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For the Habit of Being Productive


The top 1% of the World sits with more than 55% of Wealth. 97% of the world's money never crosses hands beyond the top 25%. And in most likelihoods you're from the other league. Worse! Global Debts hang at 2.5 times the Global GDP. You’ll pay for loans which somebody else has siphoned off already from the wealth you’ll create in future. You’ll rarely get to do what you love. And you never get what you deserve. The world doesn't know you, you don't know the world, nor do you know about yourself. You just slog without getting discovered. You know why? Because, you create nothing of your own.


The Social Media of Man's Productive Side.Where you Create Your Own Originals. A Canvas of Creativity. If creativity were to be the utility that brings you livelihoods, it lays out open a very beautiful proposition. Creativity Sold, You get Productivity. Walks in Prosperity. Creativity Not Sold, You get Poverty. And, existed never such a plank to host Human Creativities. A forum where Creativity meets Markets, Forums where Professions meet Professions, never existed. Harmonizing this basic unrest by roots by forum to let the Money flirt Creativity. Harvesting the goodness of Cloud Computing to give you a place to log, polish, catalogue, execute and convert your Creativity.

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Go Curious

First reason why you should be here. You're entering an elite community of thinkers. Those who tinker with bias for action. You'll exercise the art of asking right questions. By the end you'll master the art of Connecting the Dots. A Forum to drive you to be the better you everyday.

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Grow Industrious

Central Dome. Goal is to be a change maker. Intentions to leave a ding in the universe. Here's a forum of fire where fire keeps on. Your hands manufacture utilities useful to other human hands, being your premise to survive, here, you discover and create what they need.

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3rd Atrium of this Forum. You'll reach here only when you've passed through the first two. Create, Learn, Deep Dive, Finish. Repeat. Grow Better Everyday. There will be incentives for doing good. That makes it the Forum of Metamorphosis. Emerge out the agent who empowers his hosts.

Electrifying Knowledge into Currency

Literally, a station converting knowledge into cash money. Mission wise making arrangements for having incentives for knowledge acquisition. Say, if Virat Kohli has MRF on his bat to let him invent batting better and employ it to earn dollars for India, so for other Kohlis of rest of the world's pitches. We're about things which have never existed. Tools of Empowerment out of Common Sense.

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A Reading Card

A Media Centric card to do to your mental wealth what banks have been doing to monetary properties: Mobilising & Liquidating. Fluid Incentives for Knowledge Processes. Create Your Own Originals. Build Intellectual Properties.

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India Centric Courseware to make amateurs more employable. Course Supplements feeling the gap between acadmeia and industries. The wax of the journey enroute Rookie to Industry ready

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Knowledge Cloud

Knowledge- Your only tangible asset - works out like Realty. Subject of development over time and returns till not rendered obsolete. Building that requires project management tools. Secondly its also social. Application & Value appreciation takes social interface. Here that. AI powered cloud to maintain yours.

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Events & Engagements

As simple as it means. Open up to Real World Exhilaration. Being Intelligent is the new cool. And we're the agents

Connecting the Dots

Throw down on Design of Events to have happened in India. Know hows by intricacies of how India works out. Tales of Observations. Caution that Conclusions are your own. Exercise to Build Your Own Narratives

January 16, 2019 No Comments

A successful attempt to Questioning Status Quo: The Accidental Prime Minister

First of all the readers should be apprised with the fact that the movie is based on the book with the same name which tells chronicles former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s tenure. The actors had added nothing except caricaturing the real life politicians in toto, including lead actors Anupam Kher and Akshay Khanna. It is […]

January 13, 2019 No Comments

Is Dhoni the new Nayan Mongia?

How has Cricket undergone a Systemic Decline? How India never had a succession planning ? And What commodity cricket became? Why could never India build a sporting institution ? Should Dhoni have had dressing room presence of Dravid? What about the steering combo of Dravid + Yuvraj or Yuvraj + Dhoni himself ? Who should have owned BCCI, how cricket should have been integrated with the country India ? An eyeopening Swipe on Administration of Cricket. A design thinking way of looking upto administration of building World Class Institution. Administration Engineering riding on Cricket. All the right questions to ask on Cricket All in One!

August 23, 2018 No Comments

The Flummoxing Case of Gandhi

Subhas Bose has died well. He was undoubtedly a patriot, though misguided.  -Buddha Gandhi   That settled the character certificate of Subhash Chandra Bose- Misguided. And why won’t he be? Why won’t Subhash be misguided ?   On one end was a monkey-charmer Gandhi who hired an army for Brits and sent in troops without […]