Our Gandhi scion is back with a scathing series. “Demonetisation killed all unorganised businesses”, said the Bhai Saab as he rekindled the flame, who has been running Gareebon ki Government, the Government of India since 1965 after Shastri. And as we know all, it has already rebooted thrice in 70 years. Like in chess, a […]


“विद्ययाऽमृतमश्नुते” “Knowledge imparts immortality”   –BHU (Banaras Hindu University) Well that’s the motto of this great university in spotlight which has been in existence for a good 100 years. While nobody knows really how many immortals it produced but today its a hub of sex, sleaze, exploitation, casteism, corruption, nepotism, and of course a manufacturing facility […]

“There are two kinds of Gods. Ones you go to and the Others you should have gone to. And that’s when you contracted Sin, if you did. Else you were born Sin-free.” -The Sane Observer Life has two dimensions. The Evils and the Goods. And the Evils are easier to execute. We all have encountered […]

I hope I’m not making a Godman out of me. I’m yet to find a girl to elope with. And I’m one of the hardest of Atheists you can find. This is to narrate a very unusual incident beyond my comprehension wherein a Steve Jobs look alike almost whitewashed me apparently with knowledge. I happened […]

The Bollywood made them dumb with the advent of VCRs, as did the TV with Cables, and the same they’re doing it now with the internet. Getting them dumber, insensitive and spineless, altogether. Disqualifying for the eligibility to live, almost as early as birth, without human rights. We know you would have liked to disagree […]

We’re to talk about a ship, of the world’s most important one. Carrying over one-sixth the humanity, on duty for thousands of years, this masterpiece, The INS INDIA is a muscle to Earth. Of equipments and features, the lesser said, the better. It was modern even in the ancient days of Before Christ and kept emerging […]

“Its not Poverty, its technically the availability of degree of options to choose from. Its never Poverty, its always the Bargaining Gradient.  Poverty is keeping humans away from evolution. Poverty is in Owning Human Evolution.” -The Sane Observer They say poverty has fangs, brutal ones. And often lethal. Shahrukh Khan, one of the richest actors […]

A Stampede is an event wherein humans rush off one over another come what may crushing layers beneath. A mass attempt to save your own life at the cost of everything else in the world, a competition of life-saving held mostly in a small ring. Or to put other way, no animal ever died in […]