Back home, in India, there’s been a furore off late. Just before this Amarnath Yatra attack took prominence. Of Cow Terrorism. The Amarnath attack happened just around when the Terror leaders of Asia-Pacific lapsed into ITC Ratings (International Terror Caliphate) in rankings to this new entrant. Sounding like rabid cows at mayhem, it was Discovered by our illiterate lawmakers and […]


Hammer & Sickle. Ever seen red associated with them? Yes. These happen sometimes of which the occasions are called accidents and damage is the only outcome. Normal people respond to them beginning with first aid, to end in corrective and preventive actions in future, while the couple of hammer and sickle, every time else churns […]

Aadhar- The Placenta I see fumes of opinions airing around as the honorable Supreme Court goes trying the India’s most contested Right- Of Privacy. A new Right into the Pipeline. Of the grade until where its fair to scrutinise citizens. The limit to spy and judge, or the cap to Voyeurism. And thus the limit […]

I’d first laughed on this term “Patriot Pakistani” when I saw it on Quora, some 2-3 years back. Like what it meant, from where? How could one be so, how are they born and how they exist? And of their IQs. The moment I hear of Pakistan, what strikes me that one fool gave a […]

They say, India was never India until the Brits united it formally. They say, it used to sundry kingdoms all at fight with one another, forever. They say India didn’t have an existence. But I’ll tell you, all they were, dumb & wrong. It was never a country, what it was a Continent. More so, […]