The Secret of Pantheism, the Concept of God

Why religions are Pantheistic, say for instance Islam, close to giving all due credits of all the every things of the everything to Allah, in effect , “For all quality checks, refer God”, for they knew they’re to fail. But every religion began with a big man, the incarnation, and still bigger but smaller the team downstairs, the propagators. There had to be someone to take the responsibilities, of massacres, of deceit, of sleaze, despite such a team. Say If I met Vishnu, he’d have no face absolutely against me if I were to review Operations India. Did Not Meet expectations, ready to be fired, he’d have known quiet inside.

So they knew, they were to fail, despite with gigantic teams of the likes Muhmmad Lions or Krishna Kings, or Jesus Rockets or Sing Elven or just any. Of failures, there had to be someone to take responsibilities. For instance you kill 2, get born a rookie Dawood bhai. Of the two dead, was the accountability unaccounted, there had to be someone the proxy, someone to be called in into the Post Match presentation. Came in then the concept of Captains known as God in as many languages.

And for the failures, where to blame, began the practice of chants. And those who fail more, chant more. Now you may rate the religions based on frequency, if at all, you’re to race which is better. Death per capita the metric.

What the humans didn’t know, in Sport nobody is bigger than the Game. And then they wrote volumes. Cometh the Religions. Un-sport the humans. Chants he the most, the guy un-sport most.


GST: द सेन ऑब्ज़र्वर की आंखों से

एक राजा ने बहुत ही सुंदर ”महल” बनावाया और
महल के मुख्य द्वार पर एक ”गणित का सूत्र” लिखवाया और एक घोषणा की कि
इस सूत्र से यह ‘द्वार खुल जाएगा और
जो भी इस ”सूत्र” को ”हल” कर के ”द्वार” खोलेगा मैं उसे अपना उत्तराधीकारी घोषित कर दूंगा।

राज्य के बड़े बड़े गणितज्ञ आये और सूत्र देखकर लौट गए, किसी को कुछ समझ नहीं आया।

आख़री दिन आ चुका था
उस दिन 3 लोग आये और कहने लगे
हम इस सूत्र को हल कर देंगे।

उसमे 2 तो दूसरे राज्य के बड़े गणितज्ञ अपने साथ बहुत से पुराने गणित के सूत्रो की पुस्तकों सहित आये। लेकिन
एक व्यक्ति जो ”साधक” की तरह नजर आ रहा था सीधा साधा कुछ भी साथ नहीं लाया था।
उसने कहा मै यहां बैठा हूँ पहले इन्हें मौक़ा दिया जाए।
दोनों गहराई से सूत्र हल करने में लग गए लेकिन द्वार नहीं खोल पाये और अपनी हार मान ली।

अंत में उस साधक को बुलाया गया और कहा कि
आपका सूत्र हल करिये समय शुरू हो चुका है।
साधक ने आँख खोली और सहज मुस्कान के साथ ‘द्वार’ की ओर गया।
साधक ने धीरे से द्वार को धकेला ओर यह क्या?
द्वार खुल गया, राजा ने साधक से पूछा –
आप ने ऐसा क्या किया?

साधक ने बताया जब मैं ‘ध्यान’ में बैठा तो
सबसे पहले अंतर्मन से आवाज आई, कि
पहले ये जाँच तो कर ले कि
सूत्र है भी या नहीं।
इसके बाद इसे हल ”करने की सोचना” और
मैंने वही किया!

कई बार जिंदगी में कोई ”समस्या” होती ही नहीं और हम ”विचारो” में उसे बड़ा बना लेते हैं।

जीएसटी लगने तो दीजिये अभी अपना ब्लड प्रेशर मत बढ़ाएँ जी

भारत में अप्रत्यक्ष करों के ऐतिहासिक सुधार का हिस्सा बनें ।

For the hatred of Hindi

आओ बच्चों तुम्हे दिखायें,
शैतानी शैतान की… ।
नेताओं से बहुत दुखी है,
जनता हिन्दुस्तान की…।।

बड़े-बड़े नेता शामिल हैं,
घोटालों की थाली में ।
सूटकेश भर के चलते हैं,
अपने यहाँ दलाली में ।।

देश-धर्म की नहीं है चिंता,
चिन्ता निज सन्तान की ।
नेताओं से बहुत दुखी है,
जनता हिन्दुस्तान की…।।

चोर-लुटेरे भी अब देखो,
सांसद और विधायक हैं।
सुरा-सुन्दरी के प्रेमी ये,
सचमुच के खलनायक हैं ।।

भिखमंगों में गिनती कर दी,
भारत देश महान की ।
नेताओं से बहुत दुखी है,
जनता हिन्दुस्तान की…।।

जनता के आवंटित धन को,
आधा मंत्री खाते हैं ।
बाकी में अफसर ठेकेदार,
मिलकर मौज उड़ाते हैं ।।

लूट खसोट मचा रखी है,
सरकारी अनुदान की ।
नेताओं से बहुत दुखी है,
जनता हिन्दुस्तान की…।।

थर्ड क्लास अफसर बन जाता,
फर्स्ट क्लास चपरासी है,
होशियार बच्चों के मन में,
छायी आज उदासी है।।
गंवार सारे मंत्री बन गये,
मेधावी आज खलासी है।

आओ बच्चों तुम्हें दिखायें,
शैतानी शैतान की…।।
नेताओं से बहुत दुखी है,
जनता हिन्दुस्तान की

:Credits Unknown

Ravindra Jadeja: The Sir of Giving up?


Ravindra Jadeja is a bowling machine who wears an India T-shirt often. A strange human being with a capacity to probably take unending physical toils. Say, if there was a race of keeping awake in the hot sun, by all likelihoods, he would stand favourite of standing first of the entire humanity of the whole 7 Billions. Plays cricket for India at the top level at the global ranks. And perhaps also, the first Indian to mark the debut in “The Curious Case of X” series of literature/articles around one. The maiden one came over in 2010, and he has been garnering more than one biannually since, summing up to at least one each for a media piece each to have existed. Google yields 18000 of them. Fame is not new to him. Virat knows him for faking while Dhoni for being a Sir, or a piece of caffeine to the team, and us the cricket fans as some dolphin around a cricket ground tossing up and down. We know him for energy. But last night, happened a crime. Of which Jadeja also did not commit the first time. “Losing premeditatedly” is the crime, or “Not trying to win or overcome till death”. It reads being unsport, a process that yields into a structured, well defined art called “Giving up“, making a human aspire and embrace mediocrity by habit, in turn which matures as nature at large in the humanity. And as ever, there’s outrage.

Of the crime, yes, the same obvious one, India can’t lose to Pakistan. Not to the people who chose to kill on the eve of a Grand Celebration. And that not when the escalations stay heightened, like a responsibility. One loss in sector 1 pushing wedge to sector 2, in this age, losses do affect positions, elsewhere. A loss is a loss. We saw an Army mocking through sports elsewhere, for the country whose ex International Sportsman ploughs an Uber as far away as Australia. We mean Arshad Khan of Pakistan. So it matters in a connected world. And we look with a certain pity to those who spoilt the Peninsula under guard of Himalayas. Probably like Tendulkar, it too needed a partner Aravallis equal in height, to have the tri-color fluttering to keep to the winning side by default. Some fools gave a call, and they rallied. So it matters to lose somewhere. And annihilating to give up, up there.

So, because of the immediacy of the event this may head towards individual shaming, given the heat and passions shared. But this is with no attempt to malign individual identities. That the same being Ravindra Jadeja, has risen up from the bottomest of lines, to represent India at the top, his ride has been meteoric and inspiring. No discredit to that, and no individual shaming. In fact we believe in public shaming whenever we do, which we do often. That we do at levels of humanity, for our users come in bulk and across the globe. On occasions that we go after individuals, we present use cases of peaks of the trait under scrutiny, to hint at the group at large, in batches of humanity, independent of nationalities. Of the individuals, we acknowledge them as a human variant, with all eligibility to human rights. World’s first “hate the sin, not the sinner entity”, we’re The Sane Observer. And we’re after a crime, “Giving up”.


At The Sane Observer, we look upto humans differently, say like Cars. Manufactured to different needs, segments, budgets, utilities, geographies, from different factories. Collectively expressing up as markets, but individually expressed as models. Say Vxi & Lxi, wherein the Vxi comes over as the expensive model, the one with airbags reading for security. A variant with a natural gift to rear natural slaves naturally. And they rear  “Happy Slaves”. While every car is a car and no car a lesser car, in lesser developed markets, the lesser expensive ones are projected to be more prudent, hence more in demand and more glorified. They project to be of strong ability to drive secure to deploy the belief and practice of being more pragmatic to own the cheaper model pushing the demand to lesser side of the higher model. Thereafter, the cheaper owners more often than not resort to cheap intoxication to run into disasters. Consequently the cars die more in number there. While they don’t maintain insurances for the long run, abhorrence to security, leaves fewer owners in case of accidents. But the cars die as a whole. Say, India competes Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo & Somalia for the top 5 in women’s safety or the Vxi. And as a result they express as a poorer market with more sub-standard cars. The Benzs & BMWs continue to live, expand while the M800s, they give way to Kwids. Marutis, they may live as less than 10% or as legacies if good in histories, but with a definite road life. While Ambassadors, result into shutters down with no takers, heavy debts and empty hues & cries.

And these cars, individually to make a car, to have an identity of one unique model, get finished out of assemblage of different units: Body, Engine, Electricals, Upholsteries and so on. Of which the core part is the engine, the spirit. Broadly classifiable into two ranges based on fuel or the drive: i) The Internal Combustion ( petrol/diesel/ ATF or the fossil fueled) ii) The External Combustion (Electric powered). One with lots of harms, other with no apparent harm, until advanced research. Same with humans, from that level of build, marks the expression and future in the market: i) Sport and ii) Unsport. The Sport is the electric propelled here. And this build determines value & demand of the car pre-emptively before rolling around. So this is around the primary build from the levels as high as Sport and Unsport, the levels where Vxi or the Lxi doesn’t matter. To be unsport is as criminal as to be the fossil fueled car in 2017 with massive Ozone holes and unreliable climate. And if Ravindra Jadeja is the “Sir” of Unsports, or the trait ‘Giving Up’?

Being Sport is playing to the rules predetermined and published before the commencement of a game (or event or a goal) with all grit and spirits with an aim to stay on the winning side. Neither is the option is to give mid way once committed, even if a defeat is imminent, nor is to change rules or cry foul. You play until the finish with one goal, to be able to touch the victory line. Should you lose, you accept the defeat along with all its ancillary losses only to come better prepared for another game. Never do you give up or blame. You choose path not the destination. And should you be playing for a team, you play for the team. And if I were to hunt for a ‘Sir’ in the culture of Sportism, one of the peaks would be our own Yuvraj Singh (again a cricketer from India). Anything else is being Unsport. Sport brings in excellence, turn arounds, on occasions miracles. While the unsport reads for unreliability, offensive stance, cheating or mediocrity at best.

So while we go through Jadeja, which we’d try to go as mildly as possible, given the track records of us Indians, having defacing a national team innumerably in the past, we want to underline the process to Unsport. And also Jadeja is not the lone guy to practice the ritual, or by statistics, it could go down to the 96% of the population. For instance, only 1% of the Indians pay taxes, while the rest remaining unsport to produce receipts. Mediocrity they follow as ritual, while they look at excellence with heightened eyebrows. And should they bear a Pakistan coefficient in life, they also seek proofs. Thereby also making difficult or discouraging for a sport to practice being sport. And we Indians profess this crime of embracing mediocrity more than religion. Of which the results described in any of the performing indices, be it of business or happiness or hunger or corruption or just any index to exist.

Let’s see what Jadeja did.

He equipped a run out for a team already down almost to point of no return. On the other end was a newbie with a firing cylinder all ablaze to flirt with an improbable miracle. With plenty of time around to knit a miracle, the only thing sport possible could have been to hang around and, or to facilitate the performer let him finish as long as possible. But he had it the other way. Achieving the last desired outcome. Was it first? Well, the game was more tilted than controllable before the pair came. May it have been a loss in sane senses of a high pressure occasion.

A bowling machine with super agile body he comes around. That he deserves a position at the top to represent the side, there’s little doubt. And has been mostly into the thick and thins of the playing eleven for a good 8 years, close to a decade. While exemplary memorable moments have been rare, not enough to flash at the outset, on the contrary, of instances not trying to win or to not convert for reasons whichsoever, comes more prominently. Let’s pick top 3.

  1. India vs Australia (Nov 5, 2009), Hyderabad. Australia putting up 350 on the board to be chased, India managed to middle order collapse to chase a herculean total. But was there the Master in second birth beyond injuries and far more tempered, closing it up almost single handedly, with half the target all by himself. But then as India has had it, one Tendulkar was never enough, as he miscued for the 1st time in the innings at 175, there was all but 19 to victory line of 3 overs. On the other end was this not so new Jadeja, that with a fair bit of steadying, 23 off 17 already by the stage. He mastered his own run out, off the occasion
  2. India vs Australia (Jan 20, 2016), Canberra. Almost a repeat but for middle over collapse. Aussies piled up a 348, with a 349 to chase. Post a not so early wicket of Rohit Sharma, rallied Kohli and Dhawan with hundreds each. Happened a mild collapse with the fall of partnership, to be followed with Dhoni and Gurkeerat a newbie, came in Jadeja in the 40th over with 71 to get off the last 11. Absolutely gettable for an 7 year permanent. He finished with 24 not out with the innings winding up by last over 17 short of the win. Reminded of the Manoj Prabhakar of early nineties like to have prepared for a loss.
  3. India Vs Pakistan (June 19, 2017), Oval. Well, the memories are fresh!

Is he the Sir of ‘Giving up’ ? Being Sir, is being a peak in some domain.


Who the Mahatma was he the Gandhi?

Who was Gandhi? Well, we really don’t know. We didn’t see him, just had always heard. Gandhi true, Gandhi peace, Gandhi non-violence, Gandhi great and Gandhi Mahatma. They said there was only one Gandhi. And the other side of humans, we saw, he was eliminated, in probably what must have been the most sport assassination ever. While we don’t advocate assassinations, we think one is eliminated when the detractors find that as the only way or just too much to bear. And all it boils down to the adversary one is pitted against. They kill for any reason ranging from secrets to sex to power. So we really don’t know. Or should we put our way, he couldn’t be protected by an institution called “Government of India” which protected no human ever. And to have its key founder dead unprotected within six months of inception was only fair. Charity begins at home as they say. Nothing could have been a better testimonial to the fairness to this Great institution than its designated Father getting killed right at the outset. We wonder the subjects still trust the Government of India- the Team. Reserved Netas, reserved minnions. Paid Neta, paid babu. So the Father couldn’t be protected by kids. And we don’t know.

They say he united India. But we see, so did Arvind Kejriwal. Or say if it was all about good spirits, so did, more than 100 times better in measured quantities, Tendulkar. But then again there was also Dravid and was so Dada or Dhoni or Pathan. So we know really not much. All we could see, even if he might have just been Tendulkar alone, he’d to lose always. For India to win, it always required a Srinath, to hold an end a Dada, and to save a Rahul. And if it couldn’t be Tendulkar alone, it just couldn’t have been any Gandhi as well, by any standards. If it couldn’t have been a sportsman in the open , it just couldn’t be a barrister in a silo. If it couldn’t have been the man with tricolor on his head, it couldn’t have been the man without clothes anyways. The Sportsman was at least not a product of the Brits Education Module. So we know, really not. Not as much. Of uniting India, which was yet to be India, of people who were yet bengalis, madrasis, ghatis, of the land yet to get a common market, we couldn’t garner shreds of evidence enough. India had always to be a team game. Neither Tendulkar nor Gandhi was bigger than the game.

So we decided for a test. After all we’re born in the age of Zuckerberg. We decided to go into the age of dumbs into events and sequences as their friends. We’d the edge of timelines. And to be fair, we did so, going into timelines with their own narrations, their own words from themselves and their very own minnions. Same life events, same characters, same updates, same bodies, same institutions, same relationships, all decorated into Facebook timelines. However, there was a major major change, of transparency and brains.

If only Gandhi could have thought of concept time-machine little seriously!

Why Gandhi is Gandhi, for whatever he professed aren’t believed and joked off. And well, they were so, laughable. For whatever he all stood for pair up with one other massive block – Honesty, like a shoe. Of Value (all the adjectives and qualities as much documented) only as long as you’ve the other pair, if you’re honest. So of the other pair, you knew they were worthy, that its Adidas, it breathes, bulletproof, feather lite, 500 Mn, you can’t shrug off a joke, but the other, he doesn’t have. Gandhi can’t run, neither do you know if it was his own. Was an NRI as well.

If Gandhi was what he was, honesty would have been practiced as much as peace, in equal coefficients. And died he once again constrained, stashed, jailed, confined, within his own, the dishonest kids. There couldn’t have been a better way to evaluate his worth than to put him on notes. The same was the Gandhi’s soul. The same is Gandhi- Note- “haath ka mail”  (dirt in hand, without a receipt). Does the same. Dance!

And the reaction to this would be what Gandhi exactly did. Talking in theory, Living in Practicals. While the difference the honesty. And in India, its a News, if someone’s honest, a fairy-tale commodity!

Disclaimer: Just in case adjectives like “the dumbs” ruffle some feathers, we recommend the perception to be taken as relative. We’re from the office of The Sane Observer. In 2017, until when the world has already had all lows possible, from World Wars to routine terror attacks, from hunger to zika, with all disparities still hanging around, we really find no reason to certify the world or its beings and animals intelligent or respect-worthy. The Sane Observer on the contrary despite being from the same world carries flamboyantly without a sin, without a crime.