into this illiterate Indian Judiciary which I like to abuse every time it comes near to my sensory range, despite being a Godly entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur or God of livelihoods we’re not meant to lose our heads or exchange profanities. But for the sake of the freaking Indian Judiciary I’ll tell you, this whole fucking business of law establishment of India, which is inherently illiterate by character and origins, it doesn’t lack in strengths of judges as they quote. Its only that they have not found yet the right match of families the power would get distributed into, which in turn could upset cash minting machinery. There would have been machines and Artificial Intelligence in use for judicial processes by now which also is the most appropriate appropriate field of application for AI. The process of going through lengthy texts, comprehending crucial points, examining words and descriptions against law without an influenced bias. And given the degree of lack of education, in the country, FIRs should have been a machine generated document knitted in templates for respective genres of crime with options of voice and video narrations. But then transparency would close the shops of sleaze.

You’d have often heard of the dumb Indian courts notorious for centuries of trial periods, wherein only the non-guilty poors bereft of cash to influence judicial agents serve the time behind bars, mostly as under-trials. Little does the world know, its not for the lack of judges, not for the lack of evidences, but for there’s a Indian judge to be paid and a Bar-council paper with stamps to be bought for every hearing which maintains the supply chain of criminals and crime associated value services right from the entrance gates of ineligible courts to illiterate judges of the failed Indian Judiciary. The faking Indian Judiciary is the only industrial premise in the world where more than 50% of practitioners are touts on fake degrees, quintessentially agents of the judges.

If there were ways of eradicating sins from the world, shooting down judges of Indian courts in line one by one in cold blood, would bear the highest ratings on productivity coefficient.

And, over to BHU again.

I admit that this is going a little long but I’ll keep it as informative, technical and free from personal pains, which is already out as well. Personally as I said, I’ve already endured insolvency, both financial and mental. The best part is Indians are spineless and insensitive crop to desert you at chaos leaving with only two choices, either to shed the will to live or go actualised. After all, the land of naukars and paid labours it is. If Pakistan is a terroristan, India, the other split of the British colony, turned all but a porridge of Reservationistan, Rejectistan and Impotentistan to cumulatively yield into Tensionistan as a whole. Which actually holds true for both the nations, which occurs solely by Non-entrepreneur DNA. You might not disagree they didn’t put India as a name but an acronym for Insensitive Nation of Debauchery in Asia, best reflected in the ease of doing business for the nation which has a customer less than a cuddle away.

And all of these hold true only to mature into ever-growing evil, for Indians go into universities like BHU. Which are not universities, but licensed shops of expensive papers called degrees. Had they been universities, the best stand up comedians, the best speakers, the best story tellers, had always been the professors. Specially Indian ones, having had opportunities of dealing most diverse categories of humans.

As legends put it, for BHU, its founder had begged land and resources from the very many “Lords” of India to lay an institute of credibility, a farm of intellect and a factory of science. As put by Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar himself, the father of Indian Scientific facilities, in the handcrafted anthem for this university, he dreamt of it as Knowledge Capital on the Banks of Ganga. The founding fathers had known, the last immortal of global cadre from the soil of Ganges was produced more than 1500 years back. Little did they know the hands it was to land into. It turned out they did manage land and buildings in their capacities but not the culture. And in 2017, the Asia’s largest residential university, sadly, unfortunately, as it turns out, couldn’t even manage to turn out as the world’s largest consumer of stationaries. The wheels stopped somewhere and by 2017, lies the Knowledge Capital in shambles. Has turned out A Sleaze Capital instead.

In the name of Cricket’s Entrepreneur The Jumbo Chalisa : Birthday Tributes to every Hero Unsung

“There are two kinds of Gods. Ones you go to and the Others you should have gone to. And that’s when you contracted Sin, if you did. Else you were born Sin-free.”

-The Sane Observer

Life has two dimensions. The Evils and the Goods. And the Evils are easier to execute. We all have encountered that. Or to be more correct both of these modes- the Evil or Good- are just two mutually exclusive routes of life of which, at any given moment, only one can be taken, while the summation of instants or life gives into one final eventuality- Death. Once born, you only die. And which is where came the differentiation. The Evils were the verbs that lead to death for reasons man made or artificial whereas The Goods developed as the set of verbs which drove deaths Natural. In fact, early on, there were only Goods and deaths Natural, until the humans discovered a tool called “Barter”. Beyond which, as true to human instincts, happened the first dispute followed by many disputes. Escalated the first dispute and was born the first Evil, and multiplied. After few thousand murders, first currency was born. Came in standards and units, and thus evolution and multiplication in types and numbers of cases, on both sides- the Goods and the Evils. The Indians labelled it ‘Kaliyuga’ or the currency era, the moment currency was born and lot happened since. A lot changed. A lot lot.

By 2017 the number of ways of Evils outnumber the Goods by astronomical margins, for not all evils kill instantaneously. And today they have millions of options to choose from, whether to die short of Oxygen in a hospital or getting mowed down under a truck, or under the burden of expensive Cancer drugs, or an express detour to heavens via sewers, in the days of “Same Day Deliveries” or else leaving it to lucky concerts should you be destined to a musical finish. Millions of Stephen Paddocks manufactured on industrial lines to be close enough to have dedicated pipelines of death. Ironically the maximum loss came to Indians themselves, the geeky firsts to discover cash. What began with disputes, turned commercial, then hyper-commercial simply because there were bundles of currencies at stake and agents to exchange.

If there was a dashboard of artificial deaths, from terror to food adulteration to road accidents to debt-suicides to industrial disasters to what not, they would spread into 396 broad categories of regular occupations. And if you could trust me in capacity of Start Up Kumar, riding on the back of a sensible research over Mortality and Evolution, for the case of India, over 96.23% of Indians don’t die but cut short of life manually. Or in short close to 97% land up on side evil, even as per capita deduction of life-expectancy stands in excess of 12 years. 8.3 years per capita, of which goes to immediate family, chiefly Parents, and reminder 2 each split between peer pressure and Indo-Pak boundary, wherein the corruption overhead is accounted in the Family category. And as it turned out, over the years, the Evils got broadly branched into “Paid” and “Unpaid” and in turn, splitting to 98.6% on the paid side. On the other 1.4% split, lie the unpaid evils comprising of passion crimes or absolute human ignorance largely unanswered. And to put things in perspective from territories where Governance stands for level grounds and equal human treatment to all humans, like in Japan, Singapore, Israel, Scandinavia, France, Switzerland and so on, where evils are purely a function of human evolution with very less room for paid evils, say, climate change- yes they have, but no arrangement of Maoist insurgency, expectancy in those countries per capita exists in excess of 82 years, invariably. The same for US, where probability of being on the unjust evil side, there’s not enough data but drags down to 78.4, as demonstrated by a similar drop in age expectancy for China at 75.

You could well conclude the missing cues: The degree of freedom for Paid Evils. And from them, what and how they cut short lives. And from that, the network of Evils meshed with Mortality and Goods. Neither Capitalism nor Communism, but existence of payment gradient matching with equal desperation. And as you dive deep into the weave of Evils and Goods, you’d find its the most intense battle of any set of rivals of any eco-system to have existed. As deeply ingrained as energy itself, and as live as time. Two Routes to the Root of the results you land up. One driving life, one cutting short. Add to that Evils are easy and carry incentives in liquid, instant and as good as cash. Very few go for the side Good.

So the effect:

Say, since 1880s, majority of the Indians have been queuing up at others’ doors to build someone else’s dreams for cash. For there was a service paid and a boss to supervise, they could have Jalianwala Bagh one day. And for they’re paid, you’ve facilities until the limit of suicide bombers. And as results demonstrate, in lands which skew towards high bargaining gradients between the two sides, life expectancy drops, for there’s not enough incentive to do good. They chase Evils.

And this is about

You’d not disagree, to care to draw from the pool of incentives to do Good, to not give in to Evils, to not be a promoter of death artificial by conscious efforts, it takes it to be a God without exaggeration. While humans give in to mode Evil at the slightest prick, these are the dynamics of Evils and Goods for which we’ve in the world, heroes of two kinds- The Sung and The Unsung. And this is going to be about a God Unsung. Of someone who’d also be the most Sin-less human alive. The second greatest Sporting icon, second only to The Greatest Muhammad Ali. And yes, I’d support that with valid reasons, purely technical. So hold on to the gear change. Of Evils and Goods, it would be an endless debate with no conclusion, lest you intend to eradicate the evils, until when Gods will continue to exist and needed.

So from here on, its going all about The Jumbo Anil Kumble, the Greatest Sporting legend alive, who lived only to live great, on the side Good by conscious efforts. And apologies for the massive build up. It was only to portray the magnanimity of the star, his height relative to humanity. Until now you saw how great is it to not be Evil, now you would see how great is he on the side Good, while dismantling evils had been his profession, since he was born. Which is so much, so huge, that Anil despite being a super-achiever from India, he has a first marriage with a divorcee woman with a child. Add to that the spice of Indian Middle Class origins. That’s higher than changing yourself from Cassius Marcellus to Muhammad Ali in the US, I’d tell you.

And that’s where the tie between the two breaks. While Muhammad Ali went to heavens with two names, Anil has been until now lucky to do with just one name. Else both were those who knew how to achieve all the possible maximum high that their respective staple professions permitted, and also executed them. So this is going to be a Jumbo Chalisa, dedicated to all the heroes unsung.

Chalisas are Indian ways of celebrating Goodness beyond Greatness.


21st Century Governance for a better world, From a Steve Jobs look alike

I hope I’m not making a Godman out of me. I’m yet to find a girl to elope with. And I’m one of the hardest of Atheists you can find. This is to narrate a very unusual incident beyond my comprehension wherein a Steve Jobs look alike almost whitewashed me apparently with knowledge. I happened to go to this place called Kainchi Dham, supposedly the enlightenment points of Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg, only out of curiosity as to why did Steve Jobs recommend Zuckerberg. I wonder if something of this sort happened to Zuckerberg as well. This was the first time ever in life that I went to a temple on my own. I was mentally disturbed, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy here. I bumped into an Old man in a sequence quite similar to Indian fairy mythological tales. He appeared like a Indian baba version of Steve Jobs, and initially I thought him to be some clown or ‘Behrupiya’ so we got into an altercation. To my surprise he turned out to be a learned man, wisest I’d have ever met. He didn’t vanish after talking, but knew my name. We met in June, and then he called in September. And this is no hallucination. I do all the boys stuffs though! He dreamt of Great India, Great World. He called to dream of Redesigning India, not Rapid Transformation, of Great India, not better India. He said not dreaming high is criminal.

Our reasoning gave me few tenets on governance, and then he asked me to get four things implemented for a greater country, as a token to his lessons. This was way back in June, and probably has a relation with this Income Disclosure Scheme,  having a strange spark in his eyes in the name of 30th September as if to be a deadline for all Tax deposits, sorry Citizen Equity as he called. Yes, he asked me to get Taxes redefined as Equity, not beg for people’s money or taxes (his words). More changes, like to restructure government completely like a business, to remove the concept of opposition, to get a regulator for governance, to give eligibility licenses in politics like you give to doctors, to restructure election processes. I didn’t even understand half the things. I just got one concept- Governance is business, Government is the business party created by people which runs businesses of all public utilities.

Naturally, I let the Oldman go. Who would get into governance and country like abstracts? On September 5th happened something I’m yet to comprehend. May Airtel could check. I got a call from a ‘No Number’, after which the SIM went corrupt, leaving behind two spots on my cell phone, and if you can visualize, you can feel like a signature- Steve Jobs, its sort of imagination. It’s a MOTO G 3, may Motorola also could research over this. The SIM is as shiny as new, but unreadable. I hope Airtel could provide me a replacement in a decade. Coming on to the call, it was to enquire on the status. I was first stunned as to status of what, then by the end he offered me a BMW and a Thar along with a seed fund to write this. He said Thar will be given as soon as this reaches you, BMW and the seed fund on 120 Millionth Tax or the equity receipt. And then the phone went off, an overused one, after which I found an unreadable SIM. If my parents come to know, they would get scared, they’ll make me undergo some “Jhad-phunk” kind of thing. And I’ve seen one of these activities once in my village. They wrap people in layers of Quilts under hot sun on a suspended net, fire from the bottom and then ask funny questions, to which anyone would answer any random thing. And if the person doesn’t know making stories, they start beating.

 Minutes of Meeting with Baba

Since a night’s lecture is enormous, and to be honest writing is still more a toil than listening to good things, I’ll give you some points to remember and majorly the four ideas, which started with a brief understanding of business, and it was over 10 hours lecture, expect it to be long, even if it is MOM. Though it’s all common sense. For the ones who watch movies only on reviews, the four ideas are: a) Get a Governance Regulator- Governance Commission of India b) Redefine Tax as Equity- Ownership and answerability of and from government c) Incentivise being good- Preferential access to utilities like airports, 5 stars and so on, use technology (UID and data from my side as well) d) Get elections based on age- Needs and wisdom levels are different in different stages of man. Realign to true form of democracy, leaders for every age group, Remove opposition to accommodate law makers and administrators. Play Ludo not Chess if you need to play. Everybody needs to get home by the end of the day.

The Beginning: As I said, I got into an altercation, assuming the old man to be some clown or beggar. As I whisked him away saying that I didn’t have any money, he retorted back that it was evident from my face. Then he started giving my biography to me. Before I could dig into how he knew me so well, we drifted into start up stuff, and from there, it usually takes a different turn with me, like point of no return. Probably he knew me too well. We talked for almost the whole night. Interestingly the restaurant’s name was also ‘Blessing Inn’. We began and refurbished concepts of life, start ups, customers, business of businesses and so on. Stuck at countries once, and the games played by humans, then came governance. I hope I write as much accurate as possible.

Fundamentals of business: Business is anything that dishes out utilities required to support life consistently without stop. The final product undergoes some processing, and is sold or exchanged for some good, under some banner or name. That nominal party is to be held accountable for as a whole. In case of geographical territory it’s called a Government, in trade its company and so on. Governance is the sum total of processes that you build to control the path towards objectives and value proposition promised at the beginning. Its Project Management. The processes should always have measuring ways, always denoted by metrics and described by numbers. That is why Mathematics is called language of universe. If you don’t have numbers, mapped to any process, you’re fooling around and you’re illiterate. Masters of functions that process the utilities are employees and those who organise on behalf of these employees are called entrepreneurs or heads or anything. For an entrepreneur governance is the only business while for an employee its skill. Nothing is permanent but for the business, and nobody does a favour to anyone in the chain. Any assumed favour is corruption, which corrodes the functions or governance process, which should be the last thing to come in any form of business. (In sum total he said to treat Governance as a business function, and not to do it as or for favour).

Government and Governance: To define government, it’s the business party created by people coming together, to care about businesses of business what they couldn’t on their own, and to make fair rules to play life as a sport. Augmenting civic infra-structures and rules, regulations and policies. Assuming life is unfair, don’t who said, as if life was a punishment, it’s the business of the quests to drive it to the fairest level. Governance is the business process or project management.

This unraveled a market for law makers and knowledge. But then you didn’t have entrepreneurs. Note that there is no occupation like politics, and to what is called politics is a glamorous name o prisoners’ dilemma to appear important.(the story of importance will come later) The profession is Law making and Management, and to what is called political parties, should be research institutions of laws and policies.

Now you know where the political parties of the world land up, the world’s oldest of parasites, reflected by their names, reproduced out of same words. Ever seen or heard something like Quality Assured Governance Party? Ever saw a political outfit even close to research on laws? All they are marketing houses of opinions, with no identity of their own, then cartels, cartels of importance. Importance to shouts to close life, to call strikes, to burn shops, to snatch livelihoods. Governance is getting 3500 security guards for a year in a city that needs security instead of 76 crore advertisement, efficient advertisement is having 100 security men/km2 . Governance is treating people like customers, not Dalit, not Muslim, not Minority, not trader, not backward, not tribal.

Then he gave a slew of reforms, sharing my favourite four. This is how it goes.

  1. Set a Regulatory authority- Governance Commission of India: A body that frames, maintains, publishes indices and interpretable data on state of affairs, and benchmarks governance. It should quantify governance with relevant metrices, HDI, Gini Coefficient, number of cases pending in courts, number of litigations versus incumbent laws, and so on. A body that sets decorum, gives licenses for practice of law making both at individual levels and institutional levels, a body that fixes accountabilities for any mis-governance. A body that evaluates and benchmarks Quality Assurance in Governance.
    For any market to work fair, there has to be published norms, quality assurance, accountabilities and scope. Indian law making market has none with almost no entry barrier but for one age and citizenship, devoid of any quality checks.
  2. Redefine Tax- It’s always Equity if its democracy: This has a short story, also secret of i-phone.This term which means suffering is the biggest symbol of deceit and single source of all sufferings around. And the word remains the ‘I agree’ to all sufferings, more sufferings and no change. Also the symbol that humans are just another animal who can talk, equally ignorant of the idea of being fair as any animal. So this tax which originated with a lazy and bullish early man over a weaker one, carried forward to monarchies and kingdoms. One day came an employee to account for money to the ruler. Note that he was an employee, encountered this strange source of income without a sale, found it coming off sufferings of inhabitants, so coined it tax. For rulers it didn’t matter, employees knew what their jobs weren’t. As population surged, resources squeezed, rulers broke, emerged numerous micro-kingdoms, thus important people, and then cartels of important people and then finally a new terms to distinguish- Democracy and Republic. Ever since the race for importance continued, so did i-people, i-governments and i-governance (all forms). And one day i-Phone, important phone for important people, from the most important guy. Thus the important price, and hence the i-regret, or just one regret (He went a little bit sober thereafter).
    When you set a business party, it needs capital to begin, thus equity. With equity comes ownership, comes answerability. Then comes care, then comes transparency and but then came black money. You didn’t need transparency, scared you coated it black inside. Tax kept Taxing. Then came the window to evade, then came counters of rebates and favours. Just in case someone ever get to ask, they got a glacier replica called ‘Subsidy’.  No statements, No reports, All gifts. Rigged by design, Supported by ignorance, lived with treachery. Of the i-people, for the i-people, by the i-people.
    Remember for every rupee of black money there’s some loose change in some employee’s pocket. You ignored the government and the government ignored you. Remember they told you at the beginning, “Wealth and Knowledge increase with sharing”. You’d none.
  3. Incentivise doing good, Penalise doing bad: Can you fly if you’re not good enough to keep equity with government? You might, build your own runways, own Air-traffic control or shell out more than other loyal customers. Give that security guy at the airport gate a code to scan, not to read names. This is as simple as that. To make this a habit you can make tons of schemes around revolving debit-credit mechanisms. (This also means, its tough to write long)
  4. Restructure the Electorate (From switchboard to dartboard): Ever seen a business with opposition? No workplace requires opposition, opposition is outside. Businesses have goals, so should Governments of civilized states. Why the need of cartel, why the room for cartelization?  Elect a team. Not select pawns. Let the counter-friction stop by election. You choose wisest people to make laws. Play, win or lose, don’t fix, don’t bet. Counter-control doesn’t need people, it needs mechanisms. Let it remain law making and management.
    When you intend to make laws and policies, and you talk of democracy, the governing pool should resemble the electorate as much as possible, as much granular, arranging for needs and limitations. Not all can be reflected in external abstract as governance. Government is external. ‘Accountable Life-support’ not the life. So you have tiers of governments- central, state, local and so on. Get efficient government, not duplicate governments. Let the profile change with profile of governance. National issues need national people, known by all national means, national or international achievements. Let the national team be a sample of the nation. Let the seven stages of man show. Make the electorate look like a dartboard, not switchboard, and not people racing to own switches.
    (In India’s case, for Central government, divide country into five zones- North, East, North East, South and West, elect 110 MPs from each zone, in age buckets (numbers based on population weightage) Get a 550 mix to be a National Governance Team thereafter, it will resemble population. Align to nature to closest possible to get balanced solutions to real problems, not games. )

The Ending: Well, tired after speaking we dozed off in my car, front seats. I woke up alone, and yes the car was open, unlocked, that means he went like going. I asked the restaurant guy, no body knew of him. May Uttarakhand Police look for him.

Image Credits: Boston University

Of Despair, Of Pity, Of the Neo-Indian Creativity, Of the Criminal Indian Media

The Bollywood made them dumb with the advent of VCRs, as did the TV with Cables, and the same they’re doing it now with the internet. Getting them dumber, insensitive and spineless, altogether. Disqualifying for the eligibility to live, almost as early as birth, without human rights. We know you would have liked to disagree with this fact but unfortunately, there’s little room to even disagree to disagree. Should you do, we recommend a relook to the cover pic again. One graze at it should send you where we intend to.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that India did manage to reach from 1.5% of Global Trade at 1947 to nearly 2% (including the parallel Black route) today, as it traversed its journey from the days of erecting border pillars to Mars, from the days of “Telegrams for babus only” to Whatsapp for all, from oxen to man-ploughed fields. That in media went from rumours to fake news as we graduated as a civilization. Things did move forward in every field that could be imagined. The shifts have not been just in forms of  advancements, but also in ages, reflexes, habits, preferences, behaviors, application, all. However, one particular field remained an exception, degenerating hour by hour and didn’t achieve any forward push. Rotting faster than potatoes, fouler than a dead body, or systemic hazardous decline by whichever standards, the sector of Story Telling. Beginning from Education to News and Entertainment, the content ingested by mind, the entire communications arrangement. What changed were the devices, not the substrate.

We’re talking of Indigenous literature and its derivatives. Every content, every video, every text, every audio, every visual, you’d not disagree is a derivative of literature.

One prime example would be of the Daily Soaps. And of the affects, you won’t disagree, the knowledge earned from them, mixed with free time, are used in our times by the Great-in-laws of India for ‘Politics’ and mental games on Facebook or Whatsapp. So this to Flag that: the degeneration in commercial creativity.

And the shameful part of the Indian creativity is reflected in their biggest of stars. Amitabh Bachchan, all his life, all he could play was of the wronged small timers or routine helpless cops. Of his own, on his own, the biggest he could rise was Don, a kingpin of wrongs. Once in his life he did have a chance to play a Teacher (Deshpremi) and next he ever could play a CEO, was only in 2002. That too, of a dumb family business or a glamorous version of sleazy ‘Desi Seths’ referred to as ‘Bada Maaliks’. No wonder he had to fail after the mid-range sabbatical when being too aged for a mainstream hero and old to don a helpless father. ABCL fall, it had to be natural. To run a business, you need to know business, had to be out of way for a dumb Bollywood professional at empty stardom and easy money. I guess the world doesn’t have a dumber Super-star ever. And no wonder, the same dumb celeb is found to be associated with Panama Stash. Nothing else could be expected of an insecure third world, dumb old man capable of nothing. And that, that ‘Angry Young Man’ was product of Indian National Congress, well it has no two ways about it. I guess even Amitabh would find little to disagree with the same. 

And hey, take a pause. Just in case you thought, India was growing, sluggish and short of stories, sorry, you’re terribly wrong. Almost all Nobel and Noble Prizes for India came in before Amitabh. There was one Visverayya who ensured all irrigation arrangements for the subcontinent for the next 200 years in early 1900s itself. There were Bhabha, Tagore, Tata, E-Shreedharan, our very own Kalam rising and sweating it all to give us the ride wherever we are, even as these sleazy bunch of Artists and the so-called Art-Capital or Content Capital supplied sleaze. And all that, for a reason, for they were well fed. Good content means research, development, sweat, hard work. Plus Intellect as well. For them things worked even by getting every sister character raped, or the girlfriend waving some cleavage.

And you know the cost? Should you like to estimate in Rupees, effect per capita or the damage in deceleration the negative of growth, or permanence of recession. Well, 93% of those who manage to go to school come out unemployable. And this has been happening since 2011. Before that it used to be 91% . In fact India ever saw an employment wave, was a decade, The Decade of Devang Mehta, 1991-2001. Aided by Tendulkar however as well. Devang was the back-end engineer.

None of you had been Indians until Tendulkar put a Flag on his helmet. Never before, had the tri-color fluttered with joy before. It functioned only to wrap soldiers until then, in tears. Tendulkar was the steering of the structure. As Indians you were still Bengalis, Ghatis, Jats, Gujjar, Patidars, Gujjus, Mallus and so on. Even the Tam-Brahms met India only thereafter. Team India, India Inc!, Incredible India, all are brand new. Right? ₹, even this came as early as 2010. While rest of us played Dalit-Muslim, it was Devang & Amitabh operating the other end. No, not this dumb bollyfucker we just talked about. Amitabh Kant, currently CEO, Niti Aayog.

No Labrador ever cared for Indians until 1991. $ 128 Million US was the box-office Software Export in 1991. And India was yet to be branded for being India itself. 2001 ended with $ 6.5 Billion, of the same Box-Office Software. And if there was no year 2000, Ghanta would have ever the world known of India. The Y2K Chaos, remember! And Ghanta means, something that is impossible even after Mission Impossible. It was only for that year, that we have Rajiv Gandhi Sundar Pichai and Mahatma Gandhi Satya Nadella. No, its not that Sundar Pichai, wouldn’t have existed, but he wouldn’t have been Rajiv Gandhi Sundar Pichai and hence, also not the CEO of Google. They wouldn’t have trusted an Indian to run a centre of excellence as Google, nor would been Indira Gandhi Indira Nooyi. Even she was raised to CFO PepsiCo only in 2001.

Until then India was Indira and Gandhi was India. And that India was so dumb, so useless, so spineless, so clueless, so characterless, they chuckled like, “Work for Tatas, Invest in Ambanis”

“Work for India, Invest for India. Invest India into the world”, they are yet to manage the balls. Requires vision and I was talking of eyes.

And that’s the damage the bad content, did and does.  Or say, For you knew Amitabh Bacchan, you don’t of Amitabh Kant. In the land of Gandhi, you were fed with Angry Young Man. Worse, you loved it! And to that add Qayamat Aaj Tak (sabse tej), Naya Dosh TV (NDTV) and those 897 number one TV channels in their respective fields. NDTV, just a while ago, used to number one “Election TV” which then was airing bottlenecks of demonetisation sponsored by PayTM.

(Just in case you’re new to India or alien to Hindi, those with prefix in italics are some disastrously dumb news channels of India, which works like acid bottles in hand with surgeon on an operation table, instead of iodine. And the surgeon doesn’t know the difference. Not because somebody sneaked in to swipe bottles or the content, but for he’s on the Operation Table, for he was paid for it. This surgeon comes in at 1/10,000 the cost the right one, while all the hospital is concerned with filming cases. And for India has cattles in plenty, already, it doesn’t even matter. You get people to die for in proxy. And such hospitals keep on running!)

And you know what’s more distressing? The country that has customers less than a cuddle away, ranks 132nd in Ease of Doing Business. While Honesty has already become a fairy tale commodity. Every single display of that, if it happens becomes a News, always. They use it as memories. And now the next in this list to get is Water. This the Indians are yet to know. That the affect of bad content. The result of honesty erosion into the food to enter the mind.

The internet had been a silverlining, having had luxury to have been shaped under the watchful eyes of Devang himself, and that’s the reason we could have Make My Trip and Flipkarts and Zomatoes, Swiggies and TVF. Until the sleaze fishes of the likes of Illiterate Times of India coming on to pollute the pond. With the advent of likes of AkkarBakkar, ScoopWhoop, Being Indian, PopXo, Logical Indian, Bhak Sala, News minute…. Well, feel pity. Terribly pity! I wish the Indian creators could get the fact when Irrfan (Khan) says “Yeh Hollywood? Woh kitni teji se aa Raha hai aapko pata bhi nahi. Jab pata chalega, pata nahi hoga aap ke paas” (Irrfan Khan is one the best actors India ever produced in the last 1800 years around, who has been warning the creative sector, that the internet world, the contemporary content sectors, they’re moving with speed and force such that the day Indians would require to address the storm, they would have long lost their own addresses itself)

It’s shameful for Indian literature, and pity to creativity.

But hey, I wonder of the impression that I’m giving you of India. Hang around and turn back. There’s also a catch. As demonstrated, India has never lacked stories, neither inspiration nor genuine work. It has never been all about Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. For Every Mohandas Gandhi, there has been a Mohandas Pai, for every Indira Gandhi, there’s been an Indira Nooyi,  for every Rajat Sharma there was always Rajat Gupta, for every dumb Government of India engineer, there’s always been a Shreedharan, for every Arnab Goswami, there’s also Harsha Bhogle. And for every emerging Kanhaiya Kumar, there’s also an emerging Start Up Kumar. 

The goods are always lesser known. For there had been Brits recently. For diversity is what India is known. And that’s our range. We built the world’s most scalable Identification Module, the UID. Right? That’s our Zero number two. Last time we showed you how to count. On this occasion we’re demonstrating reconciliation, the step next to count. And India, still remains the same. Accommodating to all!

A Man is Known by Company he keeps. Beyond that He is the man of whom he knows of. (Which spreads by Media)

-The Sane Observer

Of Conflicts, Of Languages, Of the Game of Thrones

TSO lighthouseWe’re to talk about a ship, of the world’s most important one. Carrying over one-sixth the humanity, on duty for thousands of years, this masterpiece, The INS INDIA is a muscle to Earth. Of equipments and features, the lesser said, the better. It was modern even in the ancient days of Before Christ and kept emerging ever since the advent of the age, After Development, throughout the AD.

On its stern lies a massive protection wall of Himalayas allowing for the world’s maximum stowage seen ever, housing 1.35 Billions comfortably along the bridge without a hint of grumble. Staying afloat, at speed highest, launching rockets at will, in style. Refitted last  in 1947, along with a major upgrade in 1991, it is guarded with world’s most spectacular fenders in Ghats to left and right or the East and the West. Pounds every heart irrespective of its distance, as it sets off to sail. Goes into tizzy each of them as it turns and shakes every leg as its engines thump.

So these Ships are different in kinds and  different are their waters. They dart across seas of exchanges, measured in money and sail into Oceans of Opportunities. Are different, their engines. Magnanimous and Gigantic. Structure such that their strokes get hearts pumping. Say the vibrations of INS INDIA pumps 1.35 Billion Human hearts 250 gm each, 78 beats per minute on average. Their vibrations are felt along the circumference of Earth, and collectively (of all these ships), the resultant of vibrations, make the humanity average 72 per minute, per 250 gm heart. Of them, we’re talking of the most sophisticated one. To describe, it extents so much that despite being it the oldest, the crew and the passengers alike, including the rest of experts, are yet to decode and decipher its functioning, even in the age of computers, despite connected with Internet.  None’s sure, even as the ship itself keeps skirting at the speed highest, compared to rest.

To list its specifications, none could ever. And those who did, or could or doing, lie quiet or quite-ned. 1.35 Billion, and counting, nobody ever could estimate its stowage. The Ship itself, turned down nobody. Of freight, how much can it yield, could count none ever, nor did return one disappointed. All they know, its still a mine of space, definition of speed, with stability the signature. That on the eve of cyclone, this is the Ship safest. That the day all they sink, this is the Ship to hop into. And turned it down none ever. And thus, now you know why its the costliest. Bidding for a space, here, stops never.

And yet again, Of such ships, are similarly, one feature more special, the Steering. Like engines, drive, chassis etc, are these different as well. As per the maintenance of Respect Protocols, like in the case of rickshaw puller for a rickshaw, chauffeur for a Mercedes, Pilot addressed to as Captain for Airbus, Steering of these are called ‘Thrones‘. There are differences in cockpits, steering arrangements, handling, operations and so on. And so as well in traffic control in the high seas (of Economies). In them, there’Ship with frigatess not one steering in the ship, instead, there are main Steering, and there are subsidiaries. All networked and synchronised to bundle to come over as a large Steering Mechanism. The process steering remains no more a verb steering, it yields to a full fledged activity: Operations Steering. That so humongous, that the humanity went short to describe which is when began then the culture of using one word to many words. Operations Steering got a full fledged, dedicated word into the vocabulary : Governance. The structure is entirely different. Along with main steering, subsidiaries, are there are also detachable, retractable, synchronisable, co-ordinate-able, and many more components. Like in the case of, say, Mega- Ships. They don’t venture alone and the main vessel is led, fed, escorted, steered, maintained, planned, stationed, guided by associate auxiliaries like frigates, pilots, destroyers and so on (like in the figure above).  The INS India boasts of a total 35 auxiliaries, extending over a floating area of 40 Lakh Km squares (4 million SqKm). Of Depth none knows ever. And we’re to talk of this Steering, of The Game of Thrones, of The INS INDIA.

…To be Continued


Magic things about Poverty: Reflections to Humanity (I)

“Its not Poverty, its technically the availability of degree of options to choose from. Its never Poverty, its always the Bargaining Gradient.  Poverty is keeping humans away from evolution. Poverty is in Owning Human Evolution.”

-The Sane Observer

They say poverty has fangs, brutal ones. And often lethal.

Shahrukh Khan, one of the richest actors on the planet from India proclaims he is what he is, for his fear of poverty as the sole driver. And then there’s the Government of India, a global behemoth at loggerheads with poverty for the last 82 years since inception. It defines poverty by a threshold called Poverty Line which in actual works up as a ‘Death Line’. It hovers between one-third and half a dollar per day, subject to rural or urban and some bit more of rocket sciences varying upon various demographics and geographies. In expressions however, it comes round as the minimum amount of wealth required to buy nutrition or bundles of ATPs (the energy molecules of body) just enough to support survival for a day or The Death Line (for a respective PIN-code). And also do similar the other dumb but prominent bodies, like the illiterate United Nations, the helpless World Bank, many treacherous governments like sundry Zimbabwes, Venezuelas, Brazils, Panamas, the Null Korea, the slew of ‘geeky’ global consultants, those KPMGs and PwCs. Little did they know, what exist are income bands, and not a line. Little did they know, the last line imaginary which served some purpose was the Date Line, and not a Death Line close to a Poverty line.

The world has had only a handful of praiseworthy systems for that matter. The US, Japan, Israel, Singapore, the modern Germany, little bit of France and some bit of Scandinavia, most of which they started after the war, after the major reset.

And as a result, until now you’ve had all wars that could have been possible. Many millions more in addition those so-called escalations, dished red hot on the platter on sale beyond the range of possibilities for there always had to be ceasefires to be negotiated. Deaths and violence bought and sold over exchange terminals for someone had extra weapons, while others had men to die. Or going by histories as documented by humans themselves, I’d not be wrong to say for the humans until the batches of 1500 to 1800s, the chief occupation was trading and testing weapons. They bartered dead bodies and learnt trading only by counting dead bodies. The first currency must have been a human carcass.

Or in plane simple words I’d not be wrong to believe that humans have been chronically dumb. Because of which you were late for Industrial Revolution which stands for transition from weapons to instruments, from war to life, from blood to consumer utilities. The evolution got delayed and what happened after 1800s, could have had happened until 5th Century BC.

Say, Jesus could have come on a BMW for it wouldn’t have been the dumbness of Humans. And if it were Jamnagar in place of Jerusalem, may be, who knows, also with an ‘Aadhar‘ Card! Provided, had you not decelerated evolution.

Well, mind you, there’s little room to disagree, and still lesser for excuses. For, if not anyone else, India had given it already more than all that it required, the raw materials. They’d crafted more languages than the number of people, to the extent like a range of languages per capita. No Indian ever born spoke just one mother tongue, not even in Jungles, not even Mowgli, the jungle kid. Add to that the gift of the universal language- the Mathematics, beyond which the matters are always about necessity. You invent, produce, manufacture and possess what you want, or the process evolution.

I believe the Indians would have coded different languages only to exchange and trade. And when the first flood of languages would have happened, the new ones in the markets would have hit only to market codified secrets meaning better business. You’d not disagree manufacturing languages must stand pro-evolution and a better time pass than war or blood.  And hence you’d not disagree, what I said, must hold true. That, there was every chance for Jesus to have come in a BMW, which you humans missed to offer, for there were not the humans who decelerated evolution.

And so, you’d also find it hard to disagree that as humans you’re animals who make even God go small. That to the extent of being ashamed. You’d not disagree if there exists God, he must not have any face or an iota of answer to answer back every time a Whale dies. Or  say, for practical considerations, you could wonder of the embarrassment he must have had facing that black-buck of Salman Khan case. You would not disagree that as humans you make even God beg for apologies to every non-human organism he produces. You’d also not disagree that all those snakes, dogs, monkeys, cows, pigs, crows, sparrows, they’ve all already stopped believing and valuing God, because of you humans, who have achieved nothing. Not even after the Industrial Revolution.

And as a dumb human still today, over 2000 years After Christ, each of you, come round for identity, whosoever you are, but for one Elon Musk. At large, you still trade wars, India-Pakistan an example. A war sold in exchange of one grand party on the occasion of the access to steering controls of the world’s most important Money Traffic Corridor. I really really wonder how on Earth did they manage that, murders on a party date, who were the fools. Anyways, so, you’d not disagree that as humans you are not just dumb, but also clueless, illiterate, impotent and ineligible to don Earth. All crimes, all mischiefs, all mistakes, every bit of them which could have been possible, and all disparities imaginable, achieved one by one. All boxes ticked in the list of last things to dos. And irrespective of agreement to any of the above you’d not deny that you’re speeding high on the highway destruction.

Ozone, Water, Honesty, and even Sand, gone already, almost. Lions and tigers roaming around your homes. Actually, you’d be dumber not to agree and acknowledge. Little do you know, is there also one sweet little Breaking News. That the present thing being consumed in process to get exhausted is Humanity itself queued up next in line only to Ozone, water, honesty and sand.

As reports last came in, in India they film when they die. They die on roads waiting for aid which kill faster and more comprehensibly at strike rates better than AIDS itself, say,  like one person per day every 67 kms on NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) premises, the National Highways. They film people set fire on roads, they film rioteers rioting, they wait to film people waiting for death until death. (May be, for courts don’t hang them till death, people filming culprits to death) On one occasion we’d heard there was one robotic slave in India’s Jharkhand’s Ranchi’s top hospital, serving a patient food on the floor. Intriguingly the Jharkhandi patient even had it, one bout, giving yet another opportunity to film as usual. On another occasion an Odia labour was pictured carrying corpse of his mate on shoulders, while there are wannabe Khalifas somewhere in the middle east still broadcasting live, almost, the most innovative ways of man-slaughters.

More recently to add to the list a brave kid of Gurgaon succumbed to ignorance of Indians in a school, though not before escalating the crime out in the open. India’s son indeed though he was.  Girls have been found raped and molested by teachers in schools and universities across length and breadths of India, every other day.  There’s been a report of half a century in as many hours dying for the lack of a commodity as basic as Oxygen in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh. Well, the same for around the world as well. Refugee Population has remained in excess of 20 Millions per year since 1985 consistently for the world, which clocked 66 millions in 2016, even if the United Nations reports halfway correct.

If a Refugee was a guy running for cover against approaching death, and if there was a live dashboard of Artificial Mortality… Well, somethings are better not to imagine. That, humanity is the present thing being consumed to get exhausted sounds less scarier than live status report if there had been. And that would be kind of reasonably uniform spread across the world. That is almost the same number of artificial deaths per 1000 humans. There’s little need to single someone out. However, if the sect does have a color, the one dying more often, the color of unproductivity. And Green is no Green anymore. Receding to Red, each day.

I wonder if they’d have killed the poet Kabir today, had he existed.

So, moving ahead, beyond colors of humanity, if there was a humanity index to qualify as human which is being harmless to ecology, and wherein ecology is harmed by killing any pre-existing life including humans, you’d agree that you’d all fail. And you’d not disagree that while being human is no big deal, the big deal is in being God. And if not God, pretty much within achievable range would be being human enough. But on the contrary you must have been convinced by now, that you’ve been even lesser human the tiny little human that you were meant to be. Say to book humanity for a lifetime, we’re able manage it live, as you read, in just about 1500 words. You’d also not disagree probably none would have answers to this for the next 1500 years, given the pace. Plotting Mortality against factors of artificial deaths or researching the market death, I don’t see an ambient number of population of humans surviving that long. I believe the last drop of humanity is to be linked with petrol. For, for electricity it will be the survival of only the electrics, I see its just about a day, for it to be ‘Game Over’ for the humanity, within range, within sight. In consumption towards exhaustion, the humanity. So this is not about humanity.

Or say, if there was still something short to sum, it would be a form of animalism on Earth which takes just 1700 words to write an obituary for each of them for a population 7 billion strong, the humanity. So this is not about it. And we’re mid way.

We’re to explore a very exciting entity which also comes over as the vocabulary’s most expensive word- Poverty: The most glitzy Star product of the “Humanity in Practice”. If words had commissions, Poverty would be the richest, you’d not disagree yet yet yet again, for the next 7 generations. For instance, the net value of Poverty for India since 1947 to job “Poverty alleviation” staggers upto 14 Trillion dollars, or say 4 years of holidays, for each of them a billion strong nation, roughly around 4 years of GDP of India of 2017. Still worse, that’s about declared. “Will” forms the 2nd most expensive word, until “Entrepreneurship” burst up in the scene after Devang Mehta around “Y2K“. And yes, for this is from a kid of 90s, you can trust of the veracity on face value. We’re to exfoliate Poverty. And this is about Magic Things of Poverty.

Let’s take a short break until.

Stampedes: A way of life of the 3rd Worlds

A Stampede is an event wherein humans rush off one over another come what may crushing layers beneath. A mass attempt to save your own life at the cost of everything else in the world, a competition of life-saving held mostly in a small ring. Or to put other way, no animal ever died in a stampede. Prey at best, or natural calamity or man made. Or else, at worst, violence and injuries in the race of chasing females. But never a stampede. And technically, a means of cannibalism it must be. Killing your own brethren by yourselves for your own survival, whether out of distress or laziness or ignorance doesn’t matter.

Actually, even going by every ecological relationship seen, cannibalism if permitted by the constitution of few particular species as in the case of some snakes or big cats, they come as a matter of survival as the very last option. Observed rarely, once in thousands of generations, and that only in form of simple preying, in peace. One attack, One victim or One hunger at max.

But here are we talking of humans, who probably have wide range of categories of cannibalism. Some modes permitted, some fair and some commercial, some subject to judgement as to who did it and so on. Say, Nagasaki-Hiroshima bombings were fair. Was in a state of war, once in a generation as well. And similarly, on those lines, on smallest scales and almost fairly legal and permitted form, without armed means, or cannibalism allowed for the poors is Stampede. In stampedes, people crush layers down their legs, to emerge out alive and away from a spot. Should you fall, you’re gone, while the layers above have no time.

Happens in a quick whiff, often out of rumours or accident triggers at some bottleneck point. A state of commotion until stopped by a regulatory or external force or the last death, whichever comes earlier. Should you leave it to your mind, or memories to identify such an event, you’d generally associate with administration, or forced impoverishment of commoners on part of an administration wherever. However, if you put a little stress to rational mind, it would appear otherwise.

Let’s take some examples, examples from where humans were dead anyways, or struck by deep misery all round.

  1. Jalliawala Bagh, 1919: Few thousand Indians had gathered for a peaceful meeting and Baisakhi celebrations in  a closed garden enclave around a pond with five narrow exits. The agenda was however freedom, and propagation of the sentiment. And People with Purpose. In a jiffy, as legends have it some hostile Indian broke the news to dumb Brits. A characterless Brit General or a security labour reporting to another labour higher up the ladder being reported to by an army of native indigenous Indian labours armed with guns sealed the five exits, and ordered a firing. Firing till ammunitions replenished.  The firing went on for more than 10 minutes. Not one died by stampede, not one body mutilated. Few lucky ones survived who could crawl, those who couldn’t be hit. But not one crushed. The group had together embraced of death, for a collective purpose.
  2. Kumbh Melas, India, since Before Christ: Kumbh Melas are religious gathering at 4 sacred spots along pious rivers on a rotating basis. A fair returns to a city every 12 years and comes over as the world’s largest congregation of humans at a time. Water and deep rivers of the likes of Ganga, Godavari on one side and colonies of men on the other, rubbing against each other skin to skin. However there was no known stampede until India’s independence. The account opened only in 1954, as the first of independent India when Nehru required it to use as an electorate address. And since then there have been 4 occasions under random governments of India.
  3. Demonetisation 2016, whole of India: India used to be a country, still believing in hard cash slipped off without accounting or reconciliation.  A tech savvy determined Prime Minister ordered for a change, wiping off the old currencies in circulation in a flash. While Indians as they live, hoarding cash for uncalled emergencies which they’ve often, required to exchange notes in a narrow window. That on counters of dumb Indian banks. And then on the other side the bunch of  important Indians whose agendas find preference before anyone else who also bear for the next 5000 generations of theirs on their own poorly built shoulders. There was anarchy, there was suspicion, there was fear all round. There was scarcity all around, and rush for sights of currencies. Few 100 odd, weak bodies succumbed as well, but not one stampede. (The lesson: When everyone is equally screwed and on their own, nobody kills)
  4. Chatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus, Mumbai, 2008: Kasab & Co. mayhem.  Needless to comment on a Pakistan brand massacre. But- No stampede. (May be for you stand, move, you’d be shot)
  5. Orlando, 2016: A lone perpetrator opening fire in a gayclub. 49 shot until the attacker downed. Not one crushed
  6. Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi, 2005 (eye-witnessed): Delhi serially blasted leaving 62 dead, the deadliest being Sarojini Nagar Market which serves as flea market of Delhi, that before the days of Flipkart and Amazon.  Not half a stampede again.

All of the above mentioned, as in standard templates of stampedes, were environments where human density would tend to exceed the number of feets occupy-able per unit area or area of human soles more than the surface area of tragic epicenters in question. There might have been deaths, deaths under distress, but of class. And what varied is the behaviour of humans at the spot. You’d agree, when stunned either by purpose or collective rationality, even death got softer in each of the cases.

Deep dive into stampedes, you’ll find, all that stands constant is the fact that they’re always a  consequence of a population into rat race set on race of immediate survival with a stop watch on. And you’d have little to disagree that these stampedes are things of primitive societies, of primitive people, of myopic brains, of tiny souls. The participants are generally those who never have time, and living for themselves. Generally the same labours who’ve no time in life to take a pause, use brains, to sacrifice a little of space for other getting crushed.

You’d not disagree when in a commotion, the quickest corrective action would be to stand-still, a small pause in collective. A statue position in collective, followed by programmed retraction from a vulnerable spot. Say, in an event of finding something killing,  stampedes form the other side of taking a collective decision whether to die or wait to die from the crossroads of whether to brave or to just follow the herds and get the hell out of the spot whichever way possible until physical might allows for. Or when everybody decides to go the other way, the savage way to think of your own. Or a trait of cultures defined as third world, those handicapped to think collective and programmed.

Today, in India, they’re blaming Governments, who are caught  watching porn on railway Wi-Fis. Ironically, little did they know, while they were doing so in the calm of railway platforms, the same was true for their elected leaders in legislatures, and thus the same true also for the labours manning the offices under public domains.

Little do they know preventive actions remain subject to past or futures, and never of instantaneous.

Today add to the list that apart from no animal also died no Entrepreneur in a stampede.  And that its a thing of naukars and 3rd worlds. And that, there’s nothing more to conclude.

Disclaimer: The author is a battle hardened entrepreneur with a deep sense contempt towards illiteracy and views are personal.

By the labours, from the labours, of the labours. Stampede- A Cannibalism of Peace.