Let’s see who the IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS or let’s say IXS are If you’re aware of Indian ways, to call them the only literate human resource in the entire government set up or the captain of any government team that you interact with if you have to, would be no exaggeration. Who and what is government? Government […]


In India, if you’re aware, we’ve the world’s smartest and sophisticated ID-programme. Aadhar or UID (Unique Identification), we call it. But for its scales and capacities and utilities, its a magic device. It gives you a number which turns you a God should you wish to be. And recently, its Union Government mooted for assigning […]

My soul was roaming somewhere at heights as it bumped into Muhammad Ali. These days I wander anyways a lot, seeking some inspiration, I need tons of them for the while. So just as he was going, I caught up with him, you already know his soul remained around us for a while Hi … […]

Gurmehar, Congratulations. On the recent fame. An exciting thing to have at 20. A JIT (just in time) component in future manufacturing, specially for those ‘Make it Large’ kinds. Or the unfair most advantage you could dream of. For instance, all by yourself, today, should you wish, you could start a marketing-advertising company with reach […]