Cow Terrorism? No, Communications Terrorism. Courtesy OLTIs

Back home, in India, there’s been a furore off late. Just before this Amarnath Yatra attack took prominence. Of Cow Terrorism. The Amarnath attack happened just around when the Terror leaders of Asia-Pacific lapsed into ITC Ratings (International Terror Caliphate) in rankings to this new entrant.

SlideSounding like rabid cows at mayhem, it was Discovered by our illiterate lawmakers and the criminal media back home. The same ones found watching porn or sleeping at best in legislatures while the media @ ₹⁠⁠⁠⁠ 0.05 a word which manage finding talents in someone as illiterate as a 9th Fail son of Politician who happens to be a discard even by life, this one, as reported is a new version of the Life-extraction vehicle. Or, say, the latest model of Terrorism, Terrorism CTR, just revealed at the Fear Expo 2017. 

Terrorism, the business of fear.

So, this term is instead of the cows which can talk and express. Just as they manage to find talents in Tejrengaswi Yadaavs, drop outs of mainstream life, by force as quoted. There exist sleazy media retailers and pieces of the likes of one ‘The  Reserved Illiterate Times of India’ (wherein ‘R’ and ‘I’ are silent), run by unemployable warts, who for INR 10 extra, go around digging for talents in a high school discard. ‘Politically Astute‘ did find that daily once in a 1000 word verbatim, for a guy who can’t decipher difference between similar sounding words in his mother tongue.

And similarly, hence, also exists a majority segment in the population: Obligatory Literate but Technically Illiterate (OLTI) or the faction bred on contents and stories described as above. Around this time, these OLTIs are waking up to a new form of death, triggering a new series of escalations and noise bundled under Cow Terrorism.

However, there isn’t an iota of change in the Mortality Rate in general for this territory South of Himalayas.

There are murmurs of deaths. No, there are also deaths, in actuals, on grounds. But nothing new or surprising. Along with every other routine death, died some random ₹

 All that is new is the advent of terms, recycled from dumb texts with dubious reporting. Say, in the same quoted daily which is more known for soft porn and skimpy color pictures in its local supplementaries in times of general peace, and for scary scars during chaos, read days back of 97% hike in cow related deaths under Modi Government, as if they reconcile every artificial death in the territory periodically, or if they maintain a Human Life Reconciliation dashboard.  (Which in turn with UID should have been a reality, if only the nation’s National Population Register wasn’t dumb and Government Of India Employees not illicit)

And dished out are new terms like Cow Vigilantes, Cow Terrorism, Intolerance a couple years ago and so on. Essentially, retailing of Artificial Deaths with variations in Category Management, referred to as ‘Terrorism’ or the Business of Fear.

Let’s see how they’re executed. The agents, the processes and the right definitions.

Artificial Death: Casualties on account of human activities, characterised by elimination of lesser important humans for the sake of more important ones. For instance, those poors enormous in numbers travelling in 2nd class railway compartments or those stuck in traffic snarls. (Not to mention, with tools like Google maps, planning death whether in a high population or population free isolated zones have gone easier. One gets a live data where the population is updated per second)

Category Management: A holy custom of discrimination before getting into a transaction on basis of business goals, more popularly known as “Divide and Rule” under which pre-tested sleaze is exchanged over the counter for a well disguised hatred (under the table). The subjected population acts as if they’re to made hate each other on gun-point to yield into conflict or series of conflicts only to pocket illegitimate gains while none is looking around. It works over primary physical law of that of conservation. Someone’s loss is someone’s gain. The more importants deal, negotiate & reconcile before and after execution of events, the lesser OLTIs `

The OTLIs are not blessed with power of creation. For instance, the great OTLIs of peninsula of India managed a mass massacre on an eve of Grandest Party ever: The Independence of 1947, and that from the dumbest tribe to have donned the Earth ever. That they killed for usurping else’s properties, irrespective of positions, they don’t have the balls to acknowledge. While the OTLIs pass it off as results of un-negotiable calls of three important illiterates, the who’s whos got chairs and relative importance on lines of a business goal- Two Nation theory.


OLTIthey do die artificially in significant numbers, but that has been normal for ages. For instance the same gang also managed mass massacres on an eve of party, the Independence. And when given a chance they crib “Divide and Rule” as excuse as if they’re made to hate each other on gun-point, even as they trade under the table.

I wish Himalayas, like Tendulkar had another partner in Aravallis, equal in height and might. So this is about India’s misfortune, of arm-twisted literacy per capita, of mis-quoted frenzies, further amplified and fueled by a criminal tribe equipped with cameras and access to internet: The Indian Media, as described above. They’re club of dumb  illiterates who generally never managed 50% through the high school of the world’s sleaziest education module.

In India, you get into media, law or hotel management after you don’t manage a 50% in Junior college, while your parents still will you to educate further. Also, probably more than half of them tend to be North Indians, a tribe apparently born handicapped of genuine work and human understanding. Say in North India, they even manage to harbour a culture to pay 10x the times of annual CTCs for menial jobs of Government India as bribes, which inherently pay in loose change. For example VYAPAM. Technically unviable but practiced on industrial scales, as a dedicated industry. The gap of unviability are plugged through holy rituals of dowries and bribery. A club of reserved population born with a boss or owner, this obligatory literate but technically illiterate, the brigade manage hilarious outcomes.

For instance, a Government of India employee with 90% confidence tends to be illicit. He’s non-competitive by birth, thus relying on reservation. And they’ve Reservation Universal, Reservation-in-Paid. And all they expertise in talking and wasting time.

So we’re talking of mentally deprived club with little literacy expressed in human forms as slaves. The furore of theirs, the obligatory literate but technically illiterate, the brigade of unproductive segment of Indian population or the club of offsprings born with owners or bosses. They’ve been close to 1.89 Billion unique individuals since 1947 from this lot, of which emerged just one Human. E-Shreedharan, India’s metro man. And the level of literacy of this lot can be reflected in the frequency of recall rate of this great man per capita. One hero of a 1.89 Billion in 70 years, still unknown. Such club idolises Rahul baba. This is of such a furore

The furore has caught frenzy ever since a hardworking PM who talks generally technical, unlike the Illiterate Indian, has taken to the fore. And talk of terrorism they, who also hosted an eventful rape saga of Nirbhaya. Talk of terrorism, who dare not to have balls to cover a corpse, talk they of terrorism who record on phones, a man dying, a bus falling, or be it lynching in process. And cry hoarse, they who watch porn on public wi-fis. At a Patna railway station, they once found 95% surfing porn! Its almost such that, by the moment climax reaches, someone wakes these illiterate offsprings of illiterates up to a new death cause. While being illiterate, non-competitive, rendered useless and unemployable comes in a noise

Like as if these dumb bunches have an exhaustive list of death factors handy each. And that fuelled by criminal Indian media as described above. The media graduates which never could achieve a 50% through their schools dish out percentages and figures, like “9

And that’s not alone, these illiterate Indians also elect representatives to govern them. The elected do that in their assemblies and legislatures. And to add to that there’s also a selected lot. Crammed robots on sleazy history and dumb coursewares: The Great Indian Babu, or the government slave. He cannot be fired. And he sucks money. These warts have a little more special about them, whatever he says, he dictates it as a law. These are such kind of warts


The damage from Communism!

Hammer & Sickle. Ever seen red associated with them?

Yes. These happen sometimes of which the occasions are called accidents and damage is the only outcome. Normal people respond to them beginning with first aid, to end in corrective and preventive actions in future, while the couple of hammer and sickle, every time else churns out green. Food and Productivity.

But someone, don’t want to know whom, he saw red, excited and rolled out a tribe.

As per human records, the tribe accounts for maximum artificial deaths until date, if mortality data were to be reconciled to appropriate death centres. According to my research as Start Up Kumar, the toll should be nearly 1.2 Billion unique individual deaths since 1850, the moment after that illiterate Marx gave the call “Labours of the world, Unite”. Unique individual means, a human lasting enough to bear a name. Should the figures vary, may it owe to wrong definitions. The final figure however sums up to more than Hitler or even larger than that of the brigades of Mia Khalifas in green encompassing the moon have. (And once again a wrong color coding!)

Both the tribes, the Gangs of Green and the Gangs of  Red, they’ve a similar functioning. Of Fatwas. Or  arbitrarily issued diktats. Someone important from the tribe issues the moment he feels which becomes binding, often to become a subject of violence.

The Red one somewhere recently issued a diktat to unfollow God, to practice Atheism, by force. Though I don’t know how that happens overnight, but what I know as humans, you can either subscribe to God or Science. There’s no third way, neither the way to not choose one. Unfortunately your life isn’t that short, you’re a human!

However, there are people who deviate. By numbers, I see them mostly going to Green or Red or Jails. They come in the world with reservations. Wherein a Reservation is a fixed assumption on anything but facts, thrown down the throats from importants (the ones who issue fatwas or diktats) for the cattles of subscribers to live through.

Cattles have an issue. They move in herds, and they need well spread shepherds all along to direct. And we’re talking of the wrong ones, of Sleazy Shepherds.

These people have a characteristic issue. They prey on to unfortunates to carry out their livelihood and gang up only amongst similars. For instance, in India we’ve Dalits & Muslims. Should you leave them in an open sea of humans, they’d still cling to corners, until they find another Dalit/Muslim to gel with. Should the number proliferate in due course, will come an accumulation crying foul for outcasting and hence segregation of a dedicated zone for themselves. However, open free mingling, competing, cooperating and identifying as humans naturally, this wasn’t shoved off their education or God or the importants. And one word that comes from me to describe these tribes, is corrosive. That their first identification of themselves, is not human, not citizen, but a wronged tribe, often of exploited. They prey on insecurities and give a calls to build caliphates of their own territories. And all they do, is to disorder, the herds.

So we’re talking of corrosive tribes, of one single handedly responsible for pulling human evolution in the direction left of the Right, where in Right is the direction right or correct, or where tomorrow is better than today. We’re talking of the damage, not in loss of blood, but in loss of lives.

Let’s see who they are.
Name: Communists

Bio: Cartel Labour to Cartel Capital
Work: Creating Unions to cease hammer & sickle to manufacture productivity.

Revenue: Opaque commissions out of negotiations post productivity break.

Origins: With the advent of mass manufacturing, was slowly emerging an edge that humans had never seen. The Economies of Scale. More outcome per unit effort. But they were humans, tiny, naive, and still to traverse through lanes of wisdom. They didn’t know, small humans with small hearts and small stakes operate in Cartels, which are created to make a group formidable, with some order & driven from a certain top. At the top is the one who founds the Cartel. And in process the importance shifts from individuals in accumulation and individual demands, to importance of select few, in turn to be sold as disguised for the interest of the group. Its something like those who choose to accumulate in group leaving their individual cause suddenly become unknown, and is known the one who began the order. (For example, for the cause of Indian integration, as projected, its all that who did was Gandhi, not the people aggregating to take blows, it all goes to Gandhi always. Similar in the case of Communism, where in the community aggregating was of labours, men of small stakes with just as much of liabilities limited to physical bodies till the interval supplied to enterprises on rent).


It began with a psycho called Karl Marx who in the age of nascence of Industrial Revolution. “Labours of the world, unite” he gave a call. When the industrial revolution had made over a century, with leaps in mass-production every other day. Equal for processes, people and capital. Each had an opportunity to collaborate, disrupt and to evolve. There was opportunity all around. Say like the Internet of today. Every one connected, all you need is to create right connection to close on bottlenecks to open gateways of productivity.


But as internet, the eco-system of connectivity, it also offers you to create millions of pages, like “Beef Janta Party”, “I support Kanhaiya Kumar”, “Do not like this page or you’ll die of laughter” and so on. The next day you can post a poll for Prime Ministers of 2019, which can comprise of Arvind Kejriwal in Rodent-best like portrait with a smile, a Rahul Gandhi, dumb Mamta & Modi. Naturally, boosting it up for Modi. Thus boiling down upto individual competencies.

Similarly, this treacherous Marx created an opportunity for labour unions, or a basket of followers to deal & negotiate with the Cartel capital. Not many know the same Marx was a relative of Philips founder, surviving on begged money. So he created a Cartel, thus an opportunity of self-importance in order to reap benefits of accumulating benefits. There was another option, that to tell the labours, that it was them who had the expertise, it was them who made it run, that they’re also as much of competition as Capital itself.
“For you know the trade, Labours of the world, compete, innovate. Labours of the world Start Up”, the same had as much opportunity. “Bring in better, richer solutions, to draw capital. Disrupt, Evolve, Work” (Which they’d in India, indigenously- The Co-operatives. Since Ages)
But then it was Marx. A man of sleaze, a man of red, a man of impotence, a thug of man. He said, build a Cartel, I’ll negotiate for you. I’ll give you my minions, who will have other minions. Feed them as you eat, stop and intimidate other men of higher stakes, so as to I bring the booty. Booty for you? Hell, no labours, you’re labours. I’ll give you holidays. You know I’m well read, I can write. I could have told you on customer experience, organisational structures, bottlenecks, processes, but then it will make you a CEO. So no, stay labour, work, and stop when I say so. Build unrest, kill people, kill as by-products in proxy for best results, while I negotiate on your behalf. And hey, don’t worry of the negotiations, you’re a labour, meant to be laborious. Just stop when I say.
Came in Red. Came in Blood. Came in Negotiations. Came in customs. Say in Kolkata, there’s one Esplanade Cross, blocked for parades 8 hours a day. The more the coffins wrapped in black, the more adorned is the parade. And similar the ones, the world round. Murders this Cartel account the highest, since 1850s.
Until communism, the world had two sides: The Supply Side, The Demand Side. With communism came a third, The Important. Until then people were Greats or Normals. The  Greats gave gifts, like cars, phones, electricity, bulb, and so on, while the Normals, they worked, slept, made merries when they could and died. Democracy used to be For the people, From the People. And tax, just one: of Security. And everyone contributed. The trade of Brokership was still to be found. There were however, transaction platforms, which evolved as exchange terminals in the modern world, with advancement in communications technology. But with Communism, came in Gods, Importants and The Cattles. Democracy became Of the people, For the people, By the people. People went people, and became prominent the prepositions, the intermediary of no utilities. Not even cosmetics. So much that, as long as lie with someone or to someone, prepositions hardly matter, or probably both being the same in the case of lying.
And these cartels, when they lose it all on account of Natural choice, comes in the forced one, like this imposition, of giving up it on God. You know why? For God might tend to be fair, but at the core, they know they’re not. With information, data and expressions getting democratised, should the importance, fear and twisted beliefs die down because of reach, the trade would die out.
If the humans knew, each of them are born CEOs , and that humans eventually train them into slaves, communism or any reservation, they wouldn’t have existed.
The only silver lining the humans had, was that there was some God, who’d told, “Strongest is the man who stands alone”
Else the world would have never seen evolution, nor would have been seeds of Inspiration
May you figure out how much the advent of Communism cost us all. The intermediaries of nothing. Ah.. wait, the intermediaries of Hammer & sickle when its red, spewing out.

Aadhar: The Placenta to Citizen. (Magic Hacks to Governance with UID)

Aadhar- The Placenta

I see fumes of opinions airing around as the honorable Supreme Court goes trying the India’s most contested Right- Of Privacy. A new Right into the Pipeline. Of the grade until where its fair to scrutinise citizens. The limit to spy and judge, or the cap to Voyeurism. And thus the limit to stories. It actually sums up to giving shape, scales and a stand to Governance. And stands next on the pivot as after effect, the UID, which stands for adding digits to all that, which in turn, for standing subject to engineering, and thus to Performance Measurement.

As the clocks tick, so do many hearts. After all, the land of Bada Babus that India is, with Gods and Cattles on either sides. For instance, a Lalu Yadav would certainly need privacy so as to the ones on footpaths pass off nights comfortably in isolation. The bada babus ensure, either the cattles stray in order on the road or should the one on footpath die, he remains under the covers, under the soil.

The UID disrupts that arrangement. The Zero number two, that it is, a numbering system for the Placenta that living beings are all born with, the serial number to the medium that gave us idle time, outsourcing the verb care to survival over to mothers. While you had the luxury to sleep your way to growth and evolution in peace. 

If you happen to be an asset to the world, we ideally put an asset number to it, for the purpose of Asset Management, should you desire the service of maintenance. Stock Taking. Or Should you wish to build a placenta  artificial for your citizens, in case your might allows, which you should, as an ideal Government. To it, Aadhar is the serial number. The step next to have the opportunity to have placenta beyond the mother, the Tracking id to the Soul- every time a living being is born- to link the asset with Earth. (Provided you care yourself as an asset.) It could be called “God Governance”, as generation next to “Good Governance”, the one with arrangement for placenta to a citizen. (And on Pivot is Stock Taking-The Privacy.)

Well, I don’t  know how that sounds like, in literature, but as Start Up Kumar, I sense something like 5,400 Billions USD a year, for the market of India in present value on that account. And yes, Oh, Please, hold on your small disbelieving hearts. Its just, $4000 USD only, per capita. Still worse, its not that it doesn’t exist today but that you just don’t know. Of which is the game. 

You might still tend to disbelieve the figures.

Well, you also disbelieved that you were born a CEO, only to be trained a gatekeeper. Had they told you, being a CEO, you’d have asked of supplies to your placenta. And before you could have figured out on your own, they’d already got you by heart as religion, “Kya le ke aaye the, Kya le ke jaayenge“. (You brought nothing, nothing will you take, shut off that greed). What they didn’t, “Apna Placenta le ke aaye the, apna le ke jaayenge” (That you came up on your own placenta, and the salvage value would you leave or take. Its not of greed, but the subject of reconciliation).  

For, had they told you, say, you could have asked Amitabh Bachhan as to what the India he received as 30 when he took over, and what he left at the point where you took over, as the next batch of 30. You’d have taken over a paper based handover, stamped with time and particulars, reconciled. In case of India, I’m sure even Amitabh would choose to die than to answer for he was also in the train that stole your feeds to your placenta, which is The train Parallel. (Parallel governments, economies and people)

And why Amitabh Panama Bacchan could, because of the lack of asset number. For your own placenta is not reconciled, someone else can, of which the base value in cumulative, in July 2017 should be 5400 Billions USD a year. That is value of the annual feed to your placenta at base model of human for India should be 4000$ per capita, of which you don’t know, for it goes into the placenta parallel, for it doesn’t have an asset number which is Aadhar, of which is Supreme Court is to take call upon, on which there are opinions, airing around. 

I see the who’s whos of India and the world opinionating the cause. Some sprinkling fear, many suspicions, and the rest their ignorance. But what they didn’t is that Aadhar, the Zero number two is a hack to Governance, just like what Zero was to count. The device that United Nations had to begin with as a problem statement.

They’d begun after War, with objectives of human reconciliations at human levels. Right?

Well, such hacks require skill, brains, and a problem statement closed for solutions (from all sides). And whenever they’re no exits, the only one to you look upto is India! So they (UN) waited for India to develop the solution, while the Indians in turn (waited) for Pakistan to annihilate and amplify the problem statement. To the extent, similar to the puzzle of what to do beyond 9, when they were learning to count. This time, the problem was  of excess men. Of what to do beyond the process to “Count”, the problem of distinguishing extra dead bodies and reconciling the Non-State Men (of which side).

Last time when the humans stuck, all they could, was count in batches. 1, 2, 3… 9, 9*1, 9*2, 9*3, or four batches of 9 and so on. 9*1=9, 9*2=? They couldn’t dare to use equality (=). And a little further, few steps ahead, there was 9*9. Came a phrase, “Many Many” But couldn’t solve. Began a custom. Every time a language was created, the first words to open the vocabulary has been “Many Many” since, in remembrance to the solution. Somebody had used brains. Actually he’d just seen a screw. He knew the problem statement was about to drive down the count to churn the numbers up. Placed 0,  a symbol to motion, 360 degrees. Came in Place Value, Came in Equality, Came in Decimals, Came in binary, Came in computers. (Whenever India solves, it doesn’t solve, it opens floodgates, of Opportunities)

Fast forward, 2000s, Came in Artificial Slaves. Artificial slaves with Artificial Intelligence, racing the Natural ones. Sans politics, Sans exhaust, Sans error, With precautions. (From the same, from algorithms to count). Millions getting replaced day by day off the livelihoods, racing for learning against machines which operate (as) ‘Machines at Learning’. “Honesty” off the vocabulary already, but for in some fairy tales, “Water” next on the list to vanish, racing again with man himself.

All in all, the problems of excess men.

On one end, while the world remains clueless of this problem of excesses, or of ways to approach, surviving through recessions, here had been India, dealing with excesses. Flocking in from all sides, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Coromandel, Malabar, Munnar, Mumbai, Facebook, Orkut, Whatsapp, alive,  dead, waiting to be dead, or from wherever they could. In whichever state. The problem was to what to do post the step “Count“.

Reconcile was the answer.

But again, came how. It wasn’t of 1.35 Billions humans to be counted. It was of distinguishing between billions of sources. It was to distinguish 1.35 Billions and counting and distinguishing amongst surrounding 3 billions. (While for the world on the other end was the question- What of the excesses?)

The answer was one.

Going straight to roots, to the levels a living being is born with: The Placenta. To create an identity link, as unique as a single Placenta. Once you decode the Placenta, you could have the luxury of fitting in as many umbilical chords to it, or of regulating feeds in or out, even as you know the parents responsible of the placenta.

Was Born UID, the Aadhar (2004). Reconciling Humanity at Human levels (Since 2010). [The Problem borned in 1999- Kargil]

Little had the world known, its step ‘Reconcile‘, post step ‘Count‘, hadn’t it been Race Artificial vs Race Natural, not machine vs humans, not labour vs capital. Instead “More machines Per Capita“. Zero Number two, did I say? Yes, this time we’re teaching the world Reconciliation. And in the age of Artificial Intelligence, the preparedness of handing over Artificial Placentas, beyond mothers, beyond Gods. Last time it was a hack to Count, this time hack to Governance, of hacks to Evolution. 

Due Credits: Pakistan. Thanks for 70 years of war.

Hacks To Governance

Coming Soon 

We’ll abolish Income Tax. We’ll Change exams. We’ll change Education. We’ll Change Census. We’ll have daily attendance, We’ll have Fast Courts, We’ll bring Customer Care to Policing. We’ll have Free Universal Basic Income Scheme with Revolving Debit-Credit. We’ll have world bowing to us. We’ll have world’s first Placenta Services.

-The Sane Observer

World’s first Placenta Services. Beginning with Content

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Come Back Soon

India-Pakistan: The Patriotism Doppleganger (Uncensored)

I’d first laughed on this term “Patriot Pakistani” when I saw it on Quora, some 2-3 years back. Like what it meant, from where? How could one be so, how are they born and how they exist? And of their IQs. The moment I hear of Pakistan, what strikes me that one fool gave a call, and they rushed. Getting embroiled in blood smacking on a party eve, that too on the day of riddance from psychotic Brits. The idea of India meant accession to a ‘Common market’. Economies of Scale. 

And then there was the whole passage, that in Pakistani English! They make more sense when read right to left. That way you  take only words, not sentences.

So, (Patriot + Pride) Pakistan, its technically wrong to express so. And blasphemous to put in one line.  I hope you’d agree to that without dispute.

No? How can I say so? Springing Hatred? Unfair am I? Well, I’m Start Up Kumar. The bhalai or sanity is it in to quietly agree, without a trace of argument.

So, this incident dates back to those times when a Rahul Baba equivalent had just shot into fame in Pakistan, some Bilawal Bhutto.

In the sub-continent, we’ve a very socialist structure of distribution of Talents into the population if you’re aware, with a well designed and organised distribution. Talents for the territory are sourced from choicest ingredients and cultured into special sperm sacs, to bring the expression into one super human. And in turn that produce is entrusted to radiate Talents to the rest of mortal population as they move about. And for wherever they can’t go, we put posters and hoardings around. For instance, in India, we’ve 73% of Outdoor billboards dedicatedly reserved to these Talent Evangelists, who in turn you find greeting and radiating the same around the highways and streets. You simply stand beneath those posters, and chant hymns like “Om Rahulaay Namah” with arms spread under the sun, you get reloaded, like a Talent recharge. The more, the better the results.

No Start Up can afford an outdoor communication, unless a billion dollar funding, for those reserved hoardings, so precious are these sperms. And along with talent, these sperms also radiate Patriotism, which was all nearly all time high post some buff on Kashmir. And patriotism, the nasty word, the epicentre of turbulence around, yes, the same noise, that latest AAA+ certificate of humanity in the market, of which you get to know every other day a stampede for, the majority of that is sourced from there.

Actually Patriotism reads contribution, a thing of constant demand. And that nobody else does. In crunchy situations, to keep float billions, someone need need to rise, and  only few do that, like Rajiv Gandhi of India. Say, he developed a C++ vaccination, which is sprayed in the air, and were born Indian programmers naturally. And that’s how Rajiv Gandhi Sundar Pichai reached Google and so did Mahatma Gandhi Satya Nadella. Essentially, at large, its something like, its only them who contribute – The ‘talent radiators’. And then who contribute, Patriotism lies in higher density around them.

Off late, with the advent of social media and personal screens getting into lives, this intercept to senses, eyes ears and fingers plus brains clubbed together as expressions, has been raising furores, more than ever. So much that,  it today actually carries the 3rd highest Networth in vocabulary after Poverty, Entrepreneurship, followed by Terrorism. Say, Poverty in India has had Turnover of over 11.7 Trillion dollars since 1947, equivalent to close to 4 years of GDP or say free holidays, provided all expense in the name of poverty given back to each of us. And similarly, words have their own values and aukats or energy in stored form. Poverty globally stands at the peak, towering as the most expensive word equalling in sum value of Recessions in cumulative. Entrepreneurship, a close second, abused to heart’s content beyond which comes in Patriotism.

Patriotism initially was equal only to market cap of Armanent Race, but then as it grew developed a second sub-variant to split independently as the third most expensive word: Terrorism. By virtue of which both happen to be derivatives of the same family, the same business filling up for each other. Executed in the world as supremacy of Importants over the Cattle. Say for the love of country, no head ever died, nor did any state head of high stakes in a terror violence. And clubbed together, they kill more than any other disease, labelled as ‘Martyrs’ of two sides. And that stays high statistically, wherever there is Islam coupled with high density of people or technically consumer markets. For instance India-Pakistan together make for over 2 Billion individuals subscribing for consumption package.

So we’re to talk of the world’s most sophisticated trade. Of the trade of control of trades!

…To be continued



When the land of Entrepreneurs met Naukars and Invaders

They say, India was never India until the Brits united it formally. They say, it used to sundry kingdoms all at fight with one another, forever. They say India didn’t have an existence. But I’ll tell you, all they were, dumb & wrong.

It was never a country, what it was a Continent. More so, before the age of telephone. A massive tract of land more than 40 Lakh square kilometres nurtured & protected by sea & Himalayas. Economy more than half the world. And sounds so musical, to have aired throughout. Such that, Europeans fascinated with goodies hunted through seas for centuries to discover the Land. By sea or through mountains, they tried it all. And somewhere, this tribe of illiterate wannabe Khalifas, being near. That tribe is still in filtering through up there in mountains. And was America still aloof in the seas, so as Australia, China separated off a wall, Japan yet into reckoning, Russia must have been into ice.

However, the land that it was, the land of enterprises, the land of entrepreneurs and production. The sound had to fly. Be it Vascos or Columbus. The enterprises had to draw human will. They came they explored, they traded. And cheaters, of course, they knew more about cheating in the days of originals. Came in the skill of counterfeiting, a new to India, the land of Himalayas. Grew competition. After all the land of entrepreneurs & enterprises it was. Of the competition, the Global trade did plummet, albeit in percentages, not absolute. Global trade was still around 30% till the time East India Company dropped in.

There were kings, there were kingdoms, but so were domestic trades, distributed throughout. There were kings and there were communities. Communities independent of kingdoms, spread uniformly. Behaviors, lifestyle, culture more or less the same. Say distribution of FMCGs of today, item the same, but costs different through the states. Local body taxes a little different here & there tuned to kingdoms. For governance it was always the Panchayati system. For protection, security the kings. After all, cars, trucks & telephones were yet to be manufactured.

Intra-exchange in the land, within kingdoms, did they exist? Yes that’s how you had language territories. That so coded, that for instance, traders, Marwari is the same even today, be it Kashmir or Karnataka or Kanyakumari. Standardisation, they had back then, throughout the extent.

Of Kingdoms. They fought? Which was the last battle before Mia Khalifas or Greeks or the rest came in? In the time of Ashoka? And how were they fought? Average frequency? How many jails or war-prisoners did the Indians have indigenously? All they’d was festivals. Right? And temples. Centres of Economy, events and landmarks. Production, Marketing & distribution. The land of entrepreneurs as I said.

Continuous fights? If only the dumbs knew of competition then back before formal companies came to existence. Of languages & codes if they knew. How would have they got time to wage wars delved in creating & developing languages for purpose. Competition with Cooperation. Panchayat + Kingdoms.

So I’ll tell you what happened with India. It was the land of entrepreneurs. Then came Khalifas. Illiterates but with human bodies. Being entrepreneurs, the godliness they had, they hired, security. Now, these naukars, as they’re, humans of small stakes. All naukars who’ve bosses to report, they’re all still even today. Naukars have little to do with customers. Small heart and still smaller the eyes. What would a naukar do. Steal! Came in packets of sleaze. Now in the age of No CCTVs with massive tracts of empty land. So the stories of Ghaznis & Mahmuds that you hear.

Of histories & historians? So we read that of NCERT in bulk. Global we seldom do. Or in simple words, history propagated by cheap Government of India employees? Almost 68% of Government of India employees, (personal survey crafted out of sundry matrimonials) they live unemployed, bad graduates of bad colleges under 2 LPAs. Why? For they fail to impart workmanship to their kids. And the Same the secret of degenerative PSUs. Or say, the gang, that began with blank sheet in 1947, in 2017, are struggling to have jobs for themselves. Well, to expand, you need to have a mind of entrepreneur. Naukars don’t have it. Naukars all they’re born, to salute. While NCERT had been busy saluting Gandhi. And of Brits, the whole tribe itself was offshore employees of a dumb crown, since East India Company.

However there was one thing that the naukars couldn’t wring out. That the naukars couldn’t sniff, being ignorant. So India is known for its key peculiarity: The Culture of Synthesis. That is whatever came to India, didn’t go out the same. All of them got indianised. They all got assimilated, turned down this land none. And emerged distinct, with more shine. Be it food, or language, people or cloth, mughlayee or hindustani, Akbar or Annie, trouser or pajama. This assimilation wouldn’t have existed had it not been the land of entrepreneurs. Adoption with open mind, the culture of adding to existing. This the naukars couldn’t pick.

Sad to see the same country reduced to being land of naukars, degrading day by day. Little did they know of entrepreneurship, the cliche “Work for Tatas, Invest in Ambanis” would have been “Work for India, Invest for yourself. Make the world Invest in you, Make the world Invest in India”

PS: There’s a difference of sky and ground between a Naukar & a Professional